GH Update Tuesday 3/17/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/17/20


Alexis tells Sam to fill her in on Molly. Sam guesses she is doing as well as you would expect. Sam thinks that this is all very weird. Sam asks if everything is alright. She assumes things went alright for Neil.

Elizabeth welcomes Neil to the GH staff. Elizabeth was wondering if she could have a possible consultation for her son.

Joss is sure that Cam wants to be home schooled then he could be. Cam doubts that his mom would be comfortable with him being home schooled at mob central.

Trina thinks that Portia is being a little over reactive. She thinks that what happened with Cam is not her fault. Portia thinks that things have changed. Carly walks over. She is so sorry about her dad. She asks how things are doing. Portia tells her that it is impossible for things to be normal right now.

Jordan thinks about telling Harmony that Cyrus has her son right now. Curtis shows up. He explains that he bumped Stella up to business class. They had a good talk about them. He thinks it is imperative to make time for one another. They need to cancel whatever plans she has tonight.

Harmony finds Jason at Brando’s garage. She asks what he is doing here. Jason was about to ask the same thing of her.

Willow tells Chase that she is going to head over to Turning Woods and see if her mom is there. She has been jumpy the last few times she has been around her. Willow thinks that plans are difficult the last few times they spoke. She is still struggling with everything right now.

Sasha tells Wiley that Michael loves Wiley so much. It is Wiley who comes first right now and she is more than ok with that. Sasha asks Michael how it went. Michael explains that there is nothing that Diane can do right now.

Jason asks Harmony how everything is going. Harmony thinks everything is great. She explains that her car is having trouble though. Harmony tells them that there was a blink on the dash. Jason explains that Brando can take a look on this. Jason needs to check on something. He will take care of whatever needs to be done on her car. She stepped up for him when he needed her.

Sam asks if Alexis will give Molly a call because she is a mess right now. Sam explains that she is going to see Jordan and see if she can find anything out. Alexis gets a text.

Elizabeth knows that Cam is just covering to make her feel better. Elizabeth wonders if he takes insurance. Neil does and he can work things out.

Joss is so happy that Cam is ok. She doesn’t know what would have happened if something had happened to him. Cam actually thought for a few moments that he would die. Someone rings the doorbell. Laura shows up. She thinks it is good to see Cam. They hug.

Carly explains that Joss is at home if she wants to swing by. Portia tells her to text when she gets there. Carly is not sure if this is something she is interested in but she is going to have Joss homeschooled for the foreseeable future. Portia wants Trina to do what she wants right now. She does have something else to discuss with her. She wanted to discuss Ava Jerome.

Michael explains that Nelle gets to see Wiley. Sasha guesses that things happen. Michael thinks that they have to let Nelle see her or they play into her hands. Nelle shows up and she says hi and that mommy is here.

Chase thinks that Harmony feels guilty about the Shiloh thing that she doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Willow thinks she is still her mom at the end of the day. Michael calls Chase. He would really like another pair of eyes on her. Chase is on his way. Willow asks if something is wrong. Chase says Nelle.

Harmony would rather go to a different garage. Brando explains that Jason and Sonny set him up in this place. Brando explains that he and Sonny are family. He would really hate it if his first customer ran away. He asks if she will let him do this.

Carly explains that Ava had an inappropriate relationship with her son that literally ruined his life. Ava chews people up and spits people out. Portia is afraid that Trina might be left.

Curtis made reservations. Curtis reminds her that she will burn herself out. Jordan thinks she will be fine. Curtis used to say the same thing back when he was using. He doesn’t want her to get caught up in this. Jordan is the one who took this position. Cyrus is coming down on PC She has to work. Curtis wants Jordan to take care. Jordan will. She loves him. Curtis loves her too.

Willow is shocked that Nelle gets to be anywhere near Wiley. Willow is not sure if she should go or stay away. Jason asks if he can talk with Willow for a second. Willow tells him to go ahead. Jason explains he is concerned about her mom. She had a new car. He knows she is living at a halfway house and working at Turning Woods. Willow knows she is grateful to Jason. Jason just wanted her to know. Willow thanks him. She admits she is worrying about her mom too.

Brando tells Harmony that is a nice car she has. Harmony thinks it is annoying that this would happen. Harmony will get out of her hair. Brando thinks that Jason has no issue with him. Harmony thinks that Brando must know what Sonny and Jason really have going on.

Portia has always let Trina have freedom. She knew that Trina was really into the art gallery and she is spending so much time there now. She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want her daughter to have anything to do about it. This concerns her. Carly thinks it should.

Laura wonders if Sonny is home. Joss could take a message. Laura asks if Cam is alright. Cam claims he is. Joss thinks that they should be asking Laura if she is alright. Laura thinks of all the things that could have happened that day this is not that bad. She has no lasting damage and she is so grateful that nothing happened to them. She thinks it is her responsibility to get through all of this. Cam is not hurt and he was rescued. Laura loves Cam so much. She hugs him. She wants him to be safe. She will talk soon. Joss will. Laura says goodbye to them. Joss thinks that Cam was great with his grandma but he can talk with her about how he really feels. Cam thinks what happened was awful. Trina shows up.

Sam shows up at Jordan’s office. Sam explains that she looked into TJ because of Molly.

Nelle plays with Wiley. Chase shows up. Nelle demands to know what this is. Nelle thinks she will have to inform her lawyer that she brought a cop over. Michael explains that he and Chase are good friends. Chase asks if Michael has any snacks. They are growing boys over here. Michael will raid the kitchen.

Willow knows that Harmony was doing well around the time of the memorial. Then she texted her later and later. She thinks that this random new car is worrying her. She thinks that this would explain why she is being distant. She explains her mom just got out of prison. She doesn’t want her to go back.

Harmony was involved in a cult and she got her daughter involved too. She is trying to make a fresh start. Brando did some time too. Harmony is trying not to repeat the same mistakes.

Neil runs into Alexis. Alexis sees that he is on staff. Alexis thinks it is wonderful. Neil wouldn’t be here without her help.

Sam was able to find a location on his phone. Sam can go. Jordan explains that this is one of those cases that is a gray area. Jordan wants nothing but the best for her but we know this was Spinelli. Jordan thinks that this is the smart thing to do. She can handle this.

Carly is going to tell her how she handled the situation with Morgan and how it backfired on her. Morgan left her house and moved in with Ava. Morgan worshiped the ground that Ava walked on. She would suggest limited the situation. Ava will take full advantage. Portia thanks her for the information. Curtis sits down.

Trina explains her mom is all over her now. She is checking on her every five seconds. She hates it. Joss thinks it is a normal reaction. Her mom is scared. The shootout feels like forever ago. Trina just wants her life back and things to just be the way they used to. Trina storms out.

Nelle tells Wiley that they will have to do this again. She takes a picture with him. She says she will see him again soon. Nelle will be back soon for her scheduled visit. Chase thinks that they need to talk. Michael thinks he needs to bring Wiley upstairs first. Sasha asks how bad is it. Chase thinks it is bad. Sasha asks if Wiley is settled. Michael explains he is playing. Chase thinks that Nelle is a dangerous psychopath could hurt her. Michael thinks that Nelle knows that Wiley is the best thing that she has right now. He needs to show the court what an amazing life he can have. Sasha thinks that Michael needs to get married.

Joss is sorry. Trina knows she is the one who acted out. Joss knows how many times she has acted out and she has been there for her. She is here for her. Joss thanks her. Cam walks out. Her computer keeps lighting up. Joss scheduled a tutorial. Cam asks if Trina is ok. Trina wonders why she cannot handle this better

Laura tells Elizabeth she is early for her follow up. She asks how Elizabeth is doing. Elizabeth is just concerned about Cam. Elizabeth thinks that Cam is covering up his emotions. Laura thinks that he is trying to be strong for her.

Sam gives Jordan TJ’s location. Jordan thanks her. Sam tells her to have him call Molly. She has never seen her this upset. Jordan thanks her. Sam leaves and Jordan grabs her gun.

Harmony shouldn’t have unburned herself like that. She is great. She thinks that he looks like he is doing great too. Brando thinks that Jason seems like a fair guy. He is sure that Jason could help Harmony. Harmony doesn’t think she is in trouble. She leaves.

Nelle shows up at the Metro Court. She just had a visit with her son.

Neil needs to get settled in his office. Alexis promises not to say anything about what happened in New York.

Elizabeth wonders if therapy is the wrong move for Neil. Laura thinks it is a good idea. She wonders if Cam would go for it though. He might need some time to realize that he needs someone to talk too. Elizabeth is so grateful for her lately.

Jason asks how things went with Harmony. Brando admits that there was nothing wrong with the car.

Jordan opens her door and Harmony is there. Harmony has an update for her.

Portia has been meaning to reach out to him. She is forever grateful for that. She is clearly blaming him. Curtis thinks that it would make sense that she would blame the person who would survive. Curtis thinks it is time they talk about Trina.

Trina feels like a hot mess. Cam thinks when he ran out of the warehouse he tripped and fell. He was standing over him with the gun. All he was thinking was this is it and this is where he dies Then he heard the gun shot and he thought it was him. He keeps having nightmares that it was. Of all the things he didn’t get to do in his life he never got to do them and then he does wake up and he tells himself he is ok. Trina and Cam hug one another. Trina has those same nightmares. Trina is just glad they didn’t die. If she had lost him then she wouldn’t be able to do any of this. Cam wouldn’t either. The two kiss one another.

Carly knows about the petition of visitation. Carly tells her to order something or get out. Nelle says that Wiley knew her right away. They have a special bond. The boy lit up the moment he saw her. She can prove it. She shows the picture.

Sasha thinks they need to show a better step mother. Michael reminds her that his marrying her won’t work. Willow shows up. She asks what she can do to help.

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