GH Update Monday 3/30/20

General Hospital Update Monday 3/30/20


Written by Anthony

Sam makes a phone call in the park. She needs Alexis to call her back. He was out of line last night and she wanted to say sorry. Molly walks over and asks what is wrong.

Chase tells Jason that he is here to talk about the warehouse explosion. Jason has nothing to say without his lawyer.

Franco wanted to talk with Cam. Cam assumes that Elizabeth wanted to know about his session with Neil. Franco says he is the one who wants to know.

Ava tells Nikolas that she had no idea he needed to use the launch this morning. She thinks they could get two. He hangs up on her. Trina shows up. Ava hopes she didn’t skip school. She admits she is afraid of her mother. Trina explains that it is her day off. She has plans and that is the problem.

Jordan knows the worst thing that she has ever done was free Cyrus. Curtis knows the meeting will be tough but she needs to pull through. Jordan still hates this.

Sonny shows up at Mike’s room. Sonny explains that he got Mike some drinkable coffee. Mike is not responding. Joss shows up and says hi to Portia. Joss brought cards. She was hoping that he could help her play a game of solitaire. Sonny knows that it is understandable that Mike is disoriented. He assumes that he will be better at Turning Woods. Portia is afraid that there has been a change.

Michael knows that they have been spending a lot of time here lately. Sasha is glad that Nelle came to her senses and signed those papers.

Elizabeth opens the roof door and finds Nelle under a piece of plastic. Elizabeth attempts to wake her up. Nelle wakes up. Elizabeth sits her up. Nelle explains that the door wouldn’t open and no one heard her. Elizabeth asks how this happened. Nelle says Carly.

Curtis tells Jordan that this is the only way they can get TJ back. They will stop Cyrus for good this time. Chase walks in. He explains that Jason is in the interrogation room. Jordan will work him. Chase would be happy to sit in on questioning. Jordan will let him know. Curtis explains that Portia just started at GH and wants him to come meet for a minute. Jordan tells him to go find out what that is about.

Trina had some free time and didn’t want to hang out at home. Ava explains that she doesn’t have to work for her in order to talk. Ava is here anytime. Trina explains that she wants to be here. Ava wonders if she is trying to get out of something. She wonders if someone is trying to get her to do something he doesn’t want to do. Trina is meeting with Cam.

Franco wonders what is going on. Cam explains that therapy is not the biggest thing on his mind right now. Franco knows that he has good friends right now. Cam kissed Trina.

Sam called Alexis some horrible things last night. She doesn’t know why she didn’t keep her mouth shut. Molly knows she was devastated about Jason. Sam is so sorry. Her life is blowing up in her face and she didn’t even ask. She wonders if Jordan ever said anything. Molly never said anything because she didn’t ask. When she got to Jordan’s place last night Sonny and Jason were leaving.

Jordan tells Jason that Chase didn’t suspect a thing. Jason asks if she wants to talk about the story.

Portia explains that Mike can’t stand right now. She thinks that Mike is refusing to walk. He thinks that sometimes a patient will freeze up and won’t walk out of fear of falling. Sonny thought that last night she said that Mike wasn’t hurt. Sonny just wants her to make sure that his father is not in pain.

Michael bets that the hardest thing other than getting Nelle to sign is keeping her away. Michael explains that Wiley loves to climb the stairs. Carly explains that Michael used to do the same thing at Sonny’s old penthouse. Nelle is wheeled in. Michael asks what happened to her. Nelle says that Carly tried to kill her.

Portia thanks Curtis for coming in. She wanted to say sorry about Trina and also herself. She knows it was wrong to not tell him that she was married at the time. Marcus never even found out about the affair. Curtis told his wife everything.

Ava has a lot more experience than she cares to admit. Trina explains that Cam is in love with Joss and Joss doesn’t know it yet. Cam is in love with Joss and he stood by everything with Oscar. She is happy for them. In the mean time her dad died and Cam got mixed up in everything. Ava wonders if her and Cam kissed.

Franco thought that he had a thing for Joss. Cam has known Joss for forever. About the time that she started dating Oscar he got sick. Franco asks if this changes how he feels about Joss.

Sam thinks it is odd that Sonny and Jason would be at Jordan’s. She has no idea what he is up to.

Jason asks why she is bringing this issue up. Jordan explains that she found evidence that proves that evidence was fabricated. Jason thinks it is her duty to report it. Jason thinks that she is doing this to save her sons life. Jordan hates to hurt her friends.

Nelle explains that Carly locked her out on the roof all night. Carly thinks that she is having a delusion. Nelle was out on the roof with Michael. Then Carly showed up and tried to convince her to sign the papers. Elizabeth found her up there. Chase asks if it is common for the door to be locked. Elizabeth explains that it is. Nelle never left the roof last night. Bobbie says she did when she signed the consent forms. Nelle never signed anything. Carly thinks she should be proud. She behaved like a caring mother.

Trina explains that when you experience trauma you do things you normally wouldn’t. Trina explains that is the reason they kissed. Trina explains that Cam has liked Joss for forever. Ava tells her to kick him to the curb then. She is too wonderful to be a second choice.

Cam wonders if him and Joss are better off as friends. Trina is funny and a great friend. Franco wonders if he thinks that he wants to be more than friends.

Sam wonders if she went all the way over to Jordan’s for this. Molly went from praying that he will walk through the door to wanting to throw all his stuff out the window.

Molly knows she still has limited reactions with Jason. Molly wonders if she can ask Jason if TJ was at Jordan’s house for her.

Jordan should be taking responsibility. Jason doesn’t think that she wouldn’t last a week in jail. Jason feels that he knew what she was doing. Jason wonders if any of them had to choose between reputation and her son they wouldn’t hesitate. Jordan needs to think about this.

Joss tells Mike that there must be a card she can use. Sonny asks if he wants some water. Joss tells Mike that Dev wants to come and visit him. They can play a round of poker. Elizabeth walks in with a wheelchair. She tries to get him to stand up. They try touching him and he fidgets.

Nelle would not have allowed for her to let Wiley have a surgery. Nelle demands that Chase arrest Carly. Bobbie explains that the consent form is missing. Nelle cannot wait until the judge gets a hold of this. Monica walks over. She has an update on Wiley.

Jordan walks back into her office. She goes to the back of her cabinet and grabs the phone Harmony gave her. She knows she is not supposed to call them. She wouldn’t have called if it wasn’t important. She needs them to say that it is ok.

Ava tells Trina that she needs to protect herself. There is nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who wants someone else. It can make you behave in desperate ways. Trina asks if she has to say that it was a mistake and they are just friends. Ava thinks that it might be time for her to do this.

Franco loved Elizabeth for a long time before telling her. Franco thinks that Elizabeth makes him happy. Cam is just a child in high school. Franco thinks if he could tell him one thing it would be that he deserves to be happy.

Portia really likes Jordan. It looks like they will never be friends. She is sure that Jordan will take issue with that. Curtis explains that Jordan cannot afford to take things personally. She is afraid that Trina could figure out. Trina is struggling right now. Her friends are great. She takes pride that her dads a hero.

Jordan sits at her desk. Someone knocks on her door and IA is here. They close the door. He explains that he is Detective Simpson. He knows she has information on Cyrus. Jordan admits she was on the task force.

Elizabeth explains that Mike is safe. Joss thinks they should be able to help Mike. Sonny knows that sometimes you can’t. Joss knows that Elizabeth has been trained. Sonny hates seeing him that way.

Nelle demands to know what is going on. Monica says that the surgery went just fine. Wiley is in recovery. Monica says he is fine for the time being. He is a lot more comfortable than he was. In about six months he will need an includer installed. It helps prepare all the weaknesses. Nelle claims that her consent was forged and her form is missing. Carly wonders when they can see Wiley. Nelle wants Chase to arrest her. Carly thinks they only have her on her word. Michael thinks she should want to be here. Nelle guesses it is a waste of her time. Nelle explains that her verbal and written consent is needed from now on. Monica guesses. Michael thanks Carly for everything. Carly needs to check on Sonny and Mike. Carly tells Michael that everything will be fine with Wiley.

Portia explains that Marcus was married to the job long before her. She could never reconcile herself to be second. Portia knew about everything that he could safely tell her so she wouldn’t imagine the worst.

Jordan explains that she has information against the case on Cyrus. Simpson asks why she is changing her mind. Jordan explains the other three members of her team are dead.

Sam tells Jason on the phone that she needs to talk with him face to face.

Trina shows up at the park and says hi to Cam.

Sonny asks about the surgery. Carly thinks they can talk about that later. Sonny explains they are trying to figure out why Mike cannot walk. Carly knows that it is rough on him. Joss thinks it is better now that she is here. Sonny agrees.

Portia explains that communications issues didn’t help the marriage Curtis knows that an ongoing investigation cannot be easy. Portia still really cared about that man. He did everything he could to reassure her.

Jordan explains that her three partners wanted justice.

Jason asks if Jordan is ok. Sam explains that Molly hasn’t heard from TJ in a while. She heard that she saw him and Sonny leaving Jordan. Jason tells her to meet at the usual place.

Nelle tells someone on the phone that she needs to speak.

Monica thinks it is too bad that the consent form went missing. Bobbie thinks about last night when she stole the form and shredded it. Bobbie explains that if Nelle sues GH… Monica explains that Nelle has two great grandmothers always looking after him.

Chase tells Michael to never tell him what happened last night. Michael knows that Nelle has already proven that Nelle cannot have say in Wiley’s medical issues. He needs to get full-custody whatever it takes.

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