GH Update Friday 2/21/20

General Hospital Update Friday 2/21/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny walks in with Michael and Wiley. Everyone smiles as they seem them together. Carly thinks it is so good to see Wiley. She asks about Nelle. Lucas says hi to Wiley. Michael thinks that Wiley is a lucky guy that has so many people that love him. Julian thinks if Lucas needs anything… Sonny tells him that it has been a late night. Julian leaves. Michael tells Lucas that they need to make this right but they need to make this right for Wiley.

Curtis wonders if Jordan is in danger. Jordan doesn’t want him involved. Marcus explains that they were involved in an undercover operation. Jordan was in charge of trying to bring down a man from the Pacific South West. Marcus explains that he killed everyone. They got the break they needed. They took the dealer down and got out. Jordan thought that they were safe until their partners turned up dead.

Nelle is brought in to a holding cell. Brad demands to know where Wiley is. Nelle calls him despicable.

Chase tells Willow that she is at GH but she will be ok. Willow wonders what happened. The last thing she remembers was watching Wiley. She remembers Nelle showing up and wanting Wiley. Willow wonders if Wiley is ok. Chase explains that Wiley is with Michael. Chase has a lot to tell her. Willow thinks it is bad. Willow just needs a minute to be glad her son is ok.

Carly thinks that Wiley has had a confusing big night. She thinks that they give him a snack before he puts him down. Michael asks if Lucas wants to give him a snack and they can talk later Lucas takes Wiley and asks if he wants a snack. Lucas tells Michael he is so sorry. Carly doesn’t think that Lucas is responsible. Carly thinks what Michael did just now was so generous of Michael. Michael is making this up as he goes along. He will need their help. Michael tells Carly that Lucas needs him right now. He thinks he will be fine though. Carly thinks he is a good man. Carly loves him so much. She hugs him. Sonny wants to know how Brad got his hands on his son and keep it a secret for more than a year. Curtis asks if Bob was a part of his team. Jordan explains Mark Simon the man found on the pier. Curtis asks why Jordan didn’t tell him that she had a target on her back.

Ava asks Julian if he is hurt. She asks what is wrong. He hung up on her. She thought she would have found him bleeding to death. Julian explains that Brad confessed. Wiley is not Willow’s son but Michael’s son. Willow’s baby he only saw once. Brad took the baby home and laid him down in his crib and the baby wasn’t breathing. Ava is so shocked. Julian explains that it is sudden infant death syndrome and from their things happened. Nelle gave Brad the baby that she had with Michael. Ava wonders what happened. Julian explains they switched babies. Somehow, Nelle convinced him to take the baby. Ava begs him to say that he didn’t help steal the baby. Julian didn’t but he knew. Ava thinks that if Sonny finds out… Julian knows that he is a dead man.

Chase explains that what he will tell her is confusing. A lot of the details are pretty hazy but the central fact is undeniable. Chase explains that Wiley is not her son. Nelle and Michael are his birth parents.

Nelle asks if Brad knows how that hurt to have a cold dead baby in her arms. Jonah meant everything to her. He stole her baby. Brad remembers that she said that he had to take him. Nelle was overwhelmed with grief. They were mourning a child because of him. Brad remembers her saying that he didn’t want Wiley anywhere near Michael. Nelle thinks he stole her child.

Julian knows that Brad said that he got the baby from a random homeless woman. He didn’t believe that but eventually he admitted that it was Sonny’s grandchild. Ava thinks he should have gone to Sonny the moment that he told him about the switch. Julian explains that Wiley had been over a year old at that point. He wasn’t going to take Wiley away from his son at that point.

Willow doesn’t think that makes any sense. Chase explains that she gave birth at Mercy Hospital. Alexis gave the baby to Brad while Lucas was in surgery. Brad put the baby down for sleep but he died. Willow gets on the ground and starts sobbing and screaming. Chase tries to comfort her.

Bobbie thinks that Brad created incredible harm and was beyond selfish. Carly is at least happy to know that Wiley spent his first year in a loving home. Lucas wants to know what happens now.

Julian would give anything not to see this again. Ava doesn’t think that this would ever have ended well. Ava knows eventually Brad will tell Lucas. Ava thinks they need to get him out of town and the country. Julian is not running. Ava is not buying this. Julian thinks that she should know what it is like to fail your own children. He thought that they could repair their own relationship. Ava is taking it that the plan didn’t work. Julian thinks that it would have had he not gotten in the car.

Curtis explains that he is his first line of defense. He needs to call Anna. Jordan says no. Curtis wonders how they cannot ask for backup. Curtis thinks they are hiding something else. Jordan admits they are

Willow wonders how her baby got switched with Michael’s. Chase explains that Brad was heading back to the hospital. It was when Michael and Nelle had their accident. Nelle must have given birth shortly afterwards. Willow wonders which one of them came up with the idea. Chase says that Brad swore it was Nelle. Willow thinks of course it was.

Michael held Wiley a thousand times before and all this time he was his father. Willow thinks that he shouldn’t stop himself from feeling joy in his heart. Michael thinks that this is about being human. Michael think it is one thing to be a special occasion guy but it is another thing to be a dad. Michael knows that blood didn’t make Sonny his father. Sonny thinks that Wiley knows that he loves him. Michael wonders if he should leave Wiley in a house that he already knows. With a father that already loves him.

Brad will not let Nelle make him responsible for all of this. Nelle just gave birth to Jonah. Brad wonders about Obrecht. Nelle has no idea when she was in the woods alone. Brad thinks she has no idea what it is like to lose a child. Nelle thinks that he robbed her of time with her son. She knows her child is alive. Brad will make sure that everyone knows that she gave him Wiley. Nelle begs the guard to get Brad out of here.

Jordan explains that she visited Cyrus in Pentonville. He got himself moved. Curtis asks who he is. Jordan gives him the file. Jordan thinks he is trying to take over Sonny’s territory. Marcus tells Curtis to go easy on Jordan. She was just trying to protect her. Marcus walks out. Curtis thinks that Jordan never fails to surprise him.

Carly promises that they will get through this together. Bobbie agrees with Carly. He cannot let what Brad did push him away. Carly thinks he has every right to be mad and hurt. Carly promises to be his safe space. Carly thinks that everyone has come together to make him feel safe and welcome.

Willow thinks that this is so horrible. Chase explains that Brad took Wiley home and he had her baby in her arms. They took the baby to the hospital and that is where they found the baby. Willow knows that Michael talked about how still the baby was. He wanted to tell himself the baby was just sleeping but he could feel the truth. He didn’t want to let the baby go. God didn’t have an answer for him. Eventually a nurse came and he had to give the baby up. Willow thought she understood. She had to give her own baby up and the nurse took him for the adoption. Michael was grieving his and now it is her turn to grieve. Chase holds her.

Jordan explains the four of them worked their ways into different parts of Cyrus’ business. All the work and they had nothing. She was in too deep. She needed to see her child. She broke the law herself. Jordan explains that she crossed the line and he should be upset with her. Curtis asks how she could not tell him. Jordan knows she was selfish. She didn’t want this to hurt them. Curtis thinks they have to be all in. It doesn’t work otherwise. Jordan explains that Cyrus just set up base in their backyard.

Sonny thinks no amount of distance will stop Wiley from being his son. He can give him the best life he can. Michael knows he is right and that is what he wants. He asks how he tells Lucas. Sonny thinks that there is one way this ends and Lucas knows it. Sasha thinks that he should tell Lucas that. Michael realizes that Lucas is not the only one who is facing loss. Chase is telling Willow that her own son is gone.

Willow thought that Brad thought she was going to change her mind. Had she gone through with this then she would have taken a child that wasn’t her. When Shiloh tried to get custody then he could have told the truth at any time. Chase thinks that Nelle has been blackmailing him this entire time. Willow thinks he let her.

Bobbie wonders if they believe Brad. Lucas thinks that this sounds like something that Nelle would come up with. Carly knows that Nelle hates her this much. Lucas thinks that Wiley really likes to be read too. He tells them that babies love to chew on their sippy cup when they are teething.

Jordan thanks him for loving her. Curtis can protect himself. Jordan thinks it will be easier for her to do this on her own.

Julian thinks that Brad could spill his guts. Ava guesses they have to get involved before Brad can give him up.

Nelle is trapped in here because of Brad. The guard takes him away.

Willow tried to make herself like Brad but she couldn’t. Brad is a lying coward and Wiley could have had his father the entire time. He could have had Michael to raise him and now he is so young and his entire world is going to be flipped upside down. The man she chose to raise her son. She trusted her son to Brad and he let him die. Then he traded him in like a faulty appliance. He handed him to that psycho. Willow cries into his arms. There was no one there that loved him. No one that knew him. Not even Michael knew him. She hugs Chase.

Michael asks if Wiley liked his snack. Lucas says he did. Lucas tells Wiley that his uncle Michael loves to play games and have stories. He has a surprise for him. He is going home with him. He asks how Wiley likes that. Lucas has his stuff in there. Lucas loves Wiley. He kisses him goodbye. Michael asks if Wiley is ready to have some fun. He promises that they will have a good time together. Lucas tells him to take good care of his son.

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