GH Update Tuesday 2/25/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/25/20


Cam tells Joss and Trina if they have any leftovers he is starving. Trina wonders how he can be hungry when Joss just told them both about her new nephew. She wonders how crazy that is. Joss thinks that it is classic Nelle. On the same night that she managed tried to kill her brother she also tried to kidnap his child. Trina thinks that now that he has his son back he can be what he wants. Cam thinks that Nelle must be crazy why else would they want to get Sonny mad at you. Trina needs him to focus on getting Joss to the dance.

Olivia thinks it is a pleasant surprise to see Ned. Ned got out of work early. Olivia thinks that there is nothing more that she would like to do than welcome Wiley to the Q’s but Brook Lynn is on the schedule but… Brook Lynn explains that she needs her paycheck.

Alexis asks if Brad and Nelle really switched Michaels’ baby. She wonders how she managed to switch the baby for Wiley. Sam explains that Nelle was behind all of it. Julian walks over. Alexis is so sorry about his grandson. Julian needs a lawyer for Brad.

Michael realizes how incredibly complicated all of this is. All the things that need to be taken into account but it just seems so small in comparison to the fact that Wiley is right here with him. Jason reminds him that Wiley is his son but he needs to handle Nelle. Michael is going to play by the rules unlike Nelle.

Nelle begs the guard to give her son a call. Carly walks in the room. Nelle asks how her son is doing. Carly knows that she doesn’t give a damn about that child other than to use him as a weapon against her son and she is not about to let that happen.

Ned asks how she can expect a paycheck. Brook Lynn needed the recording studio. Brook Lynn is still a writer and singer and she will be creating music for an audience of one.

Trina thinks they need to talk Joss into the dance. It is time they open Joss’ eyes to what is right in front of her. Joss wants to head to the Quartermaine house. Trina thinks that she needs to go to the dance. She needs to take her vows on getting PC high to open their eyes on allowing all genders into the dances. Joss reminds them that Oscar was a part of that. She doesn’t need to take any bows. She just wants to get to know Wiley better and do some journaling.

Nelle asks if Wiley slept alright. Carly thinks he is fine. Wiley is with everyone that loves him. Nelle tells Carly that Brad ripped him from the safety of her arms. Carly explains that she will never see Wiley again. She will make sure of it.

Sam cannot believe that Julian would ask Alexis about this. Julian explains that Brad is his son-in-law. Sam thinks that his marriage will not recover from this. Julian thinks that they can survive anything.

Jason wonders how he is going to play by the rules. Michael has been talking with Diane. Nelle was arrested for assault. She should be back on her way to prison. Diane can block visitation. Jason needs him to plan on how things can go wrong.

Trina thinks she journals too much. She has an addiction. She spends more time writing about her life than anything. Joss wonders why she cares so much about the dance. Joss thinks that some people participate by showing up. Joss wonders if her and Cam are among those people. Trina explains that her and Cam are going together. Trina says that they had been texting. Joss wonders what Cam thinks of Marcus. Cam thinks he was scarier than Sonny. Cam wonders if Joss is alright after the shooting. Joss is alright thanks to Michael and Dustin.

Dustin would love to hear her play her music. Brook Lynn thought that Dustin was with Lulu. Dustin explains that Lulu doesn’t mind and she is out of town. Olivia hears that Carly offered up the Metro Court for the school dance tonight. She guesses they can talk about the school dance together. Brook Lynn finds out that the recording studio double booked. Ned is glad then that means she can work. Brook Lynn guesses after she gets her paycheck. Olivia fires her.

Jason thinks that Michael knows that Nelle knows how to play games. Michael goes to get the door. Jason promises that Michael will always be there for him. That is never going to change. If he is upset then he will always be there. He promises his love for him is bigger than the whole world.

Nelle asks how she could push her own child away. She wonders how long ago it was before she held Michael. She did that voluntarily. Brad stole her baby and she thought her own child had died. Carly promises that Brad will get what he deserves and so will she.

Alexis thinks thinks that Julian has a hell of a lot of nerve. Sam doesn’t think that Brad is innocent. Brad knows but Nelle is playing the victim card right now. Alexis wonders why Nelle is claiming that Brad stole the baby. Sam has to agree with Julian.

Brook Lynn is sorry that she didn’t do a great job. Brook Lynn needs to be writing music so that after she waits out her pig of a manager she will have new music to drop. Olivia has customers to take care of. Ned asks if all Brook Lynn plans on doing is writing music without working. Ned asks how she will work without paying. Brook Lynn thought he would be proud of her. Ned is proud of her but faith and courage don’t pay bills. She needs a real job. Brook Lynn thinks it will hurt her soul. Ned thinks she can come work at ELQ. Brook Lynn asks what makes him think that she would be better at an office job.

Sam thinks that Brad is no saint. Brad allowed Lucas to think that that Wiley was his own child. Sam knows that Brad is just as guilty as Nelle. Alexis knows that Wiley spent a year and a half with the wrong parents. Alexis knows that this can be hard on a child and both Brad and Nelle should be held accountable. Sam think that Julian should walk away on this. Julian can’t.

Chase explains that they are searching hard to find something on Nelle. Chase explains that they might have found something that would show contradiction to what Nelle said. Michael wonders how Willow is doing. Chase admits that it has been rough and it will probably get worse before it gets better. Chase doesn’t know. Willow has a lot to handle. Michael is glad that she has him. Chase tries his best.

Carly thinks that Brad needs to pay for his crimes but Nelle needs to pay for her own as well. Wiley was kidnapped by Shiloh because of her. Nelle went to Chase’ apartment to hold her baby. She does feel bad about Willow. Carly reminds her that she struck her and knocked her out. Carly hopes the jury sees right through her. Carly thinks her first walks into the sunset might be her last. She will wish she was in jail. Nelle has learned a lot from her time in prison with Ryan. Chase shows up. He needs to talk with Nelle. Carly wishes him luck. Nelle tells him that she threatened to kill her. Chase wonders why she was at his apartment last night.

Michael tells Jason that the police might have found proof that Nelle is lying. He asked Chase about Willow and he told him that she is really struggling. Which doesn’t even describe what it is like to lose a child. He has been there and knows what she is going through. He knows that she would she would have had to grieve regardless but to find out that the one she entrusted to Brad is gone. He thinks that Brad and Nelle hurt Willow the most.

Alexis wonders if getting involved with Brad and Nelle is a smart idea. Julian thinks that everyone is entitled to a good defense. Alexis will have her assistant send him a list of lawyers. Sam wonders wha this is really about.

Brook Lynn wants to open up her trust fund. Ned wonders. If anything he said made a slight impression. Ned thinks that she needs to try working in an office. She is going to get a job. Her free ride stops right now.

Cam asks if Dustin really slammed himself into a gunman. Trina says that they have to get going to prep for the dance. Trina is sure that Dustin will follow him around with a breath test. Joss asks if Dustin will be there. Trina says yes. Joss looks at the dance flyer.

Dustin will go get some pizza. Olivia explains that Carly will kill her if she doesn’t do something nice after what he did for Joss. Olivia will make the pizza and he will think it came right out of Brooklyn. Olivia knows that Lulu and Dante loved her pizza. Dustin is not trying to take Dante’s place.

Brook Lynn asks Julian how Lucas is doing. She cannot believe that Brad did this. She remembers him arguing with Brad. It turns out that they knew one another. Julian thinks it is always a pleasure speaking with her. Brook Lynn is confused. She wonders if he knows anything about their breaks stopping on them.

Cam cannot believe the logic that Trina came up with. Trina thinks that Joss needs to finally see what she is missing out with when comes to Cam.

Joss got Wiley a bunny rabbit. She is officially in love. Michael knows she has always loved Wiley. Joss knows but she is his aunt now. She thinks that Michael always looked out for them when they were kids. Joss knows that everyone is telling Wiley how lucky he is to have Michael as a dad. Michael has no regrets. They cannot be angry or sad about everything they missed. Joss wonders if they all survived the shooting for this moment. Michael realizes that he has to take life with both hands and not take anything for regret. Joss is starting to realize that too. Joss feels like she is emerging from this black hole. Michael thinks that is great. Joss knows that she will never get Oscar back but she is feeling like she’s getting herself back.

Nelle went to his place to see her child. Nelle believed the lifeless baby was her own. She hadn’t realized what Brad had done until last night. Nelle thinks that Willow was keeping her away from Wiley. Nelle didn’t know what she was doing. She asks if she is ok. Chase tells Nelle to go to hell. She should be focused on her own conviction. She came to his house last night intending to leave with him.

Carly asks how things went with Michael. Jason thinks that he is having fun with Wiley but also being safe with Diane. Carly thinks that Nelle is as slippery as ever. Carly went to see Nelle. Jason thinks that she played right into her hands.

Alexis has more pressing concerns. She has to speak on behalf of Neil. She thinks that all they have to do is stay away from one another for two years. Sam asks if she really can stay away from two years. She asks if there is really no way for them to be together. Alexis will not risk his career for him. Sam is not going to let some parole board keep her away from Jason. Alexis tells her to give her a dollar. Sam does. Now anything she says is protected by privilege. She asks what her and Jason have planned. Sam thinks that she is going to find something on her parole officer. Alexis thinks she shouldn’t do this. Sam thinks that Jason and her are going to be together.

Brook Lynn remembers him saying that his associate couldn’t handle a big deal. She wonders if it had anything to do with the stollen baby. Brook Lynn wonders if anyone else would agree.

Trina is going to get ready for the dance. Cam cannot believe that they are doing this without Joss around. Trina thinks that they will have enough pre-dance pictures for Joss to see.

Michael wonders if Joss has anything fun tonight. Joss says that there is a dance and she might go. Her friend is going and she can hang out with them. Michael is proud of her.

Olivia wants to keep their conversations to pizza. Olivia doesn’t mind feeding the children. She knows he did protect Joss but he is still sleeping with her son’s ex wife. Ned asks if Olivia is ok. Ned assumes that their conversations both went bad. Ned provided Brook Lynn with rejection.

Julian thinks whatever Brad and Nelle did remains between them. Brook Lynn asks what would happen if she told Sonny about this. Julian asks what Brook Lynn wants. Brook Lynn guesses he could do her a small favor.

Alexis likes going to places with Sam. She hopes that she doesn’t have to come see her in jail. Sam is going to come between her parole officer and her job if it comes down to it. She will be with Jason again.

Carly thinks that Nelle is a kidnapper and murderer. She didn’t threaten Nelle exactly. Jason thinks that fighting will not do Carly any good at all. Jason tells her to keep her cool. Carly hates her. Jason knows and that is what Nelle is counting on. Jason knows she can do anything for her children. She needs to control herself right now.

Joss thinks that Michael needs to be worried about Nelle. Michael will do whatever it takes to protect Wiley.

Chase shows Nelle the passports and asks her to explain them.

Written by Anthony

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