GH Update Monday 4/6/20

General Hospital Update Monday 4/6/20


Jason kisses Sam. Jason wonders if this is why she wanted to meet. Sam didn’t like the way that they left things. Jason knows but they shouldn’t be doing this. Sam points out that no one knows about this place. Jason reminds her that she could get caught. Sam promises she will not get caught.

Nina wonders if Jax wants to go home and ice his back. Jax thinks that Charlotte has great manners but she couldn’t help but hide her smirk. Nina is troubled by that.

Ava thinks they need to try harder with Nikolas’ family. Ava likes Laura. She thinks that his family need to know that they are a package deal. Ava thinks that they are family and they need to act like it. Ava heard that Laura would be at GH. Ava explains that they wanted to take them out for dinner or drinks. Laura was only here because Kevin was paged. Robert walks over and explains that Cyrus has issues now.

Jordan is at the prison and Cyrus is brought in. Cyrus wonders what she has to tell him that is so important.

Cam tells Joss that it is great that the guard let him in. Cam doesn’t know how to help Trina.

Trina bangs on Curtis’ door. She demands to know where she is. She called Jordan’s office and they said she wasn’t there today. She needs Jordan to take back the lies about her father.

Carly asks Sonny what is going on. Sonny gets on his phone and tells Tony that it is going down tonight and to call Jason. Sonny explains that Cyrus goes free tonight.

Nikolas asks if Cyrus is being released after shooting his mother. Ava thinks they can go have drinks alone. Laura wonders how Cyrus made this happen so quickly. Robert thinks that he has a connection in the justice committee. Laura wonders if there is any way to slow this down.

Ava explains that Trina heard that her father and two other agents lied and no he gets out. Nikolas cannot let Laura get too deep into this.

Nina admits that Charlotte was one of the reasons that she was worried about ending things with Valentin. Nina thinks he is very charming. Charlotte cannot blame Valentin for them breaking up but he might blame them for this. She is just worried that Charlotte has no one to confide in. Jax explains that Carly got involved with the wrong man and Joss acted out.

Sonny explains that Jordan and Marcus worked together on the DEA and they worked to get Cyrus arrested. Carly wonders if Laura is involved in this. Sonny says it is just them and Laura doesn’t need to know. Carly knows that Cyrus still goes free. She wants to know what he plans on doing.

Cyrus is told he is about to go free. Cyrus tells Jordan she did a good job. Jordan wants her son. She did what he wanted. She needs her son. He got his precious freedom but if he doesn’t release TJ unharmed then he will be dead.

Curtis gives Trina a bottle of water. Curtis knows she has been through one major incident after another. He thinks that sometimes good people do bad things for no reason. Trina knows her dad was proud of his badge. Curtis thinks that he and his team were driven. They were the good guys. No matter how many hours they worked they didn’t incriminate themselves. Trina doesn’t think that her father can defend himself but she can. Curtis doesn’t think that she should do this.

Jason tells Sam that Cyrus is going to be released tonight. He needs to get to Sonny’s. There are a lot of choices that they have to make. He needs her to stay there. They can’t meet anymore. They can’t do this anymore.

Carly thinks that Cyrus s going to go after Sonny and possibly Michael this time. Sonny explains to Carly that he doesn’t know PC. Carly suggests that he might not stay and he could realize that he could go back to the West Coast.

Laura thinks that Cyrus might go back to Seattle. Kevin doesn’t think they can count on that.

Nikolas tells Ava that Marcus was a dedicated cop. He is about to be free. Ava thinks they can get Laura to understand their fear for her safety. Nikolas tells Ava that he has no doubt that Laura would have no interest in what she has to say. Ava tells him that she will see him at home.

Joss tells Cam that if she wasn’t under constant lockdown then she could help Trina. Cam tells Joss she cannot leave.

Curtis explains that the job of the DEA is to protect the damaged. Curtis explains that it can get to be too much. Curtis tells her that you have to act for justice. The law doesn’t look into account of this. Curtis thinks so much so that eventually she would numb her own conscious. Curtis thinks that Marcus kept his life hidden from her. She needs to live her best life and keep him proud. Trina is going to prove that his wife is lying.

Jason thinks that with Cyrus being released he is ruthless and he targets families. They need to get the best protection for her. Sam will do everything to keep the kids safe. Jason thinks that Cyrus cannot remove Sonny with Sam getting caught up. Sam doesn’t think that it is just his choice to make.

Carly wonders why he would stick around. He needs to be somewhere that is more secure. Sonny thinks that Cyrus came into town that he would come into town with two guns blazing. People will think he is weak if he leaves town. He will lay low. Sonny is not going to take chances. Sonny will move the entire family but he believes he can keep them safe. Carly believes him but Jax might have other ideas.

Ava tells Nina that the more time she spends with Jax the less time Nina is around her office. Jax assumes that Nikolas neglecting his wife is the least of his problems.

Trina shows up at Joss’ house. Trina needs their help.

Sam doesn’t think that Jason doesn’t understand. She had to lose him for five years. She cannot just give him up again. Nothing matters more than being together. Jason thinks that Cyrus just has to be right one time. He wants to know what happens if they leave Danny and Scout motherless. Sam cannot take this anymore. Jason can’t either. Jason thinks it was different when it was just the two of them. They always found their way back to one another. Now their actions have consequences for Danny and Scout and they have to give them the security they need. They can’t though. Jason doesn’t think they can be together.

Robert tells them that he has petitioned to have Cyrus’ release halted. Cyrus is brought back in dressed in a suit. He asks if Laura is here to bring him back to PC.

Nikolas is worried about Laura. Kevin shares his concern. Nikolas needs him to get Laura to back down. Kevin can only get her to be careful. He loves his wife and supports her choices. It is called mutual respect. It is something that he should try sometime.

Ava asks Jax how many times he has been married. Jax thinks enough to know blackmail. Ava thinks if it wasn’t for her and Nikolas then he wouldn’t even be sitting here. Nina wonders how many times he has been married. Jax thinks they are talking about something else. Carly walks over and wants to talk about Joss.

Trina wants to sue Jordan. She knows that Diane is the best in the state. Joss thinks that she will only take cases she can win.

Jordan tells Curtis that Cyrus will be released tonight. Jordan wants to make it out right now.

Sam asks Jason what he is sorry for. Sam asks if he is sorry that they met and got together or made Danny or came back to them because she isn’t. She wouldn’t change a thing. Jason wouldn’t either. Sam knows he cannot predict the future. She remembers when they first met each other. She wouldn’t change any of that. She wouldn’t want to miss out on a single second of loving him. Jason wouldn’t want to miss out on a moment of that. Jason just doesn’t want to risk any of them anymore. He begs her to understand. Sam guesses they will stay apart. She knows not to come around and not to contact. Sam kisses Jason. Jason looks at Sam. Sam loves him too.

Jordan will kill Cyrus if he doesn’t release TJ. She knows it would throw away their marriage but she will kill him and turn herself in.

Nina will give them a few minutes to talk. Carly explains to Jax that Cyrus is getting out of prison tonight. They are safe but she understands if he wants him to take Joss out of PC. It is his call. Jax knows that Sonny loves his family and it includes Joss. He will trust her judgement but she needs to tell him if it is worse.

Ava tells Nina that every woman in Jax’s life will always be second to Carly. Nina wonders why she isn’t with her husband.

Joss thinks that Cyrus is as bad as they get. Joss thinks that the only way to frame him could be to frame him. Joss thinks that the right thing sometimes is in your heart. She doesn’t have to file a lawsuit if her father broke the law for a grater good. Joss thinks that she needs to trust her. This is something that she knows. He doesn’t have to be perfect. Trina misses him so much. Joss hugs Trina.

Curtis thinks that pre-mediated is different than self-defense. Jordan thinks that this would be justice. Jordan thinks that if this is their last night together she needs him to love her.

Sonny doesn’t think that Cyrus will go back to Seattle. They can take him out immediately or wait. Jason thinks they should eliminate him. Sonny doesn’t think it is worth losing him if it means losing Cyrus. Sonny wants him to take his ass out tonight if he can.

Laura tells Robert she will be fine. Laura tells Cyrus she has a very selfish wish. She wants him to be someone else’s problem. She suggests he go back to Seattle. Should he choose to stay in PC she will do her upmost to make sure that they are brought to justice. Cyrus thanks her for getting justice for him on the off chance he dies. Laura suggests that he just leave town. Cyrus has no desire. Robert tells him he is a free man once he signs the papers. Cyrus asks to borrow a pen.

Nikolas gets into the elevator. He touches his ring.

Ava plays with her ring. Nina looks over at Carly and Jax and Carly has her hands on Jax’s.

Cam walks over and hugs Joss and Trina.

Curtis and Jordan kiss one another. Jordan gets on top of Curtis.

Sam starts throwing things all over the place. Sam sobs.

Jason loads his gun and puts it away. Sonny opens the door for him.

Cyrus signs the papers and shakes hands. Robert refuses to. Laura does as well. Robert closes the door on him.

Written by Anthony

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