GH Update Monday 2/17/20

General Hospital Update Monday 2/17/20


Written by Anthony

Nina lays in bed and smiles. She pretends to sleep as Jax walks into the room with coffee. He hands her a cup. Nina pretends to wake up. She thinks that he is up early and thanks him. She thinks she needs something to eat. Jax doesn’t keep food in the house they would have to go out. Jax thinks that they have to come up for air sooner or later. Nina thinks that breathing is so overrated. They kiss one another.

Sonny asks Carly how Bobbie is doing. Carly thinks equal parts thrilled and upset. She doesn’t know whether to cry or be happy. She thinks they deserve a fresh start from Julian.

Lucas thanks Willow for coming to see him. Willow got the impression that this was more than just Wiley’s nanny position. Lucas wanted to discuss Wiley’s future.

Brad thanks Julian for coming to see him. He was wondering who he would have to bully once he is living in Portland. Julian asks if he is finally leaving Lucas. Brad explains that him and Lucas are leaving next week.

Brook Lynn says good morning to Dustin and Lulu. She is helping out at the Metro Court. She finds Valentin and goes to speak with him. Lulu heard he is not a Cassadine. Valentin knows but he is still Charlotte’s father.

Olivia wonders about the ELQ family stock. Ned explains whoever it is they know they are not looking to be found out.

Nelle explains that she will be gone today. She promises that she will be leaving Michael and his family in the dirt.

Nina asks if Jax has any regrets. Jax has none. Jax thinks that they should see where this goes. He agrees that they shouldn’t skulk either. Nina is tired of the world knowing her private business. Jax thinks they can be honest, above board, and private.

Lulu asks if he is changing his name. Valentin is not changing his last name nor is Charlotte. Valentin explains that his parental rights are as equal as her own. Lulu guesses that he can no longer afford his custody lawyer. Valentin still has more than she does. Lulu thinks he only cares about Charlotte’s best interests when they line up with his own.

Brook Lynn feels bad for Valentin. She feels bad for anyone who has to deal with Lulu’s superiority. Brook Lynn wants Dustin to wait until it is his turn.

Olivia wonders when he is going to tell Michael what happened. Ned will when he has proof it is actually happening. Olivia hopes that Brook Lynn is not scaring her customers.

Brook Lynn tells Dustin that she should be out of her contract soon. Brando shows up and is looking for Lulu. Dustin tells him that she is at the bar. Brando thanks them. Brook Lynn wonders what he could possibly want with Lulu. Brando finds Lulu. Lulu is shocked to hear back from him. Brando is actually hoping that she will drop the story. Lulu needs full disclosure that Carly is her cousin and she met Dev under weird circumstances. Dev stopped someone from breaking into her house. She met Dev when Sonny came to pick him up.

Dev asks Carly and Sonny if they have a second. Dev needs to leave PC. He thinks that Brando showing up changes everything.

Lulu explains that Sonny vouched for Dev otherwise they wouldn’t have taken him into his house. Brando doesn’t want to give an interview to anyone. He is not interested in the attention. He acted on instinct. Lulu has to tell the whole story and it is impossible to leave him out. Lulu thinks that he saved Carly and took a bullet in the process. People love heroes and want to know everything about them. Lulu thinks if he has any ducks or skeletons then this is his chance.

Julian wants to know how this is a good idea. Brad explains that him an Lucas want to be away from this town. Julian knows this was his idea. Brad is doing exactly as he asked.

Lucas guesses that she has heard that Brad and him are moving across the country. Julian explains that he told Brad to take the job. Willow wonders when he is leaving Lucas explains a few days. Lucas doesn’t think this was easy for them. He still has hopes for their family and that is what she wanted. Willow did want them to be a family.

Nelle made it clear that she intends to sell her stock for a life changing number. Nelle is selling the stock to a buyer. She gets a text. Her car is here and her new life is waiting outside. Nelle tells Ned that she never got an opportunity to thank him for that bate and switch with her marriage certificate. Ned thought that Michael was going to secure the shares. Michael is going to just get them back from whoever she sells them too. It is only five percent. Ned needs to know what they will see from the attack on his father. Michael has no idea what is going on with Sonny. Ned reminds him that he is the face of the brand. Ned tells him that he will try to find out which interloper is trying to buy into their family company.

Lulu explains that Brando was just a little press shy. Lulu thinks that some people are more comfortable than others in terms of press. Lulu has enough from him in terms of acts of heroics.

Olivia tells Brook Lynn that the purpose of hostess doesn’t mean to have your nose buried in a phone. Nina and Jax show up. Valentin sees them sitting together.

Willow never thought she would have been involved in their family or Wiley’s life. It has been a gift. The time that she has had with Wiley never felt like enough. Willow thinks that this entire idea of her being in his life might not be possible. Lucas asks if she wants Wiley back.

Michael asks Chase what this is about. Chase gets family loyalty but there were three attacks on his family in two cities. Innocent people could get hurt. If he is sitting on anything then he needs to just tell him. Chase needs to know the truth.

Sonny tells Dev to have a seat and let them talk. Carly cannot drop Dev off in a private school. Dev explains that if he lived within the next week he could be ready for the spring semester. Carly thought that it was too dangerous at fist to have him around. If he left right now then they would all miss him. Carly knows that Mike knows when someone is missing. She will miss him too. The best thing for him is to stay right here.

Jax tells Nina that they can leave if she wants to not deal with Valentin. Nina plans to stay right where she is at with him. Valentin walks over. Nina wants a word. Valentin says no. She asks if there is something else. Valentin thinks that what they had doesn’t get pushed out of your heart so easily. Valentin will be waiting for her. Nina thinks that he will be waiting for a long time.

Brando tells Sonny that he just came from a meeting with a reporter named Lulu. She was assigned to do a report on the shootings. Brando asks about his son. Brando knows it is too late to back out of everything with Dev so he needs to know what he needs to know.

Willow is trying to say that she let the boundaries between her and Wiley got a little fuzzy. Her saying goodbye is hard. She thinks that it is for the best. She never doubted that he wasn’t the best parent for Lucas. Willow might need some help saying goodbye. Lucas didn’t come here to say goodbye. He wanted to make her a permanent part in Wiley’s life.

Julian thinks that Brad is going to hurt Lucas’ one chance at being happy. Brad thinks it will be easier to deal with this across the country. Brad knows that that they have been at odds. Brad does appreciate everything that he has done for him. Brad thanks him for everything. Julian will be keeping an eye on him.

Michael knows that Chase is a cop and Finn is a doctor. They don’t share cases together. He will tell him something as a favor. He is just asking him. He needs him to know that no one wants anyone to get hurt in PC.

Olivia tells Ned that she had to take Brook Lynn off the hostess desk. She asks what is new with Ned. Ned explains that they couldn’t find a single crack in Brook Lynn’s contract. Nelle plans to sell her shares to someone as well. He has no idea. Olivia guesses that it is back to the process of elimination. She wonders who else is gunning for ELQ.

Nelle asks Valentin if he is ready to seal the deal.

Ned is sorry but there is nothing he can do for Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn cannot work for him. Ned is sorry that things are not working for her. She needs a job.

Nina is sorry about Valentin’s bad behavior. She is really ok. She actually wanted to mention to him that she is pulling out all the stocks for new ad. She doesn’t know if this is ok. She wonders if this is a date breakfast or a different thing. Nina knows that Jax always tells her the truth. They have to consider the appearance of propriety. They may need to get ahead of it.

Brando is shocked that Dev helped Dante escape. Carly explains that keeping him here wasn’t a choice that he made lightly. Dev walks downstairs. Dev says all the good stuff is true. Brando respects repaying a debt. He still had no idea how to be his father and get on with his life at the same time.

Michael hopes they don’t have to cross any bridges. Michael says that Nelle has moved out. He didn’t get what he wanted from her but he never expected to. Chase assumes that he heard about Brad and Lucas moving to Portland. He thinks that it is for the best. The move will help Willow move on.

Nelle tells Valentin that this is not what the Quartermaine’s offered her. Valentin points out that this includes passports and new identities. Nelle is a little curious what he plans to do with the shares. Valentin explains that Michael and his girlfriend crossed him and didn’t give him the respect that he deserved. He thinks that ELQ is ripe for takeover. Nelle unfortunately cannot stay to see it happen. She thinks it was a pleasure to do business with him. Nelle tells Jonah that mommy is coming.

Sonny tells Brando that Dev’s safety is important to them. Carly promises they can make things happen for him. They need him to continue to be his father even in Chicago. No strings. Brando says ok. He thinks that Dev deserves a chance. Sonny tells him that they are going to send Brando back to Chicago and Sonny will send Dev to boarding school. Carly wants him home for holidays, vacations, with his laundry. Dev would like that very much. Sonny doesn’t think that anyone will question anything.

Brad walks in and asks what Willow said. Lucas explains that the past year has been very random. They want Wiley to be loved and taken care of for the rest of his life. They want her to be his designated guardian. She promises to give him the best life possible. She does hope she never has to.

Michael thinks that this move will give them the space they need to bond with the family. Chase thinks that Wiley still have a huge family that loves him.

Brook Lynn storms off. Dustin asks if he can go talk with her. Lulu tells him to go even if she doesn’t deserve it.

Jax tells Nina that they have a meeting with HR this afternoon. Nina guesses they will tell them that they are dating. Nina thinks it is honest and above board. Nina thinks it sounds good to her.

Brook Lynn tells Dustin that she is trapped at this job that her father says she is lucky to have. She was a terrible waitress. She cannot be stuck here. Dustin thinks she could teach music. Brook Lynn needs a way out of this deal.

Julian asks if he can have Leo a few days. Lucas is moving to Portland in a few days. He wanted a fresh start with Brad.

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