GH Update Wednesday 4/8/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/8/20


Written by Anthony

Joss tells Jason that she is here because this is serious. Nelle is suing GH, her grandmother, and his mother. She needs to stop it.

Nina tells Nelle that she stepped over the line with Willow. She knows what it is like to love a child only to find out they are not their own. Nina knows about Wiley’s procedure. Nina thinks that if this is about Wiley’s best interest then she needs to prove she is a good mother and allow Wiley to have the procedure.

Willow tells Michael and Sasha that Nelle is working at Crimson now. Michael forgot to tell them. Willow wonders what they will do to stop her. Sasha thinks she took on the world for Wiley. She wonders why she should stop now.

Nina thinks if show allows this then she is sure that this will be what is best for Wiley. Nina thinks this is her chance to prove to everyone she is a good mother. Carly needs a word with Nelle. Carly wouldn’t do this if it didn’t directly affect her grandsons health. Nina tells her to suit herself. Nelle is going to tell the court about this. Carly is about to give Nelle everything she ever wanted.

Chase tells Willow that he is going to be a witness on the stand for Nelle’s trial against GH.

Nina stands in the lobby of Crimson. Jax walks in and wonders if she is filling in for Nelle. Nina explains that Carly and Nelle are in her office and Carly is coming close to harassing Nelle. Jax knows that is his fault.

Carly tells Nelle she beat her. She never let down her edge though and for that Carly is sorry. Nelle asks if a stupid apology is really going to help her out. Carly asks what she needs to do then. Nelle wants her to admit that she is just like her…

In 1995, Carly walks into her house in Jackson, Florida. Virginia walks in and asks how the job interview went. Carly tells her that they offered her the job. Virginia hugs her. Virginia is so happy for her. She thinks it is a nice place. Virginia thinks she could transfer in a few years. Carly turned them down. She is not going to stay in Jacksonville. This is not the life she wants.

Joss thinks that Nelle should be in prison. She wants to be Wiley’s mom right now. Joss knows that he doesn’t care about the law which is why he needs to be the one to fix this. Jason wonders what she wants him to do. Joss thinks about Nelle calling her Carly’s little minion. Joss went to call the police. Nelle asks if she would really do that. They are sisters. Joss explains that Avery and Kristina are her sisters. She is a lying piece of trash that tried to sabotage her family. Joss thinks that she messed with the wrong family. She owes her family a call to the cops. Nelle tried to beat her up. Nelle couldn’t believe that she would betray her after being an ungrateful brat. Joss punched her in the face. Joss tells Jason to promise her that Nelle will not get Wiley and he can give her his word.

Chase explains that he will be deposed. Willow wonders why Nelle cannot see that this is about Wiley. Michael doesn’t think that Nelle can see that. This is all about Carly for Nelle. Michael remembers Carly telling Nelle off for planting her bra in Sonny’s bed. She fell for her angelic act. Michael told Nelle that he was going to give her one chance to explain. Chase reminds him that once again the law in in Nelle’s side.

Nelle thinks if she is trash and a gold digging psycho then so is Carly. She did the exact same things that she did. Carly will pay Nelle. Nelle wants the magic makeover that Carly got. She wants every horrible thing that she did to be excused like what Carly did. She seduced Tony Jones and somehow that is her fault. She drugged AJ and left him in an alley and she did that to protect her son. Nelle wants that. She doesn’t want to have to face consequences. Nelle wants to be the heroine. Nelle remembers the first time she met Michael and introduced herself as Nelle Hayes. Nelle saw the article about Joss’ transplant. She told the guard she needs to see Carly because she thinks that she is Joss’ kidney donor. Carly needs to make sure she is really Joss’ donor and asks if she would be willing to prove it. Carly would like to run some tests. Nelle asks if they think she is lying. Nelle remembered Carly hiring her as her personal assistant at the hotel. Nelle had been thanking her. Carly thinks if that is what she wants then she is going about it all wrong.

Virginia asked Carly if this was a fantasy. Carly explained that she knew she needed to get out of here. She was told the staff was like a family. Carly cannot be someone who lives twenty miles from where they grew up. She cannot marry a loser who leaves them flat. Virginia thinks that she didn’t want to be her. Carly wants to travel. She wants to see the world. Carly thinks that there are amazing people out there doing amazing things and she wants to be one of them. Virginia thinks she sounds just like Frank.

Joss can live with this the rest of her life. She needs Jason to promise him. Joss needs Jason to help. Jason asks if Nelle is more sympathetic than Michael. Joss thinks that Nelle gets away with everything. Jason thinks that she is playing into her game. Joss remembers meeting Nelle. Then begging Carly to tell her the truth. Carly admitted that Nelle was her donor. Joss thanked her for saving her life. She remembers talking to Nelle about Oscar.

Willow thinks that Nelle is targeting Michael’s grandmothers. Michael thinks that Nelle knows that this won’t happen. Michael remembers Nelle getting confronted from Bobbie over supposedly stealing from her. Nelle then met Monica and used her to get to Michael. Michael explains that Bobbie couldn’t stand Nelle at first and Monica believed Nelle at first. Willow thinks they have to keep Wiley safe.

Jax only knew that Frank had walked out on Carly and her step-mother. One day she got letters and it was from Frank. He was desperate for money. He offered him a million dollars and a few days later Joss had her kidney.

Carly thinks that Nelle needs to show people who she really is. Carly is a voice of experience. She didn’t come to PC to wreck her mother. She told herself that Bobbie would see her. She treated her like a stranger and she decided to take everything from her. She was going to live her life. Which is what Nelle is doing to Carly. Nelle remembers Sonny demanding that Nelle admit why she lied. Nelle explains that her real last name is Benson. It was Carly’s last name as well. Carly thinks she is Frank Benson’s daughter… Carly thinks it was almost the same reason. She wanted her to recognize her. Nelle wonders why she didn’t…

Carly thought Virginia always did this. Virginia wonder wondered what she always did. Virginia explained that Frank wanted to be rich but then she had her and then Frank ran away. Virginia doesn’t think that Paris and Rio will make her happy. Carly wondered if Frank knew what life was like. Carly thinks that Frank owed her a lifetime of child support. Joss demands to know were Frank even is. Carly knew that he was friends with Mister Richardson. Virginia doubts that he would tell her. Joss thinks it never hurts to ask.

Michael tells Willow that this isn’t how this isn’t how this works with Nelle. Willow has to get to GH. Sasha goes after her. Chase is worried about Willow.

Jason knows that Nelle is manipulative. It was Brad’s choice to do all of this. They know that she is going to lie and try to get the judge to believe Nelle.

Jax just wanted his daughter to live. Jax thinks that Carly and Michael are the only ones that are paying for this. Jax thinks that he knows that he hates what he did but he cannot regret the outcome. Nina would have done the same thing had she had one to save.

Carly doesn’t think that they are related. Nelle thinks they have the same father. That makes them sisters. Carly explains that he was the loser that ghosted her adopted mother. She met him all of once when she tried to get child support out of him. Nelle thinks he wasn’t her father until she needed money. Carly didn’t know that she was Joss’ daughter. Nelle thinks that Carly knew because she saw her.

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