GH Update Monday 4/13/20

General Hospital Update Monday 4/13/20


Written by Anthony

Jax shows up in Ninaís office with flowers. Nina wonders what the occasion is. Jax says he just wanted to see her smile. Nina thanks him. He wants to have dinner at the Metro Court. Jax wonders if Nelle never came back. Nina says no. Nina wonders if she quit. Jax thinks that is even better. It is even more reason to have dinner with him.

Laura sits down next to Valentin. She says that he has to deal with her.

Brook Lynn is glad that Dustin decided to collab with her. Lulu explains that being with Dusty wonít be like old times.

Anna tells Maxie and Peter that she needs to make sure that there are enough treats for everyone. Maxie remembers when Obrecht and her did a party for James half this size. Anna news on Obrecht.

Obrecht demands to see Robert. Robert walks in. Robert explains that he has a demanding job. He is not here for her. Obrecht is innocent. Robert explains that she is out of here tomorrow. Obrecht wonders if Peter has been arrested. Robert explains she is going to stand trial in another country.

Peter wonders when Obrecht will be expedited. Maxie doesnít know what to tell James. Maxie doesnít know what to say to her. She thought that she had changed. Peter thinks that were all lied to. Anna knows something that might make her feel better. Anna suggests going and seeing her before she leaves the country. Anna thinks that she could use some closure. Anna suggests giving her some peace of mind. Maxie thinks that she is right. She might finally admit to all the terrible things that she has done. Maxie is trusting Peter to get the goody bags ready for her.

Obrecht did not hold Jason or Drew in her clinic. One is a murderer and the other a navy SEAL. It would have been stupid. She didnít try to kill Andre or Franco. Robert think she is far from innocent. Obrecht asks if he will let this injustice stand because of her past. Robert points out that she was Faisonís henchwoman for years. Obrecht begs him not to take away Brita, Maxie, or James. Obrecht cannot allow him to make Peter a good man. Robert needs evidence. Obrecht thinks that he only has to proclaim his belief in her and the WSB will listen. Robert is not going to do that.

Jax thinks that if Nina really did quit then she needs to let her go. Nina knows she is fighting for her child. Jax reminds that she gave the child away to hurt Michael. Nina wonders if she might care about her child or love him.

Laura knows that he texted Lulu and demanded that she show up here. Valentin wanted to talk about Charlotte. Laura explains that she saw Luluís phone and deleted the text. Valentin explains that he has the same claim on Charlotte. He doesnít understand why she should suffer because of them. Laura thinks that he has given her a few reasons to mistrust him. Valentin reminds her that Ava has recently gotten involved with Nikolas for a loveless marriage. Laura wonders why he thinks he is not guilty. Nina and Ava are going to testify in Luluís custody suit. Valentin thinks that mistakes were made. Lulu has made plenty of mistakes of her own.

Lulu doesnít trust Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn thinks that she was stalking him now. Lulu was getting some treats for breakfast. Lulu tells Dustin to call her about tomorrow. Brook Lynn thinks it is no shock that the poor guy left. Lulu tells Brook Lynn they are going outside. Brook Lynn calls Lulu the victim. Lulu wonders why she shouldnít feel weird about the slut who tried to steal her boyfriend. Brook Lynn was nowhere near her when her and Dante divorced.

Valentin wants Lulu to abide by their custody agreement. Laura wonders where this is coming from. Laura wonders if it has anything to do with him being Helenaís son.

Nina doesnít think that Nelle lacks emotions. Jax thinks that Nelle is good at manipulation. Nina thinks you do focus in on self-preservation when you grow up without love. Jax doesnít think they are talking about love anymore. Nina think about talking with Valentin and saying sorry to everything he did. Nina thinks she is more like Nelle than she would like to admit.

Anna knows that Peter has changed. Anna admires how much Peter has tried to reject his fathers legacy. This is all she could have wanted for him. Peter thinks that this is better than he could have imagined. Anna thinks that it makes sense. Coming from being a double agent wasnít easy. She thinks that you can change things. Peter wants to do all in his power to keep his life.

Obrecht thinks anyone with eyes can see the trail for Peter. Obrecht think that Peter sent the assassin. Anna is helping him because she wants to and no one will dare contradict her. Robert knows that Peter thinks he will get away with his crimes. Obrecht assumes that he has hid the evidence even further. Robert asks if either of them have visited her. Obrecht says that Brita came once and Maxie will not even call. She begs him not to let them take here away. She must speak with Maxie to tell the truth. Maxie wonders what that truth is. Maxie didnít come here to listen to excuses. She came here to say goodbye.

Peter thanks Anna for claiming him as her son. Anna thinks that he is family. Peter is shocked to have her in his life. He has sisters. He loves getting to know Violet. He loves knowing Brit and Robin. Peter is sorry that Brit had to leave already. She got a better offer in Boston. Anna is sorry about that. She is sure that he will miss her. Peter asks if she is happy to see her go.

Maxie heard that WSB agents were coming for her tomorrow. Maxie thinks that this wasnít a good idea. She says goodbye. Obrecht wonders how James is. Maxie says that he is wondering where she is. Obrecht wishes that Brita and her would listen. Maxie guesses she doesnít know. Maxie says that Brit already left PC. She got a job in Boston. Obrecht cannot believe that she left without telling her. Maxie doesnít think that she has to lose her entire family. Maxie begs her to plead guilty

Dustin thought that Lulu said sorry. Lulu is sorry she snapped at her. Lulu will see him tomorrow. Dustin is looking forward to it. Dustin asks if this is the new normal now. Dustin thinks he provokes her. Dustin explains that he is here because Lulu told him too. He wonders why she wants to be a bully.

Valentin admits that Helena is his mother. Lulu knows that Helena was evil but she is not crazy. Valentin is no longer competing for the Cassadine money. It is his. He knows he is willing to do what is right for Charlotte. Laura wonders if being done with her is good.

Nina wants to tell him about a story of a young girl who was manipulate by a parent. Jax thinks that Nelle lied. Nina explains that she lied about being paralyzed. Jax doesnít think her past actions compared to Nelleís. Nina is more like Nelle than he thinks. He needs to consider that before they get anymore serious.

Anna wonders if he is enjoying getting to know his sister better. Peter has had some interesting chats about their father. Brita has helped him get some things straight about his father. Peter is not going to ask her to relive things about his father. Anna thinks he is so much more than his father and he proves that every day. She couldnít be more proud.

Maxie wishes that she could just admit what she did. She can take responsibilities for her actions. Robert has no idea. Maxie thinks that they could do something. Maxie doesnít want him to suffer. Nathan wouldnít want that either. Obrecht promises that she is innocent. James is the one who holds the power. She would never hurt him. She begs her not to deny her place in her family.

Brook Lynn asks if he would like to hear the truth about what happened to Dante and her. Brook Lynn explains that Lulu and Dante went to court and Michael got sent to prison as a teenager. Carly got pissed off. She hired her but the whole scheme didnít work. Brook Lynn thinks that Lulu is so pissed about how much Michael suffered for her. Dustin thinks that they could do a real apology. Brook Lynn doesnít do fake. Dustin reminds her when they broke up.

Nina is not sure what they are to one another. Nina doesnít want to mislead him to what she has done. Jax thinks they all make mistakes. She turned her life around. Nina thinks that Nelle is trying to turn her life around. Jax thinks that she would never use a child in that way. Jax wonders what caused this crisis of confidence. Nina thinks that he sees what he wants to see and not what she really is.

Laura has to protect Lulu. Laura believes that he loves Charlotte but she doesnít believe that he is good for her. Laura thinks that she is just a little girl. She doesnít understand why her life got turned upside down. Valentin made it possible for Charlotte to come into this world. He is willing to co-exist with Lulu. He begs her to broker a truce.

Jax sees a strong woman who always sees the good in people even if they are bad sometimes. Nina has a habit of falling off her pedestal. Jax thinks she has the love of a little girl who was taken away from her. Nina knows that he is a terrific dancer. Jax asks if he can have this dance.

Valentin thinks that whatever choice she makes will be their own. Lulu tells Valentin to leave her alone. Valentin will leave. He wants her to think about their conversation. Laura wonders why she needs a drink. Lulu is having a rough day. Lulu wanted to make this special breakfast for Rocco tomorrow. He is getting a pastry from Kellyís though. She wants to make her son French Toast but then she remembered that Dante used to make it. So she can never make it the way that Dante did. Laura told Rocco that his father needed to go to a special place to get better. Lulu wonders if Dante will ever get better.

Dustin thinks that Brook Lynn should have felt a little more sorry. Brook Lynn claims she cares. Dustin gets that she doesnít like to feel like a victim. Brook Lynn doesnít want to fight with Lulu.

Maxie wishes she could believe her and she wants to believe her. Obrecht begs her to trust her heart. Maxie thinks that Nathan came into her life too late. Maxie has to protect James though. Obrecht thinks Peter is no better than Faison. Obrecht begs her. Maxie thinks it is time she say goodbye to her. Obrecht sobs on the ground.

Peter asks how many people are coming to this thing. Anna thinks thirty children. Robert will be there.

Nina and Jax dance in her office. The two kiss one another.

Lulu thinks it is hard to believe that Dante has been gone for a year. Laura thinks that she has given those kids a solid home. Lulu knows that Rocco misses Dante. He stopped asking for him and he is not talking about him much. Dante needs his dad. Laura sees Valentin.

Brook Lynn knows everyone says she is a lot like her granny. Dustin doesnít think she has to put up a wall. She can show people the real her. Dustin thinks that she got out of her contract. Brook Lynn is ready to write some songs.

Anna goes to get the dor. Itís Maxie. She hugs Peter. She asks how she is going to tell James that he is losing his grandmother Anna tells her to say that he has a whole family.

Robert will look out for James and Maxie. Obrecht doesnít think that any prison can keep her from justice. She will get her family back.

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