GH Update Thursday 4/2/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/2/20


Written by Anthony

Mike asks Sonny what his name is. He wants to tell his boss that he is a keeper. Sonny is just happy he is on his feet. Carly and Brando walk over and Carly is glad he is on his feet. Mike sees Brando and thinks that he is dead. Carly explains that this is his cousin Brando. He is alive and well. Brando tells Mike it has been a while. Mike tells Sonny to get these people out of here. Mike doesnít think that these people are his family and he doesnít know them.

Sam thanks Jason for meeting her here. She left her phone in the car unless someone was trying t meet her here. She explains that her plan to get blackmail on her parole officer backfired and now she is going to come after her.

Trina storms into Avaís gallery. Ava asks if she is ok. Trina needs help understanding something that doesnít make sense. Trina explains that the guy who killed her father was Cyrus. Jordan is claiming that her father framed Cyrus.

Molly shows up at Jordanís house and demands to see TJ. She needs to find him.

Kevin thanks Cyrus for seeing him. Cyrus thanks him for springing him from solitary. Cyrus tells him he is not sick. Kevin is a therapist. Kevin wonders why he would think that he would assume that.

Robert tells Laura that Cyrusí lawyers are going to allow him to get out of jail. Laura will not have the monster roaming free throughout PC. She wants him to watch her take care of the man.

Brando just wanted to say hello and thank him for the time that he took him to the track. Carly thinks that sounds like Mike. Mike remembers him. Mike remembers. He wonders if he is just passing through. Carly explains that Sonny is helping him open a garage. Mike thinks that Sonny is a nice guy. He appreciates him stopping by. Mike is a little tired. He asks if he could come by some other time. Carly tells Mike to get some rest and they will be here. Sonny and Mike go back to his room. Sonny thinks that was a surprisingly nice visit. Mike doesnít know him.

Cutis gets that Molly is upset but this is out of their hands. If the situation were reversed then she would want her privacy. Jordan explains that they all need to be patient. Molly is done being patient. TJ is ghosting her. She knows she disappointed him but this is vindictive and mean. She needs TJ to talk with her. Jordan cannot promise when TJ is going to get back to her. Jordan doesnít think the love is not enough. Molly tells them that he has twenty-four hours. She will put an ad in the paper and ask if they have seen this man. Jordan tells her to stop acting like a child.

Laura tells Robert that Mac is following up on leads on the water front shootings to tie it up from Cyrus. Laura wants to keep him in jail long enough. Robert thinks that he can run his organization for long enough. Laura said keep him locked up. She didnít say jail.

Cyrus did not like to pull the wings off a flies because he enjoyed it. Kevin wonders why his first question was that. He thinks that is the first question that he has been asked in the past. Cyrus assumes that he has a fascination with him. He could have somewhere else to be and yet here he is. Kevin has interviewed a lot of prisoners like him.

Sam explains that her parole officer is having an affair with a with a PC councilman. She is determined to send her back to jail. Jason tells her that she needs to stop this. If she thinks that this bad then it wonít compare to her going back to prison. Sam asks if this is what he wants. Jason wants to keep her out of prison.

Mike begs Sonny to call his boss and keep security on Carly and Brando because they are up to no good.

Brando wonders if Mike is always like that. Carly says yes. She explains that as Mike slips away it is important that he remembers who he was. Carly explains that when Mike was first diagnosed he was worried that he wouldnít be able to handle it.

Molly thinks that she is acting like a spoiled brat. People are going to tell her to get over it. She needs to grow up and grasp that TJ doesnít want to be with her.

Kevin wonders if he thinks he is more dangerous than others prisoners. Cyrus doesnít think so. Neil thinks that he refused to confirm that he is dangerous. It is veiled threat. Cyrus asks if he has insecurities himself. Kevin assumes he is an excellent chess player. Cyrus never loses. Cyrus asks why he is here. Kevin is doing a study who are behind bars. He is speaking with a lot of prisoners. Cyrus knows his name is Collins. Kevin assumes he recognizes his last name because his wife is the mayor. He will be sure to send his regards to her.

Trina explains that after her dad died, Jordan went after her old files. Ava explains that Cyrusí conviction was a big deal. Trina wonders how this is justice. The media is going to trash her dad when they canít even say that he is wrong. Ava doesnít think that Marcus would care what the press would say about him. She bets that Marcus only cared what she thought.

Jason thinks that the only thing that matters is that she is free and with the kids. Sam thinks they need to be together. Jason explains that Cyrus is attacking Sonny at all fronts. If she goes back to Prison she is in the middle of war. Sam thought that Jason and Sonny were handling this. Jason tells Sam that no one is off limits with this guy. Sam knows about Cam and Trina. Jason explains that Cyrus has TJ too.

Brando explains that he thought Mike and Sonny werenít close and Mike was sorry. Carly explains that the distance isnít up to them anymore. You have to fight for every minute. He doesnít think that he could do this with his own mother. Brando thinks that as much as he wasnít happy at first for her and Sonny keeping him here he has to admit that it has been good he guesses to connect with family. Carly thinks that if they have enjoyed getting to know one another. Brando leaves. Sonny tells Carly that Mike doesnít know who Brando is.

Ava explains that her father was her hero. Her father put her love for her above everything else. Ava thinks that is the true idea of a child. Trina thinks her father was everything to her.

Jordan thinks that Molly threw his love back in her face. Jordan tells her that she has made her point TJ didnít leave. She pushed him away. Molly never expected to breakup with TJ and she never expected him to do it through his mother. Jordan tells Curtis she had to do it. She had to stop her from searching. She prays that it works.

Sonny explains that Mike was scared. He needs to go and tell Mike that his boss is bringing more men. Sonny tells Carly for doing a lot so far.

Molly shows up at Brandoís garage. She guesses she will call a toe truck. She drives a hybrid. She went over a curb and now there is something wrong with her car. Brando asks if she has been drinking. Molly wishes but she is totally sober. She is really sorry for bothering her. Brando will check it out for her.

Kevin tells Laura that Cyrus is a narcissist. Laura wonders if she can lock him up. Kevin thinks that he would be apposed to getting a sane man sent to a psychiatric hospital. Robert tells them that this will not work. Laura thinks that this will transfer him to Ferncliff. They need to keep him out of circulation long enough. Robert thinks the lawyers will claim it as a ploy. No doctor will argue this is in his best interest. Laura is not above keeping this man off the streets which includes having him committed. Robert doesnít think it will work.

Mike asks Sonny what took him so long. He hates hospitals and asks if he can get him out. Sonny will take him back. Mike doesnít want to be around these people anymore. He doesnít feel right. Mike is tired. Sonny tells him to take a break and close his eyes. He will be waiting out there for him. Mike thinks that everything will be alright when they get back to Bensonhurst. Sonny says yes.

Sonny tells Carly that he has to stay with his dad tonight. He actually recognizes him tonight. He said his name and everything. Sonny explains that his dad wants to take him back to Bensonhurst. He said that all he wants to do is go home.

Brando tells Molly that it isnít that bad. Molly would rather give him the business if he can do the repair. Brando can if she wants. Brando isnít going to take advantage of her.

Ava is here for Trina anytime she wants t talk. She wants Trina to call her mother and let her know she is safe. She knows what it is like to worry about a daughter. Trina gets on her phone and says it is her.

Jordan still cannot get over the look on Mollyís face and she had every right to be. Molly will understand. Jordan knows that TJ loves her. Curtis knows it didnít work though. He hopes that this does help. Everyone needs to believe that TJ is off dealing with being rejected. Jordan has hurt the reputation of three people she cared for, hurt Molly, and allowed drugs into PC.

Molly asks if Brando doesnít have a website. Brando explains that he just moved to town in a long story. Molly is actually a published author. She wrote a romance novel at sixteen. She doesnít write romance anymore. She is a law student now. Brando can charge her a fair price. Molly is grateful. Brando hasnít ran up the estimate. Molly thought this was the end of a perfectly rotten day.

Ava is sure her mother wants her home. Trina thinks it is all coming out. All the things her dad did will be in the news. Ava thinks that is fine. Even if she is right that everyone loses faith she wonít. She is the only person who matters. Her father left behind an incredible legacy. Ava explains the way that she walked through the world. Ava thinks that Trina is his legacy. She hugs her.

Curtis promises that this will end. Jordan is sure that when Cyrus goes free Sonny will take him out. Jordan wants to know what is going on. Jordan knows the most evil man will be free.

Robert cannot disregard the justice system. Robert thinks that Cyrus will go after them. Laura asks if there is anything else they can do.

Sonny thinks that all Mike wants to do is go home and it is the one thing he canít give him. Carly thinks he can. She has him.

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