GH Update Thursday 2/27/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/27/20


Written by Anthony

Jordan asks why Marcus would ask Sonny to take Cyrus down. Marcus thinks they need the most powerful man in PC to help out.

Jason thinks that Cyrus will target Laura if she continues to get involved. Sonny thinks that this could be to difficult. Jason thinks they could arrange an accident.

Carly looks at the bullet in Devís backpack. She calls out for Dev. She walks outside.

Trina tells Cam that he needs to smile nicely because her parents are going to see the pictures. Trina guesses they will take more pics at the dance. Joss and Dev are on their way.

Elizabeth doesnít think that Franco needs to get her anything for their anniversary. Elizabeth opens the card and it is a scavenger hunt. Franco isnít going to go easy on her. Franco loves her and it might not even be something she wants but it is something she needed.

The driver tells Trina and Cam that there was an accident up ahead. The driver takes a picture of them. They are too busy in the backseat taking pictures themselves to notice.

Molly says hi to Alexis. Alexis thinks she is dressed to the nine. Alexis wonders what the occasion is. Molly explains that TJ wanted to have a romantic evening. Molly thinks that he is the best boyfriend.

TJ looks at the engagement ring. Neil walks over and asks if he is saving lives again. Neil wonders if he proposed to Molly yet. TJ says not yet.

Trina thought that the rout was faster. Cam turns on the tracking on his phone for Elizabeth. Trina thinks he was pretty tongue tied when she showed up. Cam asks if this is the best way to avoid traffic. Cam asks the driver if this is the right way to go. The driver thought that they would want some alone time.

Elizabeth asks if fries means their leftovers. Elizabeth finds the next clue and then the next one after that. Elizabeth looks through her cabinets. She finds the next one and then she has to look behind a pillow. Elizabeth finds art supplies under the couch. Elizabeth thanks him so much. Franco cannot wait to see what she paints. Franco asks if she wants to open the paint set. Elizabeth does after she kisses him.

Jordan is not going to work with one mobster in order to stop another. Jordan thinks that this defies ethics. Marcus thinks that this is to their advantage. Marcus never brought Jordan up to Sonny. She has made it clear she doesnít want to be involved in this. Marcus thinks that if Sonny decides to work with him then he will keep it to himself. Marcus gets up and grabs his coat. He tells them to keep in touch. He leaves. Jordan asks if Curtis can believe in. Curtis can actually. Curtis thinks that if Sonny is down to help they should take him up on it.

Jason asks if they should really trust Marcus. Jason guesses that Marcus did see what Cyrus could do in in terms of damage. Sonny thinks they still need to be careful. He isnít going to look the other way if they take Cyrus out.

Carly calls for Joss. Carly grabs Devís bag and picks it up. Carly remembers Joss saying she wanted to go to the dance. Carly gets the phone but then someone rings the bell. Joss and Dev walk back in. Carly told them not to leave the house tonight. Carly asks why she would leave. Joss explains that it is Devís last night in PC. Brando found them leaving though. Carly is glad that he caught her fugitives. Carly needs to talk with Dev. Joss thinks that this was all her idea. Carly needs to know about the bullet in his backpack.

TJ feels like things keep getting in the way for him and Molly. Neil tells him not to wait for perfection because it doesnít exist. Neil wants him to keep an open mind because the perfect time could be unexpected. Neil thinks that if it feels right then he should go for it. TJ was planning on asking her tonight. TJ realizes that he should get going. Neil tells him to cherish what he has with Molly. TJ thanks him for the advice.

Molly guesses they are going to try and have a romantic night. Molly explains she spent the night looking at wedding stuff for her friend Jamie. She cannot believe the time and effort and drama are being wasted on something like this. Alexis doesnít want her to be ruined with weddings and relationships. Molly thinks she is too late. Alexis wonders if she sounds like a greeting card. Molly thinks a little bit.

Jordan is shocked he is siding with Marcus. Curtis is on her side but desperate times call for desperate measures. Curtis thinks that what Sonny did sent a big message. He approves of keeping Cyrus out of all of this. Curtis will be damned if she is next on Cyrusí list. He wonders what if this is the only thing keeping her alive.

Jason is sure that they could make sure that no one finds out about anything. Sonny is more worried about Laura. Sonny thinks they have people in jail looking out for Cyrus. Sonny wants them to find out when he is alone so they can get access. Sonny doesnít want to take action yet though.

Dev explains that he didnít need a bullet. Dev went to school and came home. Dev went straight home. Carly found a bullet in her home and she needs to figure out how it got here.

Elizabeth missed painting. Franco forgot how nice it can be to pain. Elizabeth tells Franco to follow her upstairs. The doorbell rings and Marcus is at the door. Elizabeth thinks it was a big surprise to find out that he was Trinaís dad. Marcus guesses that he missed the kids.

Cam explains that they are only going as friends. Cam tells them that he should make a left. The driver knows a better way.

Alexis runs into Neil. Alexis tells him to avert his eyes as he could turn into stone. Neil explains that he is in the running for a staff position. Alexis will get to see an opera and he will get to keep his license.

TJ finds Molly. Molly explains that Chelsea is taking them to lunch tomorrow to make her a bridesmaid. Molly doesnít think it was even too long ago before it was about purchasing women. TJ doesnít think it is like that anymore.

Jordan and Curtis show up at Sonnyís. Curtis is going to stay out. Sonny asks what he can do for her. Jordan wants to know about the visit that he had from Marcus shortly before he was attacked.

Marcus thinks that the kids look happy. He thinks that Cam is a fine young man. Elizabeth thinks that Trina is a great girl herself. Franco wonders how they know each other. Elizabeth was friends with Marcusí sister Gia a long time ago. Elizabeth asks how Gia is doing. Marcus explains that Gia is an immigration lawyer in Texas. Marcus needs to make a quick call. He gets a text that they have Trina and will kill her.

Trina demands to be let go. The driver tells them that there is a change of plans.

Molly thinks that since they were little girls they were told they have to get married. Molly wants marriage to be about love. Molly thinks it is rooted in the man doing the proposal which is so unfair. TJ runs out.

Marcus tells Elizabeth he is going to run out. Elizabeth hopes to see him around. Elizabeth thinks he left in a hurry. Franco runs her upstairs.

Carly asks if Dev had left his backpack unaccounted for all day. Dev had to leave it in his locker during gym class. Joss wants to know what is going on. Brando thinks that someone is watching everyone in this family and they are all within reach.

Jordan wonders if Sonny knows who is responsible. Sonny says that it was not one of his guys. Sonny asks if he is ok. Jordan thinks he will survive. Jordan thinks that Cyrusí reach goes far. Sonny knows that Cyrus has his eyes on this place. Sonny thanks her for talking to them about this. They will beef up security. He owes her one. Jordan will remember that. Jason has something he needs to ask her.

Sonny tells Curtis that they talked. Curtis hopes he can get a hold of the situation before anyone else gets hurt. Marcus calls Curtis and explains that Trina has been kidnapped. He cannot tell Jordan.

Trina is crying. Cam thinks that they can leave. The driver takes their phones and starts speeding.

Alexis knows that Neil helped Kristina and helped her from getting out of any number of things. She thinks that he is good at saving people and it be unfair of her to keep him from saving other people. Neil got used to being himself at work and then he met her and she made him want to pay attention to the world around him. Neil thinks that the dates he went on were boring or impulse. Alexis tells him to blame drag bingo.

TJ tries to stop the ring from getting to the table. Molly sees the ring.

Joss had her backpack on her the entire day. Dev is sorry. He guesses that he should have been more careful. Joss thinks this is so insane. Sonny shows up. Carly tells him they got another message.

Elizabeth opens up the art supplies and looks at her phone. She sees the message from Cam saying he was kidnapped.

Curtis tells Marcus to get Jordan involved. Marcus cannot get the police involved or Trina will die. He needs his help.

Jason knows that Jordan was in the DEA. Jordan was. Jason was just wondering. Jordan asks Curtis if she wants to go to the Floating Rib. Curtis has to deal with a client but will get back with her. Jordan gets on her phone and is going to the office. Jason gets a call from Elizabeth. Cam has been kidnapped.

Molly thinks the ring is beautiful. TJ knows she has reservations about marriage but they can make it work. TJ wants them to be equals and spend the rest of his life with her. He loves her so much. He asks if she will marry him. Molly is overwhelmed right now. Molly loves him too more than she can put into words. Molly thinks he is very brave to propose after she went off on that. Molly doesnít want to marry him.

Alexis guesses they wonít mess with success because the one kiss they had was perfection. Neil thinks they need to stop trying to make things perfect. Neil explains that TJ was going to propose to Molly. Alexis thinks they will have something to celebrate. Neil wonít be celebrating anything if he wants to keep practicing. Alexis needs to go to her meeting so she isnít late.

Carly wonders if Cyrusí people got into the school. Brando doesnít think it is a good idea to have Dev leave town. Sonny thinks it is good that they stay close right now. Sonny needs to protect Dev.

Jason promises they will figure this out. He asks if she can do this. Elizabeth asks if he got the picture of the drivers plate. Jason tells Elizabeth he knows the guy.

Marcus shows up at the warehouse. He screams he is here. He followed their orders and demands to know where his daughter is. The driver walks out. He tells him to take it easy Trina and Cam are brought in.

Curtis watches from behind a fence with a gun.

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