GH Update Monday 3/2/20

General Hospital Update Monday 3/2/20


Carly asks Sonny how things are with Dev. Sonny explains that him and Joss are arguing over who gets to pick the movie next. Sonny tells Brando that he needs protection. Brando has no intention of staying.

Michael thinks that Willow can continue to be loving and caring her to Wiley. He needs that. He has to be honest because he does too. Willow loves Wiley so much which is why she has to let him go.

Elizabeth asks Franco what is taking so long. She cannot trust this until she sees it with her own eyes. Cam walks over and runs. Trina tells Jason that she needs to find her father. Jason explains to Epiphany who Trina is to Marcus. Epiphany takes her with her. Jordan runs over to Curtis and asks what happens. Curtis says it was crazy. Jordan thinks he could have died in that warehouse. She should have been his first call. They ran in their all on their own. Jordan thinks that he could have been killed.

Curtis wanted to call her but it wasn’t his child that was being targeted. Jordan thinks that Curtis knows better. He knows that you have to bring these things to the police. Curtis suggests that Marcus was worried that Trina could get hurt with her around.

Willow explains that to find out that her son was used like some sort of prop. That is all she can think about when she sees Wiley. Michael is sorry. Willow would love to stay apart of Wiley’s life but children are sensitive. She doesn’t think this would be good for them. Michael wished she didn’t have to lose her son all over again.

Jason asks how Curtis got involved in that. Curtis was helping out a friend. Jason thinks that whatever is going on isn’t just business but personal. Curtis can’t talk right now.

Epiphany tells Trina she can stay with him. Trina thanks her. She holds Marcus’ hand. Jordan and Curtis look into the rom. Jordan wonders if Curtis is squared with Jason. Jordan is sorry she came at him like that. Curtis knows it is not him that she is mad at. Jordan is mad at him but she is also mad at whoever leaked the names. She wonders how can protect an entire city. Laura walks over and asks how Marcus is doing. Laura asks if this was Cyrus. Jordan says yes.

Carly thinks that Brando needs to stay in PC. Brando thinks that they can claim he went out of town on business and his son is finishing the school year out here. Sonny wonders what is in Chicago. Brando has a job and a life. Carly thinks that Sonny can set him up here. Sonny could set up a shop for him.

Elizabeth asks what happened. Cam explains that the driver took him. The gunman came in and then they ran. He doesn’t think he ran any faster in his life. Cam thought that he was going to die. He heard a gun shot and he looked up and saw Jason. Cam explains that he saved him. Cam thinks the guy was a bad guy but he is dead. Elizabeth is sorry that he had to go through that. She is happy that he is safe though. Elizabeth promises that Franco and her are here for him.

Brando did what they asked and backed his story. Sonny thinks they are family and family takes care of family. Carly goes to take care of Donna. Sonny thinks what he did at the warehouse makes him a target. He is not going to leave him unprotected. Sonny gets a call from Jason. He explains that Cyrus used Cam and Trina as bate against Marcus. Jason tells him that Cyrus and Jordan are connected somehow.

Elizabeth asks Jason if he has a minute. Jason wonders how Cam is. Elizabeth knows he saved him. She cannot thank him enough. Jordan wonders if Cam is safe. Jason thinks they were after Marcus. Cam should be fine.

Laura has every faith in Jordan but what she is describing is normal police tactics. Laura thinks that Cyrus is capable of working beyond things. She thinks that they need a better plan of attack.

Willow never mourned her son. It haunts her. A big part of her should have known that the baby up there is not her child. She had no idea what the difference was. Michael spent the last year and a half thinking that Wiley was his child. They were both lied to. He grieved for her son as his own child. Michael thinks she fought like hell to protect his child. He thinks that in some ways their children were brothers. He doesn’t want her to shut Wiley out. If anyone deserves a place in Wiley’s life it is her.

Trina tells them that Marcus is waking up. Epiphany takes her out. She explains that the police need to speak with him. Trina thinks her father wouldn’t have been shot had Curtis not ditched him in the first place. Jordan asks if Marcus is alright. She thinks that if he had died tonight then she would have been mad as hell. Marcus thanks Curtis for making sure that Trina got out alright. Marcus wonders if she is giving him a hard time. Curtis wonders if he means Jordan or Trina. He doesn’t even want him to answer. Marcus cannot repay him for making sure that Trina got out safe. Curtis is happy to help. Jordan wants to know what he was thinking going into a situation without backup. Jordan thinks they always work the problem. Marcus wanted to get his girl out. Jordan tells him that from now on they work as a team and finish this together.

Cam walks over to Jason and thanks him for saving his life. Jason is glad that he is safe. Sonny walks over. He is glad that Cam is in one piece. Cam thanks Sonny and Jason again. Sonny goes over to where Marcus is. He walks into his room. He wonders if he is up for a visit. Marcus is still breathing. Sonny thinks that he needs to be the first one he calls from now on. Sonny tells him not to do things like this. Sonny never took Marcus for a family man. Sonny thinks that Trina is the best. She is always there for Joss. Marcus knows this isn’t over.

Sasha walks into the living room and asks if she is interrupting. Willow promises that she isn’t. Sasha explains that she went into Wiley’s room and he started crying. Michael will go and check on him. Michael supports whatever choice that Willow makes. He promises that she will always have a place in his family. Sasha wonders if Willow is ok. Willow is better than she was. Willow thinks that Michael tackling fatherhood quickly. Sasha explains that he is afraid to make the transition from fun uncle to dad. Willow doesn’t think that Wiley could ask for a better father. Willow thinks that Wiley is lucky to have Sasha in his life either. Sasha is not his mother though. Sasha thinks that two of the greatest mother’s she has seen in PC were Nina with Charlotte and her with Wiley. Neither were blood. Wiley is not the only one who needs her. Michael does too.

Jordan calls TJ and tells him to give her a call when he gets a chance. Curtis asks if TJ is alright. Jordan is afraid what Cyrus could do to TJ. Jordan is going to tell the mayor the truth.

Sonny tells Trina that he is glad to see she is ok. Sonny talked with Marcus. He is waiting to see her. Laura walks over. She couldn’t help but notice that he had a visit with Marcus. She wonders what that was about. She explains that Cam almost died tonight and while she will always be grateful that saved him but it was a temporary fix. Laura thinks that Cyrus is her problem now.

Trina was so scared that she was going to lose him. She wants him to stay in PC for a little longer. She wants him to meet all her friends. She has a debate next week and the week after a track meet. Marcus will do his best. He feels like some malted milk balls. Trina thinks they taste like chalk. Trina thinks he can choose the candy this time. Marcus loves her so much. Trina kisses him. She loves him too and will be right back. Marcus will be waiting. He loves that kid.

Carly wonders where Sonny is. Brando says he had to take off. Carly thinks that gives them a chance to talk. She always has something more to say. Sonny offering to set him up wasn’t a bribe. It was his way of saying that he understands. Brando is not going to change his mind. Carly wonders what the real problem is. Brando doesn’t want to owe Sonny.

Jordan explains that two people in her team turned up dead. Marcus was attacked earlier in the day. They went after Trina after the fact. Laura will get things under control.

Trina tells Cam that Marcus is staying in PC indefinitely. An alarm goes off in Marcus’ room and Lucas runs in.

Carly tells Brando that he saved her life. Brando asks if he can hold Donna. He thinks she is beautiful. Carly agrees she is.

Willow thinks it is too painful for her to be around Wiley. Sasha is going to level for her, she asks why stop giving him the best life possible. Sasha suggests trying for Wiley’s sake. She has so much love to give for children. The love she had to give is so hard to describe. Sasha doesn’t mean to strong arm her. Willow is glad that Michael and Wiley have someone in their life that cares so much.

Lucas is sorry. He thought they had him stabilized. Jordan thought he was fine. Trina and Cam walk over. Elizabeth walks up to them. She asks if they can talk. Trina asks what is wrong. Elizabeth is really sorry but Marcus is gone. Trina asks Lucas if he is going to be ok. Lucas explains that blood clots can happen sometimes. He is so sorry. Trina cries in Elizabeth’s arms.

Jordan walks into Marcus’ room. She says hi. She doesn’t know how much her dad told her but she had the privilege of working with him a long time ago. She spent a lot of time with him and all he ever talked about was his little girl. He was proud of her. He was the best agent she worked with.

Jason thinks that Curtis couldn’t keep his eyes off of Jordan. Jason explains that Jordan and Marcus worked for the DEA together. Jason thinks this vendetta is as personal as it gets.

Sasha thinks this will still hurt in the long run. They all deserve better. Michael walks downstairs. Willow cannot do this. She walks out the back door. Michael asks if Willow is gone. Michael tells Wiley he is sorry that he missed her.

Laura gets a text that Marcus died. She walks into the jail cell. Cyrus thinks she is looking well after her recent ordeal. Laura doesn’t have the patience for a game of cat and mouse. A friend of hers died tonight. He was a good man and a good cop. He left behind a daughter. He has no idea how she feels.

Carly is scared and doesn’t want Sonny’s enemies targeting him. Brando understands. He guesses that he will stay. Carly thinks he learned an important lesson here today. She gets what she wants.

Epiphany comes to get Trina. Trina kisses him. Jordan promises Marcus she will protect his daughter and make this right. She leaves as well. Trina looks at Curtis. Trina explains that the kidnappers took their phones. Elizabeth suggests she come back to their house and we wait for her call. Cam was thinking about when he thought they would lose Franco. She was there for him. There was always this hope to hang on to and now here Franco is. Trina’s dad is gone and there is no hope. He is not coming back. Franco guesses that it is his chance to be there for her. Cam needs to be as good a friend as she was to him. Franco shakes Curtis’ hand. Jordan gets a text. She says TJ is safe. She is going to have to disappear and resign.

Laura tells Cyrus that that he will be enjoying the solitude. She has evidence linking him to several violent crimes. She can longer afford to let him be able to contact the outside world. She is sure that he is doing things. Laura doesn’t need proof. Cyrus thinks this abuse of power will not stand. Laura tells him to file a complaint. Cyrus is sorry for her loss. Laura knows he is not but he will be.

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