GH Update Tuesday 2/18/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/18/20


Written by Anthony

Sasha asks if Michael is alright. Michael just needed a break. He is going to miss Wiley more than he ever imagined.

Julian asks Carly if Lucas and Brad are here. Carly annoyed says not yet. Bobbie walks over and asks if she hears voices then realizes it is just Julian. Julian is sorry that Leo cannot make it. Bobbie explains that Wiley can’t make it either. Julian thinks it is unfortunate that Lucas is leaving right now after they just got him back.

Nelle confirms her flight for the night under her alias. Sam hears her talking. Sam asks if she is going somewhere.

Brad tells Willow that Wiley should sleep for another hour. Chase asks what is going on. Willow explains that Wiley is hanging with them while Brad and Lucas go to a going away party. Brad has to get going. Chase wonders what is up with him. Brad has no idea. Chase wonders how she is dealing with the move. Willow explains that she is the designated guardian if anything happens to Wiley. Willow accepted.

Anna says hi to Finn and wonders if he got her text. Finn explains that it was a hectic morning for him. Finn wonders how she is doing. Anna didn’t sleep very well last night. She sleeps better with him around. Anna asks if they can sit and talk about things. Finn would like that. Peter shows up and asks if Finn is joining them.

Curtis sits down with Marcus. He thinks it is time that they get to know each other a little minute.

TJ asks if Jordan has a minute. She has something that is vitally important.

Sam wonders if Nelle realizes that she will get arrested if she breaks her parole. Sam thinks that she should tip someone off to her leaving. Nelle points out that once she is gone Michael will never see her again.

Willow doesn’t actually think that Wiley will ever actually be with her. Willow wonders if she should have asked them to ask Michael. Chase thinks that if something did happen to Wiley, she needs to ask if Wiley would be better off with her or Michael.

Carly thinks they can agree to be civil for Brad and Lucas’ sake.

Michael doesn’t think that this is the same as seeing Wiley on a day to day. He does have two good dads so he doesn’t need him. His life will be more empty without him though.

Nelle knows that no one wants her to be around Michael anymore. She says goodbye to Sam. Nelle goes to sit at the bar.

Anna arranged to have lunch with Peter. She wonders if he wants to have dinner. Finn has to work. Peter wants to know what is going on with Finn. He knows that there was more than a disagreement and it was about him. Anna needs to ask him something and she would love it if he was honest with her. She asks if he told the attorney general about Sam and Jason. Peter did. Anna asks why. Anna thinks that he might have been worried about her finding out the truth.

Nelle hears a bartender tell Carly that her food will be there in a few minutes.

Curtis heard that Marcus worked with Jordan. Marcus knows about his coke addiction.

Sasha asks Brad and Lucas if her and Michael could come say bye to Wiley tonight. Michael managed to find a bunch of kid friendly places for Wiley. Bobbie would love to take them to the airport.

Jason tells Sonny where Cyrus’ drug delivery was made. It is clear that the deed has changed hands. It was never on the market though. Sonny wonders if he is sure about that. Jason explains that Spinelli says that he found it as well. Sonny thinks they need to respond and no one can see this coming.

TJ knows that Jordan likes being where the action is. Jordan knows that she basically abandoned him. TJ resented her for it but he understands how much she means to him now. TJ needs the ring though. Jordan had that ring in the desk drawer for over a week. She hands him it. She is glad that she has it.

Willow promises that there is no need to stress over this. Chase needs her to think this through. Willow thinks that Michael would be a perfect guardian. He is richer than God. Chase doesn’t think that is necessarily an advantage. Willow thinks that it is still good. It just comes down to who they wanted as guardian and they chose her. Finn shows up. He could come back. Willow asks how Violet is. Finn says she is good. He found out she really likes room service. Finn tells them that he left Anna.

Curtis thinks that Marcus seems to know a lot more about him than he knows about him. Marcus explains that they are just former friends. Curtis knows he lied about how long he had been in PC. Curtis is wondering why.

Jordan says the ring is all his. TJ thinks it means a lot to him to be able to give the ring to her. TJ wanted to do this months ago but it never seemed right. Jordan was able to get the ring sized for Molly. Jordan has to get to the pier. Jordan thinks that Molly will say yes. Jordan grabs her gun.

Chase thinks leaving Anna is unexpected. Finn moved out. Finn explains that Violet and him are staying at the Metro Court. Chase tells him to talk with him. Finn guesses they had a fight. They have a tendency to pull a part. They hold back and sometimes they don’t communicate well. He took Violet and he left. Chase wonders if it was for good.

Anna has put everything on the line for him. She needs him to be truthful with her. She asks what else is not being told to her. Peter assumes that Finn thinks he is guilty. Peter thinks that she has Robert to thank for that. Peter thinks that Robert is using him to break her and Finn up. That was his goal all along. Anna tells him that her and Finn have not spilt up. Peter thinks that whatever Robert might have told Finn is wrong. Peter has nothing to do with the assassin.

Bobbie is sure that Wiley will love the Portland zoo. Lucas will miss them just as much as he misses him. Carly hopes that they enjoy it so much they don’t miss them. Carly gets a call and tells them that they did the right thing. Carly demands to know what the hell Nelle is doing here at the front door.

Chase thinks that it is over between Finn and Anna. Finn doesn’t want to be interrogated. Chase thinks that Anna is good for him. Finn doesn’t think that Violet is safe in that house. Chase guesses that Anna being WSB is something to consider. Chase knows that Faison is dead now though. Finn points out that Faison’s son is alive and he happens to be Anna’s son. He doesn’t trust him.

Jason thinks that shipment is easily in the millions. Sonny knows that people don’t like losing money. Sonny thinks they could get Cyrus in Pentonville but he is not betting on best case here.

Jordan asks an officer what the issue is. Jordan is given the name of the victim. Jordan looks at the dead man. She starts to cry.

Marcus thinks that is a discussion that he will have to have with his wife. Jordan calls Marcus. Jordan tells him to get here now. Curtis wonders if he has a hot date. Marcus thinks it was a good conversation. He will see him around.

Peter is his own person. He lives with the woman she loves. He has a relationship with his mother. They are finally having a relationship with one another. He would never jeopardize things with the people he loves. Anna is so glad to build a relationship with him. Anna gets a phone call and she has to take it. Anna goes to take the call.

Molly tells Sam she is sorry she is late. She is exhausted by the wedding planning. She hardly recognizes her friend anymore. TJ walks over. He asks if this is a sisters lunch. Sam says that he can have her seat. She is about to get going. Sam thinks that he is practically family. Unless there is some big news that he has. TJ asks if something happened. Molly says that Jamie is driving her crazier than she already is. Sam is going to get to Carly’s house then.

Peter asks Sam if she would be willing to meet with one of his reporters. He would like to know what it is like to get out of jail early. Sam thinks that Peter really is something. He knows what it is like to overcome negative circumstances. Sam thinks that the truth always comes out.

Nelle can bruise easily. Carly tells Nelle that she is not welcome here. Nelle screams for Brad and he runs over. Brad wants to know what she is doing here. Nelle couldn’t let him just leave. She needs some sort of closure. Brad needs a moment with his friend. Carly wonders if this is really the time. He wants to lose the bodyguard. Carly thanks the guard. Carly tells him not to take long. Brad demands to know what the hell she is thinking. Nelle came to say goodbye to her son.

TJ wanted to try that new vegan restaurant. Molly knows that it is supposed to be crazy expensive. Molly thinks it is like marriage is one more overpriced event. Molly wonders who wants that.

Anna tells Peter that Emma made it back home alright. Anna thought she was strong.

Finn thinks that Peter is a threat. He came home from a long shift and Peter was playing the villain and his heart stopped Chase thinks that is called fatherly instinct. Finn explains that Anna believes Peter. Violet asked when they were going home this morning. Chase asks Finn to ask Willow. Finn asks Willow in her opinion what she says when he tells her that she might not see Anna again. Willow suggests that he be truthful and tell him only what he is sure of.

Jordan explains that the DA was killed. Jordan called to warn him. Mark insisted on helping and said he was on the way here. She wished she hadn’t called. Marcus thinks they would have shown up anyway. Jordan knows that they were a four member team. They were in deep cover. She asks how their identities got exposed.

Brad tells Nelle that Willow is watching Wiley. Brad explains that Willow is out of Wiley’s life in a few days. Nelle guesses she doesn’t have a choice. Brad walks back in. Lucas wonders what Nelle wanted. Brad had no idea she knew about this. Carly thinks that was just an excuse to get under her skin. Michael thinks that they need to look at this positively. Lucas remembers something. Brad asks what is wrong. Sam walks in. She is so sorry she is late. Carly explains that Nelle was just here. Michael says that they are not going to let her ruin things. Lucas thanks Michael so much for loving and taking care of Wiley. Lucas knew that he was the right choice for Godfather. Lucas starts remembering more about the night of the accident. Julian wonders if Lucas is alright. Lucas thinks he remembers something from the night of the crash.

Anna used to call her house the fortress of solitude makes her home feel cold and empty. She hopes she can work this out. She cannot imagine her life without Finn.

Finn cannot imagine giving Anna up. Chase could put Peter in a holding cell. If he really believes that it is a matter of being with Anna or keeping Violet safe…

Jordan thinks it is two down and two to go. They are next. Marcus promises they are alright. They are partners for life. He hugs her. Jordan says she is ok. They will talk soon. She tells him to be safe. Jordan is being watched by someone. It is Curtis.

Sonny needs to make it clear they are sending a message. Sonny needs this to be clean. There cannot be any proof that they did this. Jason will let him know when it is done.

Nelle watches Lucas through the window. Lucas thinks that it is right there. Sam asks what is going on. Julian suggests they go get Wiley over at Willow’s. Michael can get him. Julian will do it. Lucas remembers and looks at Michael.

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