GH Update Thursday 3/5/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/5/20


Written by Anthony

Cam is sleeping on the couch thinking about Jason rescuing him the other night from Cyrusí goons. Elizabeth and Franco walk over and ask if he is ok. Cam wonders how long he was out for. Elizabeth explains it was a couple of hours. Elizabeth thinks they need to give Trina some space. Cam is just grateful that Jason and Curtis showed up. Trina walks downstairs.

Sonny respects Jordan for reaching out. Jordan thinks that Curtis can discuss what they are doing here. Curtis thinks they need to take down Cyrus. It is worth a try. Jordan feels ambushed. Curtis thinks they have a common enemy. Sonny wonders why they would target him. Curtis explains that Jordan put him away in the first place.

Spinelli explains in a text that he has eyes on the target. Sam wants him to let her know what she finds.

Anna meets with Peter. The WSB contacted her about him.

Obrecht finds Spinelli in the bushes and wants to know what he thinks he is doing.

Michael tells Nelle that he is not going to do this in a public hallway. Nelle is going to sue for full custody of her son and she is going to win. Nelle leaves.

Jordan asks how Curtis could give classified information to the mob. She is leaving. Curtis tells her she is not. Jordan thinks she is. Curtis doesnít think she heard his plan. Sonny thinks that he is right. They need to see what they can do about this. Curtis thinks that her and Jordan were part of a task force. Curtis thinks that they all know what happened with Marcus. Curtis thinks that Cyrus came here to let Jordan watch this town burn. Jordan doesnít trust Sonny. Curtis thinks they need each other. They can stop Cyrus from helping each other out. Curtis will act as an intermediate. Jordan will not work with them.

Trina wonders if her mother is back. Cam is really sorry. Trina thinks it is ok. Elizabeth is going to go make some sandwiches. Trina has slept off and on. Cam has as well. He keeps picturing the night over and over. She felt like an idiot when Joss used to go through lockdowns. People get hurt though and get killed. Someone rings the doorbell. Elizabeth is sure that it is her mom. Ava and Nikolas are at the door.

Michael thinks that she has no grounds to go after Wiley. Nelle does because Brad kidnapped Wiley. Carly thinks that Brad will do serious jailtime for what he did. Nelle thinks that this doesnít do anything about the family business. His family poses a threat to her son. Willow thinks that she poses much more of a threat Nelle served her time. Michael is just as much of a felon as she is.

Spinelli thinks that Obrecht startled her. Obrecht knows he was spying. Spinelli thinks that Peter is responsible for killing Nathan. Spinelli suggests working together. If she has anything on him that could help with his case. If she could help then they would work this out.

Anna explains they have found some interesting things and Peterís name has come up. He thinks about Obrecht telling him that there was a time when she would have used his past against him. Anna wonders if he has heard about Lumina enterprises.

Ava is here to see Trina. Ava says hi to Trina. She is so sorry about her father. She thinks he must have been a brave man. Trina thinks he was the bravest.

Jordan wonders if he really expected her to work with them. Sonny knows that she did with him and the Jeromeís before. Jordan thinks that was when she was under cover. The only reason she ever associated herself with Julian was to save Shawn from him. She has wasted enough time here. She storms out.

Sam asks Molly how she is doing. Molly thinks that Alexis told her. Sam explains that Alexis is in New York. Molly needs some wine. Sam wonders what is going on. She would like to hear what happened from her. Molly thinks that he was loving and sincere. She doesnít want to get married though. TJ walked away. She hates she hurt him. Sam is sure he just feels disappointed. She cannot blame him for being mad. Molly doesnít think he ever came back. Molly doesnít want to freak out. Molly has never not come home before.

Anna explains that Faison arranged for a lot of visas.

Spinelli needs to expose his lies. Keeping silent is never the answer. Lucas learned that the hard way. Nelle and Brad were arrested for swapping out a baby.

Michael doesnít think that what he did is on the same level as what Nelle did. Carly thinks it happened years ago. Carly thinks she is a repeat offender. She tried to kill Michael. Nelle was suffering hormonal imbalance. Willow thinks she is using the child as a weapon. Willow will get up on that stand and say how dangerous Nelle really is. Michael asks if Nelle can picture it where Willow takes the stand and tells the truth. She cannot fake generosity and kindness. The judge will see right through her like the rest of them. Carly thinks the judge is going to see she is nothing but trash.

Jordan sits down in her office. She looks at a picture of her family on the desk.

Sonny thinks that Jordan is a good woman. Curtis thinks that it must take a toll. Curtis thinks that neither of them were to shocked when he mentioned the history with Cyrus. Jason figured out there was a connection somewhere. Jason wonders why she wouldnít go to the DEA. Jason guesses that Cyrus has something on Jordan. Curtis is going to go and find his wife. He grabs hi coat. He will be in touch.

Ava wants a moment alone with Trina. Ava assumes she has been asked if she was hungry and she brought some good chocolate chip cookies. Ava doesnít want Trina to feel pressured. You donít get over grief at least she hasnít. She thinks one day she will move on from the pain she is in now. She thinks the loss will be easier. Her life will fill up again and she will be a lot stronger. Trina wonders how she will get there. Ava thinks that she will know it when it happens. Ava hugs Trina. Trinaís mother rushes in and hugs her.

Nelle tells Carly that her lawyer thinks they have a strong case. Carly thinks that she his Michaelís son for a year and a half. Nelle suggests that she stop harassing her. Carly tells her if she wants to go to war she is ready. Obrecht finds Carly in the hall. Carly explains that all charges were dropped. Obrecht is glad that Nelle is still here. Obrecht thinks they have unfinished business.

Portia is so sorry that it took her so long. She promises that it will be ok. Portia is so glad that they are ok. Ava introduces herself. She just came by to offer her condolences. Portia tells Trina to go and get her things. Ava wonders if there is anything she can do. Ava thinks that if there is anything she can do she will get to it. Ava thinks that Trina is such a special girl and she wants her to have everything she needs. Ava can keep her company. Portia needs to keep boundaries. Trina is her daughter not hers.

Jason asks if Sonny is considering his proposal. Sonny thinks that Jordan could change her mind. Sonny thinks that this will motivate Jordan to fix things.

Curtis walks into Jordanís office. Curtis was trying to be helpful. Jordan thinks that Sonny is a criminal. She will not work with him. Curtis will not let her end up dead. Her life is on the line and he is terrified for her.

Molly doesnít want to make TJ uncomfortable. Sam thinks that it will make her feel better if she can talk with him. Spinelli shows up.

Anna explains that there was a large wire transfer to the shooter. She sees Obrechtís name on the list.

Obrecht heard that she was free. She wanted to make things clear. She will turn her into kidnapping if she says anything.

Michael finds Willow and thanks her for calling out Nelle to her face. Michael thinks she was incredible. Nelle thinks that he was incredible. She asks how he keeps his cool. Michael thinks the moment you get angry you just donít let her win. Willow will testify. Michael will make sure that Nelle doesnít get custody.

Obrecht will do far worse than threaten her. Nelle wonít tell anyone anything. Obrecht thinks if she implicates her then she implicates herself. Nelle is going to claim she passed out alone and she had her child in her arms when Brad switched the baby.

Anna thinks it was right in front of her eyes. Obrecht must have been involved. Peter asks how Obrecht could have done this. Anna knows she was running the clinic at the time. Peter will keep this to himself for the moment.

Spinelli couldnít find anything. He accidentally gained access to her parole officer. She has been making calls to a burner call.

Ava didnít mean to intrude. Portia is open to Avaís history and the people she used to associate with are not who Trina needs to be around. Portia is going to go get her daughter. Ava grabs her bag and leaves. Franco goes after her when Nikolas has no desire.

Jordan is figuring this out. There are always risks. Curtis thinks that this is different. This is the head of a major drug cartel. He could be coming after her. He thinks they both watched Trina almost die.

Sonny thinks it be nice if Jordan could fill in some gaps. They have had cops on the payroll before. Jason thinks that Jordan is smart. They cannot give her a chance to take them down.

Nikolas thinks that Ava and him are business partners. Elizabeth hated his uncle for the same reasons. She hated how he used to manipulate him. Nikolas doesnít enjoy seeing Ava suffer but he is incapable to give it to her.

Ava begs Franco to leave her alone. Franco doesnít think that Portia meant what she said. Ava knows she knew something was familiar about Trina. She reminded her of Kiki. She reminds her of the great potential that Kiki had before Ryan took it from her. There is no bringing back her daughter.

Jordan will do whatever she can to avoid hurting him and TJ but she will not work with Sonny. Curtis storms out as Molly walks in. She asks if now is a bad time. Molly explains that TJ never came home last night and he never showed up for work either.

Sonny doesnít work with cops unless he has leverage. They could get some leverage. Jason thinks that there must be some really damaging stuff on her.

Sam thinks that Spinelli is a Godsent. Sam wants to give some levy.

Peter thanks someone for getting information out in a timely manner.

Willow knows the courts do favor the mother. Michael thinks that is if the mother is normal like Willow. Nelle is nuts. Carly runs over. Diane is get a head start. There is no compromise here. Michael knows he has to do this for Wileyís sake.

Obrecht guesses that Nelle is the innocent victim. She might actually succeed. Obrechtís name never gets mentioned. Obrecht tells her to go. Obrecht thinks that was that. Anna storms in and tells her that she thought she got away with it but she thought wrong.

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