GH Update Wednesday 4/15/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/15/20


Written by Anthony

Anna and Finn tell all the children that the party has begun. Finn tells them all to have a great time. Chase and Willow show up with the pinata. Chase explains that the delivery person was terrified to bring this in. Chase sees that they went all out. Anna is going to put these into the kitchen. Violet runs in and tells them to come outside. Willow would love to see it. Chase had no idea he was fn.

Jason tells Sonny that Cyrus has a hotel at a different hotel. Jason explains that they have four witnesses for the shooting but none of them are credible. Sonny thinks that there is someone else who needs a heads up.

Maxie is worried about James’ next birthday. She thinks this is a mom thing.

Charlotte hides under a staircase and she has a snake. She thinks they are going to have so much fun at the party.

Peter wonders how Lulu felt about Maxie working for Valentin. Maxie thinks that Lulu accepts it. She agrees that it is not her choice to make and she needs to accept her choices. She hates it.

Charlotte tells the snake to get rest. She needs him at his fiercest when the time comes. She gets out from where she was hiding. Lulu wonders why she isn’t outside. Charlotte doesn’t think that the pony is happy giving rides to all those kids. Lulu thinks she could help the pony.

Sonny asks Nikolas why it has taken so long for him to say hello. He thinks that they have a lot of catching up to do. Nikolas knows he needs to say sorry. Nikolas knows he should have come to him sooner for Spencer. He also shouldn’t have gotten Carly involved in all of this. Sonny cares about his mother and his son. He thinks that he knows what he needs to about him. There is only one kind of man who betrays his child like he does and he has no use for him.

Maxie told Lulu that Valentin wasn’t worth them fighting. Maxie wants to see Georgie ride the piano. Robert brings in a gift and Anna says no. She says no in her house with her future step-daughter. Finn asks if he should be worried. Anna thinks he should be afraid. Elizabeth tells Finn that this is a great party. Elizabeth thinks that it is a normal party. Finn needed to prove to Violet that he can deliver. Elizabeth thinks that he is a good dad. Robert blows into some sort of instrument. He thinks it is a classic happy birthday.

Ava asks Avery if she remembers Franco. He thinks that there is a petting zoo. Olivia tells Leo that they need to talk. She thinks that he is just like Dante. Olivia explains that he it is like a blur. Robert has no further information but Dante’s condition as improved. Robert is sorry he doesn’t have better news. Olivia will not give up so long as Dante is alive. There is still hope.

Nikolas asks if he has been talking with Spencer. Sonny says they are close. They were both abandoned by their father’s. They talk. He doesn’t mention Nikolas very much. He tells him about school and the people he meets. Nikolas is sorry that Spencer is in pain but he did these things to protect Spencer. Sonny doesn’t think that Spencer understands why he was abandoned. Sonny is not a coward and Nikolas would be smart to know that. Nikolas reminds Sonny that he had to try and find away to protect Spencer. Sonny thinks he needs to stay away from the people he loves. He needs to stay away from Carly and Spencer

Willow tells Finn how the pinata works. Finn tells Chase that some kids don’t want to get hit. Aiden tells Willow that they are showing Peter Pan. Willow loves that. Finn thinks that Willow makes sense around children. Chase thinks that Willow is not alright. She is fully and deeply bonded with Wiley. If Michael loses custody then Willow might not be able to take it.

Anna is sorry that she couldn’t meet with Jason earlier. Anna explains that she cannot deal with him talking about Peter. Jason wonders if the WSB has ever gone after Cyrus. Anna cannot discuss that with him. Danny walks over and sees him. Sam is there too.

Willow thinks the best thing about all of this is seeing Finn be happy. Willow thinks it is amazing how much children can change your life. Chase suggests that they go and take a walk.

Danny thinks that Jason should stay.

Ava asks Charlotte how she is doing. Charlotte would love to go home to Wyndemere. Charlotte explains that her horse misses her stable. Ava thinks she is more than welcome to visit Wyndemere. Lulu hopes that Charlotte wasn’t rude. Ava thinks that she was just a little upset about the horse. Lulu knows it has been an adjustment. Lulu wants the same thing as Lulu. She wants them to become better acquainted. Ava wanted her to play along. Lulu thinks it is no secret that she hates Valentin. She doesn’t want her to deal with Charlotte getting more upset. Ava knows the whole Nikolas vs Valentin thing is over. They won. Peter walks over to Lulu. She tells her that talking shop is not a smart idea right now. Peter guesses they can talk about Maxie then. He is happy that she gave her a blessing to work with Valentin. Lulu thinks that it is Maxie’s mistake to make not hers.

Nikolas reminds Sonny that Spencer is his son. Sonny tells Nikolas that Spencer thinks he is an orphan now. Sonny thinks that he got in bed with Ava and is back in bed at Wyndemere. Sonny tells him to stay away from hurting Spencer. He will get involved if he does so again.

Jason tells Danny to keep being the great big brother that he is and look out for Scout. He cannot be around for a while. Danny asks why not.

Charlotte asks if her snake is alright. She promises to get her out soon. Ava goes to get her purse. She thinks that tomorrow they can have their next sitting. Ava thinks that they are the former town pariah’s at a birthday party at Anna’s house. Franco thinks that Ava is a princess technically. He thinks that she is a vision of a dream come true. Ava thinks that she will be. They walk away. Charlotte walks out.

Finn walks into the living room. Anna walks over and thought that things were going well. Anna wonders what is wrong. Finn was just thinking that maybe he should write Violet a letter from the person that should be here but is not. He thinks it be a great way to think about her. Anna asks if she has asked about her mother recently. Finn admits it has been a while. Anna thinks that Violet is probably sorting through things. She will ask thins when she wants. Finn thinks about his love story with Hayden that lead into having Violet and Anna becoming a part of their life. Anna thinks that he has thrown her the most beautiful party. He can let everything else go for now. Charlotte walks over with the pony pinata. Charlotte tells him to be careful. He doesn’t want the candy to fly out.

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