GH Update Monday 4/20/20

General Hospital Update Monday 4/20/20


Charlotte asks Lulu if she can go get another drink. Lulu tells her she can. Laura thinks that Charlotte seems fine. Lulu is just glad that she wasn’t traumatized by the snake in Ava’s purse.

Ava thinks that if the snake that was in her purse was a way for Nikolas to get out of the way. Nikolas wonders how he would have done that. Nikolas asks Charlotte about the snake. Charlotte thinks the kids thought it was cool. Charlotte thinks that she screamed loud. It was too bad that she didn’t have a secret body guard. She looks at Nikolas.

Chase tells Willow that she should marry Michael. He knows that it is her choice if she stays in Wiley’s life. If she doesn’t want to do it then she needs to let this be Michael’s fight.

Michael would love to go after Nelle but he needs to show the reasons as to why he is the best parent for Wiley. Sasha needs to get into the office. She will call him later. Carly tells Michael that she thinks that his chances of getting Wiley would be better if he married Willow.

Jason knows that Cyrus knows he cannot afford to make another mistake. This is his city though. Sonny knows that Jordan is under his thumb though. Jason knows but if he is free to operate and they are not then that is going to hurt them over time. Sonny thinks that is the key, over time.

Anna asks Robert where he is. Robert says he has to go. He will make it up to her. Robert is holding Spinelli down in Maxie’s apartment. Spinelli begs him to release him. Robert wonders what he is doing around here. Spinelli is doing a safety check. Robert thinks that he decided to take advantage of the fact that no one is around right now. He wonders if he would lie to him. Spinelli knows he is the DA who is breaking into private citizens homes. Robert knows he is looking for dirt on Peter. He asks what he has uncovered so far.

Willow cannot marry Michael when she is in love with Chase. She cannot let Wiley be only Michael’s problem though. Nelle cannot see that Wiley is a gift and not just a way to get even with life. It scares her to no end.

Nikolas hopes that he can make this up to Charlotte. They are family. Charlotte wishes that he had told her that from the start. Ava points out that the Borgia’s were family. They still poisoned each other.

Lulu asks why Laura was in a meeting with Valentin and why he reached out to her instead of Lulu. Laura admits that she didn’t want to give him the opportunity to upset her. Lulu assumes that he was hoping that she would get her to back off on him. Laura admits that she was the one who inserted herself.

Spinelli admits that they probably shouldn’t be here right now. Robert doesn’t think that she saw the size of the party. Robert needs Spinelli to admit that he is looking for something on Peter. Spinelli thinks that Peter holds a threat to Maxie and his family. He thinks the same could be said about Robert. He thinks they should join forces.

Maxie feels that this was a rather successful children’s birthday. Anna wonders why there was a snake in Ava’s bag. Anna wishes that Robert had stuck around. Peter thinks that exes are just hared wired to be protective. Maxie is not taking it from anyone. She set Spinelli straight. Peter points out that she threatened to marry her. Anna asks if she said yes.

Carly knows that Michael needs to provide Wiley with a secure home. Michael knows that he needs to do that. Carly thinks that Wiley has spent so much time with Willow and feels safe with her. Carly knows in the court of law presentation matters. Willow radiates sincerity. She could do so much better as a wife. Michael wonders if back in the day if she would have been asked to side with AJ instead of Jason. Carly had no choice back in the day. Her plan was to drive AJ to drink. The whole plan actually blew up in her face because she almost lost him and Jason. Michael doesn’t think that they can do that with Nelle.

Willow thinks that Nelle was hurt early enough to know only how to hurt people. Her own parents didn’t warp her idea of the world. She could accept kindness and love. Chase knows that for Nelle the idea of love is not something she knows. Willow is afraid for Wiley.

Maxie was just trying to explain that Spinelli was being annoying. Peter had to put Spinelli in his place the other day as well. Maxie didn’t know about that.

Laura is not defending Valentin in any way but Charlotte loves Valentin. She thinks he is a devoted parent. She is bright and outgoing. She feels that a lot of that is because of Lulu.

Valentin walks over to Charlotte. Valentin asks if she can talk with her mother and granddaughter so he can talk with Nikolas. Valentin tells them to leave his daughter alone. Nikolas reminds him of the night that his whole life came crumbling down.

Jason thinks that Sonny has people that he loves in PC. He is lowkey quiet and that might put him in a position that he has to negotiate. Sonny would rather avoid a war. Sonny thinks that some people just don’t learn. He will take Cyrus down if he has to. Sonny thinks that he will be more motivated tonight. Carly walks in and asks if she is interrupting. Sonny tells her it was just business. Carly thinks that Michael’s best option for custody is the one that he will not go for.

Valentin thinks that Nikolas and Ava’s marriage is known to be bad. Ava thinks they should change their staff up.

Charlotte tells Lulu and Laura that Nikolas and Ava are saying mean things to one another. Lulu hates when things change. Valentin walks over. Lulu tells Valentin that Charlotte is dying to tell her about Violet’s birthday party. Lulu is shocked that Ava didn’t mention the snake. Lulu has no idea how it got there. Valentin gives her a look.

Robert thinks that the little sting that Spinelli had with the parole officer didn’t go well. He can understand that he wants to look out for the people he cares about but if he can stop him then so can Peter. Spinelli is not afraid of Peter. Spinelli needs to act on behalf of his daughter. Spinelli thinks he might have to explain why he broke in here if he tries to arrest him.

Willow can see how parents can influence for better or worse. Willow remembers a child get crushed by his artistic side. She thinks that with Wiley she can have a say in what happens with Wiley. Willow thinks that he has the best lawyer in the state. He is sure that he can beat her. She needs to stop freaking out over worst cases. Willow tells Chase that wine guy has a new wine for them to try. The two kiss one another. Chase will have everything waiting for her when she gets home. Willow thanks him for the talk. It turns out she needed it more than she thought.

Maxie tells Anna that the kids want to stay and play with Violet but will probably crash soon. Maxie asks Anna what was on her mind. Anna was just thinking about the idea of marriage and the idea of forever. She thinks that those words mean more to Peter than they probably realize. Peter asks what he missed.

Valentin wonders what this is about a snake at the party. Lulu tells Valentin she is going to talk with Nikolas. Valentin wonders how the snake came into the bag. He knows about her purchase from the reptile store.

Lulu asks if Ava is alright after the snake thing. She couldn’t imagine finding it in her bag. Nikolas thinks it was a prank. Lulu guesses like when he pretended to Charlotte’s bodyguard. Lulu thinks that Nikolas is no better than Valentin. Ava tells her to back things off.

Michael asks Willow if there is any chance they could talk about her testimony. Willow actually has plans with Chase.

Chase tells Sasha that Nelle will emotionally damage Wiley. He asks if she is good to do this. Sasha says no but she is actually committed.

Maxie tells Peter that they can go get the kids ready for the car. Maxie tells Anna that she doesn’t have to worry about him. He has worked hard to be the man that he is.

Robert doesn’t respond well to threats. Spinelli thinks that this could be a good idea. Robert thinks that he is crazy. Spinelli thinks that this is a partnership. Robert is going to tell him what to do. Robert thinks that there is nothing here but they should get going. Robert gets a phone call. He asks who this is.

Ava thinks that Nikolas needs a reset. She thinks that they could make a big event and have a spring fling at Wyndemere. Ava thinks that they could invite Elizabeth and Franco. Lulu thinks that once upon a time Elizabeth was a good influence on Nikolas. Nikolas doubts his family would show up for a portrait.

Charlotte claims the snake was for class. Charlotte doesn’t like Ava. Her and Nikolas are the reason that they don’t have their house now him and Nina will never be married.

Carly thinks they know what it is like to have a child with medical needs. Nelle cannot be trusted to make good ideas. Diane is afraid about this. This is family court. The judge could buy Nelle’s case. Nelle could win joint custody.

Michael thinks they can set this up for a different day then. He explains that Wiley’s last night in the hospital. Willow realizes that this is his last night to do this with her Michael just wanted her to know that the best thing they can do is be herself. Willow asks when he wants to meet. She thinks they can have wine together with Sasha and Chase tomorrow.

Peter asks Maxie what her and Anna were really talking about. Maxie makes up a lie.

Anna tells Robert all the cleanup is done. Robert tells Anna he has terrible news. Holly is dead.

Ava tells Nikolas that he can doggy paddle back home.

Valentin is disappointed that him and Nina didn’t get married but it isn’t entirely Ava’s fault. Charlotte wonders why he would defend his enemy.

Sonny gets a call from Turning Woods. Sonny explains that Mike had another fall.

Willow walks into her apartment to find Sasha and Chase making out on the couch.

Written by Anthony

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