GH Update Thursday 4/23/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/23/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny walks into his foyer and then living room. He looks around. It has been completely remodeled. He walks out on to the back deck. He thinks about Mike and this situation since he came back into his life.

Carly tells someone on the phone that the Nurses Ball is coming up and she will need all renovations done before it happens. Cyrus walks over. Lulu walks over and thanks Cyrus for meeting her. Lulu explains that Cyrus is giving her an interview. Lulu explains that she already reserved their table.

Mac tells Jordan that he is trying to figure out where the car was. Curtis walks in with coffee. Mac promises they will get justice for TJ. Jordan never thought that TJ would be found publicly and that this would be linked to Cyrus.

Kristina asks if Sam is here for tea no sugar. Sam admits she really hasn’t checked in on her. Kristina explains that Julian is giving her a raise that she didn’t ask for. Sam thinks that it isn’t something that she did but what Julian did. He made trouble for Alexis.

Neil tells Alexis that they have a lot to discuss. He cannot practice psychology at the hospital. Alexis hasn’t heard from the New York Bar. They are not going to have issue with the fact that she slept with him. Neil thinks it is like a first date.

Carly walks into the house and calls out for Sonny. Sonny says that he is in the living room. Sonny has had his phone on silent. He has been looking at the remodel and thinks it is a fantastic job. Sonny thinks it is unfair though to get a remodel and it is done problem solved. He thinks that no matter how much he pays for his father though he is losing his father a little more every day. He has nothing he can do about it. Sonny asks what she texted him about. Carly says Cyrus.

Lulu asks what Cyrus thinks about his enemies. Lulu thinks that Sonny might be an issue with him. Cyrus tried to reach out to Sonny. He thinks that he was mislead by his wrongful conviction. Cyrus thinks he is making a fresh start in PC. Cyrus invests in things. Whatever catches his interest. Lulu asks how these investments got involved in the DEO. Cyrus starts to think about Jordan. Cyrus was a successful man who made a lot of money and people decided to get jealous and invented a story. Cyrus wants to commit to the story. Lulu thinks he needs to share personal stories. Lulu asks why he relocated to PC. She couldn’t find anything online. Laura walks over. Cyrus asks if Laura was her mother. Laura thinks it was careless for him to not do research when she did.

Alexis wonders if Neil and her are going to explore one another. Alexis wonders if that is why he invited her here. To figure out what is next for both of them.

Jason stands on the docks. He thinks about his relationship with Sam over the years starting out with when she was pregnant with Sonny’s baby back when they first met.

Sam tells Kristina that Alexis always finds her courage. Brando walks in and explains that he has an order. Kristina realizes his last name and explains they are related. Brando heard about how Sam rescued Dev from that cult. Brando doesn’t understand how you can fall for a cult.

Felix is shocked that TJ is back to work. Molly walks over to him. She hopes that he is checking his ever move. TJ thinks that Molly is already in domestic partner mode. Molly thinks those are the most romantic words she has ever heard. Molly tells TJ that she is going to tell Sam and Kristina about this new title they have. Molly admits that she is very distracted. TJ thinks that she knows that she would never leave her.

Jordan cannot wait for Cyrus to go after her. She has a good idea on what Cyrus is planning. She wonders what she can do to stop him without risking all of their lives.

Carly tells Sonny that Lulu was interviewing Cyrus. Carly guesses that Lulu felt safe at the Metro Court. Jason walks in and got her text. Sonny asks if he got any push back. Jason thinks that Mike is more important. Sonny knows that things started to go down hill after the ambush in Brooklyn. Sonny thinks that this is Cyrus’ fault to some degree. Cyrus thinks that they know how Cyrus covers his tracks. Jordan suggests that TJ could find something to incriminate Cyrus. Curtis points out that a minute ago she was hoping he wouldn’t.

Mac asks TJ if they can talk for a few minutes. He wanted to do a follow up to see if he knew anything new. Mac thinks any detail even if it doesn’t seem like something can help.

Kristina will go and check on his order. Brando wonders if he said something wrong. Sam explains that Kristina was part of DOD. Brando tells Kristina that he was out of line. Molly walks outside and thinks about sleeping with him.

Neil thinks it has been an insane couple of weeks. Alexis thinks it was crazy that Brit was at the same hotel. Alexis couldn’t believe that Julian felt justified. Then he went to the hospital about it. Neil thinks that Sam’s words wouldn’t have been so hurtful and she wouldn’t have taken the drink. Alexis asks if he is angry. Neil is angry at both of them.

Brando is sorry about his comments. He wats to make it up to her. He will help them out if they ever need it with car services. Brando walks outside and Molly asks why he was talking with her sisters.

Mac asks what TJ remembers. TJ was upset about something and he took a walk. He heard a car behind him. It was just as he was about to reach the corner. The next thing he knew he got jumped and a sack was thrown over his head. He tried to fight back. Mac tells him to keep going. He thinks he blacked out. Then he remembers a sense of room. The muffler was loud and he thought he might have a concussion. There was a train that went by. TJ explains that he was in a basement blindfolder after the fact. He remembers smells and sounds.

Curtis doesn’t think they can go the feds. He thinks that they will be forced to let him go and they will try to make him get even. Jordan could use Harmony. Curtis loves the crystal ball but Harmony would be a dead woman.

Cyrus explains to Lulu that Laura wanted him to return to Seattle. She even promised to bring the person to justice. Lulu think that Laura cares about all of her citizens. Cyrus will prove to be a benefit to this city.

Sonny explains that Elizabeth thinks that he should be a DNR for Mike. Carly asks what Mike thinks. Carly wonders what Mike says about this. Sonny explains that Mike is very unfocused. He explains that Mike liked being fed. He could tell that his father was still in there.

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