GH Update Friday 2/28/20

General Hospital Update Friday 2/28/20


Written by Anthony

Chase says hi to Willow. He has another recommendation from the wine guy and he has takeout for them. Willow needs him to just hold her. Chase does so.

Michael is asleep on the couch at the Quartermaine’s and Sasha walks in and says hi. Sasha wonders how his day with Wiley went. Michael explains that Wiley apparently doesn’t like sweet potatoes. Michael is still trying to figure out what this all means. He thinks that this changes everything being his dad.

Alexis walks down the hall at GH. She didn’t expect to see Lucas here. Lucas explains that GH gave him his job back after he decided not to move to Portland. He thinks this is the only place that feels normal to him.

TJ thinks that he will never ask Molly to sacrifice her career. TJ loves her so much. He asks if Molly will marry him. Molly is overwhelmed. Molly loves him more than she could ever put into words. Molly doesn’t want to marry him. TJ asks if she is actually saying no. Molly just spent the last thirty minutes going on about how she hates the idea of marriage. Molly guesses that they never talked about marriage being something that he wanted. TJ asks if now knowing if that changes her mind. Molly says no.

Elizabeth asks Jason on the phone if he can find Cam and Trina. Jason knows this guy. He tells them not to call the cops. If it is what he thinks then they will only make it worse with cops. Elizabeth shows Franco her phone. Jason told her not to call the cops.

Marcus shows up at the warehouse. He demands to see his daughter. The driver comes downstairs and tells him to take it easy. Marcus thinks his plan is about to go up in smoke. Trina and Cam are brought in.

Curtis watches from outside.

Marcus promises he will fix this. The driver asks how they will do this so that Cam and Trina survive. Marcus knows that he is who they want so they can let Cam and Trina go. The driver never thought that he would buy into that fairytale.

Willow thought her child was in her world. She thought it was the biggest surprise. She thinks that knowing that Wiley isn’t her son would change things but she still loves him as much as ever. She is devastated and yet flooded with grief over the baby that didn’t make it and was a physical piece of her. She wonders if she hadn’t given him up and if her child would still be alive.

Michael knows that Wiley doesn’t go down easily. Michael admits when he was the uncle it was alright for him to rock his child back and forth. He is there to teach and guide Wiley. Sasha assumes that the setting the rule thing is not to cave in. Sasha thinks that he has great instinct and needs to trust them. Sasha wipes his shirt.

Alexis is so sorry about Wiley and Brad. She knows how happy he was. She thinks it is awful that it ended that way. Lucas knows that she was one of the few people to see the baby that he never met. Alexis thought he was beautiful. Lucas needs an assist on his divorce. Alexis thinks he has it.

TJ wants the truth. Molly thinks the truth is that she never wants to get married. Molly thought being a bride was like being a princess as a child but she sees how weddings turn people into bridezillas. She knows that some people have children without marriage. TJ thought that marriage was the next step. Molly thought that he knew that marriage drives her crazy. TJ thought that she would be like of course and marry him. Molly is sorry. She looks at the wedding ring.

Franco cannot believe she called Jason. Elizabeth dialed without thinking. Jason knows the people that were searching for him. Elizabeth asks how long she is supposed to wait. Franco understands why she would call Jason. Elizabeth knows that he thinks she can do. Franco tells her to call the police right now. Elizabeth gets on the phone and reports a kidnapping.

Cam manages to run away. Marcus shoots at someone. Trina is in the middle of fire but Curtis grabs her. Trina sobs.

Cam runs out and trips on the ground. A gun man comes over and Jason shoots him.

Willow thinks that dwelling on things is a bottomless pit. She knows the next step though. Chase thinks the guilt in her voice she is entitled to, but she is living with Nelle and Brad’s issue. Nelle is a heartless person only thinking of the baby as a weapon. He wants her to think about the next step and do the opposite of what Nelle did. Willow knows what that is.

Michael asks how her day went. Sasha had a bunch of exciting meetings. Michael thinks it is crazy how just yesterday they were in such a different place in their lives. They never had a chance to talk about what this means to them. Sasha suggests they do.

Cam thinks they need to get Trina out of there. Jason asks how many men. Cam says there are four of them and they are all armed. Jason asks who else is there. Cam explains Marcus and Curtis. Jason asks if anyone else had been shot. Jason is going to help but going in there with no plan is a bad idea. They only have one shot at this. Cam asks what he has to do.

TJ wonders if this is because she never really dated anyone else. Molly just doesn’t think that marriage is for her. TJ asks if she never had feelings for her. TJ loves her and wants to build a life with her. Molly wants that too. Molly doesn’t need a big party to do all of that. TJ would love if their mother’s could be there but he wants a commitment towards vows. Molly asks then what. Molly thinks that sometimes saying those vows is what breaks people up. She asks what if they are happy and in love and then it all breaks a part. Molly thinks that it doesn’t mean marriage will do anything for them.

The driver doesn’t think that Cam got far. He is going to shoot Trina too. They have trapped themselves here and now they are going to finish it. Marcus starts shooting and is shot. Trina screams and Curtis stops her from going over.

Michael wants Sasha to be part of this but at the same time he doesn’t expect her to be a instant mom to Wiley. Michel is just curious about how she feels about all of this. Sasha is one hundred percent in favor about sleeping through the night. She loves him and adores Wiley. He comes first. As for them, she is good taking it as it comes if Michael is. Sasha thinks the Wiley part is different. Sasha thinks this is one thing he doesn’t have to make a choice about right now. Michael agrees they can go with the flow. Michael will try somehow. Sasha has a conference call with Italy on the phone. She leaves. Michael sits down on the couch.

Willow thinks it be confusing for Wiley to be around her right now. She is confused and she is a grown up. The adults need to be strong and she feels an immense grief with him. Willow thinks it is hard to realize that her child didn’t make it and it is too much for her to inflict on things. Chase has to go deal with two local teens that have been kidnapped. Chase will be back as soon as he can.

Molly thinks that sometimes marriage can mess things up. TJ gets it. Molly wonders about the timing. She wonders if now is really the best time. TJ thinks she said never. He asks if she meant it. TJ thinks that is it then. They clearly have both done a lot of assuming and they both have a lot of thinking to do. He is going to go and take a walk.

Jordan asks Elizabeth to tell them everything. Elizabeth tells her about Trina and Cam and about Marcus. Jordan needs to know everything.

Trina screams for Marcus. Curtis explains that Marcus wanted her out of there. Cam runs over with Jason. Jason explains they need to get in the car. Jason is not going to call the cops. Curtis thinks that the people think they have more time they have. Jason asks Curtis the best way to do this.

Michael picks up Wiley’s toys. Willow shows up an uses the backdoor. Michael tells her to come in. she asks if they can talk. She wonders if Wiley is asleep. Michael explains that he put him down an hour ago. Willow wonders how last night went. Michael thinks it could have gone better. Michael thinks it is growing pains. Michael should have brought Wiley to see her immediately. He is sorry.

Molly begs TJ to call her back. Alexis shows up. Molly had no idea that TJ wanted marriage. She somehow missed that it was important to him. Molly just said no. It is obvious that she didn’t make it come out right. He said they had a lot of thinking to do and he walked out. He won’t answer his phone. She wonders if he is shocked. Alexis had an idea about TJ. Alexis thought that Molly wanted everyone to be married. Molly has seen what marriage can do to people now. Alexis assumes that she means what marriage did to her.

Elizabeth asks what is going on. Franco thinks that something is going on that she is not telling them. Jordan needs them to sit tight and let her do her job. She goes to make a phone call. Jordan calls Chase and tells him to check on Cyrus’ contacts.

Trina wonders if this car is bullet proof. Cam has to assume so. Trina throws up on the outside of the car.

The driver tells Marcus that if he had just died like he we was supposed to then it wouldn’t have been as hard. Curtis and Jason walk in and shoot at him.

Michael has been where Willow is right now and she lost two children in the same day. He cannot replace one child but it would be a great benefit to Wiley if she would remain a part of his life.

Cam promises Trina that Jason and Curtis will handle this. Trina wants to know why those guys want to hurt her dad. Cam thinks all that matters to him is getting out. Trina cannot believe they allowed themselves to get kidnapped. Cam thought they were on the way to the school dance. Cam doesn’t think this is their fault. Trina needs to do something. She has to go. She runs out. Cam runs after her.

Curtis and Jason shoot at the goons. Curtis runs after the driver.

Michael is not asking her to be his mom but to be an aunt figure. She means so much to Wiley and kids Wiley’s age put people into categories. Wiley needs her and he does as well.

Alexis doesn’t know why she never thought that this would hurt her. She knows that Julian was so good and then as soon as they got married it got bad. She is her stable girl. She thought she would know that an amazing guy is worth spending your life with. Alexis has given her no frame of reference but she is nothing like her and if she doesn’t want to be married then she needs to promise herself that her choices won’t factor into things.

Jordan tells Franco they will find them. Elizabeth admits she called Jason. Jordan wishes she hadn’t done that.

Cam thinks that Trina would be putting herself into danger. Trina wants to do something. Cam knows this sucks a lot but Jason and Curtis are good at this. They told them to wait here. They will stay here. If they do anything else it would be for us and not them. She saw her dad get shot. Cam hugs her. He tells her it is ok.

Jason asks if they are clear. Curtis says that they got away. Jason gets on the phone and calls in a shooting at the police. Marcus asks if his daughter is safe. Marcus begs Curtis to take care of her. He closes his eyes.

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