GH Update Monday 3/16/20

General Hospital Update Monday 3/16/20


Ava calls Julian from the Metro Court. She wants to talk about Brad being in prison. She says she loves him and to call her.

Julian wakes up next to Brit in bed. The two laugh. She says good morning. Julian jokes it might not be as good as last night.

Nikolas asks Ava why he woke up to contractors all over the house. Ava tells him he is welcome. Nikolas sent them away. Ava is redecorating. Nikolas tells her if she wants new surroundings she can move elsewhere.

Elizabeth thinks that sleeping in front of the fire with the boys was nice. Franco has no idea how to rewire the house. Elizabeth thinks they will figure this out.

Joss asks Carly if she will be able to go to the volley ball tournament. Carly thinks they will have to decide.

Sonny and Brando walk into a car shop. Sonny asks him to take a look around and tell them what he thinks. Brando appreciates this a lot but he thinks they have the wrong impression of him.

Ava wonders if the mood at Wyndemere doesn’t depress him. Nikolas thinks that she could always go to her penthouse. Ava thinks he would be lonely. Ava wonders what he would do with all those hours. She thinks she is doing him a favor and then he would lose everything to her.

Elizabeth thinks that burst pipes are not that big of a deal. They are all ok. Franco thinks that money matters a whole lot. Franco thinks that they don’t have a whole lot of income coming in. Franco thinks that Elizabeth is great at this whole Brightside thing. Elizabeth kisses him. Finn walks over to Elizabeth. He asks if she has heard anything about Hayden and where she might be. Finn needs to find her. Violet’s birthday is coming up and all she wants is to see her mom.

Anna asks if he has seen Nikolas. Anna wants to ask about Hayden. Robert assumes that she knows it be a waste of time. Anna thinks it is better now that her and Finn are back together. Anna knows that Peter is no longer an issue. She can see that he still believes that he is.

Julian wonders if Brit wants breakfast. Brit has no time. Julian remembers that she has to go and visit her mom in jail. Julian guesses he might see her around. Brit guesses maybe or maybe not.

Obrecht talks to herself and says she was framed. She wouldn’t hire incompetent hitmen. If she wants someone dead then they are dead. She doesn’t mess around.

Sonny asks where he thinks that this is going. Brando only wants to make one trip to prison. He thanks them for taking care of his mother. He can’t be involved in anything. Sonny knows he stated his case. He needs to state his now.

Carly would love to say that this would all be over in a couple of weeks. She knows that they were able to put a bullet in Dev’s backpack. Especially, given what happened to Trina and Cam. She thinks that homeschool is a solution. Joss points out that Jax could take her to Australia. Carly wonders if that is what she wants.

Anna reminds Robert that one of their agents brought this to her attention. He found the wire transfers that went through her old clinic. She made payments to both of them. She was into all of this.

Brit shows up at the jail cell. She says hi to Obrecht. Obrecht didn’t know that she was coming. Obrecht asks how she is. Brit thinks better than her. Obrecht asks if it is legal for her to be here. Brit admits that she broke out and then came here. Obrecht thinks it is wonderful for her to be here. Brit asks if she did it.

Sonny is going to be transparent. Sonny doesn’t want him to be involved in any part of his business. Not the coffee house. This is his garage. He can have the cops come and inspect this place any time he wants. Sonny has business to go and take care of. He leaves the keys for Brando. Jason asks if Brando is not sold. Brando is not sure what everyone is trying to accomplish. He thinks it is better if he went back to Chicago.

Joss thinks that Australia might be the better way to go. She loves Lady Jane’s house. She could go to a great school. She knows that it is the place she goes to visit it is not really her home. She doesn’t want to leave her. Joss cannot leave Donna or Avery but Jax just moved here and set up his life so he could be here. Joss doesn’t want to leave. Joss is really confused about how this works. Carly thinks that the best thing is for them to be homeschooled. Joss guesses she will be ok but it is not the same as having actual human interaction. Carly was going to hire a tutor. She asks if she could hire one of her current teachers.

Nikolas thinks that in private she blackmailed him for his inheritance. This is a business relationship. Ava is an excellent art dealer with impeccable taste. Nikolas is not changing it. Spencer loved Wyndemere and wants it to stay the same. Ava assumes in case he comes home.

Scott tells Franco it is always nice to see him. Franco admits he is in a jam of the financial variety. Franco needs a hundred thousand. The basement is under water and they have been feeling a bit of a squeeze. The boys need sports equipment, art supplies, and other stuff. Scott is taking in this new man. Franco wonders when the growing is going to stop. Franco would love for them to have heat and electricity. Scott doesn’t have that kind of money. So, he will help him get a loan. He could put his bachelor pad on the market. Scott knew that Elizabeth was a smart girl.

Nikolas appreciates everything she did for Spencer. Ava did it because she gets it. Spencer was a whole different level to everyone else. That haunts him. She should be sitting here gloating but she lost a child and that is the worst thing in the world.

Finn has tried to get into contact with Nikolas. He cannot find her.

Obrecht has no reason to go around killing everyone. Brit needs her to hear her. She has been in hell the last five years because of the crimes she was guilty of. She is her mom and she needs to know what really happened. Brit would really appreciate if she told the truth. Obrecht says the truth is that she was framed by Peter who was helped by Anna.

Anna thinks it was obvious that Obrecht was afraid that Franco as Drew would remember something. Robert thinks that somewhere in here there is a frameup. Anna thinks that he wants Peter to be wrong. Anna thinks that it was Obrecht. Case closed.

Brando just wants to know what the deal is. Jason says that it is exactly what Sonny said. Brando is grateful for all that Sonny has done for her. Brando still thinks that the easier fix would be him going back to Chicago. Jason tells him for now he just needs to stay here in PC. He has a new business right now. Sonny and him will do whatever he can. Brand asks what he is to Sonny. Jason explains that Sonny and Carly are his best friends. So, separate to whatever Sonny wants he will help Carly.

Obrecht explains that Peter is rotten to the core. He was involved in the memory transfer. Peter needed someone to take the fall. She needs her help to prove it.

Anna cannot stop Robert from hating Peter but he is innocent. Anna didn’t prove it though but the WSB did and he has to let this go. Peter hopes for her sake that she is right.

Scott should know enough that water doesn’t freeze through the pipes. Scott thinks that he was kind of pushed into fatherhood so he has to expect growing pains. Franco doesn’t think that this is a good thing though. Scott asks how they got by last night. Franco says they lit a fire. Scott thinks that without hear the warmth of a family helps. That is a gift that anyone would ask for.

Nikolas cannot fix his relationship with Spencer until he wants to hear him out. Nikolas wonders where he would disappear out of country. Ava has to assume that Hayden knows it is clear to come over. She is in trouble with someone else or she actually did have an accident. Ava tells him he doesn’t tell Elizabeth.

Elizabeth doesn’t know how this makes any sense. She would never leave her daughter for this long. Nikolas swore that she just helped her leave town.

Ava wants them to get through Violet’s birthday. Ava tells him to string them along and the signs were positive but nothing definitive. If it gives them one more moment of happiness then it is fine. He is always sorry about one thing or another. Being sorry is the easy part. It is making amends that is the hard thing so he should try not doing it in the first place.

Brit thinks it makes sense and it is compelling. She thinks as much as she loaves Anna, she doubts that she would try to hurt her reputation. Obrecht explains that Peter is living with Maxie and James. She wonders what if Peter had Nathan killed on purpose. They don’t know what to believe. They do know that he is living in the same home as her grandson. Her nephew. She could kick herself for every buying into all of this. Brit made a mistake and now she is on parole. She cannot get swept up in all of this. She created all of this. She is going to stay away from all of this. She says goodbye.

Ava asks Franco if he rang. Franco cannot paint a portrait without a subject. Franco admits he needs a lot of money. His art is not generating any income. He thanks her for her though. Ava reminds him that he just got back up on his feet. His art will be lucrative again. Franco wonders if it isn’t though. He asks what if his talent disappeared with his tumor. Ava thinks that all his creativity is still in there. She thinks that something even great is waiting to come out.

Elizabeth wonders where Hayden is. He doesn’t have it in him to lie to her. Elizabeth begs to know where her sister is. Nikolas has no idea what is going on. She might have had some sort of an accident. He is sorry.

Joss thinks that Carly is so amazing taking all of this into stride. She wonders if she ever just wants to bail and say this is not ok. Joss knows how much she loves Sonny. Carly does every minute of every day. There is no staying till the bitter end for her. If hers or Donna’s life is in danger then she is out. She needs to factor in Joss’ feelings. Joss says ok. She hugs Joss.

Brando saw some ugly action overseas. He had PTSD. He thought he worked through it but he apparently wasn’t. Jason asks if he thought about calling 911. Brando saw a woman pinned down so he helped out. He thanks for the credit but he doesn’t deserve it.

Julian asks why Sonny is here. Sonny has questions. He wants to know why he paid for Brad’s defense after all he did. He demands to know why he would help that man. Ava needs Franco to believe in himself. She didn’t hire him to be nice. She hired him because she knows a great artist when she sees one. Ava wants something that will increase in value as a work of art. She knows that he can do it, so he needs to get to work. Franco thanks him. Ava says anytime.

Elizabeth thinks that Hayden didn’t need to do this in the first place. This is all his fault. It blows her mind how close they used to be. Now he is gone as much as Lucky is.

Anna got the tea set for Violet in time. It made it from England. Finn thanks her. Anna tells him to thank the post office Finn will do that afterwork. Finn wants this to be special for her. Anna cannot wait to see her face when she sees it. Finn thanks her again. He loves her. Anna loves him too.

Robert asks Obrecht how it is going. Obrecht asks how he thinks it is going. Obrecht thinks he should be ashamed of himself for kicking an innocent woman when she is down. Robert suggests in this occasion he is not guilty. Obrecht asks what he is saying. Robert is saying they might be able to help each other.

Joss would rater be in school but Dustin is awesome and he would be a great option. Joss thinks it is strange. What happened to Cam and Trina. She could see a kind of difference for her. Joss thinks it is because she learned it from her.

Sonny assumes that Brad has something on him that he doesn’t want coming out. Brad is in prison though. Julian asks if they are ok then. Sonny is never ok with him. If he finds out that he had anything to do with kidnaping his grandson that is something he will have to address with him.

Jason owes Brando still. He knows he is in a situation he doesn’t like but Sonny is a stand up guy. He promises that nothing that happens in this garage will get in the way of that. They hear a noise and Jason takes out his gun.

Written by Anthony

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