GH Update Thursday 2/20/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/20/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny wonders about the warehouse. Jason tells him that is is gone with everything inside. Cyrus got hurt tonight. Sonny doesn’t think enough.

Jordan walks into a holding room with Cyrus. Cyrus wonders when he would see her again. Jordan asks what brings him here.

Trina hugs Marcus and calls him dad.

Sasha thanks Chase for getting here so quickly. He needs to hear this for Willow’s sake. Carly tells Michael that this all makes sense. She thinks that all Michael has to go do is get his son. Michael asks if he has any ideas how many lives he hurt over the last year. Willow has done so much for him, Lucas loves him, he has been grieving. He went along with this for over a year. Michael asks how he could do that to the people that he claims to love. Brad made the worst mistake he could. Michael thinks he is going to pay for it now.

Nelle thinks that all Wiley needed was his mom. Willow is passed out in the back hallway. Nelle promises that she is not going anywhere.

Jordan sits down. He asks what he should call her. Jordan says the commissioner of police. Cyrus remembers her as his right hand. He asks if she remembers those days. He thinks she was young and a single mother eager to learn. He assumes that her child is all grown and maybe in med school.

Jason this that Cyrus has to know that he has a lot to lose. Sonny thinks that when he went to visit him he claimed to have personal business to be here.

Cam was shocked to know that her father was in town. Trina explains that he just got in. He seems to think that her world is supposed to revolve around him. Marcus tells Cam about the dance. He thinks that he likes to get to know the young man that is going to take his daughter to he dance. Trina thinks that Marcus is a retired cop who has made it his life’s mission to embarrass himself. Marcus wonders if he is related to Elizabeth. Cam says she is his mother.

Cyrus thinks that her being in his orbit was his biggest mistake. He wonders what happened to her. He knew she would be back into the trade sooner or later. He asks how she became a police commissioner. Cyrus was shocked to find out she was in PC. Cyrus thinks that for him to have had four people betray him. Jordan reminds him that two men are dead. Cyrus say that those drugs are not his. He was holding them for a friend. Jordan should have figured that he would find this funny.

Brad regrets everything. He was in this with Nelle. Brad admits that she wanted to see Wiley. He told Nelle that Wiley was with Willow at her apartment. Michael and Chase leave. He tells him that they are not done here Carly thinks he cared more about protecting himself than taking care of Wiley. That is unforgivable.

Nelle sees that Wiley only has one change of clothes. It will have to do for tonight. She says she is almost ready. She shows Wiley her passport. She explains that for now she is her little boy. She thinks they need to get his coat because they are going on a little trip.

Trina explains that Marcus used to live in PC back in the day.

Curtis thinks that Trina makes sense as Marcus’ daughter.

Cyrus has an alibi. Cyrus explains that those others were expandable. If karma came for her then it would be a different situation. Jordan thinks the cartel moving in on Sonny’s territory is his men. She asks if he started a mob war on her territory. Cyrus explains that visiting hours are over which means that time is up. He tells her to have a lovely evening.

Jason wonders what Cyrus means with personal. They don’t have a history. Sonny assumes that he has been talking with someone. Jason is confused why he would open a separate territory. Sonny wonders if he is in it for more than money.

Trina wonders how a snake got into her apartment. Marcus thinks they will one day learn the legend of Faith Roscoe. Trina wonders if it is ok for Cam to take her to the dance. Cam has no intentions for the dance. Marcus has something he needs to discuss with her. Marcus sees Curtis.

Carly asks for them to bring the squad car because they will be making an arrest. Carly is having Brad arrested. Brad begs someone to try and reach Willow and try to warn him. Lucas thinks that him and Nelle have been harboring this secret for so long. He asks if anyone else knew.

Nelle opens the door and Michael and Chase are outside. Michael looks at Wiley.

Marcus walks outside and confronts Curtis. He asks if Curtis is following him. Curtis came to pick up his order. He saw him through the window. He saw enough of him for one day. Marcus is trying to have some time with his daughter. Marcus thinks his life is not his business. Curtis thinks if he wasn’t creeping around town with his wife they wouldn’t be talking about this. Jordan walks over.

Nelle asks if they are going to shoot her with a baby in her arms. Michael tells Nelle it is time for him to have his baby back. Nelle reminds him that this is her son too. Nelle is sure that Brad didn’t tell them everything.

Lucas demands to know who else knew. Brad explains that no one else was involved in switching the babies. Lucas asks how he could do this to their family. Brad screwed up. He got to be the strong one for once. He told him that nothing would stop the from having the baby. Their child died. He couldn’t say no to a second chance at fatherhood. Bobbie thinks it was kidnapping plain and simple.

Nelle explains that she wouldn’t just give their child to Brad. Nelle says that Brad stole their baby. She gave birth on the side of the road. It was beautiful. Michael asks if she really was going to save him from that car. Nelle would have forgiven him. Nelle was holding on to their child and the next thing he knew there was a poor lifeless child.

Jordan demands an explanation. Marcus is in Kelly’s having some time with his daughter. He thinks that this time has gone through enough. Jordan wants to go back to her office and talk. Trina asks if everything is ok. Marcus tells her to go back inside.

Jason wonders if Cyrus did get tied to PC. He might try to take him out though and he fails. He thinks that he should cut his losses. Sonny thinks that love and revenge are what is more important than money. Jason gets a call from Sam. He asks if everything is ok. Sam says that there is something that him and Sonny need to know.

Nelle was curious about the party because it finally all came back to her. She remembers being in the woods and she remembers Brad taking their child and putting her in his arms. Michael asks where Willow is. Nelle asks if this is really all he has to say about this. Michael will take Brad’s lies over his in a heartbeat. Michael is not going to hurt him and neither is he. Michael tells Nelle not to make this more difficult than it has to be. Chase tells her to hand over the baby. Michael holds Wiley and hugs him.

Bobbie thinks that Brad almost had her with the grieving parent bit. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Brad did this for Lucas. Lucas asks how he could ever thank him. Brad convinced himself that he was doing the right thing. Brad thinks that Michael and Kristina had been kidnapped so many times. Nelle convinced him that he was doing the right thing. Lucas thinks that he could have told the truth. He didn’t only lose his son but his family. He cannot look at him anymore.

Marcus walks back into Kelly’ and asks what that was about. Cam can leave if he needs to. Marcus tells him to stay where he is. Marcus has to go take care of something. He would stay if he could. Marcus tells Cam that this is his one and only chance to prove himself. He needs to make sure that Trina gets home safely. It is important.

Jordan asks if Curtis is stalking Marcus. Curtis thinks that she has been lying to him. Jordan says this is all about work. Curtis knows her. She is not being truthful. He asks if she is Trina’s mother.

Chase finds Willow and tells her to wake up. Willow wonders what happened. He is going to take her to the hospital. Nelle is arrested. Michael asks Chase how bad she is. Chase is taking her to the hospital. Michael thanks Chase. Sonny shows up. He asks if he is ok. Michael says they both are. Him and his grandson. Nelle stops at the door and looks at Wiley one last time.

An officer arrests Brad. He begs Lucas to look at him

Jordan admits that Trina is her daughter. She admits the world is littered with her undercover babies. They have never been together romantically or sexually. Curtis wonders why they are keeping such big secrets. Curtis needs to be let in. Marcus thinks that Jordan needs to tell Curtis everything.

Trina thinks that was sexist in the extreme. Cam thinks that if he doesn’t get her home alright then he will know. Trina thinks he will.

Jordan tells him to come in and close the door. Jordan tells her assistant to hold her calls. Marcus needs Curtis to know so that he can protect himself unless she wants the body count to keep rising.

Sam tells Jason she loves him.

Lucas wonders how Brad could do something like this. Jason asks if Carly is ok. Carly thinks that this is history repeating itself again. She was making sure that Michael had the best life possible. Brad and Nelle were looking out for themselves. Jason needs Carly to tell Michael that he loves him. Carly think he knows.

Willow wakes up in the hospital. He tells her that she is at GH with a minor concussion but she will be ok. Willow wonders what happened. She thinks the last thing she remembers was watching Wiley. Chase asks where Wiley is. She asks if Wiley is ok.

Lucas cannot believe how Brad could keep the secret. Lucas thinks that Brad thought he was protecting him. Julian thinks they all know what it is like to make a mistake. Bobbie thinks it was indecent. Sonny walks in with Michael and Wiley.

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