GH Update Wednesday 3/18/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/18/20


Written by Anthony

Nina looks at her locket. Jax walks in and says that Obrecht has been arrested again. Nina is disappointed but she isn’t shocked. She is done.

Jordan gets her gun and opens her office door. Harmony is there. Jordan has police business to deal with.

Curtis has a few questions about Trina. Portia is prepared to answer them.

Trina and Cam kiss one another. Joss walks out after the fact and asks what she missed.

Ned tells someone on the phone that ELQ and MertenMedTech are going to have a great future together. Ned calls for Brook Lynn to come in. Ned walks into the hallway and Brook Lynn is not there.

Brook Lynn is at the Metro Court and Lulu sees that she did some shopping. She thinks it must be nice to have a trust fund.

Sasha reminds Michael that they need to present the court with a better step-mother than mother that Nelle could be. Willow walks in and asks what she can do to help out. Michael explains that all ideas are welcome. Willow assumes that Nelle had her visit already. Willow asks Sasha if everything is ok. Willow thinks it will be thanks to her. Willow tells her that whatever she can do will happen. Sasha tells Willow to marry Michael.

Brook Lynn is sure that Nikolas would be willing to get Lulu whatever she wants. Brook Lynn thinks it is so sad that her brother and husband have both hurt her. Maxie tells Lulu that their table is ready.

Portia knows Curtis likes to get straight to the point. Portia thinks that clearly he has done the math, she is not his daughter. Marcus was her father.

Jordan scopes out the area. She sees the location of the phone and picks it up. It is broken. Harmony walks over. She asks if he really thought that he would be here.

Ned asks Brook Lynn where she is. Brook Lynn explains at lunch. Ned screams at her to go back to work.

Lulu tells Maxie that the diva is probably in trouble. Maxie needs some advice Maxie loves her job but somedays she wants Nina’s job. Lulu knows that some weeks she does Nina’s job. Maxie gets that her life falls apart rather quickly but even so… Lulu is sure that Nina has no idea how annoyed she is. Lulu tells her to go and tell Nina right now. Lulu wonders how worried she is about rocking the boat. Maxie explains that she is James’ aunt and the closest relative since Obrecht was arrested.

Nina feels sorry for Obrecht. Nina admits that she didn’t get along with Willow but she feels bad for her now. Nina wonders how Joss is doing. Jax explains that Joss has to be homeschooled until Sonny figures out his latest threat to his empire. Nina assumes that he has a contingency plan. Jax will tell her about it when he speaks with his daughter.

Willow thinks that Sasha should marry Michael. Sasha thinks he needs to marry the right person. She took on the world for Wiley. She even went to jail to protect him. She asks why she should stop now.

Portia became pregnant with Trina after Marcus came back. Curtis hardly knew Marcus but one thing was clear, he and Trina loved each other. Portia explains he was a great father. Curtis knows he could have been kinder when he found out she wasn’t single. Portia knows a clean break was definitely the best way and it seems like he found his way to the right person. Curtis thinks that Jordan is a remarkable woman.

Harmony explains that Cyrus never was going to let her find TJ. Jordan tells Harmony to take her to her son for her own life.

Willow asks if she is supposed to live here. Sasha thinks that they change the living situation. Chase thinks that this won’t work.

Nina tells Maxie that she needs to find the Vietnam article. Maxie tells her that her assistant can get that. Maxie does this stuff anyway. She has done it for years. It wasn’t her responsibility to do all of this. She has literally lived here. She spent nights away from her son because of her. By the time she came back to the office she went home. She asks why she is only creative director. Nina says that there is nothing above aside from editor. Maxie thinks something needs to give.

Joss, Cam, and Trina all study together. Joss asks Trina to give her view point. Trina is completely not on topic. Cam can’t think either. Joss wants to know what is going on. Joss thinks that there is something so obviously wrong. Cam just doesn’t feel like English today. Joss thinks they can pick something else then. Trina thinks she needs to be alone. Jax shows up and asks if Trina is alright. Trina says she is fine. Jax doesn’t think that Trina appears to be fine. Jax asks about Cam. He knows that him and Trina went through the ordeal.

Harmony doesn’t know where TJ is. She can kill her but that might just annoy Cyrus. Harmony loves Willow. She is begging her for both their sakes to do what he asks. It is the only way that she will see her son tonight.

Harmony explains that he is just asking her to look the other way. She wouldn’t wait to long to give an answer.

Brook Lynn asks what the emergency is. Ned thinks it is hard to conduct business when this is going on. Brook Lynn needed lunch. Ned has important documents that need extreme care. Ned needs these documents scanned and delivered. These are for her eyes only. Brook Lynn guesses that since they are going to be spending time together… Brook Lynn reorganizes it.

Lulu sees that Brook Lynn’s career is shot and to the best of her knowledge she doesn’t have a job. Lulu wants to see what she is up to on FB.

Portia tells Curtis that she is considering transferring from Mercy to GH. Trina wonders why they are having coffee together. Curtis thinks he has to get going. Curtis thinks it was good talking with her. Portia tells her that her pain doesn’t give her the right to do this.

Cam thinks that Joss is being super supportive. Joss thinks that Cam and Trina are doing alright. Cam thinks that he might have just kissed Trina’s safe space goodbye. He needs to go check with Liz. Joss thinks that sometimes you just need to be alone.

Maxie loves Nina and she has always been more than a sister-in-law to her. Nina thinks that Maxie had trained her. Nina thinks that she is the reason that Crimson is thriving and it is shameful that she hasn’t acknowledged her. Nina thinks they can figure out a new salary and title. She deserves everything and anything she wants. She wants to make it happen.

Jax knows it takes a while to process trauma. Joss is sure that Cam and Trina will get there soon. Jax thinks that they should go to Lady Jane’s house. They could visit her grave. Jax explains that they could help out with animal recuse. Joss was just having the exact same conversation. Joss explains her life is here and she doesn’t want to leave yet. Jax explains that she is his priority. Joss chooses here for a number of reasons.

Brook Lynn tells her followers a personal tour of her desk. She is going to show her family business. She shows the her desktop computer.

Michael tells Sasha that this idea is insane. Chase thinks she needs help. Michael explains that Nelle created a terrible lie. He cannot do the same thing. Michael thinks everything he does needs to be done honestly. Sasha is so sorry that she lost her son. The bond she has with Wiley is real. Willow does love Wiley. Chase thinks that this is too much to ask even for Wiley. Michael cannot ask her to marry him. Michael offers her the chance to visit with Wiley. Sasha needs to get back to work. Chase has to get back to the station. Chase asks why Sasha would do that. That was the craziest idea he had ever heard. Sasha asks if he as heard anything better. Chase doesn’t think Willow can marry Michael. She loves him.

Jax tells Nina that Joss doesn’t want to leave PC. Nina wants Joss to be safe but she is glad that he is not going anywhere. Jax asks if she is ready to wrap things up. Nina needs to discuss things with him.

Jordan tells Curtis she has no idea what to do in this situation. She has no idea how to stop Cyrus. Curtis knows his wife and he knows she will get this done. Jordan thinks it is obvious that he is.

Ned asks if Brook Lynn has gotten the papers sent out. Ned asks if she did it exactly he instructed. Brook Lynn grabs the papers.

Portia tells Trina that she is able to breathe because Curtis saved her life. She knows it is hard for her to understand but Curtis saved her life. She urges her to reconsider the way she treats him. She doesn’t want that for her. Her father wouldn’t want that either. Portia explains that Curtis and her were friends before she was born. He is more honorable than she knows.

Curtis explains that Portia and him were involved 17 years ago. He got out as soon as he found out she is married. He went to see Portia to get some answers. Trina is not his daughter. Jordan is glad. Even before he went to see Portia he made a deal with himself to tell her the truth no matter what. He doesn’t want anymore secrets. Jordan loves him. She appreciates him telling her the truth. Someone calls her. Jordan tells him to go save the city. Jordan will do her best.

Nina explains to Jax that Maxie runs this place when she is not around. Nina explains she gets zero credit. Maxie is the heartbeat of Crimson. She knows her budget is locked in. She has done some figuring. She can get Maxie a raise and new title and will do the appropriate changes next year. Jax says no.

Maxie tells Lulu that Nina is being helpful. She is trying to get things in order. Lulu tells Maxie that she will never believe what Brook Lynn just posted to FB.

Michael wonders if Willow is ok. Michael thinks that it was an insane idea. Willow knows they keep saying that they are going to do anything for Wiley. Michael knows that Willow will be there.

Jordan changes the location of a police route. Jordan looks at her phone.

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