GH Update Friday 3/13/20

General Hospital Update Friday 3/13/20


Written by Anthony

Franco takes Elizabeth to the Floating Rib. He explains that she doesnít have to stay here if she doesnít want to. Elizabeth is happy anywhere.

Spinelli and Sam walk into the Floating Rib themselves. Spinelli thinks that in this moment she should not be in jail. Franco asks if Obrecht is in jail. Sam explains that Anna had her arrested yesterday. Franco wonders why. Spinelli says that one of the reasons was for trying to kill him.

Obrecht screams that she is a victim of Annaís maternal guilty. Nina walks into the jail cell. Obrecht has been here since yesterday. It is so good to see a friendly face. She asks Nina what is wrong.

Chase tells Willow that Nelle always plays the victim. Willow guesses she should ignore her. Chase thinks that the goal is to weaken her case. Harmony walks in. Willow wants her to join them.

Julian knows that Brit worked with Lucas at GH. Brit explains that Brad was her best friend. Julian wonders how Brad is doing. Brit is shocked that Brad kept the paternity secret all by himself. She thinks it is almost unbelievable.

Sasha wants Michael to get custody of Wiley. She admits she wasnít sure she was in a place in her life where motherhood worked for her. Then she ran into Nelle at Charlie's. The thought of Wiley growing up with Nelle scared her. She thinks if it will help him protect his son then she is in.

Jordan admits that it might not have been a great idea for her to get involved with Cyrus. Jordan gets a text saying that she shouldnít try telling anyone about TJ. Jordan tells Cyrus that there is nothing to prove that Cyrus killed Marcus. Jordan kept seeing Trinaís face. She hates herself for giving him that satisfaction. Jordan thinks they both know that this is not over. She needs him to take Stella out for dinner. Curtis will give her alone time. Curtis will book her a room at the Metro Court. He will let her know where they end up for dinner. If she changes her mind then they would love to have her.

Franco asks how Anna could think that that Obrecht hired the gunman. Spinelli explains that is what Anna was lead to believe. Elizabeth wonders who lead her to believe that. Sam says evidence. That is what they heard. She is sorry to interrupt their night. They are going to go. Elizabeth feels sorry. She knows that Obrecht has done bad things. Franco doesnít think she did it.

Obrecht begs Nina to believe her. Nina has lost track at how many times she has had to forgive her. Each time she convinced herself she was doing the right thing. Obrecht was framed by Annaís devious son. It was Peter who did all of this. The conniving man did all of it.

Brit admires Brad for doing what he did by taking the fall by himself. Julian thinks she should just come right out and say what she wants to say. Brit asks what made him throw Brad to the wolves.

Harmony is glad that Willow had Chase to support her. Harmony promises that she has her as well. Willow knows it is a loss for her too. She thinks so long as she is ok she will be fine.

Michael is so lucky to have her. Sasha is the lucky one. He has always had faith in her. His faith has restored the faith in herself. She is stronger when she is with him. Michael thinks they are stronger when they are together. Michael loves her. Sasha loves him too. He asks if she could love Wiley. Sasha already does.

Elizabeth could only imagine how difficult this could be. Franco thinks that Obrecht has never judged him even when she should have. Franco doesnít know why she would try to kill him. Elizabeth thinks she is the only one who can answer that. Elizabeth tells him that he can go and visit her if he wants. Franco goes to do so.

Spinelli asks why she cut him off in front of Elizabeth and Franco. Sam doesnít want Peter to come after either of them. Spinelli is concerned about Maxie realizing that she trusted the wrong man again.

Stella asks if they are waiting for Jordan. Curtis explains that Jordan needs some alone time. Jordan is not up for company right now. Stella doesnít think that family skips out. They support each other. Stella is still worried. Curtis knows. They can talk all about it after dinner from the lovely room that eh booked for her. Jordan walks out after they leave and she texts that she is alone. She wonders what happens now.

Nina thinks that Peter and Maxie are building a life together. Nina thinks that Peter is actively trying to be a better person. Obrecht really did change. She didnít kill Drew. She didnít order the attack on Andre and Franco. She needs to believe her because Nathan would want her to.

Julian doesnít think that she knows what she is talking about. Julian explains that Brad was blackmailing himself. He was sabotaging all their plans and wouldnít listen. Brit admits that today was the first time in a while that she had seen Brad. He has completely lost his nerve. Brit thinks that people should live the life they want.

Harmony gets a text. She has to get to work. She will pay. Willow promises it is their treat. Willow suggests they go for a hike on Saturday. Harmony promises she is taking this second chance she has given her very seriously. Willow didnít realize that her and Harmony had gotten so close.

Sasha promises to be honest and communicate. She wonders what this means. Michael gets down on one knee. He asks if she will marry him. Nina cannot believe she is dragging Nathan into this. Nina is done with this. She has gone too far. She is on her own. Obrecht begs her to listen. Nina thinks she needs to save it and accept the consequences of her actions. It is no one elseís fault. If she actually cared about Nathan then he would have wanted Maxie to be happy. The next time she wants to rip the world apart. Nina leaves.

Diane wonders why she is here. Michael explains that she suggested she get married and Sasha agreed to marry her. Diane thinks that is an awful idea.

Brit tells Julian that no one is going to hand him happiness. Julian has a family now. Brit says that is not what she heard.

Willow really only emails and texts her mother. Willow explains she is proud of her mother. She doesnít want to waste a chance to having a relationship with her.

Jordan looks at her phone and someone shows up. Harmony explains that Cyrus sent her.

Franco asks if this is nonsense. Obrecht would ever do anything to harm him. They are best friends. Franco knows that best friends donít hit them over the head with a bottle. Obrecht knows they donít set traps to get the police to find them either. Franco thinks they might not be as close as they thought. Obrecht never wanted him dead. Franco thinks other than the one time when they did. Obrecht never did. Franco asks if there was anything that involved Jason and Drew. Franco suggests that it could mean destroying her best friend.

Brit heard about Lucas and Sam. Brit wonders what is the point in pretending that life is some fairytale.

Diane thinks that Sashaís past behavior would have Sasha laughed out of court. Michael wondered who she wanted to get married to. Diane did a background check on Sasha. She was unaware of just how untruthful she has been in PC. Sasha asks if they get married if she would hurt the chances for custody. Diane says she would.

Spinelli will expose her. Sam asks Elizabeth how Cam is. Elizabeth tells her that that he still has nightmares. Sam was not told about this. She explains they donít get much face time right now.

Stella says that Amsterdam is an incredible city. Stella knows he is worried about Jordan. Stella knows the last time she pushed them away she was dying from kidney failure.

Jordan asks how she started working for Cyrus. Harmony wonders if it really matters. Harmony is the crazy cult lady. Harmony tells her that she is going to be her person from the inside of the PCPD. Jordan asks when TJ will be let go. Harmony thinks she better just do it. If she goes against him then he will fine out. So until he says otherwise she works for him and now so does he. Harmony says that all calls and texts. Jordan wonders what he has on her. Jordan explains he got her into the early release program. She jumped at the chance to be near her daughter. If she messes up it is not just her who gets in trouble. Jordan asks if she has any idea what kind of a risk she is taking. Harmony has to go. Jordan wants photos of her son every day. Harmony will pass on the request.

Nina finds Curtis. She is so glad that she is ok. Nina thinks it is good to see Stella too. Nina sits down. She thinks that Stella looks great. She is glad that she came to visit. She wishes she could say the same about her aunt.

Obrecht will not let him throw away their friendship over a lie. Franco needs a reason to believe her. Obrecht says that Peter needed a fall guy. Everyone is ready to rush to judgment against her. He should know what it is like to be accused. She wasted years of her life. She is no longer that same person. She is not the same person.

Diane explains that this could hurt them if they used Sasha. Sasha cannot marry him. Diane needs him to marry someone like Snow White and Mary Poppins. Michael is sorry about that. Michael wishes that this was different. Sasha laughs. They were engaged for all of fifteen minutes. She wonders why she is so upset.

Julian tells Willow and Chase that there money is no good here. He enjoyed seeing her take Nelle down. Willow admits to Chase she threw a drink in her face. She said something then Nelle said something back. She cannot say she regrets it. Chase wishes he could have seen it.

Brit tells Julian she has to go visit her mother in jail. She knows tomorrow is still a little ways a way. She feels like letting loose tonight.

Spinelli and Sam toast to nailing Peter.

Obrecht begs Franco to tell her what he is thinking. Franco doesnít know. He thinks she has been a good friend and it frightens him how far she will go to protect herself.

Jordan asks how dinner with Stella is. Jordan cannot sleep anymore. She has been distracted. She asks if Stella is going to stay here. Curtis asks how she is feeing. Jordan starts crying. Curtis promises that he is here for her. Jordan is upset about Cyrus. Curtis thinks they need to find Cyrusí weak point.

Sasha doesnít want him to be sorry. Michael thinks that Wiley is lucky to have Sasha in his life. He trusts her with him completely. Sasha trusts him. The two kiss one another. Sasha asks what they do now. Michael thinks that there are plenty of ways to beat Nelle.

Willow asks if Nelle will press charges. Chase thinks that anything is possible. Willow is always going to stand up for Wiley no matter what. Chase suggests they get out of here. Willow needs to. Thank him again. She wonders where he went.

Brit and Julian go into Julianís office and start to make love to one another.

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