GH Update Monday 3/23/20

General Hospital Update Monday 3/23/20


Franco draws dollar signs all over a pad of paper. Brit walks over and says that she owes her an apology. Franco tells her that he has to entertain the possibility that she could be telling the truth.

Finn and Violet walk into the living room and Peter is there. Violet tells Peter that he is having a birthday party with purple balloons. She wants him to come.

Ava orders Nikolas’ breakfast. Nikolas orders her vodka. Ava just wants coffee.

Jason tells Sam on the phone that he will make sure that he picks up Danny. Sonny tells Jason that somehow Cyrus got a shipment into his territory last night.

Jordan gets a text of TJ. Harmony demands to know where her son is. Curtis asks if Jordan wants to join him for breakfast. Jordan needs to get ready for work. Someone knocks on the door and it is Sam. Sam wonders if this is a bad time. Jordan admits that she thought she would be someone else. Curtis wonders who she was expecting.

Peter thinks that is something she has to ask Finn. Finn thinks that she can invite anyone she wants. Anna will be sending out official invitations soon. Finn thanks Peter for the pastries. Violet wants him to stay next time for her tea party. She thanks Peter for coming by. Peter thinks that the pastries sealed the deal. Anna tells Violet they should plan more things for her birthday party.

Franco wonders what makes her so sure that Obrecht is guilty. Brit asks why he is cutting her slack. Franco thinks that she has been a loyal friend. Brit wonders if that makes what she has done ok. Franco thinks that the single most important person in her life is James. He doesn’t see her doing anything to hurt her chance with him.

Ava explains that she has a sitting with Franco later and wants to be sober for that. She thinks that he can come and see Elizabeth. Nikolas can’t find Hayden so she is mad at him.

Sam wonders if Jordan has managed to find TJ. Sam actually came by to see Curtis. She needs to pick his brain. Jordan doesn’t think that the time is any better because she can’t go to breakfast. Sam asks what happened when she gave her the coordinates of TJ’s phone.

Finn explains that Violet is discussing décor with her stuffed animals. Anna wonders if he wats to set a date for the wedding. Finn thinks she names it and he will be there. Anna explains that her children are all grown and adults. This will affect Violet the most. She wants her to know that she is committing herself to her as well. Anna wants to see if Violet wants to be a part of a the ceremony. They could make a promise as a family. Finn thinks that sounds perfect.

Franco thinks it is a good thing that he isn’t hungry. Brit thinks that Obrecht felt love for Nathan. Franco just doesn’t see that being the case then. Brit thinks that is the biggest argument that she is guilty. She could get prosecuted as the only one who is alive. Franco wonders if she was fearful that there was something that would implement her. Franco doesn’t see that as a reason to have him killed. Brit thinks she had the strongest motive. Peter walks in. Franco tells him to pull up a chair. They were just discussing murder.

Elizabeth asks if Lucas is working the night shift. Elizabeth asks when the last time he has gone home. Lucas doesn’t want advice. Felix hopes that he is nicer to his patients than he is to them. Elizabeth thinks that they are close to a breakdown.

Nikolas chose to ignore Ava. Ava wonders what Finn is supposed to do now. Tell his daughter that her mother is never coming back.

Jason knows the PCPD was watching. Sonny thinks that they need to figure out which cop is most likely in Cyrus’ pocket.

Jordan already told Sam that she didn’t talk with TJ. She thinks that TJ is overreacting but there is nothing they can do. Curtis tells Jordan that he will check in with her later. He kisses her goodbye.

Violet tells Finn that her stuffed animals want to see her outfits. Finn has a question for her first. Violet loves surprises. Finn wants Violet to know how much he loves her. He loves Anna as well. He asked Anna to marry him last year. Anna said yes. She wants to make a promise to Violet as well. They were thinking that they could all be in the wedding ceremony together. Violet says no thank you. Finn asks what she means. Violet doesn’t want another mommy.

Ava doesn’t want Nikolas to sacrifice his friendship to Elizabeth. She is one of his oldest friends. Nikolas had to tell her the truth because of that. Ava doesn’t want him to let things end because he doesn’t think that Hayden is coming back. Ava would have him go to Elizabeth and kiss and make up. Ava explains that Franco is her friend and she wants to see him happy. Ava admits that her and Franco have hurt each other over the years but they don’t judge each other. It is easy to just be yourself. She knows that Franco is still capable of significant work. She would be giving him back to the art world. Nikolas thinks that they can both count their friends on one hand. Ava wants him to make amends with Elizabeth. She thinks they could make each other less miserable if they had their friends. Nikolas couldn’t agree more.

Brit tells Peter that Obrecht thinks that he is responsible for the gunman. Brit thinks whoever did it was very calculating. Franco suggests that Peter could have had a change of heart. Peter thinks if he was able to do that then why would he back out on the deal. Franco is not sure. Peter has no desire to follow in their fathers footsteps. Brit explains that their father was a genius at making people fell unlovable. She is sure that Obrecht was up to her neck in that memory transfer. She was desperate enough to cover her tracks. She thinks that her survival was more important than Franco’s.

Sam asks if Jordan seems very stressed out right now. Curtis asks if she really invited him here because of his wife. Curtis thinks that TJ has a lot going on. Curtis explains that Jordan has been texting with TJ. Sam should have gone after him herself when she found his location.

Jordan demands to know where her son is. Harmony explains that Cyrus is pleased. She is a dirty cop and that gives Cyrus what he wants. Jordan thinks that this will never be over.

Sonny thinks that Cyrus is threatening someone in the PCPD. He just needs to figure out what. Jordan thinks that they are all disposable to Cyrus. There are good cops in the PCPD that know her. Someone is going to realize she is not doing things the right way. Harmony thinks that she needs to get Cyrus out of prison. TJ will not be free until then.

Curtis asks if there is any news on TJ. Sam explains that Jordan wanted to be the one to talk with him. Curtis knows that TJ wants to be with Molly. Curtis needs Sam to do him a favor and ask Molly to back off. As soon as he hears something he will let her know. Curtis walks away.

Jason wonders who else he could get the drugs through to this. Jason explains that TJ is off the grid. Molly is upset that TJ went missing. Jordan claims to be the only one to hear from him. Jason gets a call about the shipment. Jason explains that the cops were moved last night because of Jordan. Sonny doesn’t think this is a coincidence.

Felix tells Lucas that he did him a disservice. He should have been there for him. He thinks that Lucas can be as nasty as he wants he is not going anywhere. Elizabeth isn’t ether. Lucas has patients to treat. Brit walks over. Brit asks if there is no hello. Elizabeth thinks that fake babies are illegal. Brit did the non-profit work of angels. Felix is sure that some organization somewhere must be really hard up. Brit explains her license was restored months ago. Brit was temporarily hired. Brit has excellent references. Felix is sure that Brit will be up to her old tricks very soon. Elizabeth agrees. Nikolas shows up with Ava. Brit sees him. She walks over and slaps him across the face. That is for Spencer. Brit has been on the phone with Spencer. He let him believe he was dead for three years for Valentin Cassadine. Brit kept quiet while Spencer hid out in a luxury hotel room. Brit thinks that he broke his sons heart. He came back from the dead and marries a woman that Spencer despises. Brit thinks that there are no excuses for this. He will not even begin to realize the pain that he caused his son. Elizabeth tells her that is enough.

Franco tells Peter that Obrecht will definitely choose herself. She might have already done so. Franco is not going to say that he would be ok with what Obrecht did but he would make be ok with it a little bit more. Peter knows what it is like to want people to be something else.

Finn knows that this is hard. He knows that she has a mommy and she is a wonderful mommy that loves her so much. Violet thinks that there won’t be room for mommy anymore if he marries Anna. Finn promises that no one will ever replace Hayden. Finn explains that her heart is right here and that is where you hold your love for Roxie, Bella, and Otto, and him, Hayden, and Anna. The more people you love the bigger your heart gets. Finn can’t promise that someone doesn’t break her heart but he can promise her that her heart won’t burst whenever she lets someone new inside it. He is so lucky to have her. Violet is so lucky to have him too. Finn thinks that they are both pretty lucky to have Anna.

Jordan thinks that was a quick breakfast. Curtis cannot believe that she never told him about TJ. Curtis thought they wouldn’t keep secrets ever and yet she is hiding something. It is time she share whatever she is hiding.

Elizabeth tells Brit to stop acting like she is better than Nikolas. Elizabeth thinks that everything he did was for Spencer and she is the last person who should judge. Brit thinks that it is a surprise that she wouldn’t have a weakness for the one who got away. She guesses the more things change the more they stay the same.

Anna walks back into the living room. Anna has something for Violet. It is for her mommy. Violet doesn’t know where to send this. Finn knows that even if Hayden cannot make it they will know that she will be here in spirit. Violet wants to invite Roxie. Anna asks if Robin and Chase can come. Violet wants Robert to come. Finn guesses. Violet wants to invite Peter.

Franco wonders what makes Peter think that Obrecht can’t be redeemed. Peter thinks that he was manipulated by Faison for a long time. Peter thinks the survival is her mantra. Anyone who gets involved in that doesn’t live long.

Nikolas walks over to Elizabeth and thanks her. Elizabeth says he is welcome. Nikolas asks if it is because she has forgiven him or because he hates Brit more. Elizabeth thinks whatever it was, it was against her better judgement.

Nikolas doesn’t want her to feel alone. Someone knocks on the door. Sonny walks in with Jason. They close the door. Sonny thinks that Cyrus has TJ.

Written by Anthony

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