GH Update Friday 3/20/20

General Hospital Update Friday 3/20/20


Written by Anthony

Anna knows that Jason and Spinelli are friends. Anna needs Jason to soften his attitude towards Peter. Jason cannot pretend to believe something he doesn’t. Anna needs him to have empathy for five minutes. Anna thinks that his father has been accused of things that are not his fault. He is a perfect scape goat. Kind of life him.

Spinelli bangs on Maxie’s door. Georgie is there with Peter.

Jax asks Maxie is Nina is in. Maxie tells her that he would have to ask her assistant because that isn’t him. Jax could just knock. Maxie thinks that nothing can happen at Crimson without her doing it. He tells Nina that cheep wad is here to see him. Jax is sorry that Maxie cannot take this well. Nina says that Maxie is taking this well.

Valentin walks over to Lucy. Lucy wonders if she still calls him Cassadine. Valentin thinks that is correct. He asks if she has a minute. He plans to make it worth her time.

Brook Lynn cannot believe that Lulu would do this to her. Lulu thinks that she did this to herself. Brook Lynn thinks that Lulu just spit in the face of all Quartermaine’s.

Willow tells Chase that Violet is asleep. It was nice to hear him laugh again. Which is a shame because it is a very sweet smile. Willow knows this is on her.

Michael tells Ned on the phone that they will figure this out tomorrow. Carly tells Michael they need to figure this out about Nelle. Michael thinks they need to just let her handle things. Carly thinks that Michael needs to win custody by any means.

Jason tells Anna that Peter and him are nothing alike. Anna asks if he has had every DA on his case or if he hasn’t been on the PCPD’s list. Anna thinks that Peter is connected to a lot of people that he cares about. Jason thinks that Peter is using him.

Spinelli tells Georgie that he can go about doing what he needs. Peter loves spending time with Georgie. Spinelli wants to know how the sitter managed to get to him. Peter likes being able to spend some time with Georgie. Spinelli thinks that any time that he gets to spend with his daughter is great.

Nina doesn’t want a rift with her sister-in-law. Nina doesn’t like having to do this. Nina doesn’t think this is working for her right now. She needs to manage this before things go further. Maxie hands Nina an envelope. Maxie tells Jax that he can’t do anything. Nina tells Jax that she is resigning. Maxie says she is quitting.

Valentin tells Lucy that he is willing to expedite her business going back into business Valentin has other sources of income.

Brook Lynn reminds Lulu that she grew up at the Quartermaine mansion while Luke was sponging off of Tracy Lulu spent a couple of years. Brook Lynn wonders about Michael. Lulu thinks that this has nothing to do with Michael. Lulu thanks Brook Lynn for the lead. She is shocked that she is not excited about the attention. Brook Lynn didn’t know that she was jealous of her amazing career. Brook Lynn at least has talent unlike her broken home.

Chase thinks that Willow is a source of joy in his life. He is happier with him. Chase says that this has to do with Nelle. This is all exhausting. Willow thought he was upset about Sasha’s idea. Chase thinks it was a crazy idea.

Carly thinks that her and Sonny are ready to help Michael if they need to. Carly thinks that he can help him. Sasha hates to be that person but workout just dinged on his calendar. He tells him to go and blow off steam. Michael thinks she is trying to get rid of her. Michael will be back in an hour. He says bye. Carly asks if everything is alright with them. Sasha says that the last forty-eight hours with Nelle have been a challenge.

Jason thinks that Anna is using this to shield Peter. Jason explains that Spinelli doesn’t want to be hurt by Peter. Anna thinks that that WSB has been able to confirm that Obrecht was behind all of it.

Peter gives Spinelli a beer. Spinelli sees that they played with just about every toy. Peter thinks it is so cool that Georgie wants to be a doctor. Spinelli explains it is getting late. He tells Georgie it is time to get going. Spinelli thinks it is time to get going.

Nina asks if Maxie is really leaving. Maxie thinks she is worth much more. Jax wishes her well. Jax thinks she might have a hard time finding another job. Maxie asks if she is being threatened. Nina wonders why he would give up something in the creative field. Maxie needs to set a good example. Jax thinks that she is impulsive. He wants her to take a step back. Maxie will only be unemployed until tomorrow morning. Nina wonders if she has another job lined up.

Valentin is willing to finance things. Lucy would blow her deal with Crimson right out of the water. She needs that more than anything that Valentin can provide.

Lulu thinks that everyone hates Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn thinks that Dante is sick of her. Lulu thinks he did it to protect her. Lulu thinks she knows nothing about Dante and her. Brook Lynn thinks that Dante couldn’t handle coming home to a boring basic bitch like her. Lulu sprays Brook Lynn with champagne. She asks who is basic now. Brook Lynn punches Lulu in the face. Valentin watches this. The two continue to fight. Valentin records this. Valentin says his money is on her. Brook Lynn jumps on top of her.

Chase tells Willow that he and Sasha talked about everything that her and Michael were going through. He didn’t mean to overstep. Willow admits that Michael and her share an incredible loss. She does sometimes think that leave him and Sasha on the outside. Chase is called into work. Willow wants him to remain careful.

Carly tells Sasha that she probably notices that Michael separates himself from her and Sonny’s problems. Sasha thinks that they got rid of Michael to talk about Nelle. She would like to toss around some ideas. Her ideas keep getting shot down. She thinks Michael should marry Willow.

Nina wonders if Maxie is entertaining other offers. Maxie wasn’t but apparently she is in some demand. She asks if knowing that would have loosened the purse strings. She wishes Nina well. Nina asks what her other job is. Lucy walks in. Maxie tells them to say hello to her new boss.

Peter would like to be friends with Spinelli. Spinelli thinks they haven’t had much time together. Spinelli thinks it is hard for him to get away. Peter is going to be in his life along with Georgie’s life because he and Maxie are getting married.

Anna cannot believe that he would disregard the evidence of Obrecht after what she did to Obrecht. Jason needs her to think about if Peter is actually guilty. Anna does consider this. She does think that he could be lying but she cannot deny evidence. Jason thinks that Peter could have framed Obrecht. Anna thinks that Jason is playing right into Obrecht’s hands.

Brook Lynn says she is going to kill her. Lulu throws a glass at her. Chase and other officers show up. Brook Lynn punches Chase in the face.

Carly is shocked that she wants Michael to marry Willow. Sasha thinks the only time that Willow has been in jail was to protect Wiley. Carly doubts this went over well with Willow and Chase. Sasha explains that Chase went through the roof. Michael and Willow were considering it for a minute. Carly didn’t think that Sasha had it in her.

Willow welcomes Anna home. She says that Violet is sleeping. Chase had to get to work. Anna asks if Willow wants a drink.

Jason punches a bag at the gym. Michael shows up. Jason says it is all his. Jason is not feeling it anymore. Michael asks if something is on his mind Jason explains that someone is lying to themselves. Someone else is using that to get away with murder.

Spinelli asks if Peter is engaged. Spinelli thinks that it was a blurt rather than a confirmation. Peter thinks that when you challenge the relationship that Maxie and him had if this is because he has feelings for her.

Nina cannot believe that she decided to poach her creative director. Nina cannot believe that she has been whispering in Maxie’s ear. Jax heard that she has a new job with her Lucy says that it simply is not here. Nina says she has the impression that she has a job with her. Maxie thought that she gave her card. Lucy couldn’t take her away from Crimson. Maxie asks if she just quit her job for nothing. Lucy thinks that was a scene.

Brook Lynn asks if this is really necessary. Brook Lynn thinks that Lulu started it. Chase thinks she can tell it to the judge.

Lucy would never risk a deal like that. Nina tells Lucy that there is no partnership anymore. Nina says she can buy as much ad space as she wants but she will get no help from her.

Spinelli asks if this is a threat. Once upon a time he believed Maxie to be his soulmate but then he grew up and met Ellie. Peter just needed to make sure. Spinelli explains that Maxie is still part of his life. Peter knows that him and Ellie have been happily together for years now. Spinelli asks if his relationship with Maxie is at risk. Maxie walks in and tells no one to talk with him. Maxie asks why Spinelli is already here. She doesn’t want him to speak. Maxie is unemployed.

Michael asks if this is Nelle. Jason says no. Michael thinks if he needs him for anything he is here. Jason will figure it out. Michael has no doubt. Jason wonders how things are going with Wiley’s custody. Jason heard about that. Michael only has one tactic that would give him advantage. That is marrying Willow.

Sasha thinks that this only serves Michael. Carly is applauding her. Some people blur the lines for themselves but she is willing to do it for the one she loves. She is her kind of person. She is a good person who knows how to do to bad.

Anna is having another drink. Willow would but she is driving. Anna knows that Violet really likes her. Willow knows that they really haven’t had a chance to talk and get to know one another. Anna wants her to go and have fun with Chase. She needs to get to work. Willow assumes he WSB keeps her up late.

Jason asks whose idea it was for him to marry Willow. Michael says Sasha. Michael is in love with Sasha. Jason asks if he could ignore that. Michael needs to find another way.

Sasha was expelled from a family for being a liar and schemer. She never thought she would be welcomed into one for the same reasons. Carly thinks that this is justice. Carly thinks that she has an imagination that can do just about anything. Michael thinks about limits and the laws. Carly thinks that they need to keep Wiley safe. Carly needs her to bend to Michael’s ear. She has a feeling she will come up with the perfect plan.

Brook Lynn was trying to assault Lulu. Chase begs her to remain silent for once in her life.

Lulu tells Valentin to delete the video. Lucy walks down and asks what happened. Lulu doesn’t want to talk. Lucy walks over to Valentin. She is glad that he is still here. She wants to stay and have champagne on her. She thinks that they both love Deception.

Nina wonders what she will do without Maxie. Maxie is the one who the continuity. Nina thinks that Maxie has far to much pride to get her job back like this.

Spinelli is sure that Nina will take her back. Nina cannot go back. Lucy calls her. Maxie thinks that Lucy has some nerve. Lucy tells Maxie that she wants her on Deceptions team. She thinks that her, Sasha, and her will make this work. She just secured an investor. It will secure the success for years to come.

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