GH Update Thursday 4/9/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/9/20


Written by Anthony

Sasha tells Willow at GH that it is ok for her to be sad. Willow begs Sasha not to tell Chase about this. Sasha learned something new about stress the other day. Her body doesnít deal with things like that. Her body doesnít know the difference. Willow assumes it is ok that she is a wreck. Sasha thinks that it is fine. She also thinks her body doesnít know the difference for Wiley back when she thought he was her son and now.

Michael explains that this is definitely hard for Willow. Chase thinks that Willow needs to feel like good. Willow would do anything for that little boy. Chase remembers when Willow was arrested to protect Wiley from Shiloh. Chase had to be the one to arrest her.

Nina thinks after the disaster that was Sasha she thinks she should be able to move on but she canít. Nina explains that her mother hated her. She tried killing her twice. She left a neckless for her that two halves come together to mend a broken heart. She couldnít help but wonder if her baby had survived.

Nelle thinks that she should have welcomed her as her sister. Carly doesnít think that they are related. Nelle thinks that they had the same father. Carly doesnít think that they had the same father. Carly met Frank once when she tried to get child support from him. She didnít even know that Frank had a daughter. Nelle knows that is a lie because she saw her.

In 1995, Carly showed up at Frankís apartment. He opened the door and asked what she wanted. She asked if he was Frank. Carly explains that she is Virginiaís child. Frank told her to come in. He asked how she found him. Carly went through Ken. Carly wonders if he is going to ask about her mom. Frank wonders if Virginia is the same person. Carly explains that they moved to a condo with a better school district. Carly thinks that he owed her mother fourteen years of child support. Frank explains that he never wanted her. Nelle walks in and explains that they are out of cereal. She asked who Carly was.

Jason tells Joss that the facts are on Michaelís side. Joss thinks it is cool that Jason sees things so clearly. Joss wished that Jason would have been here when Nelle first came to town. Joss remembers when Nelle told Joss about her kidney and about her having Michaelís baby and when Carly was arrested. Joss explains that she is loaning her a hair piece for her wedding. Jason thinks if Nelle never came then there would be no Wiley.

Nelle remembered that Frank wanted them to spend time with them as a family. Nelle remembers her. Carly asks if the little blonde girl was her. Nelle explains that he wanted them to spend time together. He asked her to stay. She asked why she didnít. Everything would have been different. She didnít care that they were always poor. She just wanted to come here and have a fabulous life. She left her.

Frank told Nelle to go back into the kitchen. Carly guesses that he wanted her. Frank guesses he did. He doesnít have money for her. Carly wants to know about her birth parents then.

Nina explains that Valentin went to her mother. She was very jealous of her and the money she inherited. Nina has a feeling and instinct that she has a daughter out there somewhere.

Nelle thinks everything she ever did was because she couldnít be bothered to take care of her. Carly explains that Frank never asked her to stay. He told her that he had no money and never considered her his daughter. He knew her birth motherís name and then he was her father. He sold Nelleís kidney. She doesnít have to be like him. Carly realized she could be better. She learned to give Michael what he needed. When she did it her life got better. She could put Wiley first. Carly tells Nelle to let Michael have full-custody and they will make sure that Wiley is happy. She gets a chance to prove she is good enough so that Wiley has what she needs. Nelle is not going to let that happen. She will leave the hospital bankrupt. Nelle never did anything she didnít do. Nelle guesses she will see her in court.

Carly begged Frank to tell her who her parents are. Carly begs him to tell her. Frank explains that her mother was a hooker and her madam said that they could adopt her. Virginia had to have a baby. His motherís name was Barbara Jean Spencer. Frank tells her that she should give his regard to Virginia. He might want to look her up sometime. Carly tells him that if he did that then she would kill him.

Michael thinks that Nelle is a nightmare and she did a lot of good. Willow spent a year and a half loving a child that wasnít even hers. That wouldnít have happened without Nelle technically. Michael thinks that Wiley and Willow not knowing each other would have been a total loss for both of them.

Sasha thinks her instinct as a mother never changed. So she heard what was going on she wanted to protect him. Willow needed to do something. Willow thinks that Wiley needs her and she has to stand up for him.

Nina explains that it is a custom piece that cannot trace it. Jax could have Ninaís motherís moves tracked. Nina doesnít want to lead into disappointment. She isnít sure she wants to risk things again. Joss shows up. She explains that she had one of the bodyguards drive her over. Nina tells Joss she can get Jax out of here. Nina will see them later.

Jason tells Carly that Joss just wanted to tell her that Nelle wouldnít get Wiley. Carly sort of wishes that he would have told her that tomorrow Nelle would magically disappear. Carly thinks that Michael is a better person than she is. Jason thinks the are both good people.

Virginia is shocked that Carly is still here. Carly wanted to say goodbye. She would rather chase a lie than be stuck here all her life. Carly didnít want to fight. She loves her. Virginia loves her too. She hopes she finds what she is looking for. Virginia thinks that she is looking for love and acceptance. She hopes she finds someone she believes in. Virginia thinks she wants to figure things out on her own and she will.

Carly went to see Nelle at Crimson. They had it out. She unloaded all of her grudges. At one point she tried to explain how she turned her life around. She told her it was because of Michael but it was also because of Jason. Carly thinks that Jason changed everything. Nelle never had that. Carly is so grateful that she has him. She remembers when Jason came back from the dead. She wanted to tell him so much. Jason wanted her to tell a deep breath and count to ten. She remembered that Jason had to do whatever she wants for the next seven months. Jason would figure it out somehow. Jason wonders if Carly is excited about this baby. Carly is. Jason would have done anything to get Carly out of Ferncliff.

Nina continues to look at the locket. She thought about the time she gave Sasha a locket and she turned it down out of being way too much. Nina remembered that Sasha told her the truth and she ripped the neckless off of her.

Nelle looks through a box that has all the letters she used to send Carly. She then finds the rattle. In the box is a neckless that matches Ninaís.

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