GH Update Tuesday 3/10/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/10/20


Alexis lays in bed naked next to Neil. She looks at him and he starts to wake up. She says hi to him. He says hi back. Michael starts to clean up after Wiley in the living room. Sasha walks in and thinks he was awfully quite after last night. Michael had a lot to think about. Michael explains that Diane thinks he should get married for his case.

Ava runs into Julian at GH. She asks what he is doing here. Julian explains that he is looking for Lucas. He is worried about Lucas and the fact that Brad is being arraigned today. Julian is afraid that Brad is going to give him up.

Scott tells Brad that he needs to give him something that takes the guilt off of him.

Mac and Jordan celebrate the memory of Marcus. Mac asks if Jordan would like to say a few words to kick things off. They all raise a glass to him. Cam and Elizabeth walk over to Trina and give their condolences.

Laura asks Curtis is he is ok at GH. Curtis was giving blood. Laura thinks he was missed at the funeral. Curtis wanted to donate blood after all that has happened around here lately. Laura thinks that Marcus had a plan and he did it. Laura thinks he should go to the wake. Curtis would feel out of place. Laura believes he should be there.

Mac wonders if Marcus has anything to say. Sonny says he does. Jordan explains that this is for cops. Sonny has come to pay his respects. He asks if he can have a glass. Mac explains that this is cops only. Sonny can deal with that. Sonny would raise a glass to Marcus. They had a lot of battles. He had a lot of respect for him. He was loyal and committed to the coat of honor.

Brad explains that Nelle was the only other person who knows. Scott thinks that Nelle is saying otherwise. Scott asks if anyone is mixed up in all of this.

Julian thinks that prison is the least of his concerns. If Sonny ever found out. Ava thinks that Sonny cannot find out.

Michael thinks that on the one hand getting married would definitely help. Sasha thinks that living in a mansion with a full-time staff does help too. Michael knows but Nelle has money from selling her ELQ shares. Michael explains a home where Wiley can be cared for helps things out for Nelle. Sasha knows that is the legal sampling. She wonders what he thinks about the whole marriage thing.

Alexis thinks she needs a therapist. Neil thinks she just had one. Alexis explains that they have a hearing to deal with. Neil wants to talk about the opera and not any opera but Aida the story of forbidden love. He thinks that only eighty percent of them are like that. Neil thinks the romantic night home definitely helped things out. Alexis doesn’t think it can happen again because he has to go before the board with his license at stake. Neil is going to tell them the truth.

Jordan explains that Marcus was planning to move back to GH. They raise glasses to Marcus. Sony walks over to Elizabeth and Trina. Sonny is sorry for her loss. He and Carly have her in their prayers. Sonny tells Portia that Trina is great. If they need anything all she has to do is let hi know. Portia thinks it was kind of him to come today. Marcus would have appreciated it very much. Sonny asks Cam how he is doing. Sonny tells Cam he can come back to the gym and workout a little. Sonny tells Elizabeth that he will make sure to keep them safe. Joss walks over and asks Sonny something. She wants to stay a little bit longer. She thinks that Trina might need her. Sonny will tell Michael and Wiley that she said hi. Joss hopes that it is ok that Sonny came. Trina is glad he did. They respected each other and that is important.

Laura thinks that Marcus asked him for help. Laura thinks that he did what he had to do. Laura thinks that it was obvious that if he had not been there then it would be funerals for Cam and Trina. Laura thinks that Marcus knew how things would play out. He got her out of there. Curtis feels that Trina doesn’t see it that way. Laura knows that he is not a cop but he was Marcus’ partner in that case.

Alexis thinks that this is serious. If he tells the truth then he is kissing his career goodbye. Neil thinks that if he lies then they put this on hold for two years. They cannot hold out this long. Someone is going to report them again. Neil will tell them the truth. Alexis thinks he is a great doctor. He is good at this. She will not let him take this away from himself. Neil has to tell the truth. Alexis thinks the truth is that they had an attraction to one another but they didn’t act on it until after they stopped seeing one another. Neil has to go and get ready. He needs her to know that no matter what the board does, he doesn’t regret what happened last night. He kisses her.

Trina thanks Ava for showing up. She is so glad she is here. Ava thinks on days like this they all need their friends.

Sonny tells Michael that he is not going to stay long. Sasha goes to make some calls. Sonny wonders how he is doing. Michael is doing well so far. Wiley is sleeping right now. Sonny knew that he would be a good father. Michael learned from the best. He thinks that knowing that Wiley is his son is so shocking. Michael needs to make sure that Wiley stays with him.

Scott needs to know if there is someone who can share the blame. Julian walks in. He needs a word with Brad. Julian needs him to think about what he said. Scott says that the check cleared. Julian wonders if there was a doubt. Scott thinks with his current cliental yes. Julian wonders what they are looking at. Julian wonders if he has given him a name. Scott thinks that someone else was involved in this.

Jordan asks if Portia is alright. Portia thinks so. Portia loved Marcus very much but their marriage ended a long time ago. He never could let go of his word. Jordan knows that Marcus loved her. Portia knows but when it came to his job, Trina and her never stood a chance.

Trina begs Joss and Cam to talk with her about anything. She will even talk about soccer. Joss assumes that she needs a distraction. Joss explains she is looking into some schools in Florida but Carly refuses. Trina turns around and Curtis is there. She demands to know what he is doing here. She knows everyone says that she should be grateful but he should have saved Marcus. Portia sees Curtis and recognizes him.

Michael is taking a leave of absence from ELQ. Sonny respects his choice. He knows how much he loves running ELQ though. Michael does but it doesn’t come close to his son. He is not looking forward to dealing with Brad in court. He wishes that Brad would just plead guilty. Sonny thinks that things have a way of working out.

Julian heard that it is not going too well. He will do everything that he can for him. Brad assumes he wants him to keep quiet. Julian thinks that he already lost Wiley and him. Julian is all he has left. Brad assumes he is supposed to take the fall.

Alexis shows up at the review board. Neil walks in as well. They are here today to talk about a complaint about things. They ask to hear from Alexis.

Curtis just wanted to pay his respects. Trina asks if they knew each other. Laura knew Marcus twenty years ago. He was a wonderful cop. Trina is done with this. Portia calls after her. Joss and Cam go after her. Mac asks if he can get him a drink. Ava gets a martini. Portia is so sorry. He will have to forgive her daughter. Portia heard that he owes him her life. Portia thinks it has been years since they have seen each other. Curtis is sorry for their loss.

Cam walks into the girls room because they are taking too long. Trina cannot believe that this is just getting so twisted. Cam is glad that she is alive so she will thank Curtis when she is out of earshot. Trina just cannot be grateful for that. Joss thinks that she got to say goodbye. She should be grateful that she got extra time. Cam wishes that Elizabeth and Franco would stop looking at him like he was going to fall apart. Trina doesn’t think that Cam is pretending like she is. Cam is though. Trina is glad they are here. That way they can be terrible with them.

Elizabeth cannot help but think about how much they almost lost them. Portia is glad that Trina has a strong support system. Ava promises that she does. Ava thinks it is her ex-husbands memorial. Jordan asks how come Curtis never mentioned that he knew Trina’s mother. Curtis didn’t know who Trina’s mother was.

Ava tells Elizabeth that Nikolas is wandering around his house like he is moping around. She was hoping that they could dinner sometime.

Julian might have kept his secret for the last few months but he didn’t steal Sonny’s grandson. He is not going to abandon him now. Brad wishes he would. Julian tells him to stick with the script and he will take care of the rest.

Sasha walks back into the living room. She asks what Sonny wanted. Michael explains he was just checking in. Michael explains that he was just checking up. Sasha wants Michael to give his opinion on marriage. Michael thinks in olden times the primary purpose of marriage was a business transaction. It wasn’t about love. Michael thinks for him to get down on one knee… Sasha asks if he is asking her. Michael sighs.

Brad wonders when the arraignment begins. Sonny thinks they have time.

The board explains they heard that their relationship became personal. Alexis explains that Neil and her found themselves at the same event. It was a bingo event that she won. She kissed him on accident. Alexis has nothing else to add and then she realizes she wants to point out that he is a wonderful therapist. Her daughter became involved in a cult and her father hired Neil to help get her out. If it weren’t for Neil then she wouldn’t have a relationship with her daughter. Alexis thinks that Neil helps people as friends. People run into each other as friends. It would be ridicules for one of them to walk into a place and the other to walk out. She wouldn’t say that they are friends but they are friendly. They want to know the nature of her relationship with Neil.

Laura wouldn’t take Ava up on the offer for dinner. Elizabeth is fine with that but if Ava invites Franco it is a different story.

Trina walks out and tells Portia she is ready to go home. Ava tells Trina she doesn’t have to rush back to work. Portia thinks it is so kind she is allowing her to mourn her dead father. Ava thinks that she should know what a terrific multitasker their girl is. She is sure that she had it in her head to come in tomorrow. Trina wanted to come in today. Ava and Portia at the same time tell her she won’t do that. Ava promises her internship will be waiting. Elizabeth asks Joss if they can drive her home. Joss has a driver coming. Joss tells Cam she is glad he is ok. Elizabeth wants Joss to stay safe.

Jordan walks over to Curtis. He asks if it is TJ. TJ claims he needs time away. Curtis is sure that things will work out. Jordan isn’t worried about Molly and TJ. She needs to hear his voice.

The board needs Alexis to be honest. She asks for the last time what the nature of her relationship with Neil is… Alexis says it is strictly professional. She explains it was been cordial. She was his patient and he was her therapist. Nothing more.

Michael is willing to protect his son. A marriage of convenience is not fair to her. Michael is not going to create an insta-family. He thinks if they day ever did come he would want it to be for the right reasons. Sasha agrees. They cannot let anyone else dictate how they live their lives. Not Diane or Nelle. They hug one another.

Brad asks what Sonny will do to him. Sonny thinks that depends what he says in the court room.

Written by Anthony

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