GH Update Tuesday 4/14/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/14/20


Written by Anthony

Violet tells Anna that Finn got her a bouncy house for her party. Finn also ordered up nice weather. Robert walks in and says that he has a pony that needs to be signed for. Anna is shocked.

Maxie sits in her living room. Peter hands her a cup of coffee. Peter is going to help set up for the birthday party. Maxie will meet him over there. She has to deal with Lulu first.

Willow finishes reading to a student. She walks out and his mother thanks her for reading to him. Willow is happy to come back tomorrow. The mother explains they are moving Steven to hospice tomorrow. She thinks it is time. Willow hugs the mother.

Michael asks Diane on the phone what the chances of him getting what he wants. He will think things over. Sasha wonders what is going on. Michael explains the hearing date has been moved up to next week. His chances are slightly alright unless he marries Willow.

Anna wonders if Finn went overboard with this party. Violet wonders if they can keep the pony. Violet wants to put Roxyís party hat on. Anna wonders if Robert wanted some extra time with the pony. Anna hopes that this whole thing with Obrecht is over now.

Maxie thinks that Lulu is going to not be very happy about her working with Valentin technically. She is justified for her hate on. Maxie thinks that Lulu is blinded by rage. Peter thinks that Valentin is the more reasonable one. Peter wonders why she doesnít say that to Lulu. Maxie wonders if he is insane.

Nelle asks Valentin why he is acting like they arenít in the exact same position. Chase asks Willow if she is ok. Willow is fine but Steven is terminal and his mother just said the are moving him to hospice tomorrow. Willow thinks that this is all the time she will have with her son. She wonders what would happen if Wileyís life were on the line and she couldnít have a say.

Sasha tells Michael that he has to marry Willow. Michael needs Sasha to know that he loves her. It is about protecting Wiley. Sasha knows and she loves him too. She gets it. It has nothing to do with how they fell about one another. Wiley is the only one who matters. Sasha thinks that Michael would do anything for Wiley. So, would Willow. Michael thinks that if Chase wasnít in the picture then he would ask Willow to marry him but Chase is in the picture so it means it cannot happen. Sasha thinks that there has to be a way.

Willow knows that Wiley is Michaelís child not her own. Chase suggests that she go upstairs ad see Wiley. He thinks that she is incredible and Wiley loves seeing her. Chase has work to do. He wants her to give Wiley a fist bump for him. Chase loves her. Willow loves him too. Chase gets out his phone.

Michael explains that Willow is not available. She is with Chase. They have their own life together. He cannot ask them to get together. Nelle will not just let this go. It would be a while. She has been amazing and he thinks that this is them not Willow and Chase. Sasha thinks that he has to give Willow the choice. He cannot make the choice for her. Sasha gets a text message from Chase telling her to meet at the Metro Court but not tell Michael. Sasha will be back as soon as she can.

Nelle doesnít think they have to be enemies. Nelle thinks that she could be surprisingly good for him.

Lulu tells Charlotte she is going to be going to be going to the party. Lulu gets a phone call.

Maxie was happy that Nina and Valentin broke up. It meant that Lulu stopped judging them. She feels like Lulu was willing to do anything for Luke Spencer. He is not that different from Valentin. She thanks him for letting her get this out. She leaves. She will see him at the party later.

Anna explains that Finn and her almost broke up because of what happened. Anna thinks that they were happy. Anna thinks that she is like a dog with a bone in that regard. Anna doesnít want to fire things up again. Anna wants this to be over already. Robert wonít say another word. Robert will be a vision of politeness. Finn walks in. He wonders if he interrupted. Finn asks if the clown arrived. Robert says he got here fifteen or twenty minutes ago. Violet tells Peter to come see her ride the pony. Robert needs to check the balloons. He asks if he will help him. Peter says sure. Anna wants them to play nice. Peter thinks that he called him Peter. He wonders if that is a sign.

Maxie walks over to Lulu. Lulu has to go pick up Charlotte from the stable. She is obsessed with riding. She is spending so much time with that horse. Maxie has something to say about Valentin. It turns out she is working with him.

Valentin is thinking about those documents that he forged for her. He has no problem with Wiley or Michael. It is easy for him to feel bad. He tells her to not piss him off and he doesnít like her much to begin with.

Willow tells Michael that she got to give Wiley a kiss right when he was drifting off to sleep. She feels like she just snuck in and stole that moment from him. Michael wanted her to know that they moved the hearing date to next week. Willow wonders what Diane says about it. Michael explains she thinks that his chances would be better if he was married to her.

Robert can admit that he was wrong. Obrecht held his daughter captive and himself. He didnít want it to be true. He is on board with her getting sent off. They will never be best friends but he feels that mutual co-existence will be fine. Robert needs to go see Violet in action. Peter explains that Robert claims that he accepts that he is innocent. He wonders if he believes him.

Lulu is shocked about Maxie leaving Crimson. She wonders what it has to do with Valentin. He is a silent partner though. Maxie is not sure what happened but apparently Deception wouldnít have worked without him. Lulu thinks that there is no one less trustworthy than that man. Lulu tells her to walk away while she still can. Maxie was not asking for permission. She was just letting her to know as a curtesy.

Valentin hates that she was escaping with Michaelís son. Valentin has the shares and the documents. He tells her to stay away from him. Nelle thinks he will regret this. Valentin doubts it.

Chase asks Sasha how she feels about Michael and Willow getting married. Sasha doesnít feel awesome. She thinks that Michael could be the one though. He has a psycho mother for Wiley though.

Willow tells Michael that if she Diane thinks that marrying her is a good strategy. Michael thinks that it is a little easier for him because Sasha is on board. Michael explains that Nelle has as many rights as he does for Wiley. The strategy has to prove what is best for Wiley. She is what is best for Wiley.

Anna thinks that for all Robertís faults, it will be easier for them to like each other in a few years. Robert is only here today because she asked him to be here. Peter explains that things are good again. Him and Robert should be able to loath each other if that is what they really want. That is not how family acts though. At least not this one. He is part of this.

Maxie says that this is business. She would be his friend. Lulu hopes not. Maxie explains that Lucy took the deal. She did a good thing by hiring her in the first place. She wanted her until she didnít. Maxie thinks that Valentin is smart. He is the only reason that Cassadine is back in the black. Lulu reminds her of everything that happened. Maxi wonders if it is worth this for her to fight. It is not worth it for her though.

Sasha moved in with Michael to ward off Nelle. She loves being close to him but marriage and kids were never on her radar. She knows it was different for him and Willow. Chase admits that Willow is the love of his life.

Michael thinks that Willow is the real thing and so is her love for Wiley. He is lying if he didnít say that he wants to show that love to the judge.

Violet tells Anna that she wants to show Anna everything. Violet tells them all to come outside. Peter needs to make a phone call fist. Peter tells someone on the phone that Robert might still be a distraction.

Lulu gets that this is business. She just feels like Valentin is doing this on purpose. He is doing this because he can. He is always trying to show her off. Maxie thinks that so much of this is in her head. She just gave Charlotte unlimited access to his credit card. She could buy herself a ten thousand dollar neckless. Maxie tells her not to let them come between them. Lulu doesnít want to give him more power. Lulu is happy for her. She willow crush this. Maxie loves her. Maxie needs to go and get James.

Valentin looks into the Metro Court.

Chase started thinking about forever with Willow only a month and a half into their relationship. Sasha knows they have not had it easy. Chase thinks that the struggles with her have been hard. Sasha thinks he had every right to want her. It is not his problem to solve with her.

Michael thinks this is not fair. Willow thinks without Chase she would do this in a heartbeat. She thinks this is about her though. She thinks if this is the only way then she will do it. She promises. Michael thinks that he has the best lawyer in the state. He can beat her. Willow needs him to promise that he is doing the best.

Sasha thinks that Michael is willing to marry Willow. It is a good strategy. Willow is not calculating like Willow. Chase knows that Michaelís sole issue right now is his son. Which is what it should be. Chase wonders what happens though.

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