GH Update Thursday 3/19/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/19/20


Written by Anthony

Michael tells Brook Lynn that he is here to see Ned. Ned is not seeing him on his calendar. Brook Lynn is going to be the best assistant in history. Brook Lynn answers the phone.

Carly tells Sonny that Nelle came straight to the Metro Court to tell her about her visit with Michael and Wiley. Jason walks in. Carly asks if he is here on business. Jason is. Carly wonders how it is going with Brando.

Brando punches a bag at the gym. Spinelli asks if he gets in.

Nina asks why Jax is saying no. Maxie stepped up and went above and beyond. She asks why he cannot give her the money she deserves.

Anna thought she would celebrate the day with Violet. Anna thinks they need to concentrate on her. Anna is going to order some purple party decorations. Anna is going to go full swag for Violet.

Lulu shows Maxie what Brook Lynn just posted on FB. She just posted a video at her desk at ELQ. Lulu shows her what she filmed. Peter sees them and Robert walks over. He assumes he has time for him. He wants to sit for a minute.

Carly asks how Brando likes the job. Sonny thinks he is ok with it but he understands why he likes it. Carly has to bring up snacks. Sonny wonders if Brando has actually accepted things.

Spinelli punches the bag. Brando tells him to target his punches. Spinelli explains that his skills are normally behind a computer. He cannot let his aggression out. He confesses he knows him. He is Damion Spinelli. He is very good friends with the Corinthos family. He is aware that he saved Carlyís life for which he is deeply grateful. Brando asks if he knows someone who needs rescuing. Spinelli does but he admits that having something to hit makes him feel less useless.

Maxie wonders if there is a confidential memo. Lulu sees a deal memo between an ELQ business and a local facility. Lulu sees that she is the only person that has viewed this so far. She wonders about a good reporter would do.

Ned asks if Michael missed work that badly. Michael explains that he wanted to give Wiley a tour of things. Brook Lynn tells Wiley he needs to keep the hold music going forward. Brook Lynn thinks that Michael wonít recognize this place when he gets back.

Peter doesnít have much time for him. Robert knows that there is nothing like the taste of freedom. He had a meeting with Obrecht. She said that he is the one who killed Drew and he is the one who is responsible for all of those things. Robert thought that they had a reconciliation. Robert thinks that she could have framed him.

Anna wants to invite Elizabethís boys, Maxieís child as well. Anna looks at party favors. Finn thought that showering her with gifts might be enough. Anna tells him to wait until they plan their wedding. Anna knows they still havenít planned a date. Anna knows they are dancing around the subject for the next few months. She is here now. Anna is so happy that they have moved back in with her. Finn was just wondering if the three of them moving forward could all move on together. Anna asks if they are moving to fast.

Olivia asks Robert if he is harassing her customers again. Peter really needs to get to work. Olivia wonders what she interrupted. Olivia wonders if Robert has any news about Dante.

Nina asks why he canít pad her budget. Nina will leave him alone if she gives him what he wants. Jax canít give her the money because of her.

Maxie thinks that reporting this could be messing things up. Maxie thinks that she would be messing things up for her former family members. Maxie thinks a lot of people they love work for and with ELQ. Lulu thinks that this is Peterís call.

Brook Lynn plays with Wiley.

Michael asks if Ned has heard anything from the company. Ned says that this will be great news for the share holders. Michael obviously left the company in good hands.

Spinelli explains that a woman he cares for has moved in with a despicable man. Spinelli explains that this man is a master of deceit.

Jason tells Sonny that Harmony needed some work done on her car. It was a 2019 car. She sees him and gets nervous. Jason told her to have Brando take a look at it. Jason explains that Brando said that there was nothing wrong with the car.

Lulu tells Peter that this is important to the local economy. Peter tells her to go for it. Peter gets a phone call. He says he will be right there. Peter has to go. Peter tells Lulu nice job.

Robert doesnít know his status much less where he is. Olivia thinks that some people have forgotten already.

Finn wants to get married so long as she does. Anna really does. Finn wonders how she wants to do it. He asks if she wants a big church wedding or Paris or the county clerk. Anna knows that all those appeal to her. Anna doesnít think that Violet would like that though. Finn is sure she would like something big and sparkly. Finn guesses that is what they will do the. The two kiss one another. Anna asks if he has any idea how happy he makes her.

Robert could try and reaching out to a couple of friends. He thinks it could come to nothing though. Olivia gets a text message. She needs to take care of something.

Lulu wants to talk about Maxieís big news. Maxie thinks it is nice to finally be compensated for her good work. Maxie cannot stop thinking about all the photoshoots she will get to do.

Jason knows that Sonny has owned that property for years. Sonny thinks that there is something that he doesnít like about this. Jason thinks that Harmony is probably into something shady. Whatever it is he thinks it is shady.

Brando thinks it is clear that he really cares about his friend. Brando thinks this is going to have consequences. Brando tells Spinelli to step-up. She either no longer talks to him or no longer talks period.

Jax explains if he gives money to Crimson then it would look like favoritism. He doesnít want her to look like this. Nina has a deserving employee but they need to get their boundaries together. Nina tells Jax that he needs to go right now. Jax asks if they are fighting. Nina doesnít know. She needs to somehow figure out how to tell Maxie that she is not going to get the raise that she deserves.

Brook Lynn tells Wiley they are busted. She gives Ned a list of his phone calls. Michael thanks Brook Lynn for watching Wiley. Ned asks if he got the contract on the phone. Ned tells someone he canít hear him. Olivia storms in and asks what she has done.

Lulu calls someone for a follow up. She would love to get Ned or Brook Lynnís comment.

Ned tells Brook Lynn that deal is gone. Brook Lynn wanted to give the company some social media. Brook Lynn put it on her personal page. Michael tells Brook Lynn that he has to take Wiley home. Brook Lynn will watch Wiley if he can fix this for her. Michael says ok.

Brando thanks him for the garage set up. Sonny wonders about his first customer. He wants to know his story. Brando explains that she came in with a new car that had nothing wrong with it. Brando had nothing to tell. He knows he set him up with a garage and it looks like his business found him anyway.

Jax wonders if Joss mentioned their conversation. Carly explains that she didnít want to go. Jax thinks they could still reconsider. It might be a smart idea. Carly assumes he means far away from Sonny.

Nina was thinking about texting Maxie. Nina wants to congratulate her on her new title. She will be senior vice president of creative marketing. Maxie asks if Jax confirmed things.

Anna asks Spinelli how things are going. Spinelli says that Georgie loves her new school. Anna wonders if he would like to come over for a family get together. Jason walks over. Anna would actually like to talk with both of them about Peter.

Robert congratulates Finn for moving back in with Anna. Finn explains that this is important to him to know the truth. Robert would like him to be on guard with Peter and Anna. Finn asks if he is asking him to spy on Anna.

Anna needs for Georgieís sake if no other reason she would like them both to accept the fact that Peter has been proven not guilty. He is not a criminal. Spinelli and Maxie have already had a conversation and he is doing his best to live and let live. Spinelli gets a text from Maxie.

Nina explains that there is no room in the budget to pay Maxie what she deserves. She can give her more vacation and work at home days. Maxie doesnít understand. She has covered for her so many times and missed out on time with James. Maxie thinks that this is different than making things happen.

Lulu thinks that Brook Lynn has to be the worst secretary. Clint Buchanan said that in a quote.

Michael thanks Brook Lynn for watching Wiley. Ned tells Brook Lynn to go home. He will handle everything. Brook Lynn wonders what the Invader was doing on her facebook page. She realizes that it was Lulu.

Brando was in prison and made himself a good life. Anyone that stands between him he is not sue. Brando thinks he knows his history. If there is anything that he can do to help sort things out, he just needs to say the word.

Carly explains that Joss agreed to be homeschooled. She would get to stay on the volleyball team. Jax doesnít think that their daughter is safe here. Jax thinks that Joss could have a normal life somewhere else. Jax will not lose Joss.

Sonny thought that he doesnít want to be involved in his business. Brando wonders if he needs to be involved. Sonny thinks that he needs to stay away from his business. Brando will get back to work then. He has to earn his keep somehow. He thanks him for the coffee.

Carly cannot believe he would bring up Morganís death. Jax just wants to keep Joss safe. He knows this is hard for her. He doesnít want to take Joss out of PC. None of these reasons are as important as his daughterís safety. Carly wants things to stay the way they are. Carly thinks that means that if Joss is on her way to Australia then they need to make choices together.

Nina tells someone on the phone she could really use a friend.

Lulu got champagne. Maxie just got denied her raise and now she is going to get even.

Spinelli says over his dead body and runs off. Anna tells Jason that Spinelli really admires him. He asks if he could soften his attitude towards Peter.

Robert asks if Finn could still stay clear. Finn needs Robert to be nice to Peter for a couple of hours at his daughterís birthday party. Robert tells him to keep his eyes open.

Lulu tells Brook Lynn that she just was enjoying her FB post. She thinks that for a has been she sure knows how to stay relevant.

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