GH Update Tuesday 3/24/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/24/20


Brook Lynn sits in jail. Chase explains that Carly and Olivia are not going to press charges. He also is not going to charge her because he knows it was an accident. Brook Lynn asks how his nose is. She knows a great doctor in the city. Chase tells her it is fine and to forget about it. She asks if she is free to go then. Brook Lynn wonders why he is being so nice to her. Chase figured that she could use a break. Brook Lynn has an article saying that she assaulted him again.

Valentin tells Link on the phone that they need to get Brook Lynn’s shares right away.

Ned tells Olivia and Michael that he spoke with the other shareholders. They all agree that they need to act quickly in order to limit the damage. Michael thinks that their best option is to cut their losses.

Lucy and Sasha show Maxie to her new office. Lucy thinks that they will be able to make these offices their own very quickly.

Nina tells someone on the phone that she needs to find someone who can do Maxie’s job. She also needs a new assistant. Nelle is at her door. Nina tells her to turn around and remove herself. She could also call Carly to get security. Nelle thinks it is one of those days for Nina. She knows the feeling. She suggests that they help each other.

Harmony is happy to have lunch like a regular mother and daughter. Willow knows it only took four reschedules. Harmony is so proud of Willow for all she has done. Willow thinks that they need to make time for them.

Sonny and Jason show up at Jordan and Curtis’ house. Sonny knows that Cyrus has TJ. Jason needs Jordan to tell the truth. Jordan thinks that if she knew something she would do something. Sonny thinks that she already did by keeping silent. Sonny wonders how far she is willing to go. She cannot stay silent. He needs to know who it is. Jordan admits that Cyrus and his people have her son. Curtis hugs her.

Brook Lynn looks at her phone and sees the comments. She cannot believe she is a joke. Chase figured she would see it. It is open season for jerks. Brook Lynn knows that he has no intention of being someone important. Brook Lynn wants to see what Lulu will say if they sue her.

Michael thinks they can write off the loss. Olivia knows that sensitive information ended up online. Michael thinks that sensitive information shouldn’t have been given to Brook Lynn. He doesn’t tend to give a new assistant more than they can handle.

Nina has no desire to help her. The last time she did that she lived to regret it. She kicks her out. Nelle knows that Maxie left Crimson for a start up. Nina wishes her the best. Nelle knows that it must sting a little bit. Nelle is just the woman to fill things up here at Crimson.

Maxie needs to make this place not look sterile. Lucy only has sparkly water because they have stuff to do today. Lucy wants to get ready for an exciting day. Valentin walks in glad for the celebration.

Willow didn’t know she could afford a new car. Harmony says it is just a 2019 model. Harmony thinks that everything is fine. Willow wonders if everything is fine.

Jordan knew that Cyrus would target family’s. Jordan wanted to believe the texts were from TJ. Jordan explains that a photo was sent to her phone. Sonny knows that he went after his son and Trina. Jordan never would have expected the person he sent. Jason knew it was Harmony. He figured out that Harmony and Cyrus would have been in jail together. Jordan just wants her son back.

Brook Lynn asks if Chase is responsible for her not having charges pressed against her. Brook Lynn needs Lulu to stay away from her. Brook Lynn explains that Lulu lived in her house as a teenager. She guesses it is time she face her family.

Olivia thinks that they are all on the same side here. Michael will back whatever choice he makes. Michael needs to go upstairs and work on his dad skills. Ned tells Michael that he is sorry. He realizes that he is just trying to help. Michael knows he is just trying to do what is right for the company. Olivia doesn’t think that was that hard.

Nina explains that Maxie was creative director. Nelle would love an entry level position. Nina wonders why she wants to be get gainful employment. Nina assumes because she is in a custody battle with Michael and she needs to show off her public image.

Sasha and Maxie tell Valentin to leave. Valentin wanted to welcome Maxie and to their team. Lucy was going to send out a memo. Valentin explains that this is a lucrative deal for all of them.

Jordan doesn’t think it is her fault if one of Cyrus’ trucks get through. Sonny knows where she is coming from. Sonny knows that desperation can cloud your judgement but he said that he came here personally. Curtis thinks they have a common enemy. Curtis thinks that they won’t stop him unless the all work together.

Brook Lynn loves being home. She just wants to take a bath and then have breakfast. She then wants to talk about Lulu. Olivia thinks that Lulu should have taken Rocco into consideration. Olivia asks if she is the victim here. Michael thinks that no response is better than one at all. Brook Lynn cannot believe what people are saying about her. Ned has no choice but to acknowledge her mistake and terminate her job now.

Maxie cannot believe that Lucy would have one of the least trustworthy people on the planet in their business. Sasha has no idea about this. Maxie should have been told. Maxie wouldn’t have agreed to this. Lucy had no choice because of Maxie. She needed to remain in business. Lucy guesses that he had to come in. Sasha assumes that this is either his way of getting back at Nina or getting her back.

Nelle needs to get her son back. She intends to prove that she has a stable job. Nelle thought that Nina would understand what it is like to have a child be alive and kept from them. She guesses that she is wrong. Nina looks at the locket again.

Willow tells Harmony to tell her what is going on. Harmony thinks she is fine. Willow and Chase both know something is going on. Harmony thinks that Chase doesn’t like her. Willow thinks she has been impossible to connect with over the last month. She wants to know what is wrong. Harmony wants Willow to lean on her not the other way around. Harmony knew that she had been given a special gift. There is nothing that she will not do for her.

Jordan volunteered to go under cover. She was ambitious. She joined a team of four. She made herself indispensable to Cyrus. She watched him get big. She saw the lives that were destroyed. She soon developed the same tunnel vision that she had. The other three had sacrificed themselves in different ways. Jordan thinks that they had to do something. Jordan thinks that they had to send Cyrus to prison. It was far from over.

Brook Lynn thinks that the are throwing her under the bus. Ned thinks that she created that brawl with Lulu. Ned explains that he is the active CEO. What she has done cannot be shrugged off. Brook Lynn thought you support family no matter what. Brook Lynn thought that he could change the call. She needs him to give her a hug.

Valentin is just writing checks behind the scenes. Sasha explains she is an equity partner. Sasha might need to rethink her involvement. Valentin thinks they can be a good team.

Willow doesn’t think that Harmony is ok. Chase walks in. Harmony wonders what happened to his nose. Chase explain occupational hazard. Harmony knows that Chase has doubts about her. She wonders what she can do to reassure him. Chase thinks that her actions speak words. Willow just wants her to tell the truth. Harmony thinks that she has had so much loss and lost time. She wishes she could go back and change things. She is glad to know that Willow is safe with him no matter what.

Jordan explains that they all knew that they had crossed a line. They stopped the bloodshed though and hoped that it was over. It took Cyrus a while to figure it out. He knew that he had been betrayed. He started to knock them all off one by one. Sonny guesses that he let her live. Jordan got closest to him and got his trust. Jordan thinks he has her son to make sure that she follows his orders. Curtis knows that Cyrus wants something bigger.

Sasha walks into the Quartermaine mansion. Sasha thought she was done with Valentin but it turns out that he was the one to invest in Deception. Her company. Her lifeboat that was going to turn her around. Michael has no use for Valentin but he is a smart business man. He could be good for Deception. Sasha thinks he will not have to work with him. Michael wants to go and get her mind off of Valentin. They go to check on Wiley.

Brook Lynn wants to make this work. She has ideas. She wonders if he is going to turn his back on her. Olivia thinks that she cost the company millions of dollars. Ned understands how she feels but ELQ has responsibilities to shareholders. He set her up to fail. He owns that he did that. He cannot repeat it though. Brook Lynn asks if she is fired then. Ned says she is. Brook Lynn guesses so much for family loyalty.

Nelle walks into Nina’s office with her messages. Nina thought her assistant was back. Nelle is still here. She could make herself useful in the meantime. Nelle is not claiming to be perfect. She just wonders why her child deserves to suffer. Nina reminds Nelle that she tried to blackmail her husband the last time she employed her as Charlotte’s nanny. Nelle needs to get custody of her child. She will leave for real this time. She is sorry to have wasted her time. Nina tells her to wait.

Willow wonders if Harmony is sick. Harmony is fine but there are no promises in life. You could be hit by a car if you aren’t looking. Harmony needs Willow to promise she will take care of each other. Harmony has to get going.

Curtis asks how she is supposed to get Cyrus out of prison. Curtis is not going to let her confess. Jordan did this to Cyrus. He is not going to set TJ free until he gains freedom himself.

Ned knows that this is in the best interest of the family. Olivia thinks with a little bit of distance Brook Lynn might understand. Ned knows that Edward used to say that. It didn’t feel good then and yet here he is.

Brook Lynn calls Link and tells her that if he wants her shares then he has himself a deal.

Nelle doesn’t have time to hear about the lies that were spread about me. Nelle congratulates her for turning her life around. It is too bad that she can’t do it herself. Nina remembers that Willow begged Nina to expose Nelle as an unfit mother. Nina thinks it is time she pay it forward. She is hiring her.

Michael screams to Sasha that they have to get Wiley to the hospital.

Maxie thinks she could go back to Nina. Valentin thinks that she was right to ask more of herself. Opportunity knocks. Lucy thinks he is actually right. Lucy wants her to think. Lucy goes and runs after him.

Chase knows that she thinks that the cop in him is being suspicious. Willow thinks that something is burdening her. Willow wishes she knew. Willow knows she is looking for something.

Jordan knows what she is doing. She has to give Cyrus freedom. Sonny thinks that is exactly what she has to do.

Written by Anthony

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