GH Update Friday 3/27/20

General Hospital Update Friday 3/27/20


Written by Anthony

Carly and Sonny show up at GH. Sonny wants to know what could possibly have happened.

Nelleís phone goes dead. Michael tells Nelle that he has a charger downstairs. Nelle thinks that he should take Wiley home. Nelle is not going to let her son get operated on. Michael begs her to do the right thing and let their son get operated. Nelle cannot do that.

Finn explains that they have officially purchased every purple decoration possible. Anna is glad that he found his inner party planner. Finn needs to get going. He was wondering if they could meet up after his appointment. Finn thinks it feels really good to be a father and to be with Anna. He thinks they are a family. Anna agrees they are.

Ava looks at a picture. She tells Nikolas that there is no reason to wait for her. Nikolas wants to see the artistic process. Franco tells Ava to have a seat and tells Nikolas to take a hike. Nikolas is not going anywhere.

Elizabeth thanks Cam for coming to therapy. Cam thinks they are paying money for something he doesnít want.

Portia introduces Brit to Neil. Brit looks at Neil and thinks that he looks so familiar to her for some reason. Neil guesses he has one of those faces.

The bartender asks if Alexis wants another drink. Alexis says sure why not. Alexis looks at the drink. She grabs her purse and gets her phone out. Finn is not picking up his phone. She then calls Molly She forgot she had social justice class tonight. She was just wondering if she knew what was going on with TJ. She will talk with her later. Alexis wonders who else she could call. She looks at Neilís number.

Joss thinks that Cam was acting weird yesterday. Joss knows it is not shocking. He is more freaked out than he wants to admit. Joss knows she should be worried about her.

Elizabeth thinks that Cam needs to talk about what happened. Elizabeth thinks that he needs to be guided through the healing process.

Nikolas wants to be thoughtful and stay around. Ava thinks that Elizabeth can really stick things out. Franco tells them that Cam is seeing a therapist today. Nikolas guesses he will let them paint. Ava tells Franco to tell her where he wants him.

Portia walks over to Sonny and Carly. Portia is Mikeís doctor. He is in x-ray with a wrist injury. They donít actually know what happened. Mike hasnít spoken since he got here.

Nelle tells Michael that Monica said that he is no immediate danger. Michael thinks he just needs this one operation. Michael thinks that this is major but common. Nelle had an operation and never fully recovered. She has all this medication and chronic pain. She cannot do that to her own son.

Brit says hi to Anna. Finn sees that Brit got her medical license back. Brit sees that Anna continues to arrest her mother. She is glad. She has a lot to answer for.

Nelle is sorry but she is not willing to take the risk. There has to be alternatives. They need to keep their little boy safe. Michael will check in with the doctors to see if they have any recommendations.

Portia explains they noticed the wrist was swollen. It wasnít until the aid saw it that he started to show pain. He might not have noticed the discomfort. Portia doesnít expect broken bones. Sonny wonders if he can see him. Portia allows it. Carly will stay here. Michael walks downstairs. Michael wonders if Bobbie told her what happened. Carly wonders what is going on. Michael says Wiley is in the hospital.

Julian shows up at the bar to take Alexis home. The bartender asks if she doesnít want her second drink. Alexis leaves with Julian.

Neil introduces himself to Cam. Elizabeth will see them in a bit. Cam is only here because Elizabeth is worried. Cam thinks it happened and it is over. It is all good. Neil tells Cam that he paid for a full hour so he can tell him what happened.

Joss is sorry. She is such an idiot. Trina knows they want the best for her and that is awesome. She thinks the best thing she can do is treat her like she is still her. If she wants to talk about Cam then they can do it. Trina thinks the shootout caused Cam to do thing that he wouldnít normally do. Joss wonders like what

Carly asks if it is the surgery he had. Michael brought him in and it turns out his heart is hurting. It is obvious that he needs it. Nelle refuses to have the surgery. Michael thinks this is his worst nightmare. Michael is getting Diane to file an injunction. Carly promises they will figure this out.

Alexis tells Julian she drank tonight but only one. She doesnít consider this a victory though. She didnít have a second one though. She has no idea why she did this. Julian thinks she wouldnít throw away sobriety for no reason. Julian thinks she needs to tell someone what is going on.

Nikolas finds Elizabeth. He asks if she is alright. Nikolas doesnít think she looks fine. Elizabeth is worried about Cam. She doesnít think he is alright. She is worried that he will claim it all is ok and it will break him. She thinks that Cam is close to the same age that she was when she was raped. He has had two traumas in the last six month and she really hates it.

Ava explains that Trina skipped school and came to the gallery. Ava knows she hurt her own daughter again and again. She think she might want to run the other way.

Alexis drank because she was upset. Julian asks about what. Alexis says that Sam and her had a huge fight. She is distraught about something that should have been self-defense. Alexis told her to suck it up and get over it. She then unloaded on her. She called her a huge disappointment and a coward. Julian thinks that she is talking about Neil. Alexis says that there is no Neil and her. There canít be.

Neil assumes that this was frightening for Cam. Cam was glad that Curtis and Jason showed up. Cam thinks it all worked out for him. Neil knows he went through a traumatic experience. Ignoring it is not the answer. Neil wants him to face this and work through it and then get to the other side.

Joss thinks that Cam is checking in on her which is what friends do. Trina thinks that Cam is like a blackhole though. Joss thinks that Cam likes to surprise them. There is so much more to Cam and he is actually amazing. Trina doesnít think that she would have been able to get through any of this if it wasnít for him. Joss thinks that Cam is their friend. She has known him since they were in diapers and she had a crush on him in the second grade but that was forever ago.

Brit assumes that Obrecht could have totally done it. She has kept in touch with Peter this entire time. Finn assumes that her and Peter have a unique perspective being Faisonís children. Anna explains that it was unusual for Jason to let emotion involved.

Michael tells Sonny that Wiley has the same heart condition as him. Michael explains to Sonny that both parents need to give consent. Sonny thinks that he needs to get involved in Nelle. Michael says that Diane and Carly are both involved. Sonny doesnít think there is anything he can do for his grandfather.

Nelle tells Michael that they need to work through this. Carly tells Nelle to save it. She is here to give her some friendly advice. She is here to help her out. She is on the verge of overplaying her hand. She thinks if she with holds consent from Wiley then her leverage goes up in smoke.

Alexis is an alcoholic. She will use any excuse she can. Sam pointed out that she always makes a mess of things. She always sabotages things. Alexis knows it is on her. It is an improvement over having a knife to her throat. Julian is taking her to a meeting.

Cam thinks that there is one thing he cannot stop thinking about. Trinaís dad told him to run. He didnít want to be the one to leave his friends behind. Neil asks if Trinaís father and Curtis had a gun along with the gunmen. Cam wonders if his guy could have grabbed him again. Neil thinks that he did the smart thing. Cam thinks he doesnít know why he ran. He doesnít know that about himself. He wonders if he was smart or a coward.

Nikolas knows that she didnít go to therapy right away. It took a while. Elizabeth knows that Laura said that she should let Cam figure things out for her. Elizabeth thinks about Emily, Lucky, and Nikolas. They were the only people she could talk with. Cam has his friends. Nikolas thinks it is best to have a little of both. Elizabeth has to get back to work. Nikolas wishes her good luck with Cam. He hopes it works.

Franco tells Ava that Kiki ended up with things that made her above average. Franco thinks that everything that was Kiki comes from Ava. She could easily share the same things with Trina.

Michael knows that Wiley will be ok. Sonny knows that he will. Michael learned how to love from Sonny. He learned when the time comes that your dad takes care of you. He knows that Mike didnít always show up for him but he is showing up for him. Sonny knows that Alzheimerís cannot be neutralized. Michael thinks that it is important.

Nelle thinks that Carly thinks that Wiley is tainted because of her. Carly thinks that rotten people can have good children. She asks what happens if she is left empty handed. Carly thinks that this could be a turn around moment for her. She needs to take the chance.

Anna is glad that Peter has his sister back. Anna thinks that it is nice that Peterís future looks bright. Finn doesnít think that this is nearly as bright a future as their own. Anna knows it isnít possible.

Julian is glad that Brit could make it. He asks if she wants to get something to eat. Brit thinks that when you text someone if they are up that means you donít have to wine and dine them. Julian is glad.

Ava poses for Franco. Franco thinks that Trina or anyone else would be happy to have Ava in their corner. Ava thanks Franco. Franco tells her that she is welcome.

Neil asks Cam what happened next. Cam explains he tripped and fell. He thought he was going to die. Chase shot him. Neil wonders how that felt. Cam was relieved because he was still alive. The guy was dead. Cam thinks that this still feels so unreal. Cam explains that Jason was trying to save things. Jason was going to take him back in. Neil asks if he was willing to put his life on the line. Cam thinks it is weird that he forgot about that part. Cam knows it probably matters. Elizabeth walks in and thinks she can come back. Neil asks if he will see Cam next week. Cam thinks it be cool.

Portia asks Trina if she is ready to go. Trina will see Joss next week. Trina gets a text from Cam. He wants to talk. Trina says ok.

Michael asks Sonny about Mikeís wrist. Sonny says that his wrist is sprained not broken. Sonny explains he was sleeping. Michael knows he is ok. Sonny knows for now.

Nelle doesnít know. She wonders if it would be good for Wiley. Carly thinks it would. Nelle will not let Carly win. She will not let her tell her what to do. Nelle is the mother. She is the parent. Carly guesses that is it then. Carly locks her on the roof.


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