GH Update Wednesday 2/19/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/19/20


Written by Anthony

Jordan sits down in her office. She told her people no interruptions. Curtis walks in. He told her assistant that they can go ahead and arrest him. Jordan guesses he would be in the right place. Curtis assumes mob violence, Cassadine nonsense, and her old buddy Marcus.

Marcus walks into Kelly’s and Mac walks out. He recognizes him and gives Marcus a hug.

Trina hugs Cam. She tells him he is not allowed to leave them for that long ever again.

Sonny sits down with Cyrus. Cyrus assumes that he has reconsidered his stance on making room for him in PC. Sonny thinks he has considered wrong.

Jason puts a gun to someone.

Willow asks if Finn left. Chase says yes. Finn wonders if throwing a kid into the mix was too much for them. Willow asks if that is how Chase feels. Chase says no.

Lucas thinks that it is right there in his head. They were in the car. Sam tells Lucas to calm down. Lucas thinks that they go get Wiley and everything will be better once he has his son. Michael will go get him. Julian thinks it be better if Lucas and him go get him. Lucas remembers Brad telling him the truth. Michael asks what is wrong. Lucas tells Michel that Wiley is his son. Nelle hears this. Nelle closes the door and looks in shock as she walks away. Michael doesn’t think that Brad is making sense. Lucas knows what he heard. Carly thinks they can all take a breath. She is going to talk with her brother. The two people who cannot leave are Brad and Michael.

Willow is sorry she didn’t run the guardian thing with him before saying yes. She wonders if they are at the right point for that yet. Chase is not shocked that she would be made designated guardian. Chase didn’t need her to call and ask for permission. He just wanted to know that they were in it together. Chase wants to be in his life if heaven forbid something happens to his parents. Willow thinks that is a lot.

Trina wonders how the trip was. Cam thinks that was long. He thinks that Williams was a great school. Williams had a great soccer coach as well. Trina explains that he was the one traveling around the country. Cam wonders how school is. Trina thinks fine. She is in charge of the next catalogue at the gallery. Cam wonders about Joss.

Cyrus doesn’t just leave. Sonny gives him an address and smiles.

Jason wonders how many people are in the warehouse. The man says five. Jason knows he is lying. The man tells him to get out now while he is still alive. He knows who Jason is. He did his homework. He knows that he is Sonny’s enforcer. His boss is good but his is better. He doesn’t want to get sideways with him. He asks if he is going to hijack all of this and try selling it. He thinks that he is willing to forget that he showed up and let him walk away. He thinks no one messes with Cyrus. Jason guesses they will fine out.

Sonny knows the water front real well. He explains that one of the buildings was sold without a listing. He knows that one of the cars that belonged to him was offloading his cargo. Cyrus thinks that he is making a big mistake. Sonny thinks he already made one.

Trina demands that Cam tell her that he likes Joss. He has to tell the truth. She asks if it is really that hard. Cam admits that it is. This isn’t just a you have lunch together. He likes her a lot.

Marcus says that he retired. Mac thinks that the timing is a little coincidental with a mob war about to blow up with Sonny.

Jordan asks why he thinks that she is different with Marcus around. Curtis thinks that whatever is going on is personal for Jordan. He tells her to tell him what is going on. He demands t know why.

Willow wonders what they should do first. Willow explains that this is their going away party for Wiley. Wiley doesn’t want grapes. Willow thinks all the wonderful things that she would have done had she gotten to be his nanny. She has plenty of time to be sad about Wiley. This is not the time. She will ask again, where should they start. Chase thinks dinner. Willow thinks that dinner it is then. Chase wipes up the food of Wiley’s face. Chase guesses it is bath time next. He thinks it is a lucky guess.

Carly asks what Lucas means by Wiley is Michael’s son. Lucas says that Wiley is Jonah. He is Michael and Nelle’s son. Carly asks how he knows this. Lucas says that Brad told him right before the accident. He said that Wiley is not the baby they adopted. Carly asks how Brad wants to explain that.

Jason tells him to call his guy out here. The man screams for him to come out. Jason tells him to put his hands up and walk over here. He tells him to get on his knees. Jason ties him up. Jason needs them alive as witnesses.

Cyrus thinks he will have to deal with his overseas partners. Cyrus thinks he will have nowhere to sell this. He wonders who will take stolen merch. Sonny never said he was selling it.

Curtis thinks that things were fine before Marcus got here. He talked with him to get answers. He told her to talk with her. He found her with Marcus around her. He needs to know what the hell is going on. He needs to know what is going on. Jordan thinks that this is nothing to do with him. Jordan cannot tell him everything about her work. He has to trust her. Curtis reminds her that she cheated on his brother.

Willow wonders who got more wet in the bath. Him and or Wiley. Chase thinks that she knows she cannot resist. They kiss. Willow thinks that they are almost ready for bed. Willow wonders if he ordered their food. Chase explains that it will be here in thirty minutes. Willow explains that it is time for a story. Chase starts reading. Chase gets a call from Sasha saying that they need him at the Corinthos house.

Carly thinks it makes so much sense. Lucas was working so Brad was on his own. Carly asks what happened to Willow’s baby. Brad put him down to take a nap but he wasn’t breathing. Carly realizes it was sudden infant death. Carly wonders what he did then. Carly asks if he tried to revive him. Brad did but he was gone. He didn’t know what to do next. He got in the car to take him to the hospital. Carly asks what else happened on route 31 that night. Michael remembers Nelle leaving him for dead. Carly wants to know what else happened. Brad was crying to hard to see. He pulled over and just sat there. Suddenly there was a knock on the window and Nelle was there.

Curtis was out of line. He is sorry that he said that. He has no excuse other than that is really bugging her in a way that he has never seen before. He needs her to tell him. Jordan needs a minute. Curtis needs to help her. He tells her to take all the time he needs. He will get his own answers.

Marcus thinks that he knows how he feels about Sonny. Mac could use all the help with that he can get. Mac wants to do dinner when he is in town. Marcus wonders if there is anyone special in his life. Marcus says no one he can bring to dinner.

Trina remembers when he and Joss were pretending to date. Cam is not going to go after someone whose boyfriend just died. Trina doesn’t think that he just died. It would be one thing if he had and she was still balling her eyes out. Trina thinks he was a great friend. Joss might start crushing on someone else. Cam asks what he is supposed to do.

Willow reads to Wiley. She puts the book down and holds Wiley. Willow is sorry that Chase had to leave. She knows he was having fun with him. She was too. She is glad to have him to herself one last time. She tells Wiley that if he knew how happy that he makes her. She is his mom. She loves him so much and she will never stop no matter where he lives or how old he is. She promises that they will always be connected. Wiley says he knows. Willow promises that if he ever needs her for anything then she will be there. Nothing and no one will stop her. She gives him a big hug.

Carly asks if Nelle had the baby. Brad admits she had the baby. She said that there was an accident. Carly asks whose idea it was for her to take that poor child. Carly demands to know whose idea this was. His or Nelle’s. Brad admits that it was all Nelle.

Trina thinks the dance is the perfect opportunity for him and Joss. Trina reminds him that they are going together though.

Marcus thinks it is good to see him. He tells Mac that this Sonny thing feels different to him this time. He needs to watch his back.

Jason tells them that they can either bring the bad news back to their boss or run for their lives. It is their call.

Sonny promises that he will never see that shipment again. It will make him look bad. Cyrus thinks they got off on the wrong foot.

Carly assumes that Nelle told him that the baby belonged with him. Carly wants to know why he kept his son. Brad was grieving too. He let Nelle tell Michael that his son was dead knowing what that felt like. He willingly inflicted that on to her son. Carly wonders how he could do that. Carly tells him to stop saying sorry. He has been lying for over a year. That was why they were moving to Portland.

Willow opens the door. It is Nelle. Nelle demands to know where Wiley is. Nelle tells her to let go of her. Willow screams at her to get out. Nelle gets on top of her. Nelle slaps her. Willow pushes her off and throws something in her direction. Nelle throws a wine bottle. Nelle slaps her again. Nelle gets on top of her on the couch. Willow tells Nelle to get up. Willow punches her in the face.

Sasha thanks Chase for getting here so quickly. Sasha thinks that he needs to hear this for Willow’s sake. Carly tells Michael that this always made sense. His son is alive and all he has to do is go get him. Michael walks over to Brad and asks if him if he had any idea how many lives he trashed. Willow has been sacrificing over a child that is not her own. Lucas has fallen in love with a child. He grieved a child. Michael asks how he could do this to the people he claimed to love or Wiley.

Nelle looks at her fake passport and says that mama is coming.

Trina thinks that if he takes her to the dance and is acting handsome then it will open Joss’ eyes. Cam asks if this is going to work. Trina thinks that there are no promises. Marcus walks in and Trina hugs him. Calling him dad. Curtis sees this.

Cyrus wants to negotiate. Sonny says that the shipment is gone and walks out.

Jason walks out of the building. He presses a button and the place blows up.

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