GH Update Wednesday 4/22/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/22/20


Written by Anthony

Elizabeth came to see how Mike was doing at Turning Woods. She knows that somedays are better than others. She is sorry if today is a tough one. Sonny knows that today was a rough day. Elizabeth is sad that things are not better. Sonny thinks he has been unresponsive. Sonny tells Mike that he will get rest and he will be here.

Michael sits down at Charlies. Willow walks over to the door and thinks about catching Chase and Sasha supposedly making love. Michael thanks Willow for meeting him. He wanted it to be the two of them. He didnít want her to feel uncomfortable. Willow needs Michael to know that she isnít sure if she will be any good to him or anyone at this point. He asks what happened. Willow thinks about walking in on them again.

Chase looks at his wine glass. Sasha doesnít think it is too late. They can tell the truth and admit that they faked this to shove this together. They are the best thing to happen to them. They know it would be awkward for a while but they would have them back. Chase doubts that they would be happier with them instead of having Wiley.

Nina walks into Crimson and sees that Nelle is here late. Nelle thinks that she wonít be able to work nights once she has custody of Wiley. Nelle is going to buy a house with a pick it fence. She always wanted that herself. Nina wanted that as well.

Alexis asks Diane where Max is. Diane explains that he wonít be joining them. Sam walks over and says hi to her. Alexis thinks that she set her up. Diane thinks she is damn right that she did.

Sonny explains that this was expected to happen. Elizabeth knows that is true. Sonny gives Mike some water but he wonít drink it. Elizabeth tries to give it to him. Elizabeth thinks that this will make him feel better. She deeps a cloth into the water a puts it on his tongue. Elizabeth lets him old it. She wants to talk with Sonny for a minute. Sonny will be right back. They go into the hallway. Sonny explains that they were having issues with feeding him yesterday. Elizabeth knows that people in his situation seem to do better when things arenít disrupted.

Sam admits that she asked Diane to get this going for them. Alexis asks why she would do that. Diane explains that she has been hiding from her daughter. Alexis thinks that hiding is an aggressive word. Diane knows that she is not taking her phone calls. Alexis thought it be rude to do that. Diane thinks that she is denying herself support that she needs.

Chase can only speak to his side of this. His Willow side. He fell in love with her after a minute of seeing her. He doesnít know how that happens. He remembers meeting her while meeting in the parking garage at GH. He remembers all the time they spent together. She never once didnít take his breath away. Sasha wonders why Willow was in tears. Chase explains that she was crying over the baby she lost. The entire time he knew Willow her heart was with the child.

Michael tells Willow that they can fix this. Willow doesnít want to hurt him but she doesnít want to lie. Willow admits that Chase and Sasha are having an affair. Michael knows they have been spending a lot of time together but stillÖ Sasha saw them in each otherís arms. Michael needs to be clear that she saw them together. Willow saw him with his shirt off and she was on top of him. Michael doesnít understand this. Michael wonders what that means. Willow doesnít think that he will like the answer.

Diane asks if they are just going to sit here. Diane thinks she needs to tell her the truth. Alexis admits she had a drink.

Nina wanted a swing when she was younger too. She wanted what Nelle just described from a simple wooden tree. It was about having a loving family. Nelle explains that her father and her moved around a lot. It was nothing like she dreamed about. She is going to make sure that her son gets her dream.

Willow knows around Thanksgiving she thought she was pregnant. It was only or a few days but her and Chase had different reactions to it. She realized that having a child was something that she really wanted. Willow thinks that he was really sweet in a loving way. They hadnít even spoken about marriage. He didnít tell her how he really felt and she didnít realize where he was or wasnít. He wanted something less complicated. He just wasnít there. Sasha assumes that Willow already loves Wiley as her own. Chase thinks that she could be happy without him but it was within her power to stop it though then the best thing he can do for her was to tell the lie and let her go. Sasha wonders if he is wrong

Elizabeth thinks that Sonny should discuss extra care. It is something that could easily be done here. He would have a team of people that would be experienced in this condition. It would be helpful for all of them. Sonny thinks it just gets worse and worse. Elizabeth thinks it is important for Mike and him to have the support they need to talk this out. Elizabeth couldnít help but notice that Mike doesnít have a DNR. She thinks he needs one.

Sam wonders when this happened. Alexis admits after the bar that night. Sam is so sorry. It was her fault. Alexis thinks she had a lot on her mind that night and none of it had to do with her. Alexis says that when she was in New York she slept with Neil. Diane asks what she said. Sam thought she said that she wasnít going to have a relationship with him. Diane wonders if she really lied to a board of people. Alexis did lie. Sam asks if she really did under oath. Alexis did.

Nina tells Nelle that by no means does she have to say but she is going to meet Jax at the bar and if she could run up the copy to her that would be great. Nina suggests that Nelle somehow meet in the middle somewhere. She thinks that Valentin and Lulu lost what is best for their daughter. Nelle would love to be a better person. Nina thinks that it is unjustified with this. Nelle wants to do better for Wiley. She thinks that Nina was lucky to leave her past in the past. If the opportunity for compromise happens then she needs to take it. Nina tells Nelle not to work too late

Sasha thinks they are playing God. They are choosing what is best for them. She was a willing participant but now that they have actually done thisÖ Chase knows. Sasha wonders what happens if Michael and Willow end up hating each other. Chase thinks that Michael is his closest friend but she is in love with him. Sasha thinks that they are going to get married because that is what Wiley needs. They will do their best to be kind and supportive for that child. She thinks before his third birthday, Willow be madly in love with Michael and be the happiest woman on the face of the earth.

Michael admits that Wiley came first and Sasha was so supportive. She made it clear that she was in no place to be a mom. Willow thinks that is understandable. She didnít want an instant family but she made it clear that they didnít have to change anything. They didnít have to define the rules. He was fine with it in theory. Michael knows that Sasha would have stepped up though. She is only telling him what he needs to hear. He wasnít paying attention. Willow thinks that she could tell Chase the truth though.

Elizabeth tells Mike that she hopes that today will be a better day for him. Mike tells Elizabeth that he is so tired. Elizabeth tells him that he can rest. She wants him to take care. Sonny thanks him for visiting. Elizabeth wants him to think about what she said. Sonny will. They hug.

Diane thinks that not all is lost. Not that she is ever a fan of lying but neither of them are going to disclose this. Alexis admits that Brit knows. She saw them at the hotel. Then Brit told Julian about it and Julian decided to take it upon themselves. Diane wonders if Neil has heard from the medical review board. Diane tells Alexis to go and work on her sobriety. Sam will drive her. Sam thanks Diane. Diane thinks it is her pleasure but they should never do this again.

Michael thought they were so focused on Wiley. Willow didnít tell him but she was so crazed that she went to Nina to write an article on how toxic Nelle is. She thinks that Chase and Sasha were supporting them as much as they could. They were onlookers. She thinks that the only people they had too turn to were each other. Willow thinks that this is something they shared. Michael thinks that there were a million ways to handle this. Michael tells Willow that tonight they will arrange for her to have a room at the Metro Court. Sasha thinks she should say no. Michael wants them to just say what they mean. Willow thanks him.

Sasha doesnít think she realized how much she really loved Michael. Now that it is all over she realizes how much he really means to her. Chase asks if she regrets it. Sasha doesnít but she does miss him. Chase knew how much he loved Willow. He doesnít know what is worse though.

Nina finds Willow and says hi. She just wanted toÖ She doesnít know if she remembers the night that she went to her and wanted her to write an article. Nina thinks she had no right to go in defense of a child that isnít her own. Willow knows she is right.

Michael finds Chase and Sasha. Michael has a lot of questions but he wants to know how long this has been going on.

Nelle is in Ninaís office and moves the heart locket without seeing it.

Sonny asks Mike how he is feeling. He knows that she didnít eat yesterday so he had something sent over. Sonny asks if Mike is going to have a little bit to eat. He can take one bite. Sonny tries to get Mike to eat but he is not responding. Sonny begs him to eat. Mike thinks it smells like home. Sonny agrees. He gets him to take a bite.

Nina asks how she was right. Nina doesnít think she should be talking about this. She is all over the place. Nina knows her track record with her isnít great. Nina thinks she could listen. She could call Chase. Willow tells Nina that she just found out that Chase and Sasha were having an affair. Nelle walks over.

Sasha was feeling shot out. She never wanted to hurt her. Sasha was wrong and she cannot stand watching him hate her so she is leaving. Michael asks how he could do this to Willow. Michael thinks it kills him that this happened but for Willowís sake it is different. She believed in him. He was it. She deserved better. Chase knows. Michael contributed. He leaned on Willow too much or too little. He would never treat her the way that she didnít. He will make sure that never happens again. Chase starts crying.

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