GH Update Thursday 3/12/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/12/20


Written by Anthony

Brook Lynn asks Michael how Wiley is doing. Michael thinks that he is unstoppable. Brook Lynn tells Michael that she is working at ELQ tomorrow. Michael is looking forward to seeing what she does with the place when he gets back. Brook Lynn goes to open the door. Chase shows up and asks if he can come in. Brook Lynn wonders if he has a warrant.

Nelle asks Julian at Charlie's if Brad made bail. Julian tells Nelle to leave because he is not in the mood. Nelle can leave a really scathing yelp review. Julian tells Nelle to do what she has to do but she needs to do it over there. Nelle calls her lawyer to tell her what happened at the arraignment today. Sasha and Willow walk in.

Brit shows up at the court house. She thinks that he could sure use a friend. Brad wonders where she has been. He called her a few months ago. Brit was fighting to get her medical license. She thinks everything has worked out. Brit tells him that he doesn’t want to go to prison. The food is truly terrible. Brit wants him to cheer up. They will not let Nelle win. Brad explains she already has because he pled guilty.

Stella shows up at Curtis’ house.

Jordan demands that Cyrus say it. Cyrus is in a locked room. No one can keep him from doing what he wants. Jordan asks if he has his son. Jordan demands to know if he has her son. Cyrus keeps thinking about all the wrongs he has yet to right in his life.

Sasha asks if they should go somewhere else. Willow doesn’t want to give her the power. Sasha asks Willow how she is doing. Willow is coping. The best thing she can do is give her a distraction. She wants to know about Deception. Sasha says that Michael and he were talking about marriage.

Chase got him and Michael beer. He thinks that Brook Lynn could have some if she doesn’t swing it at his head. Brook Lynn has to go and get ready for her new job. Michael asks if everything is ok. Chase thinks that they need to talk about Nelle.

Brit tells Brad that you never admit guilt. Brad is guilty. Brit knows he made some stupid choices. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone though. Brad has really missed her. Brit thinks that is obvious. She doesn’t think that Brad she knows would have rolled over so easy. Brad got threatened by Sonny. Brit knows that is a compelling offer. Brit wonders how things fell apart.

Nelle asks Julian why Brad plead guilty. Julian thinks they all know that she traded the baby. Nelle thinks that she will have a better relationship with Wiley than he will ever have with Lucas. Julian doubts that Wiley will know who she is.

Curtis tells Stella that Marcus was not actually his partner. Stella is so sorry that Trina’s daddy was killed. Stella thinks that he will lie to protect her. Curtis promises that he is fine. Stella thinks it could have been him who was shot. Marcus died and he lived. Curtis left Marcus in that warehouse and now Trina is grieving. Stella doesn’t think that is his fault.

Jordan explains the will kill Cyrus herself. He needs to prove that he has her child. Cyrus thinks that snatching the commissioners child would help things out. Jordan gets a text message. He asks if she is going to answer it. Jordan only wants to hear from TJ. Cyrus thinks it could be important. Jordan sees a picture of TJ beaten up.

Ned asks how Brook Lynn’s day was. Brook Lynn has learned a little bit about her situation. Ned asked what changed her mind. Brook Lynn thinks she should work for the family business. Ned is not exactly ancient. Ned reminds her she is going on board as an assistant and taking phones and messages. Brook Lynn wants to update the music. Ned explains they use a service for that. Brook Lynn wants to get involved in the music. Ned likes it. He likes how she is trying to connect in her own way. There might even be a consultation fee in it. Brook Lynn wants to put family first.

Sasha explains that if Michael has a wife and mother figure for Wiley… Sasha only moved in with Michael because of Nelle. This is all happening so fast. It is wonderful knowing that she will see him every day. She loves Wiley. She just has a hard time thinking of herself as a mom.

Nelle is not going to let Michael and his family take away her son. Julian doesn’t think that she will have the child. Nelle is going to change his name. Willow tells Nelle that she is not going to change Wiley’s name. Nelle reminds her that her child is dead and she needs to stay the hell away from hers. Willow pours a drink on Nelle.

Chase thinks that Michael could still get full-custody of Wiley. Chase thinks that sometimes it feels like criminals have all the protection. Michael wonders if there is really no evidence that Nelle assaulted Willow. He wonders about the evidence that she was planning on locating Wiley. Chase explains that the passports were stolen.

Brad explains that Lucas was the only man who he ever loved. He was in a coma. Brit wonders about the breaks on the car. Brad explains the cops couldn’t figure out why they failed. Brad felt like a miracle. Lucas finally woke up. Then he got the job in Portland and just for a moment he felt like could make a fresh start. Brit thinks that Brad was crazy in love. Brad thinks that the lies and deceptions were wearing on him. He could have used her. Brit is sorry. She was busy trying to readjust to normal life after years in prison. She heard that her mother was arrested for multiple counts of murder. She thought that Obrecht was being a model citizen lately.

Curtis explains the alarms went off and that was it. Trina’s father sacrificed himself for her. Stella thanks the lord that neither of them were hurt. Stella assumes that she wants someone to be mad at and it is Curtis. Marcus put his life on the line to save the child he loves. That was his right.

Cyrus wonders what is wrong. Jordan demands to know what he has done from him. Cyrus is locked up in jail. Jordan demands to know what he wants. Cyrus tells her to calm down. The people who have TJ are not concerned about his health. Cyrus is sure that Jordan is the type of woman that will bring home her son safe.

Curtis knows she somehow manages to make things easy. Stella wants to make room for TJ before she goes back. Curtis explains that TJ has been hiding since Molly turned him down.

Brook Lynn was singing for Mike. Olivia sent meatballs. Plus, Sonny means a lot to mom. Ned wonders how Mike was. Brook Lynn explains that the disease is pretty advance but the smile is the same. Mike kept going on and on about the importance of family. There is this guy who remembers the importance of family. They are the ones who show up for you and support them the most.

Brit is shocked that Obrecht helped Nelle deliver the baby before she took off for Cuba. Brad explains she came back and figured out that he adopted Nelle’s baby. Brit thinks that she could use Obrecht. Brad thinks that she would lie to keep herself out of trouble. Brit is sorry. Brad doesn’t think that Obrecht was the problem. He was. He just wants to be good enough for Lucas and do anything he can to make her happy. Brit knows they can’t change who they are no matter how hard they try.

Willow says her hand slipped. Julia agrees it looked like that. Nelle walks over to Sasha and asks if she had something to say. Sasha thinks she deserved more than a drink in her face. Nelle thinks she is nothing more than a tramp. Sasha reminds her that she is welcome unlike her. Nelle tells them both she is not going anywhere.

Michael assumes that they were buried or taken. Chase thinks that it was someone with access. Michael wonders who else could be out there. Chase assumes another true believer helping out Shiloh’s widow. Chase thinks that she probably has help everywhere. Michael thinks that they need to stop her no matter what.

Ned tells Brook Lynn to show up at eight. Brook Lynn has no idea how to use a word processor. Ned thinks she will learn. She is smart and talented. The music streaming idea was a great idea. Ned knows she can do anything that puts her mind to. Brook Lynn doesn’t know what she is without her singing.

Brit knows what it is like to love a child that is not her own. She couldn’t bare to let her child go. Brad thinks it is good to have someone who gets it. Brit would never have let Julian walk away. She would have turned him over.

Sasha asks how it felt to throw the drink in Nelle’s face. Willow thinks it felt wonderful. Sasha wishes that there was something she could do. Willow thinks that there is. Willow thinks she could be ready to marry Michael.

Chase asks how they keep Nelle away from Wiley. Michael explains that Diane thinks he should get married. Chase thinks that Michael will need these more than he will. Michael thinks marriage doesn’t concern him that much. Michael explains that marriage is a whole other level. He thinks that fatherhood should come first. Michael asks if Chase really thinks that he should consider marriage. Chase thinks he should consider anything that puts him over Nelle.

Jordan is so happy to see Stella. Jordan could use some downtime. She explains that Cyrus got under her skin. Stella is shocked that Jordan had to deal with him. Jordan can’t do this.

Brit is proud of Brad. Brad doesn’t hear those words a lot. Brit doubts that he will ever find someone who loves him as much. A guard comes to have Brad sign the papers. Brit says goodbye.

Jordan thinks that Cyrus should be dead. Jordan tells Stella she cannot stay here tonight.

Ned understands what Brook Lynn is going through and has no doubt she will get through this. Ned really resisted getting involved in ELQ. He finds himself getting pulled back time and time again. Tracy goes after him until he gives in but it also comes down to family. He wants ELQ to remain in the family. Ned wants her to focus on her career right now.

Chase thinks they need to hash out this plan. Michael thinks that Wiley is worth all the pain that Nelle caused. Chase thinks that they do have a strategy for that. Michael knows marriage. Chase suggests that he could speed things up or risk her getting a permanent place in Wiley’s life.

Ned wants her to think of this being put on hold for right now. She can still be creative. Bowie took time off, Iggy Pop, Madonna, and even people of her own age group. She can still be creative in five years.

Chase asks Willow why she is sitting outside. Willow explains that Nelle is inside. Willow thinks that now that he is here she won’t even notice her.

Julian asks Nelle if she wants cash or credit. Nelle grabs her coat and doesn’t pay. Brit walks in. Julian asks what he can get her.

Sasha kisses Michael. Michael thinks her greeting was better than his. Sasha was thinking about them and marriage. She asks if they were a little premature asking if it wasn’t an option. Michael suggests that it might not be a bad idea. Sasha thinks it is a good idea.

Curtis needs a moment alone with Jordan. Stella goes to freshen up. Curtis wonders what is going on.

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