GH Update Monday 3/9/20

General Hospital Update Monday 3/9/20


Sam looks out the window at the Quartermaine house. Jason walks in and wonders if she just dropped off the kids. Sam didn’t just drop them off. Jason is glad that she did. Sam is worried about what is going on. Jason is trying to be careful. Michael and Diane walk in. Michael is sorry to interrupt. Diane is glad they did. She is billing them for the consultation they are about to have.

Willow wonders if Chase can believe that Nelle would sue for custody of the Wiley. Chase can. Willow refuses to allow that psychotic baby switcher new her… Michael’s son.

Sasha knocks on Nina’s office door. She smiles at Nina.

Neil and Alexis sit down at a restaurant. He loves New York. He thinks that everyone has a story. He thinks that they all have a story that makes them who they are. The city amphiphiles it a bit. Alexis knows what he means. Neil thinks that she always does.

Finn gets Violet some stuff to draw with. Finn wonders if she knows what she is going to draw. Violet thinks it is full of surprises. Finn will be over at the next table with Anna. Finn loves her. Finn tells Anna that Violet likes listening in and he doesn’t want her to misunderstand anything. Anna misses him so much. She wants them to get past their differences. Maxie walks over and tells Anna she is so sorry. It was right in front of her and she refused to see it.

Diane tells Michael that she needs to speak with Jason and Sam. Michael wants to check on Wiley anyway. Diane assumes that Scout an Danny are upstairs. Diane reminds them that she is their lawyer. Her parole officer is allowed to go after her for this. Diane thinks that any privilege of being married doesn’t apply. One of them has to go.

Chase thinks it is one thing for Nelle to seduce the men in her life but Wiley is just a baby. Willow doesn’t think that Wiley knows who Nelle is and doesn’t know how to protect herself. Chase is shocked how the legal system failed.

Nina realizes that they had a meeting for the night. She asks if they can postpone. Nina thinks that she is a capable young woman and that helps with Lucy. She is just not emotionally available right now. It is nothing she cannot handle. Nina thanks her for asking though.

Neil toasts to pleasant surprises. Alexis thinks that out of all the places, in all the worlds… Alexis thinks that this was a coincidence. She wonders if this is a little risky when in twenty-four hours they are saying they don’t have a personal relationship. Neil thinks they will be ok. Alexis is going to tell the truth. It was just a kiss. Alexis thinks that they will be fine. Neil explains that he was thinking of something.

Maxie is done with Obrecht. She knows that Obrecht loves her and James. The scary thing is that she didn’t show any signs. She was always there for her. Obrecht is responsible for Drew’s death. Finn doesn’t want her to deal with this. The truth can be hard to face.

Neil thinks the fact is that aside from him being a therapist, she is the first person he has spoken with that he felt he can actually talk with. Alexis thinks it pains her to say that there is an exceptional amount they have in common.

Maxie knows that Finn thought it was Peter because Obrecht framed him. Violet walks over and says hi. Finn is left alone with Peter. Finn guesses he owes him an apology.

Willow thinks that this situation is so confusing and surreal. Willow is glad that Michael is Wiley’s father because he is a good person. When it matters Michael can be ruthless. She needs him to protect Wiley. Chase thinks they both will.

Sasha thought of the best location for a shoot. Nina needs to get back to work or she will never get out of here. Nina thinks they are on the brink of something exciting. Sasha does as well.

Sam hears what Diane’s saying. Diane thinks it sounds like she is on death’s ears sometimes. Sam wonders if they could get actual evidence against Peter. Diane thinks until and unless Anna sees the truth then there is no way to help her.

Alexis knows that the patient has to tell some very personal information and he didn’t take advantage. She used the therapy to manipulate him.

Michael asks if Diane needs anymore tie. Diane explains that Nelle plans to sue for custody of Wiley. Sam thinks that she could be a witness on stand. Diane asks if Sam is clear to what needs to be done going forward. She needs to not be around Jason. Michael thinks that Sam has a point. They need to line everyone up. Diane thinks it be the surest way to lose.

Chase runs into Sasha. She was at the library. She doesn’t have an office yet. She needs to get some work done. She chose a drink instead. Chase asks why she is killing time. Sasha explains that Michael is meeting with his lawyer over the custody issue. Chase explains that Willow is dealing with Wiley as well right now. Sasha asks if he is going to wait. Chase is.

Peter has done plenty in his past to deserve suspicion. He thinks that all is forgiven. Maxie has inspected the masterpiece and Violet wants Finn to see it. Maxie cannot believe that Obrecht did this to all of them. Spinelli sees them and Jason walks over. Spinelli explains that Peter framed Obrecht for his crimes. They are claiming that Obrecht was covering her tracks for the memory transfer. Peter thinks that he needs to open their eyes. Jason doesn’t think that you can make someone believe something they don’t wan to. Anna agrees truer words were never spoken. Spinelli will let them talk. Spinelli could forgive this if it weren’t putting Maxie and her children in jeopardy. Jason would like to hear what Anna has to say. Anna thinks he is completely wrong about Peter.

Spinelli asks if he can talk with Maxie for a moment. Maxie thinks that anything he has to say to her, he can say in front of Peter.

Alexis should have walked out the moment she realized he was her therapist but she liked getting to spend time together. They are in this mess because of her not him.

Michael reminds Diane that Nelle killed her first fiancé. There was no PTSD. She is as cold and calculated as it comes. Diane thinks the ways of the legal universe are different. Diane explains that it is impossible to strip a parent from a child. It is going to be really difficult for Wiley to be taken away from Michael.

Willow shows up at Nina’s office. Nelle was set free. Willow needs her help. She can expose Nelle in her magazine as the unfit psycho that she is.

Alexis thinks she would have walked out of his office and called him on the phone from her house. Alexis knows she blew it. She knows they wouldn’t be where they are now. Neil could have refused to treat her and he didn’t. He admits that he probably looked forward to their sessions more than she did.

Spinelli thinks that Peter’s innocence is an illusion. Maxie gets that he doesn’t like Peter but he is wrong. He needs to accept it and move on.

Finn thinks that Violet is an artist in the making. Violet wants to be a doctor. Finn thinks she can be both. Violet wants to go home to Anna.

Anna explains to Jason that Peter was in Europe, working for Eurotech. Jason knows that Peter was at the same time. Anna reminds him that Obrecht was the scientist of choice though. Anna doesn’t think he believes a word of it. Jason says no.

Nina explains that Nelle is not a public figure. It could backfire. A smart lawyer might accuse Michael for trying to smear her in the press. Nina thinks that more importantly it is not her job to line up Michael’s defense. Nina thinks as painful as this is, the custody suit has nothing to do with her. Willow asks if she is saying that Wiley isn’t her son and she needs to detach.

Sasha thinks it is insane that Nelle could actually spend time with Wiley or get custody. Chase knows. Chase thinks it is one thing when you see her coming but when you hear the sad story you want to be a hero for her. She targets good people because she thinks that they are suckers. There is something inside her that wants to destroy what is good. Chase thinks that Michael needs to take her down. He is lucky to have her by his side.

Michael cannot have Nelle near his child. This isn’t some bad divorce. He saw that with Carly and Sonny. They never thought that either of them would harm him. Nelle could harm him for some reason. Diane thinks they need to look at this from strategy. They need to prove what a wonderful person he is. He and only him can give Wiley the best home possible

Spinelli thinks that there are questions for Obrecht’s motives. Maxie is done with this. If the proof is good enough for the WSB then it is good enough for her. Spinelli asks if this is her way of saying that she is going to marry this man. Spinelli is going to take his leave before they say anything they cannot take back.

Jason thinks Anna has the same lie in her eye right now. Obrecht had no motive. She hated that Faison killed Nathan. The person who has the most to lose is the one who visited Shiloh multiple times, with a bag full of cash, and showed up at the right time to stop Andre’s shooter. The fact that she doesn’t see this doesn’t make him less guilty. Anna thinks that Jason is wrong about this. Jason doesn’t think this is about him. It is about Maxie and her kids. Anna tells him that if he does anything to harm him and she will come after him. Jason knows you cannot make someone believe something they don’t want to.

Anna asks Finn how they are. Finn explains to Anna they would like to come home with her. Anna asks if he is being real. Finn says yes. Finn guesses they can go. Anna says that Violet’s room is already for her.

Sasha feels like she has no other way to go right now. For her to step in and become a maternal figure is hard for her. Chase thinks it is ok to say it… Sasha doesn’t want to lose Michael but she isn’t sure she is ready to be a mother. Sam hears this.

Nina knows that she thought this baby was hers and she cannot turn off the feelings. Nina knows that motherhood is about the need to nurture. They would do anything to protect and love their children. To be with them.

Diane knows that Michael was a minor and he did go to prison. It is a strike against him. He has become more than a contributing member of society. Diane needs to make sure that people know that he is living here and not at Sonny’s house. Diane doesn’t want him to take the Quartermaine house back. He is a stellar member of the community. He can give Wiley the best home possible. He has had a relationship with this child and spent time with him since he was born. Diane thinks that he is the father and the courts love the mother in this case. Diane thinks that he might need to provide a mother for Wiley. He might consider getting married.

Alexis guesses she will see him at the hearing then. Alexis thinks the evening was… Neil thinks it was wonderful. Alexis smiles. She says goodnight. She goes into her room and takes a deep breath. She opens her door and Neil is still there. They start to kiss one another.

Written by Anthony

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