GH Update Wednesday 4/1/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/1/20


Written by Anthony

Alexis tells Neil that she is on day one of sobriety. Neil is proud of her. Julian storms in and tells Neil that he is going to pay. He will never practice psychiatry again.

Nina and Charlotte are at Kelly’s. Nina is so glad that they get to spend time together. Charlotte wanted to see her the most. Nina feels the same. Nina wonders if it is ok if a friend of hers joined them. Jax is at the table.

Valentin has been in contact with Brook Lynn’s former record producer. Her shares are now his.

Brook Lynn tells Lulu she will forgive her. She just wants to use Dustin for his mind. Lulu can keep his body.

Portia thinks that this will hit the news soon. She needs to find a way to tell Trina before she finds out. Trina walks in with Cam. Trina demands to know why they are here. Trina asks if this is about Marcus. Curtis thinks that Trina needs to hear about this now before it is all over the media.

Brando and Avery make jewelry together and Carly watches.

Sonny tells Felix that that his dad is not making any progress. He is not getting out of bed. He wonders if this is pain from his wrist or something. Felix thinks that the fall scared him and that is why he doesn’t want to get out of bed.

Jax tells Charlotte that he has a daughter himself. She used to visit him in Australia all the time when she was a little girl. Jax wonders if she likes surfing. Charlotte does. Charlotte wonders if she can sit with her friend. Nina thinks that is fine. Nina guesses she is having a hard time replacing Maxie. Jax could lend her some support staff. Nina thinks she is ok. She actually just hired an administer assistant. Jax hopes a good one. Nina explains it is Nelle.

Sonny tells Mike the sooner he gets out of bed the sooner he can get back home. Mike asks if he can scare him out of his money in some card game. He is not going to let him take advantage of him. He tells him to get out.

Carly asks what is going on around here. Avery runs over and hugs her. Carly says that she is. Brando explains that Avery wanted to make a new neckless so he asked her to show him how it was done. Avery goes to show her nanny. Brando thinks she is a piece of work. Carly thinks she is good with her.

Trina wonders what she is going to hear through the media. Trina demands to know. Jordan explains to Trina that she discovered that Marcus might have tampered with evidence during a mission.

Alexis tells Julian that he is so off base. Brit tells Julian to calm down. Julian thinks that Neil manipulated her. Alexis thought she could trust him last night and that landed her here. Julian thinks that he is lying to her and he has proof.

Brook Lynn tells them that she is out of her contract. She is out of her situation. Lulu assumes that she managed to get Ned to get her out. Brook Lynn explains that she is a master negotiator.

Jax asks if Nina would really hire an ex-con that tried to kill Joss’ brother. Nina hired Nelle for a reason to keep an eye on her. She wants to supply dirt on her. Jax thinks that she could be her next target.

Trina thinks that the evidence must have been real. Cam asks if the same guy was the one who tried to kidnap and kill them. Jordan explains that her father and the others made a choice and tampered with evidence to make Cyrus look guilty. Trina begs Portia to tell them that Marcus was a good cop. Cam thinks that Jordan is the police commissioner and Jordan is her mom. They wouldn’t be saying all of this if it was a lie.

Carly’s instinct is to protect her family. Carly wonders when the other shoe will drop with him. Brando explains that he is an open book. Carly wonders why all the extra help. Brando explains that he has a decent job at this point. Carly reminds him that he uprooted his life for them. Brando definitely resented them for pressuring him to stay but he loves the shop and the family.

Sonny tells Mike that he is going to put himself at risk for pneumonia. He could die at this age. He wonders if he wants to be in a wheel chair the rest of his life. He needs to get out of bed and learn to walk again. That happened to him and he had to learn to walk all over again. He doesn’t want to go through that again. Mike says enough about his age. Mike begs him to listen to him. He doesn’t want to do this anymore.

Alexis wonders why there is hostility. She asks why he would throw him against the wall. Julian knows that they slept together. Alexis tells Julian what they did is not his business. Brit suggests that they not do this at the hospital. Felix walks in and agrees that this is not a good place to do this.

Brook Lynn is only going to work with people she trusts going forward. Dustin is very high on a very short list of people she trusts. She still remembers a poem that he wrote her at one point. Brook Lynn wants him to write it down even if it is a bad idea. She took his advice. Brook Lynn wouldn’t expect Lulu to understand any of this.

Nina knows that Nelle always thinks she can play the victim but she learned her lesson last time. Nelle will never see her coming. Nina thinks her bad side can be good sometimes. Valentin walks in and Charlotte walks over. Valentin hugs her.

Alexis wants to know how Julian can do that. Julian thinks that she forgot the detail that they slept together. Julian thinks that he lured her into having sex. Julian heard from Brit that they slept together. Alexis asks if she ran and tattled to him. Alexis tells him that her life is not any of his business. Neil thinks that they can resolve this in an adult way without getting physical. Julian thinks that Neil is what made her drink. Alexis tells Julian to go to tell.

Sonny asks if Mike likes Elizabeth. Mike nods yes. Mike needs Sonny to tell him a story. He used to do it. He would tell him a story when he was afraid of the dark. Sonny will tell him a story. Mike says that once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in Brooklyn with his mom and dad. He used to hang out on the porch watching the kids play on their bikes. The boy didn’t want to ride a bike out of fear of falling off.

Carly doesn’t imagine he had a yen for making a neckless. Brando knows that Avery was begging to have a neckless. Carly thinks that she got that from her. Avery digs in because she will not stop until she gets what she wants.

Cam thinks that this is better she finds out now rather than later. Portia thinks that this is being told to her in order for her to know. Trina thinks that they shouldn’t tell anyone considering he is a bad person. Jordan is sorry but that is exactly what her father did.

Valentin would like a quick word with Nina outside. Jax thinks that him and Charlotte should go smell what is coming out of the oven. The two go outside. Valentin asks if they are capable of having a nice chat. Nina asks why they are out here. Valentin wants to know if her and Jax are serious. Nina says that they are seeing each other. Valentin hopes she enjoys it while it lasts.

Dustin doesn’t think that insulting Lulu does her any favors. Dustin mostly writes for himself these days. Brook Lynn thinks that he will enjoy the royalties if he writes for her. Brook Lynn wants him to know soon. Lulu is sorry. She shouldn’t have answered for him. Dustin doesn’t want to do it. Lulu thinks he should do it. She wants him to write Brook Lynn a song.

Carly explains that Avery’s real mother is not very reliable. Brando knows that it can be hard with a difficult mother. Gladys had no idea where he was growing up. Brando wanted to be alone to read about horses.

Sonny explains this boy had a friend who lived down the street who gave him a bike to use. His friend just had stiches though and he just didn’t want to ride. Mike asks if the boy ever learned how to ride a bike. Sonny explains that eventually his dad found them. Sonny thinks that his dad helped him a lot. The kid was flying. He wanted to buy him a brand new bike with chrome handle bars but he never did. He gave that boy a lot more than any bike could give.

Jordan explains that there is a code that cops have to follow. She had to notify the justice department. She admired her father. It is out of her hands though.

Julian had no idea what drove her to drink. Alexis thinks that Julian just exploited her. He just broadcasted her entire private life all over the hospital. Alexis thought after all the time they spent together he doesn’t have a clue who she is. She tells him to get out. Neil wonders why she drank last night. He wonders if it is because of him.

Nina wonders why Valentin thinks this won’t last. Nina wonders what he needed to talk about. Valentin is sorry for what he has done to her. He hopes that Jax understands her. He seems to be a simple man though. He hopes that when Nina goes into her gray area that he doesn’t reject her or leave her. If he does then she knows where he will be. In his own gray area waiting for a shot to get her back. He will call Charlotte later. He tells Nina she has something in her hair. It is a nice haircut. Nina walks back in and finds Jax on the ground. Jax guesses he should watch where he is going.

Portia explains that just because her father is gone doesn’t dodge what he did. Portia thinks they can go home and talk about this. Trina is not going anywhere with Portia.

Brit asks what Julian was thinking. Julian thinks that Neil had it coming Brit thinks that he is still in love with her. Julian is over Alexis but not over what he did to her. Julian thinks it kills him to watch someone hurt her.

Alexis explains that Sam and her had a fight. She said horrible things to her and Sam said things that gutted her. The bartender slipped her a drink and she drank it. She wasn’t going to call him in this situation. Neil thinks that this situation had to hurt her.

Brando admits that Mike once took him to the races. He just wanted to see the horses though. He said that he was the same way as a kid. Carly wants Brando to come with her.

Sonny tells Mike that he never needed a bike. He taught him a lesson instead. The catch with all of this is that you have to get up and move forward. If you can’t then you rely on someone who can. Sonny cries. That is what he is doing. He is going to be here and catch Mike. Mike wakes up. He wonders if he was out long. Sonny says not too long. He wonders if he wants to take a little walk. Just for about five minutes. Mike agrees. Lulu knows he has always wanted to be a writer. If Brook Lynn is giving him a way to reconnect with that then he needs to take the chance. She would only feel weird if she felt threatened and she doesn’t. She wants him to watch her back.

Brook Lynn bumps into Valentin.

Nina wonders what happened. He is just on the floor. Jax tripped.

Trina congratulates Jordan on ruining her father’s reputation. Cam will make sure she is ok. Curtis gets why Trina would defend him. Marcus is her dad.

Brit thinks that he just made that all worse. That fun little side thing is over between them.

Neil tells Alexis that he is sorry. Alexis isn’t. She loved what they did. She doesn’t care what the board her ex have to say about it.

Mike asks Sonny what his name is again. Sonny is just happy he is on his feet. Carly sees that he is up and is glad. Mike looks at Brando and doesn’t thinks this can be happening because he is dead.

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