GH Update Tuesday 4/21/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/21/20


Julian asks Cyrus what he can get him. Cyrus supposes something non-alcoholic. He is meeting with associates tonight. It is best he keeps his wits.

Carly asks Sonny if the staff at Turning Woods is sure that this was a seizure that Mike had. Sonny explains that is what they said. Sonny needs to get going. He needs to be alone. He doesn’t want him to get confused or over excited. Jason asks what about Cyrus. Sonny tells him the hell with it.

Laura reminds Lulu that Charlotte loves her father. Lulu doesn’t think that she knows what he is or what he does.

Valentin asks if Charlotte knows what an exaggeration is. Charlotte knows what Valentin did with Ava.

Joss gives Michael a smoothie because she heard that Michael was going to be here all night. Joss says that it is just good. Michael thinks it is too. Joss wants him to tell her the truth about the hearing. Michael admits that he had to push for a hearing date but now he wishes he could have put it off.

Willow walks into her apartment and Chase is shirtless with Sasha kissing him on top of him. Sasha is so sorry. She didn’t think anyone was supposed to know about this. Chase is so sorry. He didn’t want this to happen. Willow wonders what just happened. Chase explains that it was supposed to be the two of them. Willow asks what did this. Chase explains they went from being two people who were so focused on each other to her only caring about Wiley.

Michael explains that Carly forged Nelle’s signature. Michael thinks that Joss would have done the same thing. Joss thinks that Nelle refusing to sign as just her being hateful. Joss thinks that Nelle being stuck on the roof is the least she deserves. Joss knows that her and Carly react in the moment. The point is that they are improvisers. He convinces people that he is one way when he isn’t. Michael wonders what good a strategy is when you can’t plan it.

Carly thinks that Sonny is not thinking straight and they both know that.

Cyrus thinks that Julian is doing a nice thing with the bar. Cyrus heard the original Charlie was a bit of a player. Julian wouldn’t do. Cyrus was under the impression that he and Charlie were in the same business. Julian has heard all about him. Cyrus was freed as innocent. Julian was in the media game. He thinks that fake news is a specific thing. It is not just a lie. It is misinformation to skew public opinion. He wonders if he was part of a smear campaign. Cyrus knows he knows all about being mistreated.

Laura thought that Lulu wanted Valentin and Charlotte to visit. Lulu gave her blessing for Maxie and Valentin to work together. Laura wonders if Lulu could do the same for Charlotte.

Valentin asks what she thinks that he did. Charlotte doesn’t want to talk about it. Charlotte saw Valentin. She saw what he did to Ava. She saw him push her off the roof.

Lulu reminds Laura that Valentin shot Nikolas and yes he did survive but that doesn’t change anything. Valentin spoils Charlotte rotten. She doesn’t understand why he was doing it. She saw him grab her arm and he pushed her over and she fell. Valentin asks why she didn’t say something before. Charlotte just wanted him and Nina to have a happily ever after. They deserve to be a family.

Willow asks Chase how this could be about Wiley. Chase thinks that every waking moment since this happened she has been consumed about Wiley. It is like she got on a train and left him at the station.

Carly tells Jason to meet with Cyrus. Carly knows that Sonny needs to be with Mike right now but Sonny doesn’t have the emotional band with to do both.

Cyrus suggests that they get to know one another and collaborate. Julian really has his hands full right now. Cyrus gets a phone call. Jason tells him the meeting is off.

Brook Lynn tells Sonny she brought Mike some of Olivia’s meatballs. Sonny explains that Mike isn’t doing so well. He is going to go and see him. Sonny asks an employee what happened. He explains that Mike had a seizure. There was no permanent damage. Sonny doesn’t understand how this happened. Sonny wonders what the tests say. He asks what they are waiting for. Mike might not have the patience for this. Sonny asks if it is too much trouble for him. The doctor thinks that finding the problem might not improve Mike’s life. Sonny is going to see his dad by himself. Sonny sits down next to Mike who is still sleeping. Sonny tells Mike that it is him. He promises that he will be ok. He is here and he is not going anywhere.

Cyrus tells Jason that he was really looking forward to getting to meet with him and Sonny. Cyrus thinks that he is forgetting the importance of their gathering. Cyrus doesn’t appreciate this. Jason hangs up. Julian asks if Cyrus wants something stronger.

Carly thinks that there was a better way to handle that and he knows it.

Lulu asks why Laura thinks that Valentin is worthy for Charlotte. Laura thinks that ripping them apart could cause emotional damage. Laura thinks that Valentin has tried to make change for the better. Laura reminds Lulu that she once held a gun on Valentin. Lulu wishes she was talking to that version of her mother. Lulu thinks the bar to most improved Cassadine is set really low. She thinks that Charlotte doesn’t show signs of getting better anytime soon. Lulu thinks that if keeping Valentin around is not safe for Charlotte.

Valentin explains that he never should have done that. Charlotte thinks that he was arguing because he was angry at Nikolas. Charlotte thinks that it is Nikolas, Ava, and Sasha, and Lulu’s fault for all of this. Charlotte knows that he will fix this and get Wyndemere and Nina back. Then they can have their happily ever after.

Michael tells Joss that Diane thinks that he could get full-custody with the right person. Michael says that Diane thinks that Willow is the right person. Joss thinks that is not a bad idea. Joss thinks that she already loves Wiley. She doubts she even cares that she is not her biological son. She knows that Sonny is not his biological father but that doesn’t make it any different. Michael knows. Joss asks what the problem is.

Chase wanted some distance but she cannot do it. Willow asks if he decided to really have sex with Sasha. Chase explains that Sasha and him have a lot in common. Willow is sorry that their grief is so inconvenient. Willow asks if he was going to keep cheating on her. Willow would have been hurt but she would have understood. They could have fought their way through it but now it is too late. Chase didn’t do things the right way. Willow guesses now it is ok. She never in a million years thought this could happen that he would do this. She thought that he meant forever. Chase thought so too. Willow guesses she didn’t know him at all.

Lulu doesn’t know exactly what Valentin gave her as a sob story. Lulu thinks it must have been a doozy. Laura thinks that she can give her a little bit of credit. Valentin came crawling to her. Lulu thinks that it says that he is desperate. He is willing to do anything to keep Charlotte in his life. Valentin thanks Lulu for the visit. He asks for a moment alone with Laura. Lulu asks how the chat with her dad went. Charlotte thinks that Valentin is mad at her.

Laura tells Valentin they need to make this fast. She thinks that their little chats are not going over well.

Sonny tells Mike that he is back in his room right now. Sonny asks if he wants to get some fresh air. He tells him that they will get him a wheelchair. Brook Lynn walks in and helps him walk.

Carly thinks that Donna is like her mother and is concerned because uncle Jason won’t listen to her. Jason thinks that Carly needs to listen to him sometimes. Jason thinks that Carly just wants t keep everyone safe. He wants to do that as well.

Joss thinks that Michael should marry Willow. Joss thinks that if he told her that getting married to Willow made sense that she would want to do it. Michael explains that Willow is married to Chase and doesn’t need to be forced. He cannot force Willow to do anything she doesn’t want to do. He cannot do that to her.

Sasha asks Chase what they have done.

Valentin knows that Laura despises him. Laura does for the most part. Valentin needs her to teach Charlotte to be good because he clearly cannot do that.

Lulu doubts that Valentin is angry at her. Charlotte knows that Lulu always is saying how bad Valentin is when she is not in eyesight.

Cyrus suggests that him and Julian get better acquainted.

Jason tells Donna that Carly is the greatest person he knows. He thinks that is the best for everyone.

Sonny thanks Brook Lynn for the assist. Brook Lynn thinks they should close the nurses Ball this year. Sonny gives Mike some water. Sonny suggests that Brook Lynn get going. Mike asks if it is over.

Lulu thinks that Valentin and her love her so much. Charlotte doesn’t think that pretending helps. It just makes things worse.

Laura has never heard him bring his parenting skills into question. Valentin begs her to instill her generosity and kindness into her. Laura promises she will. Valentin will not contest Lulu’s request for soul custody. She needs to take her.

Mike tells Sonny that it is over. Sonny thinks they will find out what movie was on and have a private screening. Sonny tells Brook Lynn that his dad gets like that. Sonny thinks you have to roll with it. Brook Lynn asks if he thinks that he was talking about something specific. Sonny thinks he was just wondering what movie it was.

Carly thinks that Jason was talking up a storm with her. Her uncle Jason might not be a talker but he is an incredible listener. Carly knows that Jason will always have her back. Jason thinks like Carly has his.

Joss thinks it is weird that no one noticed the family resemblance for Wiley. Michael thinks that they should have realized it. Joss thinks the facts say he is a way better parent than Nelle. Joss knows that Willow loves Chase so things are no going to change there. The good news is that the way things are, are on his side. They will blow Nelle out of the water. Joss thinks that Michael is real and he wants what is best for him. Michael guesses she is right.

Chase tells Sasha that he has wine. They were learning and exploring all different kinds of wines. Chase guesses that now that it is over they can toast to this hopefully being worth it.

Written by Anthony

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