GH Update Thursday 3/26/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/26/20


Written by Anthony

Neil confronts Alexis at GH. Alexis didnít know that he had already started working. Alexis has an AA meeting. Alexis assumes this will be awkward. Alexis is open to suggestions. Alexis knows he got his practice back. Neil lied to the board. He doesnít know how he is supposed to pretend that one night never happened.

Nelle is not going to let her son have that condition. Michael asks why he should like with a heart condition. Monica explains it is not a frivolous surgery. Michael asks how she can object to him having a better life.

Laura tells Sonny this is not a social visit. Laura is here to ask for Sonnyís help and she hopes he says yes. She explains that there is a whole new wave of drugs that are hitting the street. She thinks that he knows how they got there.

Willow tells Chase to get his skates. Willow calls up Sasha and hopes that her Michael and Wiley are still coming. Jason walks over. He is glad that he ran into her. Willow had breakfast with her mom and she seemed nervous. She is worried. Jason tells her that she should be. Harmony is mixed up with something serious.

Sam asks what is going on with Spinelliís phone. Her probation officer tells her to meet her at the bar if she wants to see Spinelli before he goes to lockup.

Alexis knows that their situation has been on her mind a lot. She thinks she should go to a new AA meeting. She knows his office is here. Neil explains that they can handle these run ins. Neil never pegged her as an opera lover. Alexis goes if she is invited. Neil thinks that it makes sense with her emotions. Alexis gets a call from Sam. She needs her help. Spinelli has been arrested. Alexis tells her to text her, her address. Alexis has to get going. Kevin walks over and asks if everything is ok.

Laura thought that they were on the same page. Sonny has done everything that he could. Sonny explains that the warehouse that was blown up was owned by Cyrus. Laura knows the code. She thinks that this is not just a battle. If he cannot bring it to an end then she might have to put an end on crime and that might have to include him.

Jason explains that Harmony is trying to protect her so she needs to let her. Jason has told her everything he can. Willow asks if he can look out for her. Jason will try.

Nelle researched things online. Monica explains that right now it is not an emergency. Michael explains that this is heart damage that could harm his life. Monica knows that no parent wants to have their child be operated on. Sasha reminds Nelle that this could help her child. Nelle is not going to let her child be exposed to surgery. Michael tells Nelle that their son is having trouble breathing.

Chase explains that Willow that there was a van parked with a lot of children. Willow explains that Jason just told her that Harmony is trying to protect her from something. She knows that Jason is a mobster. He has always been kind to her though. She is into something that sounds more dangerous than Dawn of Day. Chase needs Willow to remember how completely she fell for Harmony in the first place. Willow thinks that this is about her.

Sonny explains that the situation is shifting. Laura asks if he set something in motion. Sonny tells her that steps are being taken. Sonny looks at his phone. He thought it might be turning woods. Laura wonders how Mike is doing. Sonny explains that Mike doesnít remember him half the time but he doesnít let go of the bullets going by his head. Sonny explains that it is haunting him. This is why this thing with Cyrus is going to end. Jason walks in. He can come back. Laura thinks it is ok. She asks if Jason has anything to add to the problems of the city. Laura is shocked that he said as much as he did. Laura promises that Sonny wasnít specific.

Neil explains that the new office is an adjustment. Kevin thinks it is good to have him on board. Kevin heard something was going on but he didnít know the details. Neil wonders if he really doesnít know the details. Kevin knows that he was accused of being with a former patient. Kevin assumes it was Alexis.

Sam and Alexis show up at the bar. Alexis is here as Sam and Spinelliís lawyer. The probation officer explains that her daughter chose to send Spinelli to spy on her. Alexis assumes that this did not go well. Sam asks if Spinelli is ok. Spinelli says that only his pride is wounded.

Nelle can only see a scalpel being inserted into Wileyís skin. She is afraid of all that could happen. Nelle knows that people die under the knife. Wiley is a baby. He is vulnerable. Michael thinks that he is strong as an ox. Monica tells Nelle that no one in this hospital has to prove a damn thing. They prove it just by being here. She has colleagues that would agree with her. Sasha asks if Michael would like a moment alone. Nelle thinks that would be great. Michael wants to know why she would risk their sons health.

Willow explains to Chase that her mom is holding her over her head. She is being used for leverage in something she doesnít want to do. Sasha calls. She explains that they forgot about skating. Willow explains that Wiley is in the hospital.

Kevin could tell that it looked a little intense with Alexis. Neil admits that it was. Neil told Alexis not to be his patient anymore and she wasnít. They ran into one another at drag bingo. There was a kiss and the board got wind of it. He explains that it is over. Kevin thinks that it doesnít look over though.

Alexis wants to know what Spinelli is being arrested for. The probation officer says taking video and using the peeping tom law. Alexis thinks that she can guess what her next question will be.

Laura knows that she is not going to give her the details of her plans. She is concerned and not just for public safety. Sonny promises to keep this under control. Laura has no choice but to take her word for it. She thinks it is nice to see Jason. Laura leaves. Sonny wonders if he shouldnít have said anything. Jason doesnít think that they should give Laura even a hint.

Alexis is sorry to have to ask her this but when Spinelli was photographing her if she was having sex. Alexis tells Spinelli if he says one more word she will let him rot. Alexis wonders where they were. Sam wonders if he got a photo. Spinelli explains that the light was bad. The probation officer could hold her in jail. Sam wonders if her and the councilmen are both married. This could be embarrassing. The probation officer is not going to ease up on her parole restrictions. She cannot associate with known felons. She is willing to let this incident disappear. She would ask that they keep this silent. Sam asks what happens if she refuses. The parole officer will have her back in jail. Spinelli will be in jail for extortion. Alexis tells her to shut up and take the deal.

Michael thinks that she is trying to hurt their son to hurt her once again. Michael thinks that he was on the verge of being killed by her. Nelle is trying to protect their son. He is not going to die from this condition. She wants a different way. Michael is not going to let her have custody.

Sonny thinks that him and Jason will be prime suspects. They will not be able to prove it.

Alexis promises that she will personally drop off Sam and Spinelli at jail if they try anything. Sam thinks this is harassment. The probation officer thinks it is the law. Sam asks now what. Alexis wants to know what the hell she was thinking.

Nelle believes the law is on her side right now. If she doesnít want this to happen then it wonít. Sasha asks Michael what he is going to do. Monica is going to check on him. Willow and Chase show up. The problem is Nelle once again.

Alexis cannot believe she tried to blackmail someone in this situation. She almost had Spinelli thrown into jail. Alexis thinks that she can throw her in jail. She has to stay away from known felons. Instead of listening she has been trying to spend time with Jason. Sam wanted that woman gone Alexis thinks all she had to do was suck it up and get through it. Sam thinks of course Alexis would say this.

Willow wonders if they really needed Nelleís permission. Willow wonders how bad things could get. Michael explains that his heart could hurt. Nelle asks why they all think that Michael will win custody.

Kevin can make this official in being his patient. Laura shows up. She hugs Kevin. She wanted to see Neil actually. PC is facing a crisis and she needs his help.

Sonny thinks they canít have evidence that points to them. He thinks that they are going to bring peace back to PC.

Sam doesnít know what the hell happened. She doesnít think it is the drinking or Julian she just refuses to fight. She could have questioned the whole system. Alexis doesnít think it was simple. Sam wonders why the hell she didnít fight for Neil. Sam thinks that Alexis was never scared before. She was her hero. Now she does nothing. She used to admire her and wanted to be like her. She just feels sorry for her now.

Nelle thinks it is rare for a father to get sole custody. Nelle never gave up her baby. Nelle just got done visiting with Wiley. She made a promise to protect him. Willow thinks that she should stay away from him at all possible. Nelle is going to protect her son. Michael thinks that his sons life is at jeopardy.

Jason told Willow to watch out for Harmony. Mike has been a lot worse since Cyrusí men came after them. When he was at Turning Woods he was there at Brooklyn. The things he remembers most is family. In recent he has old memories. That is what comforts him. Sonny gets a text from Turning Woods.

Sam didnít mean a word she just said. She is selfish and desperate and stupid. She is so sorry. She needs her to accept her apology. Spinelli got appetizers. Alexis needs some space. Sam is going to go home to the kids. She will call her tomorrow. Spinelli thanks her for her help. The bartender gives Alexis a free drink.

Laura tells Neil that PC has a new drug dealer in town. She has talked to GH about creating a clinic. Kevin told the truth to her. Laura heard about his talk in Boston. Kevin is happy to help if he wants. Neil thinks they can talk about this soon. Kevin asks if he wants to continue this discussion. Laura thinks that he sounds like the guy she is looking for. Kevin thinks they will talk soon.

Alexis thinks about all that she has gone through lately. Alexis picks up the drink and takes it.

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