GH Update Tuesday 3/3/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/3/20


Brook Lynn is on stage and thanks all the amazing people out there and a special thanks to Julian for making this moment possible. She wakes up from the daydream and is singing cords.

Olivia tells Michael that Brook Lynn is rehearsing in the bathroom. Michael doesn’t care so long as she doesn’t wake Wiley up.

Ned calls someone on the phone and explains the Quartermaine finances are not easy to deal with.

Julian finds Brook Lynn’s manager on the docks.

Maxie explains she turned down Spinelli’s invitation for lunch. Peter assumes because of him. Maxie thinks all he does is ask questions about his life before PC. Maxie thinks that Spinelli needs to trust her judgement. Peter is not going to let her avoid him on his account. Maxie loves him for that reason. She will think about scheduling lunch but she needs to get back to work right now. Peter explains that Spinelli is not the only person with questions on his past.

Alexis gives Valentin a penny for his thoughts. Valentin has been thinking about how far he has come since the last time they were here together. Alexis wonders what has changed.

Finn asks if Violet is ready for her ice skating lesson. Violet wishes she had one every day. Finn thinks she has time. Anna walks over and says hi. Finn reluctantly says hi back to her. Anna doesn’t want to intrude here. Violet begs Finn to make Anna stay. Finn thinks that they don’t want to disappoint Violet. Violet tells Finn to get the food for them. Finn will be right back. Violet missed her. Anna missed her as well. They hug.

Peter was trying to protect Maxie but whatever reason he needs to tell her what is going on. There are obviously a lot of people with questions about his past. It all comes down to love right now. Jason’s love for Sam right now made him look to find someone to blame. Robert’s love for Anna makes him skeptical as well. Peter thinks that everyone is distrusting of him because of other people. Peter has done nothing wrong and there is no proof. Peter knows she believes him.

Brook Lynn says hello to all of them. Michael says they heard her vocalizing. Ned tells her she is going to work today. Brook Lynn cannot answer phones. She thinks he knows what it means to get involved in dreams. Ned wants her to find a job and grow up like everyone else in this family. Ned thinks the contract she signed is valid and her producer refuses to sell. Brook Lynn thinks he is coming around.

Julian likes the quiet around here. He asks if he knows Julian. Julian does know lots of people. He is not really into game playing with strangers. Julian thinks someone who is not a stranger is Brook Lynn Quartermaine. He tells him that he is about to change things involving her contract.

Valentin was feeling defeated and hopeless. He has had temporary setbacks before. He has been introduced to his greatest strengths. Alexis tells him to get over it. Alexis thinks he is better off without the Cassadine name. Valentin knows that Shakespeare would say “What is in a name?” Valentin is not going to give up the name. He has earned it. Valentin is going to be redeemed. Charlotte will see him respected. Alexis tells him to respect himself. Alexis thinks that he is on the outside looking in. Alexis thinks it wasn’t until she turned her back on the Cassadine’s that she was able to make a name for herself.

Michael is sorry about teasing Brook Lynn. He wants her to succeed. Michael thinks it is hard for Wiley to adjust right now. Michael thinks that Wiley and him can make up for last time. Michael thinks that Willow is grieving for a child she didn’t even know was gone and Lucas loved a child that wasn’t even his.

Link cares about Brook Lynn. He wants her to have three albums in five years. Julian doesn’t know much about the music industry but for someone like Brook Lynn she doesn’t want to wait five years. She wants to fly solo right now. He pushes him towards the water. Julian thinks that this is up to him. He has friends. They know a lot and will make it difficult for him to stay in business. He tells him that what happens next is entirely up to him.

Maxie asks how Peter can ask her that. She kisses him. Maxie asks if that answers his question. Maxie wants to know why he couldn’t tell her this before. They either need to tell each other everything or nothing. She thinks that they believe in them. Jason, Robert, and Finn are not her problem. No one can come between them but them. Peter kisses her back. Obrecht walks over. She thinks there really is no place like home.

Anna asks how her stuffed animals are doing. Violet says they aren’t talking with one another. Violet thinks that she needs to change their mind. Her skate instructor walks over to give her a lesson. Finn tells her to have fun. Anna smiles. Finn thinks it breaks his heart when she learns. Anna thinks you fall and then you get up again. He wonders how she is. Anna doesn’t know. Listening to Violet talk about her stuffed animals makes it weird. Anna thinks they fell down and it hurt but they can get up again. Obrecht brought chocolate for James, wine for her and Peter, and a toy. Obrecht found peace back home. Peter asks if she actually found her soul. Obrecht explains her loneliness was self-inflicted. She has been so angry at the world. It is as if he was to blame for everything. Obrecht’s anger was misguided. She should have broke with his father sooner. She was almost like Faison. Maxie needs to go deal with Nina. Peter asks what Obrecht was saying about his father.

Brook Lynn says she is getting out of her contract. Michael thinks she has a presence that turns someone into a star. Brook Lynn has to get going. Ned and Olivia walk back in. Olivia thinks he did mention the word job. Ned thinks that a lot of things have happened. Michael needs to make his pitch. He thinks that Wiley has gone through so many changes lately. Olivia thinks he will adjust. Michael needs to sit down and have meals with him. Ned thinks he wants quality time with his son. Michael needs to take a leave of absence. He was hoping that Ned can take over until he gets back.

Link tells Julian to let go of him. Julian has already laid out plan A and B. He will go for a swim if he doesn’t hurry up. Valentin walks over and asks what the problem seems to be. Julian says that this doesn’t concern him. Julian asks if Link’s message was received. He doesn’t want to meet again. Julian leaves. Link tells Valentin he didn’t sign up for this. He didn’t know this could ruin him. Valentin thinks that Brook Lynn is desperate.

Ned doesn’t think that Michael needs to quit ELQ. Michael only wants a month. Ned says ok.

Anna thinks that sometimes you just need a bandage or something. Violet shows them her skating. Anna thinks she is graceful. Finn thinks she is so resilient. Finn talked with Chase the other day. He didn’t mention anything about Peter. Anna asks what he actually told Chase. Finn said he doesn’t trust Peter.

Peter asks what she also realized about his father. Obrecht realizes all the desperate things she did. Obrecht realized that if she were to continue down the dark path she was down things would be hurt. Obrecht thinks they are very much alike. There is a time when she would have used his past to her advantage.

Ned gets on a phone and sets up meetings. No excuses. He thinks that includes everyone He will be the one to explain the CEO change. He thanks them all on the phone. Olivia thinks that he forgot to mention the T word in terms of temporary. Ned will explain things at the meeting. Ned thinks that Michael has a lot going on and he is trying to make things easier for him. Olivia loves him but he shouldn’t kid a kidder. Ned only has Michael’s best interest at heart. Ned thinks that Michael would be the right man to run the family business but right now they need more seasoned people in charge. Ned is going to make it permanent.

Brook Lynn calls someone on the phone. She is so sorry for everything that Lucas is going through. They are still friends. Brook Lynn asks Julian if it worked. Julian was interrupted by Valentin. Julian thinks from here on out she is on her own. Brook Lynn will tell everyone what happened. Julian thinks she is bluffing. Brook Lynn thinks that he should try her. Julian asks what she is going to tell him. Brook Lynn knows he wanted to eliminate them. Julian has these kinds of conversations with Brad all the time. Julian thinks she should tell Lucas. Julian thinks that she will risk him losing any link to his father. Brook Lynn thinks that she will have Sonny get involved. Julian asks if her singing career is worth his death. Julian doesn’t think she wants his blood on her hands.

Valentin thinks that Link can give back the money. Valentin thinks that Julian is bluffing. Valentin thinks that Brook Lynn is going to make a deal.

Michael thanks Diane for coming by on such short notice. Michael is sure she heard about Brad and Nelle. Diane is very happy for him. He needs advice on changing his last name. He wonders if he should give him Quartermaine or Corinthos. He needs her objective opinion. Wiley Corinthos or Wiley Quartermaine. Diane thinks that he should embrace that and use both. They are both his. She thinks Wiley Quartermaine Corinthos is a name to be reckoned with.

Anna asks if this is a wall or an obstacle. Peter has his own life. Anna asks if this is really worth hurting their future. Anna wants to do this. She can have Violet be the flower girl. Finn thinks it be different if it were just them. He cannot take the same risk on Peter as Anna can. Violet walks over and asks if they saw her. She wants to go back to Anna’s.

Obrecht understands if Peter needs to unburden himself but she will always be here to listen. Maxie asks what Nina would do without her. She really needs to appreciate her more. She asks what she missed now.

Finn tries getting Violet’s coat on. Anna goes to fix it. Finn is practicing. Finn suggests that they say goodbye to Anna and get going. Violet wants to do this again. Anna thinks they will have to ask Finn. Finn thinks they will see. They get going.

Peter thinks that she just missed the most fascinating conversation. Maxie has to get going back to work but she is glad they are getting along so well.

Michael wonders how long they will need to wait. Michael thinks that Nelle violated her parole. Diane thinks that Nelle is still a factor right now.

Brook Lynn sits down. Link walks over and says that she needs to find new friends Brook Lynn asks if she is ripping the contract up or not. Link is sorry he cannot help her. He will give her the freedom now. She asks what he wants. He shows her a contract. He wants her shares in ELQ.

Written by Anthony

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