GH Update Thursday 4/16/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/16/20


Written by Anthony

Jason tells Danny that he canít be around him, Scout, or Sam right now. He did something and there are consequences. Danny asks if he is going to get arrested. Danny wonders why they canít be around on another. Jason promises that he will be with him soon. He loves him. Danny loves him as well. Jason hugs Danny. He tells him to get back at the party. Sam tells Danny that he can go get Scout. Sam goes back inside with Danny.

Michael tells Ned on the phone to try and move forward with the med tech deal. Sasha asks Michael how Wiley is doing. Michael explains that Wiley need another night here. He is not sure how many more nights he has with Wiley at the house.

Willow is shocked to see Finn do this for Violet. It is amazing that kids can change your life. Chase thinks about talking with Sasha earlier in the day. Chase wants to take a walk.

Jason tells someone he will relay a message. He calls Sonny. Sonny asks if everything is alright. Jason tells him that Cyrus called and wants to meet.

Michael knows he is not the first parent to demonize a parent. Sasha thinks that Nelle is a demon. Carly walks over. She sees the attraction to seeing Nelle turn into a green puddle. Michael cannot be wrong in any of this or Wiley pays.

Maxie thinks that Obrecht being taken away needs to be the reason that Robert gets to know Peter better. Robert cannot think of anything that he would have in common with Peter. Maxie reminds him that Obrecht tried to kill both of them. Maxie has known Robert her entire life. Maxie thinks that he needs to accept that he will never see Peter for who he is. Robert starts to think about his lead up to not liking or trusting Peter. Robert guesses that Maxie is right. He will never see Petr for what he is.

Chase thanks Willow for coming to Violetís birthday party. He knows how this weighs on her though and how it feels to think about Nelle getting custody. Chase promises that Michel will handle this. Chase knows that she has been more of a mother to Wiley than Nelle ever could. Willow is not his mother though.

Olivia asks if Robert is sneaking out. Robert needs her to do him a big favor. He has pressing business to deal with. Robert needs Olivia to create a cover for him. If she can do that then he will be in her debt. Olivia likes the sound of that.

Peter tells someone on the phone to make the distraction happen now.

Charlotte runs in after Aiden. Ava tells Charlotte that Avery loves horses. Avery explains that her grandpa and her once slept with the horses. Charlotte explains that she used to live in the house that Ava does now. Charlotte runs over to Aiden and tells him not to touch that. She tells him that everyone needs to see the surprise inside it.

Jason tells Sonny that Anna says she would keep her eyes opened. He then got the call from Cyrus. Sonny admits that Cyrus is doing this the right way.

Maxie tells Peter that she got Georgie on video. Peter has to get going to work. Maxie guesses he can go. Peter will see her at home. He kisses her.

Robert shows up at Maxieís apartment. He starts to think about Anna begging him to look the other way. Robert tells himself he is going to see what Peter is hiding.

Elizabeth tells Aiden he can go look at the pinata if he wants. Ava thinks that if someone had told her years ago that Franco would be playing with children she wouldnít have believed it. She thinks that Franco is happy and it is all because of her. Ava wishes she could say the same for her and Nikolas. She thought they were such a good match. Elizabeth knows that they are two different people. Nikolas spent his entire life under other peopleís opinions. She is sure that is why he has given up on his angels from time to time. Ava thinks that Nikolas has put on a great front alone. Ava thinks that Nikolas is practically haunting it for him. Elizabeth reminds Ava that Nikolas did some pretty horrible things. Ava knows but it still took a toll on him. There is an emptiness in Nikolas that she cannot reach.

Willow thinks that there is an emptiness in Nelle that is not there in Wiley. Willow remembers Nelle telling Julian that she is going to change Wileyís name to something like William. Willow knows that this is probably all she ever hears about. Chase thinks that there is a way to fight Nelle and get custody. He thinks she can marry Michael.

Carly thinks that this isnít like a divorce. Nelleís crimes are a matter of public record. Michael thinks that if he piles on Nelle then she could just look better. The judge could see her as a victim. Michael remembers promising to not leave Nelle then there was the time at Nelleís baby shower when she claimed she was going to name the baby Morgan to honor her. She wants to make things right. Then there was when she handed Michael the dead baby. Carly knows that she is a master at playing the victim.

Willow knows that this is flat out insane to do. Chase realized that this wasnít his choice to make. She needs to marry him. If she decides not to then she needs to take a step back and let this be Michaelís issue. Willow remembers Michael telling Willow that he would be lying if he didnít think this wasnít a good idea.

Jason knows that Cyrus ambushed him once. He could do it again. Sonny wonders what the next move is.

Finn wonders if there are any other takers. Finn thinks that it is the moment they have all been waiting for with the pinata. Violet says that someone else can go first. Anna will spin her around to pick. She picks Charlotte. Charlotte thinks Avery can have her turn. Olivia tells her to just take the turn. Charlotte pulls a ribbon.

Jason thinks that Sonny has the advantage here. Jason thinks that Jordan could try to manipulate but if he is free to operate and they are not then this could hurt them over time. Sonny thinks that is the key over time.

Charlotte continues to pick people to pull strings. Avery gets her turn. It is finally Violetís turn. Anna wonders where Robert is. Olivia lies and says on the patio.

Robert hears the door to Maxieís apartment open.

Violet pulls the string and the kids all go for the candy. Ava thinks it is so precious. Ava sees a snake in her purse. She drops it and the kids start running around.

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