GH Update Wednesday 3/4/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/4/20


Written by Anthony

Nelle is practicing for her trial. Carly walks in and tells her to enjoy all this while it lasts because she will be back in jail soon enough to stay.

Michael gets off the phone. He says it will only be a month of him off. He is taking a month for Wiley. Sasha thinks him being a good father is hot.

Willow sees a little boy drop some hot chocolate. She tries to help out and the father walks over. He takes his child to go and get another one. Chase walks over and asks if she is ok. Willow shakes her head no.

Olivia tells Valentin that Nina is out of town on a photoshoot. Valentin thinks that is Nina’s business not his own. Olivia wonders who he is stalking then. Valentin is not looking at anyone.

Link tells Brook Lynn that he had to take that call. He thinks that this partnership is not working out. He wants her to send him her shares of ELQ.

Jordan was aware that Marcus had a child but didn’t know that Trina was in PC. It doesn’t make it hurt any less. Mac walks in and pours them a drink.

Curtis shows up at the docks. Curtis didn’t know that Jason would be bringing Sonny. Sonny thinks they need to find a solution.

Jordan and Mac toast to Marcus. He asks if she wants another. Jordan says that she needs to save something for the wake. Mac has a lead. He has been holding off on pursuing it until he could talk. It involves Curtis.

Sonny thinks that Curtis did everything possible. Jason knows that he had to get Trina out. Curtis doesn’t think he did everything.

Brook Lynn wonders why he would want to be involved in ELQ. Link wants dividends. Brook Lynn ask what is a volatile nonqualified rate of return on a short sale. Link doesn’t need to take a quiz for her. Brook Lynn thinks that he knows nothing about this. She needs to know what he is really after.

Olivia thinks that Carly might be ok with him being in here but she has the right to throw him out at any point. Valentin thinks they have a lot in common.

Michael thinks it is important for him to be around Wiley for the next month. He will miss Lucas and Brad and Willow. Michael knows that Willow is worried about Wiley picking up on her sadness. Michael wishes that he had respected her choice but he begged her to stay in Wiley’s life. He knows that Wiley is not her biological son but she is so much better than Nelle.

Willow tried to help a little boy with his drink. She would run away from her if she could. She told Michael last night to get involved in Wiley’s life. She thinks she might actually want to.

Carly knew she would screw up and get herself sent back to prison. Her lawyer tells her to stop going after her client. Nelle introduces her lawyer to Carly. Carly knows that she represented Shiloh. The lawyer thinks he was a man filled with contradictions. Nelle thinks she is the reason she is a grandmother. Carly reminds Nelle she tried to kill her son. The lawyer thinks that her of all people should be familiar with the word allegedly. Carly thinks that Nelle will only ever allegedly be his mother.

Willow explains that Michael doesn’t want her to exclude herself from Wiley’s life. Willow doesn’t think anything has changed from Wiley’s perspective. She is still the nice lady who babysits him sometimes. She doesn’t think that should change their relationship. Michael didn’t know that Wiley was his child but he still loved him. Chase knows that is not how she felt last night. Willow knows but she misses him so much. Chase wants her to take a breath. Willow agrees. Chase is thinking about what is best for her.

Michael does feel guilty but the other part is hoping that things work out for her. He is afraid he might keep asking about things. Sasha thinks that he likes doing the right thing. Michael doesn’t think them being apart is good for ether of them. Michael doesn’t think that Willow is going to decide before the arraignment. Sasha could go with him. Michael doesn’t want her to be around the circus.

Nelle thinks her and Carly are connected through their child. Carly thinks she is going back to jail unless she makes the right choice today. One day Wiley will understand the crimes that she committed here. Nelle thinks that is truly evil. Carly thinks that he will be able to read all about it online one day. Carly thinks that Nelle is going to own everything she has done. If the record shows that she regrets what she has done then at least Wiley will know she is sorry.

Mac explains that Curtis went with Marcus. Mac knows that Jason got there late. Curtis went back with Jason to get Marcus. They need to look at the crime scene a little bit. Mac wants Curtis to have a clear head. Jordan will deliver the message. Jordan thinks that Mac forgot his bottle. Mac didn’t.

Sonny had his issues with Marcus. He was a brave man though. This plan was doomed from the start. It is not hard to figure out. Marcus contacted Curtis instead of the police. Jason just wants to know what is going on. Sonny knows they all have secrets but this is not the time to keep quiet. Curtis thinks that this was a good talk and he will be seeing them. He leaves.

Carly tells Nelle to put Wiley first for once. Nelle doesn’t think that they would even be in this mess if it weren’t for Willow giving up her child. Carly tells Willow she is sorry she had to hear that. Carly doesn’t think she has to be here. Willow wanted to see her get sent to jail. Nelle asks Michael how their son is and if she told him that she loves him. the judge shows up.

Sasha tells Lucy that there is nothing to worry about. They are good to around here. Chase shows up and asks if he is ok. Sasha asks what is wrong. Chase thinks that Michael is messing with Willow’s head and it needs to stop.

Brook Lynn thinks that the shares are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. Link thinks that five years is a long time in their business. Brook Lynn will look and sound better than ever. Olivia asks if there is a problem here. He explains no problem just a solution.

The judge reads the case. Nelle pleads not guilty. The lawyer demands she be given no parole. She planned to leave the country with a stollen baby. She is a flight risk. The other lawyer wants to dismiss all charges.

Jason thinks whatever is going on here is personal and Jordan is in deep.

Curtis asks about the liquor. Jordan explains that Mac brought it by. He has questions for him. Curtis will find him. Jordan is ready for this to come out. She is turning herself in. Curtis was hoping she would change her mind. Now she wants to confess. Curtis thinks Cyrus will be released from jail. Curtis thinks she will be in prison. Jordan thinks if it is a choice between her freedom… Curtis think that Cyrus is making a body count in prison.

Jason thinks that Jordan and Marcus were both on the same team. Mac walks over and asks what coffee business is going on. Mac knows that Jason helped save Cam. Mac didn’t come here to grill them. He was wondering if he could pass something along to Trina. Jason explains that Marcus said that Trina was the only thing that he cared about. Mac has a message for Sonny.

Chase thinks that Michael is pushing Willow to change her mind. Being around Wiley only makes things worse. Sasha doesn’t think that Michael would ever do anything to hurt her. Chase thinks that Willow needs a better headspace right now. Chase think that Willow is the strongest person he knows. Michael is not helping things right now.

Nelle’s lawyer thinks that there is not a reliable source here. Willow’s lawyer asks if she is not reliable because of a head injury caused by Nelle. Valentin walked in. Nelle broke into the house. They have the medical records. They have a witness statement from Michael. Nelle was in jail for murdering her former fiancé and attempting to kill Michael. The lawyer thinks that there is no proof and the evidence against Nelle has gone missing.

Sasha is so sorry for everything that Willow is going through. Chase thinks that he knows Michael is too. Sasha admits that she talked with Willow and they talked as well. She backed up Michael. She got the impression that Willow really wanted a relationship with Wiley. Sasha thinks that him and her have the right idea.

The evidence was logged in and it wasn’t there this morning. She is certain that it can be shown. He dismisses everything. Nelle asks what this means. It means she gets to go. Carly asks if they are still charging Brad and Nelle over the switching of the babies. The lawyer explains that they have different stories. Since neither is a reliable witness. Robert thinks they need a hammer to nail her with.

Mac explains that Laura wants them to come down hard on everyone. Mac thinks they will have a look from the health department. Mac might need his thoughts on Cyrus one day. Sonny thinks that Laura took a bullet for his son. So, yes everything is different this time. Mac doesn’t miss their little chats. Sonny doesn’t either.

Curtis thinks that Cyrus will walk out with the freedom to operate. Jordan doesn’t think anyone will mistake him as a victim. Jordan knows what she did. Curtis thinks she should know what she is about to do then. Jordan asks what she is going to do then. Jordan thinks that innocent people will die then. She doesn’t know what else to do in order to stop him. Curtis has an idea but she will not like it.

Brook Lynn doesn’t want a lecture. She was negotiating her unmuzzling. Olivia wonders how this is working for her. Brook Lynn thought that this was going to work but it isn’t. Olivia will have Sonny break his legs. Brook Lynn will keep that in her back pocket. Brook Lynn wonders if all he wants is her dignity. Olivia wonders if she bought and sold that ten times over. Brook Lynn thinks she makes the wicked step-mother is like. Olivia thinks they thrive on scandal. Olivia asks what this thing actually is. Olivia thinks that she has to ask herself what outcome is best for her. If she can’t live with herself then don’t do it but then she will need to think of herself as something other than a singer.

Sasha thinks that Willow and Michael might no realize they are not protecting themselves. They might need to support them a little bit. She will work on things a bit if Michael is having problems. It is no different than coming over here. She thinks they are relying on each other for help. Chase guesses it wouldn’t be forever and things will get better.

Nelle’s lawyer tells her that the DA can refile at any time she cannot leave town. Nelle is not going to leave anytime soon. Nelle gets a call from Valentin. She supposes she owes this all to him. He tells her to make the most of this. She has been thinking, she asks if they could grab a drink sometime. Valentin says goodbye to Nelle.

Willow asks how this happened. Carly thinks this is far from over. Nelle walks out. She is suing for custody of her child.

Sonny knows this is a complicated situation. Jordan says this wasn’t her idea. Curtis thinks this is a meeting of like minds. They need to come together for a common good and take down Cyrus.

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