GH Update Tuesday 4/7/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/7/20


Written by Anthony

Nina looks at photos for the magazine and gets a text from Charlotte that says she misses her. Nina takes out the locket and looks at it. She sighs. Willow walks in and wanted to check in with her about her idea. Nina thinks that she should have checked in with her assistant. Willow explains that her assistant wasnít at her desk. Willow notices the neckless she is holding.

Michael, Sasha, and Sonny all gather around in the kitchen with Diane. Sonny wants to know what is so important. Diane thought that she was supposed to figure out things on the court case. Diane explains that Nelle will be represented by Martin. Nelle has been making moves.

Cyrus asks Carly if she can charge his meal to his room. Cyrus gives her his name and she looks at him. Carly tells him that his room is no longer available. Jason walks over and asks if there is a problem.

Jordan runs over to the room that TJ is in at the hospital. Jordan tells him that she is here for him. Curtis is glad that he is here.

Nina explains that her mother left her this neckless when she died. Willow thinks she is very fortunate. Her mother never believed in keepsakes. Nina explains that it is something that is not finished. Nina explains that it was heavily implied that it was in the hands of her biological daughter. She started to wonder if her biological daughter never existed. Nina should never have vented to her like that. She certainly didnít come for this. Nina asks what she can help her with. Willow needs to make sure that Nelle doesnít get Wiley.

Diane explains that Nelle is suing GH with Monica and Bobbie named in her suit. Sonny thought that Nelle lied. Diane explains she claimed that it was fake. Diane thinks that it is convenient. Diane thinks that she is using both his grandmothers to go after Wiley. Michael will not let her get custody at all.

Sam is found at GH and Chase runs over. Sam is actually here to get her daughterís vaccination. Chase explains that TJ is at the hospital. Chase explains that he was dropped off in front of the hospital. He was about to notify her sister. Sam will take care of it. Curtis asks what happened. Chase says that he was dropped out in front of the hospital. Portia ordered a scan. It could be a mild concussion but her best guess was that he was chloroformed. They are waiting for him to wake up. Curtis goes and sits next to Jordan. He has a concussion but no broken bones. Jordan will kill Cyrus. Jordan begs TJ to open his eyes. TJ opens them. He asks what happened and why she is crying. Jordan thinks they are so happy to see him.

Carly was about to call security. Jason thinks that there is no need. Carly was explaining to Cyrus that their rooms were booked indefinitely. Jason will make sure that Cyrus knows hotel policy. Cyrus thinks that this is a meeting that is long overdue. Cyrus is referring to when he blew up his drug shipment. Jason heard the building was a total loss. He thinks that soon his suppliers will realize that he is a disappointment.

Sam knocks on Mollyís door. She asks if Molly is there. Sam tells Molly that TJ was just admitted to the hospital. He didnít break up with her. They think he might have been kidnapped.

Portia tells TJ to try and not move around as much. TJ wonders how he got here. Jordan got several texts saying that he was crashing with a friend. TJ never sent those texts. TJ doesnít remember what happened. Curtis thinks they can always come back. TJ says he is fine. He decided to go into work and get his mind off of things. He was almost back here and he heard someone running up on him. Before he could turn he was jumped and they laid him up on the ground. Chase asks if he could identify the kidnappers.

Molly wonders who would do that to TJ. Sam doesnít know. Sam tells her to get dressed. Molly will be down stairs in five minutes. Brando walks out from the shower. He asks who that was.

Carly explains she got Dianeís text and wonders what is going on. Diane says nothing good. Apparently, Nelle is suing GH for negligence. Carly canít believe it. Sonny says that Monica and Bobbie are in the suit. Carly thinks that Nelle should be grateful for this. Sonny asks if this actually shocks her. Michael wonders if they can use this as a reason for why Wileyís health was at risk. Sasha thinks that Michael is working for the best interest of the child where as Nelle is not. Diane cannot stop the lawsuit but she could make it useless.

Molly tells Brand that her boyfriend was just brought into GH. She thought her boyfriend dumped her but he didnít he was kidnapped. She guesses that someone targeted him. He is now at GH and she has to be with him. Brando tells her to take a breath. She thinks he has been great but what happened between them was a complete mistake. It never happened. Molly asks him to show himself out.

Willow explains to Nina that Wiley had a heart defect and Wiley is going to need another heart procedure and Nelle is refusing to consent. Wileyís life could be at risk because of Nelle. Nina cannot do a piece on Nelle because Nelle is not a public figure. Nina has somethings in the works for Nelle. Nelle walks in with Ninaís coffee. Willow wonders what she is doing here. Nelle explains that she is Ninaís new assistant.

Jason tells Cyrus that his luggage is at the door probably. Cyrus tells him to tell Sonny that he is not going anywhere. Jason tells him that it is time for him to go. Cyrus laughs on his way out. Cyrus laughs.

Diane thinks that this suit makes Nelle look vindictive. Sonny tells Diane to do whatever she can to keep Nelle away from his grandson. Diane wishes it were that simple. Diane is going to petition the court to make sure that Wiley gets his medical care. Diane thinks that Michael is going to look as good as any single man can look as a father. Michael wants her to pull the trigger then. Diane is on her way. Sasha thinks that this is so unfair. Nelle is making him choose between Wiley and his grandmothers. Carly cannot believe that Nelle is doing this. This started with her and she will be the one to finish it. Michael doesnít think that sounded good.

TJ didnít get a good look at the men that dropped him. He was left alone for the most part. Molly runs into the room. She had been so scared. She had no idea what happened to him. Curtis wants to give them privacy. Molly has been going out of her mind.

Sam tells Jordan she knows she has been protecting TJ and she knows why. She only told Molly what Chase told her. Jordan begs her not to tell Molly anything more or they could be put into more danger.

Brando goes into his garage and looks at Mollyís bill.

Molly tells TJ that when he wouldnít return her calls she thought he never wanted to see her again. She thought they were done because she turned down his proposal. She was the one who lost faith. She should have known that he would never have given up. TJ probably would have thought the same. TJ knows that Jordan was getting those texts from him. He promises that they are ok now though. Nothing has happened they cannot take back. Molly knows that there is nothing they canít take back. Molly knows that TJ is really hurt. TJ has bruises but here they are. He needs her to bear with him. He always thought that marriage was what they needed. TJ thinks they surprised each other and they dug in and it isnít shocking because they are both stubborn. TJ should have accepted this. He knew it was a compromise they should have considered domestic partnership.

Sonny shows up at Brandoís garage. Brando explains he had a client yesterday. Sonny says that Cyrus got out of jail last night. He is part of the family now and he is in PC because of his request. He needs to watch his back.

Chase needs to finish his interview with TJ. Jordan will finish it up. Chase wonders if that is really a good idea.

Curtis tries to call Shawn on the phone. He tells him that his son is going to make a full recovery. Portia walks over. Curtis explains that TJís father is in jail. She had an affair. Portia thinks that makes a lot of sense as to why he ended things when he found out that she was married. She knows he had such a strong reaction. Curtis knows life is complicated and things happened but he knows for him he isnít going to mess with a married woman. Curtis thinks that a lot of well intentioned people made some mistakes. Curtis thinks through it all TJ came out of it and there is nothing to regret about him.

Jordan tells Chase that she is the victims mother. Chase thinks she knows she shouldnít be directly involved. Jordan knows he is right. Chase is going to talk with GH security. Jordan tells Sam that she is afraid of him finding out what happened.

Jason tells Sonny that Cyrus was talking with Carly that morning. He stayed to make sure that Cyrus left the hotel. He is gone from the hotel but he isnít going anywhere.

TJ thinks they could put the official stamp on their relationship without getting married. He knows he is a few days late but he wonders what she says. He asks if she wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Molly does. Molly thinks domestic partners is genius and very them. Molly is thrilled that he is back and safe. TJ cannot wait to go home with her and focus on the future. He asks if that sounds good. Molly thinks it sounds perfect.

Willow cannot believe that Nina would hire Nelle. Nina needed another assistant. Nina didnít know she needed to screen her employees to her. Nelle explains that it helps her have employment in court. This could be the start of a beautiful career. Nelle doesnít think this is any of Willowís business. She means nothing to Wiley. Willow walks out.

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