GH Update Wednesday 3/11/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/11/20


Brad asks Sonny what he is going to do to him. Sonny thinks that depends on what he says in the court room. Sonny explains that they buried a child and Michael grieved for months. Sonny will spare his life. He just needs to go into the courtroom and plead guilty.

Scott tells Julian he was smart to hire him.

Brook Lynn thanks the Shady Brook common room. Mike wants an encore.

Curtis wonders if Jordan doesn’t want to ask questions. He knows she has a few about him and Portia. Molly and Sam show up. She explains that TJ didn’t come home last night. Jordan says he texted her a little bit ago.

Alexis tells the board that after that night Neil made it clear that they couldn’t continue a personal relationship. They ask Neil if he can confirm that he never had a personal relationship with Alexis.

Sonny reminds Brad that he admitted to kidnapping the child. Sonny will not have Michael go through a trial. He needs to have his son. Wiley was never Brad’s son and he knows it. If he wants to take another breath then he walks into that court room and plead guilty. Sonny walks out. Brad starts sobbing.

Neil thinks about the night before when he and Alexis finally made love in her hotel room. Neil explains that everything that they need to know was submitted in the statement he made. They tell him that he needs to confirm things. Neil explains that other than the one instance his relationship has been strictly professional. She wants them to wait here as they go and make their choice. Neil thinks that Alexis lied to the board. Alexis doesn’t want him to have his license taken away because of one night with her. It isn’t right. Neil thinks it is.

Molly wonders if TJ said anything about them. Jordan says no. Jordan really is sorry. Curtis thinks that was rough. Jordan does feel bad for her Jordan does get worried about that text.

Brad shows up in the court room. Lucas is siting already. The judge shows up. The assistant DA is there. They see that he kidnapped a child for nineteen months. They ask how he pleads.

Alexis doesn’t want Neil to throw out his career. Alexis thinks he is so good. Neil needs him. Alexis doesn’t want him to throw all this away to be with him. Neil thought that was last night was all about.

Jordan doesn’t think that TJ has the luxury of knowing what he wants. Curtis thinks that TJ and Molly have been together since high school. He needs some time off. Laura shows up and asks what the plan is for Cyrus. Jordan explains that they have the police are on the streets right now. Laura wants to use his own tactics against him.

Brook Lynn thanks them all for letting her perform. She had a blast. Mike explains that Adela and him were still together when that song came out. They were having dinner. Meatballs. They danced and Sonny danced with them. Sonny and him could eat meatballs every day. Brook Lynn happened to bring him some of Olivia’s famous meatballs with her sauce. Brook Lynn is going to go and heat these up.

Brad pleads guilty. Scott tries to stop Brad from saying anything. Brad is guilty and he is weighing all his rights. Brad is not sole responsible for the kidnapping. Nelle is also responsible. The infant he adopted had just died. That was when he saw Nelle and her very healthy infant son. That was when she wanted to switch children. He wanted to give Lucas the child he always wanted. It was better than telling him he let their dream die. The judge explains that he will have to enter his guilty plea. The arraignment is adjourned.

Laura wants to look into his support system over at the prison. She wants to know about the guards. She wants to know if any of them are driving sports cars or anything. Laura asks if Jordan knows who is important to Cyrus.

Molly cannot believe that it was seven years and now TJ is ghosting her. He wasn’t at the hospital or the gym. Is it really that life changing for her to say no. She thinks that he can go find himself. He was the only boyfriend she ever had.

Sonny asks Brook Lynn what she has. Brook Lynn was just heating up some meatballs for Mike.

Scott asks what the hell he is thinking. They are going to give him fifteen years in prison. Lucas tells Scott to stop. Brad thanks Lucas for coming back. Scott tells him to talk some sense into him.

Alexis asks if he would have lied had he spoken first. Neil thinks no but she did. Alexis thinks that his work is more important than him. She thinks give what he did for her daughter. They did tell the truth. Alexis thinks he wants his license to go away. Neil just wants her. The board comes back in. There is no question that the evening was improper. His action was unethical. According to both their statements the complaint went from a third party and not Alexis. The board has chosen to not revoke his license. He can continue practice without limit.

Curtis wants to start with the man himself. They could talk with him in jail. Jordan could try and talk with him. It is worth a try. She will talk with he warden as well. Curtis wants her to stay safe. Laura needs Curtis to not think of going rogue. She reminds him that he is a civilian and a witness. Curtis will leave it to her and Jordan. Laura thanks him. Curtis thanks her for having him go to Marcus’ send off. Laura thinks when it counted the most, he was Marcus’ partner. Curtis knows that his daughter doesn’t see it that way.

Brook Lynn asks if Mike wants some help eating. She feeds him. She explains that she loves meatballs so much she continues to eat them regardless if it falls on the floor or not. Mike tells Sonny to sit down. He thinks that this whole thing is something else. Sonny thinks that Brook Lynn is something else.

Brad tells Lucas he is so sorry. Lucas tells him to not say he did this for them. Brad did this for them. He wanted him to be happy. Brad doesn’t think he can hate him as much as he hates himself. Lucas wishes he could hate him. He really does. He just is shocked at how little he knows him. Brad asks if he will ever see him again. Lucas takes off his ring. He is not sure if they will ever see each other again. Brad thinks he knows where to find him incase he changes his mind. Brad suggests he move on and find something better than him. Something he deserves. Lucas gives him a hug.

Mike asks Sonny if he remembers how much they loved that song. Sonny remembers they danced to it every time it came on. Mike remembers dancing to it all the time. Sonny explains that they got him tickets to see the Blue Suede. They got him a t-shirt at the concert. Mike remembers he wouldn’t take it off for a month. Sonny is glad that he remembers it. Mike thinks those moments are so important. In the end it is all they have.

Neil doesn’t like having his career on the line but still. Alexis thinks that no one is going to know that they slept with one another. Alexis wants to play by the rules and be safe. Neil reminds her that means that they won’t be able to see each other romantically.

Molly doesn’t think that TJ is like her or Jason. Molly thinks that they communicate and what have you. Sam suggests that he wanted to surprise her and make it romantic. Sam wishes she had the answers for her.

Curtis knows that Trina has a lot on her plate. She doesn’t need any anger. Laura thinks that is on Cyrus. Curtis thinks she needs someone to blame. Laura knows she is mourning. She is sure that Portia will be able to make it happen.

Jordan finds Cyrus. She asks if he expected a party. Jordan thinks he could have imagined but he probably can’t. Cyrus does have feelings. Cyrus believes in children. They will make medical discoveries that they will only dream about.

Julian asks why Brad changed his plea. Brad explains that Sonny paid him a visit. Brad tells him to relax. He kept quiet for Lucas’ sake. He is the reason he lost his son but won’t be the reason he loses his father. Brad thinks he will do the same to Julian when he finds out. Julian assumes that this is over. Brad hopes that it is. He better hope that he has covered his tracks. Sonny might get suspicious.

Brook Lynn explains that her aunt used to love when she would sing to her. She thinks that singing helps with function. Sonny thanks Brook Lynn very much. Brook Lynn thinks that Mike and his friends love her singing. Sonny knows that she is a smart girl. If she becomes this huge singing sensation, what matters in life is what counts and that is family. Brook Lynn thanks him. She needed to hear this from both of them. Brook Lynn tells Mike she needs to get going. Mike thanks Lois for coming by.

Mike wishes he could have heard her. He asks if he remembers how much they liked that son. Sonny remembers on his birthday, him buying that record. Then the swimming trunks they got him. Mike knows he went under and swallowed a bunch of water. Sonny is glad that he learned how to swim. Mike thinks he did.

Brook Lynn calls Ned and tells him that she is ready to be a part of the business.

Neil thinks this would have ended their careers. Alexis wishes that there was another solution. Ned tells her to let him know if she comes up with something. They hug one another.

Brad sits by himself. Brit shows up. She thinks he could use a friend.

Sam reminds her that she is the one who can’t see her man. She thinks she has a choice. She finds people for a living. Sam will bring TJ back to her. Sam thinks he will want to come back. Sam thinks that is what sisters are for.

Laura asks how Curtis knows Portia. Curtis explains they knew each other back in the day. He had no idea that Trina was her daughter. Curtis thinks the best thing they can do for Trina is take down Cyrus.

Jordan asks if Cyrus is an expert on children. Cyrus is in solitary confinement. If he has something to say then he can say it. Cyrus thinks that no one can keep a man from getting what he wants. Jordan asks if he has her son.

Written by Anthony

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