GH Update Tuesday 3/31/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/31/20


Written by Anthony

Finn walks over to Alexis and hands her a napkin. Finn thinks that she was quiet today. Finn noticed that she took a sobriety chip for day one. Alexis admits she has been sober for less than twenty-four hours now.

Julian tells Brit that they have to stop meeting like this. Brit was hoping that they would do this again sometime. Julian guesses if she insists.

Ned tells Brook Lynn anything on the menu is hers today at the Metro Court. Ned is really sorry but ELQ couldn’t afford another social media problem. Brook Lynn wishes that Edward were alive. He would know how to handle certain people.

Dustin asks Lulu if it is a good idea for her to be at the Metro Court right now. Lulu remembers exactly what had transpired which is exactly why she is back.

Trina tells Cam that she is sorry she is late. She was talking with Ava. Cam thinks it is fine. Cam asks if everything is good. Trina thinks so. She wonders about him. Cam claims that he is all good.

Portia admits that Marcus did everything that he could to keep her informed even when they were breaking up. Curtis assumes that he must have told her something about the investigation. Portia asks if it is important. Curtis explains that with Jordan and him they always try to figure out what to bring home and what to keep at the office.

Laura tells Mac that she needs to speak with Jordan. Mac tells her that she is in a meeting. Laura gets that he is not used to her being mayor but she is going to have to ask her what is going on.

Jordan is questioned by Simpson over her involvement in the arrest of Cyrus.

Alexis doesn’t think that Finn seems surprised that she was off the wagon. Finn feels bad that he didn’t get her call. Finn asks if she would like to talk. Alexis had one drink. She thinks that is all she had. Finn knows she has been sober for almost three years. Alexis thinks that it is her fault, that was what she was told. Alexis stopped fighting for herself and what she believes in. Instead, she protected herself and crossed a line. Finn wants to know what was so horrible. Alexis slept with the person she protected and she knew it was wrong. The worst thing is she would do it again in a heartbeat. Finn asks if she had the drink because she slept with someone.

Julian and Brit continue to make love. Julian could get used to this. Brit reminds him that this is just fun. She goes her way and he goes his. Brit has to get going. She already saw her mother. Julian is shocked that Brad took the fall for this. He really did betray Lucas’ trust though in the worst possible way for a lie. Brit thinks that if he took the time to understand Brad he would understand. Brit thinks that she lost her best friend. She doesn’t know how to replace him in her life. Brad was the only person who got her. Without him it feels pretty lonely.

Ned wouldn’t be thrilled if Brook Lynn and Lulu had a rematch. Brook Lynn is not going to let her win. Ned is going to find her a job more suitable to her talents. Brit belongs on stage and that is exactly where she is going.

Dustin tells Lulu to calm down. Brook Lynn has been turned into a punching bag. Lulu hopes he doesn’t feel sorry for Brook Lynn. Dustin remembers her wanting to be a singer. Lulu kisses her. Olivia walks over and hands them drinks. Olivia asks if anyone cares to hear the specials.

Trina wonders how soccer is doing. Cam thinks it is good. He thought that kidnapping would freak him out but instead he is able to focus on the ball. Trina feels the exact same way at Ava’s gallery. Trina loves working for Ava. She can talk with her about anything. Cam does that with Franco. They were actually talking about his last session with Neil. Elizabeth thought that he needed someone to talk with. Trina wonders if he thought he needed a therapist. Cam only agreed because Elizabeth wants him. Trina is glad he has someone to talk with. Cam is glad she has Ava. He just wants her to be careful. Trina wonders why it takes something awful to make you realize you aren’t alone.

Portia wonders what he wants her to tell him about the marriage. Portia wonders why he cares so much about Cyrus. Portia wonders what it even matters now.

Jordan admits that she was in a four member task force to take down Cyrus. All three other members died in the last six months. Two from drug overdoses. Though neither had any history of drug use and Marcus was murdered. She looked back at the case and realized that there were issues with the evidence. She realized that the material evidence might have been fabricated. She believes that they fabricated evidence to get Cyrus sent to prison.

Mac explains that they haven’t been able to find anything as of yet. Laura wonders if a cop might know something. Mac asks if she is suggesting that there is a dirty cop on the force. Laura is certainly not hoping. She thinks that someone is helping him. Jordan walks out and Laura looks concerned. Simpson hopes she is not leaving town. Jordan promises. Laura asks what is going on here. Jordan tells them that she has to do something.

Trina thinks that Joss and Dev must be going crazy being stuck at home.

Olivia calls Lulu out. Lulu points out that Brook Lynn was the one who started the fight. Olivia reminds her that she did some nasty things for Brook Lynn. Lulu didn’t tell Brook Lynn to do this. Lulu gets that Dante has been gone for a year now. She didn’t know she would turn her back on her and her family. She thought she was a part of that family.

Ned knows she plans to stock pile music. Brook Lynn doesn’t need to break the contract. After him and the rest of the family she gave Link what he wanted. Ned asks if she is going to have… Brook Lynn says no. She explains that anything that she wants is her own. Ned asks what she gave Link to make him walk away.

Brit asks if this is his way of saying sorry about Brad. Julian is sorry she lost her best friend but there are other people that are better for her. Julian explains that Alexis has forgiven him. Alexis explains that her therapist helped them make up. Brit thinks she has heard of Neil.

Alexis feels the reasons she drank were complicated. Finn wonders if these complications are Julian. Alexis admits that he was the good guy in this. He came to the bar and picked her up. Sam called her a coward. She said that she was fearless in the court room but a coward when the going gets tough. Alexis does care about the person its just… Neil walks in. He thought that there was a staff meeting here. Finn explains that is a few doors down. Alexis is going to get going. Finn needs to ask them a couple of questions. Finn has a question about legal issues. Finn explains that he is dealing with a man who has been confessing to a lot of strange crimes. He has no history of mental illness. Alexis and Neil both think about their hook up. Finn wonders if he should find out if these confessions were true.

Brit knew that Neil looked familiar. She noticed a man at the door and Alexis opened it. She ended up kissing him and going into her room.

Lulu wonders if she did something stupid. Dustin thinks that Lulu is caring and compassionate. He thinks that sometimes her compulsiveness gets out of control. Dustin doesn’t think she had to do that just to get back at Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn likes to keep her business dealings private. She has to get going. Olivia walks over. Olivia wonders why whenever she sees his daughter smiling she knows all hell is about to break lose.

Trina wonders if Franco has a lot of rules for him. Cam says that Franco is not big on rules. Cam wonders what Joss has said about things. Cam knows that Joss left and he knows why she left but she doesn’t unless she didn’t tell her.

Portia wonders why this is so important to her. Jordan walks in. Portia explains that Curtis was asking him about Marcus and his work. Jordan is afraid she has more bad news for her. She just met with a detective. They are investigating Marcus’ involvement with Cyrus.

Neil could help Finn look into this. Finn thanks them both. Finn wants to get lunch tomorrow. Alexis says coffee. Finn thinks it sounds good. Neil knows it is none of his business but Finn seems concerned about her. Alexis claims to be fine. She really is. Neil thinks that anytime her patients use the word fine he knows that is not the case. Neil asks if he can help.

Brit thinks that Alexis wanted . Julian is going to head over to GH right now. Brit doesn’t think confronting Neil is a good idea. Brit asks if he is going to take her to the hospital or is she going t have to call a ride share. Julian tells her they can get going.

Lulu knows she has been acting out. Lulu knows she is a bad person. Dustin thinks she is a wonderful person. Dustin thinks that perfection is overrated.

Brook Lynn tells her PR person over the phone to say no comment. Lulu walks over to Brook Lynn. Lulu needs Brook Lynn to hear her out.

Trina explains that Joss has no idea they kissed. That would make things awkward for everyone. He asks what she ended up telling her. Trina explains that they all have been traumatized. Trina is going to meet her mom at the hospital. Cam is meeting Elizabeth. He asks if he can join her. Trina thinks that is fine.

Portia wonders why they are revisiting this now. Jordan explains that the other two members of their team were also killed in the last six months. She found proof to get Cyrus caught. She is sure that this proved a lot of things. Portia is shocked that Marcus would violate his own code of honor. It would have beaten him up inside.

Laura thanks Mac on the phone. Mac asks Laura if it is true that the Department of Justice is involved. Laura explains that Marcus apparently worked with two others officers to fake evidence. Laura thinks they have to take this information seriously.

Portia wonders where Jordan factors in on this. Portia knew they were a team. Portia asks if they really left her out of things. Jordan knew nothing about it.

Olivia wonders how Brook Lynn got out of her contract. Ned wonders if Edward had the right idea and tough love forced her to get her life together.

Brook Lynn tells Lulu to make it quick. She has a meeting with Lucy. Her career is back on track. She is launching her career at this years Nurses Ball. Lulu is not sorry for posting her article but she could have gone about it differently. She was also wrong for spraying her with champagne. She asks if they are good.

Brit tells Julian not to do anything he will regret.

Neil tells Alexis that he can tell him. Alexis shows him her chip. Julian walks over to the door.

Mac thinks that there has to be over to the story. Laura suggests that Cyrus could have paid off cops. Mac wonders why she would go to IA instead of them. Laura wonders if she was shocked that Marcus would do something illegal. Laura needs Mac to find out of something else is going on.

Portia asks if she had no idea that anything was planted. Jordan is looking into it. Portia needs to tell Trina. Trina shows up. Trina demands to know why they are here.

Ned explains that Brook Lynn is his daughter. The moment she was born he started to feel guilty. Ned won’t feel so guilty if Brook Lynn is back on track. Olivia thinks something is going to blow up in their face.

Brook Lynn tells Lulu she wants Dustin.

Alexis tells Neil this is the first day of her life. Neil is proud of her. Julian busts in and grabs Neil. Alexis asks what he is doing.

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