GH Update Wednesday 2/26/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/26/20


Ava tells Carly that she is ready to leave. Ava does find it a bit annoying that she needs an armed guard. Carly asks if Avery is meeting her new husband.

Cam wonders if Elizabeth is home yet. Franco says no. He helps him put his cufflinks on. Elizabeth walks in. She think that he looks adorable. Cam doesn’t want to look adorable. Nikolas shows up.

Brook Lynn asks if Julian has a drink for her. Julian tells her that she is jumping to conclusions that he had anything to do with the kidnapping. Brook Lynn thinks that Sonny will believe her over him.

Jason tells Sonny that Michael is realistic enough to realize that he needs legal custody of Wiley. Sonny wonders if they have enough evidence to show that Nelle had help.

Curtis sees that Laura s dressed and in control. Curtis sees that she looks good. Laura explains that Kevin is the guest speaker at a medical event. She will get home safely. Laura thinks she needs to get home tonight.

Marcus tells Jordan on the phone that he is working on his own thing tonight. He hangs up before Jordan can get more information.

Marcus shows up at Sonny’s office. Sonny is listening. Marcus thinks the have a mutual problem and can help each other out. Sonny thinks this is the first time they have had a mutual problem. Marcus explains that there are no angles in this mess or at Pentonville. Marcus is not here to bust him since he started trading bullets with Cyrus.

Jordan asks Laura if Curtis is bothering her. Laura thinks he means well. Curtis thinks that it is no better to ask someone than a workaholic. Jordan explains that the warehouse blew a major drug thing sky high. Laura wants to know who would be stupid enough to do this. She asks if they have any names.

Carly supposes that not all marriages last. Ava doesn’t think she is in a place to judge considering that her marriage requires sharp shooters on the roof. Carly isn’t judging but she is giving her a heads up. Carly thinks that Sonny is not the biggest fan of Nikolas after how he treated Spencer. Carly thinks the less Avery is involved in all this the better.

Joss wonders why Dev is dressed like that for the dance. Joss thinks they have to show up to the dance. Dev doesn’t want to be around people he won’t be seeing again. Dev is leaving PC after tomorrow.

Elizabeth asks Franco to go help Cam get pinned up. Elizabeth asks Nikolas to leave them alone right now. Nikolas wants to make a donation at GH. He thinks that Elizabeth would know where the money would do the most good and she is his friend. Elizabeth asks if she is.

Franco puts the flower on Cam’s chest.

Brook Lynn has a certain situation with a record producer. She has an iron clad contract. Her father tried but he will not set her free for any reason. Brook Lynn has exhausted everything. He has skills that her father and lawyers don’t poses. Julian doesn’t break bones anymore. He runs an acceptable pub. Brook Lynn tells him to either work with her or take his odds with Sonny. Julian thinks that is a lot of weight to hold around on her conscious. Brook Lynn thinks what Sonny does is up to him and his funeral. Julian wonders if there is another way.

Nikolas thinks she was so kind the other day. Elizabeth understands how being estranged from Spencer is hard but she needs news about her sister. Nikolas is looking for her. Nikolas thinks that their friendship means a lot. Wyndemere is not home right now without Spencer and with Ava. Elizabeth thinks that he has to deal with his past. So, does Violet.

Ava doesn’t really like Avery living under siege. Carly doesn’t want Avery to be a witness of the spite fest that is her marriage. Carly did know Emily and she couldn’t be anything like her. She cannot imagine that she is going to be his wife much longer. Ava thinks she is mistaken. Carly supposed they will see.

Elizabeth takes pictures of Cam. The doorbell rings. Trina walks in all dressed up. Cam thinks she looks great.

Joss wonders why he would leave now. Dev has a place reserved at a top school. Joss wonders about Gladys and Brando. Joss cares about him. Everything is set up for him to stay here as Sonny’s cousin. Carly wonders if she can have a minute alone with Joss. She assumes that Dev told her. Joss asks if he is leaving because of her.

Jordan doesn’t have proof that an organized crime lord is involved. Laura thinks they need to know who they are dealing with. Jordan admits it is Cyrus. He is in maximum security.

Sonny wonders what he knows about Cyrus. Marcus knows more than him. He was done with him when he left town and Cyrus was high priority. Marcus guesses that Cyrus has his eyes on PC right now. Marcus thinks that the warehouse explosion was a nice job. Marcus explains that there are people he cares about in PC. Jason wonders if he is offering his help or asking for theirs. Sonny asks if he wants to work with him. Jason thinks that he has more use for him than they do. Marcus has seen the ugly things that this man can do. He will give them time to think about it but they can’t think too long. Sonny believes every word of what he says.

Curtis thinks that Cyrus has a lot of connections. Laura guesses someone is letting him pull strings behind the scenes. Laura gets a call from her ride. They will have to continue this later. Laura thinks that a war is fought on many fronts. She will take care of her side of the battlefield. Jordan thinks that Laura has connections that they don’t.

Joss told Carly that it was one kiss. She is over it and Dev can’t leave for that reason. Carly guesses it is about what is best for Dev. Carly thinks that there is only so much they can expect from Brando. Sonny and her agree. Joss thinks that Dev was here after Oscar died and it helped her. She will miss him. Carly will miss him too.

Brook Lynn asks Julian what his plan is. Brook Lynn needs to record. The only way to do that is to get out of this contract. Nikolas shows up and Brook Lynn is happy to see him. She thanks him for the call. She heard that he got married. Ava shows up and is glad that he got her message. Nikolas introduces Ava to Brook Lynn.

Cam puts Trina’s corsage on. Trina wishes that her dad was here. He said he wanted to take pictures too.

Marcus asks a goon if they are looking for him. The goon says that he is looking for another one.

Laura shows up at Sonny’s office. She needs him to make time for an old friend.

Joss thinks that letting Dev go is doing right by Dev and she understands that. She needs to get a dress if she is going to the dance. Cam and Trina are going. Carly tells her that there is no way she is leaving the house tonight.

Ava hopes that Nikolas knows she likes vodka martinis. Ava wonders why he was huddled with Brook Lynn. She wonders what kind of trouble he is in now.

Nikolas admits that is marriage is very important to him more than he can possibly say.

Sonny is glad that Laura is up and about. Sonny needs her to listen. He had no idea these people would target his family. Laura wonders what is going down. She heard about what happened in Brooklyn. Laura wants to talk for real.

Jordan asks Marcus what happened. Marcus says he got jumped by two guys. He realized he was being followed so he lead him into an ally. Another guy showed up and they took off. Marcus shows them the needle. Jordan assumes that Cyrus wanted him to OD.

Julian guesses she has a spoiled popstar wannabe who wants to blackmail him now. Julian might have said too much about what happened. She figured out about the baby switch. She is tight with Sonny and calls him uncle Sonny. Ava thinks she seems like a handful. Ava thinks that he was already doomed when he got mixed up with Brad. Julian is tired of the shakedown. Ava doesn’t think this will end well for him. She thinks he needs to say yes for the time being. She thinks that two Jerome’s are more of a match to one Quartermaine.

Nikolas thinks she is the only person who doesn’t judge him. Brook Lynn isn’t shocked that Elizabeth judged him. She knows what it is like to come home and be judged.

Joss thinks that the dance has plenty of security. Carly wants her to avoid public events right now. Dev says that Donna is up. Dev asks if Carly explained it to her. Dev thinks it has to be this way. Joss says that he needs to say goodbye to Cam and Trina goodbye.

Elizabeth tells Cam to text her the drivers info. Elizabeth asks if Franco was trying to get rid of them.

Jordan suggests he get out of town. Marcus thinks he could find him. Marcus has a plan but she will not like it.

Laura thinks they have been friends for a long time. She knows that he has a certain line he won’t cross. Sonny would never ask her to compromise herself. Jason thinks that they care about PC as much as she does. Laura doesn’t doubt that but there are sudden very ugly terms in their business. Laura thinks this is on her watch. When innocent people are being shot at and innocent people are being shot at again, there are people who are afraid and just want for this to stop. That is why she is here. If anyone knows how to stop this thing it is Sonny.

Elizabeth always thought that Can and Trina were just friends. She is not so sure about that though. Franco thinks it is a big night for him and Elizabeth as well. He wishes her a happy anniversary.

Ava thinks it be her pleasure to handle Brook Lynn. She also needs Nikolas to cheat on her. Ava excels out thinking outside the box. Ava thinks that Brook Lynn might fit the ball. Ava tells Nikolas that she would rather be home with him. Nikolas thinks she is jealous. She could always divorce him. Ava thinks not on his life. Brook Lynn asks Julian about the deal. Julian agrees.

Laura came here out of respect because they are old friends. Laura thinks if he is no able to stop this from escalating then she will do what she has to in order to protect the city. Sonny wouldn’t expect anything else. He did vote for her. Laura leaves.

Joss comes downstairs in a dress. Joss says they have to go.

Marcus knows he crossed the line in the past. He thinks tonight he crossed a line he never thought he would. Curtis thinks it was desperate times. Marcus agrees. He went to Sonny and told him that he would work with him to take Cyrus down.

Carly finds a bullet in Dev’s backpack.

Trina and Cam are in the uber and the driver works for Cyrus.

Written by Anthony

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