GH Update Friday 3/6/20

General Hospital Update Friday 3/6/20


Written by Anthony

In New York City Alexis thanks Diane for these tickets to the opera. She gets box tickets. She finds her seat and Neil is sitting next to her.

Molly explains to Jordan that TJ never came home last night. He never came to work today either. She assumed after last night that maybe he needed space. Jordan asks what happened last night. Molly thinks she broke his heart.

Cam asks Trina if she wants some cookies. Trina and him eat them.

Portia thanks Elizabeth for everything she has done for her child. She should have been here for her. Elizabeth thinks that they had no idea what was going on.

Maxie thanks Lucy and Sasha on the phone. She will take care of things. Nina walks in. Nina thinks the light on the shoot is going to look fantastic. She wants to see the post production budget. Maxie is going to have to call them back. Jax walks in. He is looking for Nina. Nina says that he found her.

Peter wants to be kept posted. Finn walks into the Metro Court with Violet. Violet thinks that lizards are wild except for Roxy. Finn wonders if he can find someone here. Finn wants some shortbread cookies. Finn thinks they are getting tea and scones.

Anna tells Obrecht that she didnít get away with it. Anna thinks that Obrecht has no place in Maxie or Jamesí life. She thinks that it is all over. She thinks she has changed but she hasnít. Anna is going to make her pay for everything she has done.

Nina needs to get back to work. She really missed the office. Maxie gives her this months information. Maxie will handle everything as usual. Jax asks if she is ok. Nina thinks she is just being Maxie. Jax wonders if he can go on her next business trip. Jax just got an email from HR about them.

Obrecht thinks that Faison is dead right now. Obrecht wasted so much time with that idiot. She has a respectful life right now.

Peter walks over to Finn and Violet. Peter thinks that Anna loves the tea parties and has been asking about her. Maxie walks out from the elevator. Maxie is getting taken for granted by people.

Trina gets milk from people. Cam explains that on the trip he had to have oatmeal every morning because it was high in fiber. Cam thinks they all had amazing dining halls but they had to have oatmeal. Trina thinks the soccer trip feels like another life ago.

Portia knows that Marcus didnít want them to move away but his hours were no way to raise a child. Portia cannot figure out why he would even show up in PC.

Jordan is shocked to hear Molly not want to get married. Jordan gets she doesnít want to get married right now. Jordan knows they love each other and that is all that matters. Molly should have played up how much she loves TJ. He left her at the restaurant.

Neil bought his ticket earlier tonight. Alexis said that Diane had a client that wasnít using her ticket. Neil will find new tickets or maybe another sow. Alexis wants him to stay.

Nina is going to be really annoyed with her lawyers if she gets pushback. Jax promises that they are free to see one another. Jax thinks that they can have a personal and professional relationship. Nina thinks that she kept thinking if she could have experienced the beaches with him. Jax is sure that there will be more shoots all in good time.

Neil asks if Alexis wants to stay. Alexis thinks this is a fluke. She finds it odd they ended up at the same opera. It happens. She thinks he should have a seat. They donít have to talk. They will watch a tragic tale of forbidden love.

Molly thought that TJ was crashing in the on call room. Jordan suggests that they should exchange text messages. Jordan has texts from him since then. She suggests he is just looking for space. Molly thought they could always talk things through in the past. She needs to find him. Jordan promises he will calm down and come to his senses. Jordan needs to get heading out. Molly is honored to have TJ propose. It is just the institution of marriage. Jordan promises to call if she hears anything.

Cam thinks that Trina would have been stuck in the warehouse with someone else if they hadnít been together. Trina remembers that this was all real.

Elizabeth actually knew Marcus when he lived in PC. She was friends with his sister. Portia thinks he was a good father but he was law before they met. He was never going to quit the job. She noticed he was bringing the work home with him. Portia thinks they would argue all the time. He would care more about drug dealers over his own family it was only a matter of time before it would catch up with him.

Finn explains that he used to see an owl outside of his room that would eat a mouse. Violet shows him her drawings. He asks who those are. She shows him Annaís bulldog. Robert walks over. Violet asks him to join them. Robert wonders who this is. Violet says it is Otto. Robert thinks he looks like Finn.

Obrecht asks how their could be witnesses to something that doesnít exist. Obrecht thinks this is enough. She would never try and kill Franco. Anna has proof.

Trina does wonder if she could have done something to stop the gunmen. Cam wondered if he could have fought the gunmen harder. Trina thinks that Franco came back though and her father wonít.

Jordan knocks on Elizabethís door. She goes to open it. She is sorry to come over unannounced. Portia introduces herself. Jordan hates that when they are finally meeting it is like this. Portia has heard a lot about her.

Alexis and Neil watch the opera together. She looks at Neil. They look at one another and smile.

Nina and Jax kiss one another and Jax gets a text. Jax needs to take the message. Jossí friend was involved in a kidnaping and her father died. He needs to send a text back to her. Jax is glad that he can actually be there for Joss. Jax is glad to have such a great kid.

Maxie needed to walk off that stupidity. Maxie is trying to get this partnership together. Maxie thinks she is running things while Nina is off planning fake weddings and sleeping with the CEO. Peter reminds her that Lucy offered to bring her on to Deception.

Obrecht tells her to look no further than her devious son. Obrecht thinks that Peter knew what would happen when Lulu wrote that story. Anna thinks that Obrecht is an excellent liar. Obrecht thinks that Peter was up to his neck in lies. Obrecht is arrested for murder, attempted murder, and other things. Obrecht thinks she is being framed.

Alexis is shocked to find herself get so emotional. Alexis is almost like a princess. Alexis thinks she might make a good general because she likes blood. Neil thinks that she terrifies him sometimes. He goes to go and get water. Alexis tells the usher that Neil is just a friend.

Nina tells Jax that if he wants to slow things down for Joss that is fine. Jax has dated before and it wasnít the end of the world. Joss is busy being a new aunt to worry about that. Nina asks who had a baby.

Peter does have something he needs to talk about. He gets a text. He explains that Obrecht just got arrested for the attempted murder of Andre and Franco.

Finn asks if Violet could ask the waitress to bring them some more tea. Robert thinks if he ever wants to talk he can. Finn is fine. He just hopes this gets easier.

Cam is just trying to say that he is here for her. Trina knows but she is just mad at everything. Marcus was always the long distance parent. She thought they would finally have a chance to get to know each other. Cam wishes he could have known his father.

Cam explains that there must have been some good in his father. He wonders if his life would have changed around. He could have shown him how to shave or stuff like that. He is just saying he is glad that she had her father as long as she did. He wishes that she didnít have this information.

Jordan explains that Cyrus might be behind the kidnapping. Portia didnít think much of this but now it is making sense.

Maxie wonders what if Obrecht was involved somehow. If it didnít bring Franco back it would have intensified Drewís memories. Obrecht knows the hospital inside and out. She could have sent someone there. Maxie wonders how she could do this to all of them. Especially, to James. She asks how she will tell him that he will never see his grandmother again.

Robert asks what threat bothers Finn. Violet walks over with Anna. Anna has some major news for both of them.

Nina knew that Nelle was bad news but never realized how bad. She is glad she got rid of her from Charlotte. It is good that Michael was reunited with his son. Jax thinks it came at Lucas and Willowís expense. Nina realizes that this means that Willow lost a child. She must be in unspeakable pain. She tells Jax to get out so she can work. They will be official when she has less to do. Nina will call him. Nina is already calling him. Nina looks at her work. She looks at a box that has the locket.

Neil wonders what Alexis thinks. Alexis liked it a lot. She is glad they got together in the end. Neil is glad he got to see it with her. Alexis hopes the review board doesnít lock him up. Alexis is staying at the Columbia. Neil thinks they can walk together. Alexis thinks it is a little risky. Neil thinks they can handle this.

Portia and Trina thank Elizabeth for everything. Jordan promises they will be in touch. Portia asks Trina to wait in the car for her. Jordan is sending some officers to watch over her and Trina. Portia thinks that they got what they wanted already though. Marcus is dead.

Maxie wonders how she could not see this. She thought that Obrecht was changed. She asks how she can ever face Sam again. Sam is glad she has Peter. She is glad she can trust him.

Anna explains that Obrecht was behind everything. The evidence points towards the facts. Robert has to make a call. Anna thinks that Finn sees why she believes that Peter is innocent. She asks if he wants to come home.

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