GH Update Wednesday 3/25/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/25/20


Written by Anthony

Nelle congratulates Nina on turning her life around. Nina guesses she is going to hire her. She knows the way the magazine functions and the stages of development. She already said she wasnít above entry level work. She thinks that she is capable of assistant work. That is the only job she is willing to give her. Nelle will take it. Carly asks if she just heard that right. Nelle tells her to congratulate her. Her girl got her job.

Monica welcomes Portia to GH. Monica is not going to keep her because she knows she has a lot of paperwork to fill out. Portia thanks her. Michael and Sasha bring Wiley in. Michael explains something is wrong with Wiley.

Sam tells her probation officer she is staying on the right path. She asks how things are going with her ex-husband. Sam thinks aside from exchanging her son they donít really see him. They arrange pickups at the Quartermaineís. The probation officer gets a phone call. She will be in touch later in the week. The probation officer asks if they are still on for this afternoon. Spinelli goes after her.

Trina shows up at the gallery. Ava wonders what she is doing here. Trina researched some of the artists. Ava told her she could take some time off. Trina is ready to get back to work. Ava looks at her work.

Jordan needs to give Cyrus freedom. Sonny thinks he can retaliate once he is out.

Carly would love to hear that Nina is lying. Nina explains that Nelle is going to be working as her assistant. Nelle thinks she could ban her from the Metro Court but that would look bad at a custody hearing. Nina tells Nelle to come back tomorrow. Nelle thanks her for the opportunity. Nelle cannot wait to see her every single day. Se wants her to have a blessed afternoon. Carly thinks that she will regret hiring her. Nina doesnít think she will.

Michael explains he is breathing like he has a cold but he doesnít. Monica says they are going to get Wiley an exam. Sasha tells Michael they need to try and stay calm.

Portia gets a call from Trinaís school saying she is not there.

Ava thinks that this is excellent work. Ava doesnít want her to worry about finishing the catalogue. Trina claims she is fine. She wants to talk about art. Ava thinks she discovered something that it took her forever to learn. She thinks that art is amazing.

Sam tells Spinelli to not let her figure out that he is following her. Molly walks in and tells Sam that she is about ready to rip her hair out. Sam thought that he would have talked with her by now. Molly wonders if he knows where he is.

Sonny just wants this to end. Jordan thinks that turf wars donít end they just evolve. Jordan will not trigger more violence. Jordan thinks that Sonny is an expert at covering his own tracks. Curtis thinks that they are effectively signing Cyrusí death warrant by releasing him. If they keep him in though then they sign TJís.

Carly tells Nina that Nelle is a sociopath. Nina gets it. Carly understands why she did it. She told her how she was kept from her son. Carly explains that Nelle tried to kill Michael. She hoped that the car would explode. She convinced Brad to switch babies. Nina knows. Carly explains that Nelle used Michaelís personality against her. Nina explains that she needed a job on her resume. Nina is in the perfect position to turn the tables.

Michael sits and waits. Sasha walks over and hands him a cup of coffee. Michael wants to know what is taking so long. Sasha thinks that Wiley has a definite advantage with him on the board and Monica as chief of staff. Sasha is sure they will come up with a treatment plan. Michael never even considered his heart defect. Michael realizes that he should have realized the heart defect meant they were related. Michael just wants him to be ok.

Sam tells Molly that she did find his location. Jordan insisted on going

Trina researched Francoís first works. They were highly sought after. People thinks that he is not capable of good work anymore. Ava thinks that his work has expanded. Portia shows up and wants to know why she is not at school where she belongs.

Spinelli sits down at a bar. He sees the parole officer with a councilman.

Jordan confesses to tampering with evidence. Sonny explain that Cyrus has lost millions for his distributors. Jordan asks if she just sits in prison for twenty years. Curtis knows that canít happen. Jordan abused power of her office. Curtis is not going to let her trade her freedom. Curtis thinks that there has to be another way to find TJ.

Nina explains that Willow wanted her to do a true crime piece. Willow wants to keep Nelle away from Wiley and she does as well. She doesnít want to open herself up to a lawsuit. She is in the perfect position to monitor her. She can testify on her deceitful behavior. She just witnessed her trying to goat her. She is going to let her believe that they are friends. Then at the custody hearing she is going to tell the truth and Wiley will lose custody for good.

Monica tells Michael that the hole in Wileyís heart has not cleared up. Monica says that surgery will help. Once that defect is addressed there was no more trouble. Michael asks when they can schedule this for him. Monica thinks immediately.

Portia asks why she would skip school. Trina already knows all the course work. Portia thought that something had happened to her. This is unacceptable. Portia wonders why she didnít show up in the middle of a school day. Portia thinks they could have reached out to someone. Ava thinks it is obvious that Trina could have reached out to someone. Portia tells Trina she knows better.

Sam doesnít know if Jordan has spoken with TJ. She wishes she had given him a better answer. Sam is sure that he will get in touch when he wants to. Sam tells her to calm down. Sam says the phone is located at Jordanís apartment complex.

Curtis thinks she would be reunited with all the criminals she helped put there. Jordan thinks it is the only way to protect her son. Sonny needs him to step back and consider all the options. Jason thinks that he can get him out without taking the fall. Jason points out that she was on a four person team. She can claim that the other three did this without her knowledge. He thinks that she can notify the DEA and let them take over. Curtis likes this angle. Jordan canít throw her team under the bus.

Michael guesses they should take the necessary steps. Monica says they will prep him for surgery. Michael asks what is wrong. Monica explains that because it is an elective surgery, both him and Nelle are going to have to sign off on this.

Carly thanks Nina for helping her. She normally can spot someone like Nelle a mile away. Carly knows that Nelle didnít save Joss. She explains that Jax would do anything for his daughter. Joss needed a kidney and Jax bought one for her from Nelleís father. Nelle didnít choose to save Joss. Nelle hasnít saved anyone in her entire life. Nina has this neckless and her daughter would have the other half but she didnít. She was too busy believing her. She was too lost in her gratitude. Carly learns from her mistakes. Nelle would be more dangerous if she wasnít so damn crazy. Carly thinks they have both dealt with mental health issues. She lies and steals when she doesnít need to. She will do something shady. Carly tells Nina she is going to need help and she is all in.

Ava tells Portia she is going to let them take some time for themselves. Trina thought she trusts her. Portia points out she never used to cut school. Trina explains that everyone keeps looking at her. Her father just got murdered and everyone is waiting for her to have a meltdown. Trina explains that her and Marcus got divorced years ago. Portia always loved her father. Their marriage didnít work out but her father was a good man. He had a brave heart. She is always here for her.

Molly needs to go figure out what is going on. Spinelli calls and explains that she is at a bar with city councilmen. Sam thinks they finally have a cheating spouse that is working in their favor. Spinelli explains they are concluding at the bar. Spinelli asks what she wants her to do. Sam tells him to follow them. Sam thanks him. Sam begs him to keep his distance.

Carly can take care of the rest of the things. She will check on all the security footage. Then Michael gets to raise his son in peace. Nina is worried about Carly.

Nelle shows up at GH and asks where he is. Nelle demands to know what is going on. Nelle asks how a toddler needs heart surgery. Michael tells her to sign the consent form. They both need to sign it for him to have surgery.

Portia thought they could remember Marcus together. Trina keeps having to remember that he is gone forever. Portia knows that she is the only reason he learned to text. Portia knows they had a special relationship. Trina thinks that it is like it is all different but Marcus will never send her a surprise text again. Trina doesnít think she is making any sense. Portia misses her father too.

Jordan thinks they were honorable men. She is not going to tarnish their memories. Curtis wonders what Marcus would do. Sonny thinks they have a clear shot of taking Cyrus down once and for all. Jordan canít do this. Sonny thinks that they all already made the ultimate sacrifice. Sonny tells her to put a stop to Cyrus and save her son.

Sam gets a call from her probation officer saying that Spinelli is in a very compromising position.

Jordan tells Sonny and Jason they will be in touch. Curtis promises they will be home in no time.

Jason thinks that Jordan will do anything to save her son. Molly walks over.

Portia knows this will take time to process but when her school called her mind went to the absolute worst place. Portia reminds her that she is so important to her.

Nina thinks that there is way too much history for Carly and Nelle. She will use it against her. Nina thinks the further away she is the better. Nina will let Nelle think they are friends. She could let something slip. Carly guesses it is her plan. She thinks that Nelle will lash out and she will have to defend herself. Nelle cannot help herself. Joss, Michael, and Wiley are all to get to her.

Nelle asks why she should consent to this. Michael thinks that Wiley needs this. Nelle thinks that there are lifestyle choices that could help. Michael explains that Monica wants them to get him surgery. Nelle is not signing off on this.

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