GH Update Monday 2/24/20

General Hospital Update Monday 2/24/20


Nikolas finds Elizabeth at GH but Ava walks over to him. He asks if she is following him. Ava thinks he wishes. She promises that every moment they have a part is hard for her. Ava is going to sit for her portrait. Ava thought they agreed to make sure that the world knows how happy they are. Nikolas thinks they did. Nikolas asks Elizabeth how she is doing. He wonders if Laura is around. Elizabeth thinks she is having her final run of tests. Nikolas explains that he needs her help.

Willow gets ready. Chase walks in and says hi. He didn’t mean to startle her. He was thinking they could grab breakfast at Kelly’s. Willow has to get back to work. The world doesn’t stop because something happens to her. Chase reminds her that she was knocked out cold last night. She needs some time to herself. Willow has to work and keep busy otherwise she will cry all day because her baby is dead.

Brad asks Julian if Wiley is ok. Julian says that Wiley is fine and with Michael. Julian explains that Sonny kicked him out when he came home with Michael and Wiley. Brad tried too protect him so much. Julian wanted to thank him for not telling him that he knew. Brad could still blow his cover.

Sonny asks if Jason has any word on Cyrus. Carly wonders if they were ever going to mention the explosion last night. Jason wonders how Michael is. Carly explains that it is his first day as Wiley’s father and he has already sent her at least 30 pictures. Sonny looks at them and smiles. He is glad that he got his son back but he should never have lost him. He thinks tat Brad and Nelle will pay for that.

Michael tells Wiley that he thinks they are off to a good start. He thinks that breakfast went smoothly and he seems to love apples. Michael promises to be the best dad for him. Monica walks in. Monica says good morning to him. She didn’t know he had him today. Michael explains that he is going to have him for a while. Michael explains that Wiley is not his Godson but his son.

Nikolas is at a loss with Spencer right now. He won’t answer his calls and he won’t email him back. He sent him a message saying that he used to mourn being an orphan but now he is lucky. He wonders who still writes letters. Nikolas misses him. Elizabeth doesn’t want him to give up hope. Not yet.

Franco asks Ava if she is ready. Ava thinks that they should wait a moment. Franco wonders what Nikolas is talking about with Elizabeth. Ava tells him to find out. Franco explains that Elizabeth says that she can take care of him on her own.

Brad tells Julian to drop the act. He wonders what Sonny would do if he found out that he kept Wiley from Michael. Julian had to do everything to keep his family intact. Brad lost everything. Julian thinks that is on him. He is the whole reason the plan has fallen apart.

Monica thinks that Michael had an ordeal. Michael explains that it all turned out alright in the end. Monica guesses that they have another Quartermaine in the family. She will not suggest that his name be changed to Quartermaine. Michael is actually pretty exhausted. He kept waking up every half hour to check on Wiley. Michael got a miracle. Michael knows that not everyone was so fortunate.

Chase wonders what Willow is looking for. Willow is looking for her ID badge. Chase thinks they should talk. Willow doesn’t think he can hold her hand forever. She needs to keep busy and going to work would help if she could find her ID. Chase wonders if she is in the right mindset to be around children. He knows she is always saying that kids can pick up on emotion.

Carly was going to see Lucas today but he wants to be left alone. She wishes that he would let his family help him. Sonny thinks that he would not be ok with having people expect to make him feel better. Carly wonders if she can get them anything. Jason is going to see Michael and his son. Carly loves the sound of that. Michael and his son. Sonny thinks that he is going to see a shift in Michael. He thinks that whatever was broken inside of him was clearly healed. Jason will see them later. Sonny wonders if Carly is ok. Carly is overjoyed about Michael but it kills her that her brother lost her son. Nelle gaslit her, got her sent away, and almost had their grandchild taken away. Carly thinks that someone needs to stop Nelle for good.

Franco asks Ava to share her feelings here. Franco wonders what she wants for this. Franco thinks that she makes it sound more like a transaction than a marriage. He hopes that living with the dark prince. Ava thinks even Elizabeth was friends. Franco thinks that Nikolas and Elizabeth have a complicated relationship.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas to give Spencer space. Nikolas tells her that Ava said the same thing. Elizabeth is shocked he would talk about that with someone who has had a sham marriage. Elizabeth knows that Kiki’s death was senseless. She got to know her first through Franco. Nikolas remembers that Kiki thought that Franco was her father but then it turned out to be someone else. Elizabeth explains that Franco and Ava didn’t speak together for years. Nikolas guesses that time really does heal all wounds.

Monica asks Jason if he heard the news. Jason did. Monica thinks that this is wonderful. Michael thinks that it is like he is going back and forth between terror or excitement. Monica needs to freshen up a little bit. She asks Jason to stick around. Jason promises to. Michael got an alert about a warehouse fire last night. Michael has even more reasons to keep his family safe.

Carly thinks that what Brad did to Lucas was horrible but it was Nelle that did this. Sonny won’t do anything because it didn’t happen to them. Sonny thinks that this is up to Michael. Carly thinks that it is time that they remove Nelle from their family once and for all.

Willow will tell the truth that she lost someone she cares about and she misses them. Chase suggests they go for a walk or something. Willow cannot do that. She is so angry. She wonders why God would take her little boy like that. She wonders why Nelle gets to continue to hurt people and be a mother. Willow doesn’t think it is fair. Willow knows that Michael deserves his son and she is happy for him. Chase tells her to curse and cry and do whatever she wants to do. Chase loves her and everything about her. He loves it all. He is angry too. He is angry she has to go through this but he wants to help her. Willow tells Chase to give her some space right now.

Brad wanted to be honest with his husband. Brad thinks that Julian is probably grateful for the accident. Julian doesn’t think that he ever should have been in the car in the first place. Brad wonders what he means.

Elizabeth explains that Ava and Franco are just friends. Nikolas hopes that one day they can be friends again. Elizabeth is only speaking with him because he brought up Spencer. Elizabeth tells him not to act like that. When he is thoughtful and considerate it almost makes her forget how angry she is with him.

Franco tells Ava to lighten up a little bit. Ava is just shocked to hear about Elizabeth and Nikolas. She only ever heard about Emily. She wonders what happened between them back in the day or if it was something more. Franco tells her to ask Nikolas about it. Ava thinks it says a lot about the person. Franco tells her to pick her chin up

Jason thinks that Michael and Wiley look a like. Michael thinks that there is still a shock to him. Michael is worried that. He isn’t enough for Michael. Michael thinks that this is going to be confusing for Wiley. Jason knows he will realize that he is home. Michael is worried that he will screw up. Michael wonders what if he isn’t enough.

Julian doesn’t think either of them should have been in the car. He urged them to continue to investigation. He thinks that Lucas will need his father through this. Julian thinks that Lucas will need his help. Brad asks why him and Nelle are left out of this. Brad explains that Nelle is claiming that he stole Wiley. Brad is not taking the fall for both of them. Julian can protect him but they need to work together.

Elizabeth thinks they are going to take a while to forgive each other. Nikolas thinks that one day she might forget what a jackass he was. Nikolas needs to check on his mother. Chase asks if Elizabeth has seen Willow. He has no idea where she could be. Elizabeth says she called in sick today. Elizabeth wonders if something is wrong. Chase explains that Willow lost someone very precious to her.

Willow sits at her child’s gravestone. She says hi to him. She should have visited him long before now but she didn’t know he was here. She introduces herself as his mom.

Sonny agrees that Nelle is the worst kind of user in the world. Sonny doesn’t think they can get involved though.

Jason had no experience with babies. He had no expectations. He let Michael show him what he needed. Jason suggests letting his family help him. Michael was looking stuff up last night and memories online. Michael doesn’t think that Wiley will have any memories of Brad or Lucas but he will ask about them later on in life. Jason thinks that Michael is dealing with a lot of chaos. Michael doesn’t want Nelle near his son.

Brad tells Julian to get out of here. Julian tells him that if he keeps his mouth shut then he will make sure that he walks out of here.

Ava is proud of them for remaining close like Elizabeth and Nikolas. She understands now why she would forgive him. They have such a rich history. She is just saying that once you share a connection with someone it binds you forever. Whenever you see a person you get a little spark. Franco asks if she is hitting on her. Ava wonders if he wants her to be. Franco thinks after all these years he never painted her because she is impatient. Franco starts to pose her. Nikolas looks through the door.

Julian thinks there is a chance that he could get him the best defense lawyer. He needs his continued silence though. He wonders if they have a deal.

Jason wonders what Michael and Chase found when they went into the apartment last night. Jason explains that Nelle had fake ID’s and Willow passed out. Jason could have Nelle dealt with. Monica thinks that three generations of Quartermaine’s needs to be documented. Monica takes a picture. Monica wants to take a group picture. Monica wants to remember this forever. Monica thinks he did good. She loves it. She asks if Michael and Wiley want to see.

Willow doesn’t know what to say. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to die before her. She gave him up to give him a better life. Willow doesn’t think that he got any of those things. He died the day that Brad brought him home. She has no idea what would have happened had she kept him with her.

Nikolas finds Ava. Ava wonders what he is doing. Franco promises that their secret is safe with them. Nikolas reminds Ava about their dinner tonight. Nikolas wishes her happy sketching. Nikolas leaves. He promises them both that his turn is coming. Ava explains that once she has all the money and none of the ball in chain. She knows that Nikolas will not be able to stop himself. She thinks it is for her to know and her husband to find out.

Brad promises they have a deal. If the lawyer fails he is bringing him down with him.

Willow hopes that he was asleep when it happened and he wasn’t in any pain. She is so sorry. She is so sorry that it happened. Elizabeth doesn’t mean to startle her. She asks what she is doing here. She explains that Chase was looking for her at the hospital. She is so sorry about her loss. Willow explains that Brad put him down in his crib and then he wasn’t breathing. He was all alone. Elizabeth hugs her. She promises that she is not alone. She’s hugs Willow.

Michael thinks that this feels right like it always should have been this way. Michael should have known better. Jason promises that he doesn’t need to be hard on himself. Jason reminds him that Wiley is his and no one will take him away. Michael will handle Nelle.

Sonny asks what Carly is thinking Carly thinks that Nelle has beat the system before. Carly will be thrilled if the justice system dos their job.

Written by Anthony

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