GH Update Friday 2/14/20

General Hospital Update Friday 2/14/20


Written by Anthony

Nina tells Jax that this is all his fault. She cannot choose on a shoot because all he hears is his little voice talking to her. Jax suggests that it is her subconscious telling her to come to the fun side of the island.

Valentin takes out his Cassadine ring. He never had any use for this things. He learns now that it was never his to begin with. He asks Helena how she did it. He asks how she pulled off such a horrible lie. Helena calls Valentin her son. She thinks that surely he is smart enough to realize that there is no lie and it is all the truth.

Sam asks Alexis how her chicken is. Sam wants to talk about the elephant in the room. Which is Neil. Alexis asks if he is still sitting alone. Sam says not anymore.

Sasha tells Michael that Deception has interest in a chain of department stores in Italy. Michael thinks that is impressive. Sasha thinks so. It would be so great to branch out but that is as far as her expertise goes. Michael knows the names of a special business lawyers. Michael has a question and wonders if Lucy will be ok with this.

Willow wonders if she has expensive taste because she cannot get over how good this wine is. Chase asks if she is going to leave her for the wine guy. Willow asks if she still has to go rock climbing this weekend. Someone knocks on the door. Chase goes to answer it. Nelle tells Chase that she needs his help and hugs him. Chase thinks that she just assaulted her. Nelle tells them that Brad and Lucas are taking Wiley out of town.

Sasha explains that this European distribution is something she could contribute. She takes it that he has something going on at ELQ. Michael thinks it is kind of funny. He never wanted to be CEO of ELQ. Ned threw it in his lap but he realized he was good at it. As a Quartermaine he realizes that is never good enough though.

Lucas asks Brad how his day was. Brad thinks it was eventful. Brad explains that an opportunity fell into his lap in Portland.

Alexis explains that not that there ever was a relationship but still. Sam says that he is hardly even looking at Obrecht. Sam thanks her for dinner.

Valentin doesnít remember much of his childhood in Greece. He remembers living on the Island but he never remembers calling anyone mother. Helena says that is because his mother was at the main house. Valentin wonders why Mikkos would leave him everything. Helena says that Mikkos believed he was his.

Jax explains that given the world they live in now a days he didnít want to seem like he was pressuring her or taking advantage of her in anyway. Jax didnít want to take advantage of his position. Nina explains that she consulted a lawyer. As long as neither is married and they are consenting then they can do whatever they want to do. Jax thinks that it seems like she wants to date him. Unless he is wrong.

Neil wanted to get work done. Neil only meets with clients during work hours. Obrecht needs help now. Alexis takes a call from someone. She says she is going to go outside where she can hear better. Neil sees Alexis and explains he saw her having dinner with Sam. Alexis didnít want to interrupt whatever he is doing.

Brad explains that Spinelli and Ellie are moving back and he just got off the phone in an interview. They are willing to sweeten the pot and offer him a position at the same hospital. It is not a promotion but it is more money. It sounds pretty amazing. He knows the timing is crazy. Lucas thinks the timing is perfect. They can move.

Willow asks what business it is to her about Willow. Willow explains that there is no proof that Shiloh was Wileyís father. Chase tells Nelle that this is stalking. Chase tells her to go. Nelle says fine and leaves. Chase wonders if she is ok. Willow wonders what freaks her out more. The fact that Nelle is getting involved or the fact they are leaving.

Helena explains that Mikkos was always amusing himself with the girls on the island. He would stay away for months on end with the mistress of his the opera singer. Valentin assumes that it was easy for her to pretend that it was his child then. Helena explains that Mikkos surprised her. He was far more into him than she thought he would be. She knows that he was his son. Valentin knows brilliant and not crazy at all. Helena thinks the perfect combination. Valentin thinks that she managed to trick Mikkos into cutting everyone out. Valentin thinks that the entire fortune was slated to him though.

Nina thinks that Jax is probably the most stable guy in the entire world. He is a handsome man with a stable head. Nina thinks that every guy she has been attracted to has been messed up in one way or another. Nina thinks that this is all different to her. She wonders if this look is right for her. She knows that he says that his island is the fun side of he island but she could go and she could see some horrible things. Jax is sure she could but he thinks that she can do whatever she would like but eventually it will be on her. She is going to have to take a chance and he hopes she does.

Nelle asks Michael how he could follow her to Kellyís. Michael wants to know what Nelle wants. Nelle is offering him the chance to have her ELQ shares. She tells him that his offer better good.

Chase thinks that the issue with Nelle is she is a lot like Shiloh. She probably keyed in as a way to get to her. He thinks going back to that day at the hospital he wonders what Nelle thought she knew. Willow explains that Michael was trying to find Brad and then a woman in a wheelchair showed up. She said she lost her baby and she assumed it was recent. Then she asked if she could hold Wiley and it was unsettling but she felt so bad. She asks how stupid she was. Chase wants to introduce himself.

Brad asks if Lucas is serious. Lucas thinks that Julian is a problem that is not going away. He visited Portland in college. It is a great city. Brad wonders about Bobbie, Carly, and Sam. Lucas thinks that getting away from Julian will make Bobbie understand. Lucas doesnít want this to sound like a complaint but he would like to get back to their little family just the three of them. He thinks the need that right now. Brad thinks they are actually doing this. Sam walks in. She was just pulling up for a surprise visit. Lucas needs a second opinion.

Alexis wants Neil to enjoy his evening. Neil says that this is not an evening. Obrecht thinks that Alexis thinks that Neil is interested in her. Alexis has to go. Obrecht asks if this was something she said.

Valentin thinks that Mikkos was obsessed with his bloodline. He left the estate to him for that reason. She couldnít stand that so she told him everything. Helena loved that revenge. Valentin was the most Cassadine of the bunch but then he wasnít even a Cassadine. Valentin thinks that she hid the new will in order to test Nikolas. Helena explains that the fortune was always meant for Spencer. Valentin thinks that his daughter finally makes sense. It wasnít about Stavros having a child but her having an heir from her line with Luke Spencerís. Helena tells him to congratulate her. She has succeeded among her wildest dreams. Valentin throws a glass against the wall. He walks out of the room.

Nina needs to know why. Jax wonders what she means. Nina thinks that there are less neurotic women in the world. Jax thinks they have a lot of fun together. Jax thinks his challenge with her is to show her that she is the whole package. They will never know if they are meant to be if they donít try. Nina doesnít think that he has ever had his heart broken. Jax has had it broken many times. Jax wants to embrace the good over the bad. He knows that this is not his league to take but her own.

Michael thinks all Nelle cares is about owning ELQ shares. They are not technically her own. Michael explains that he is in a much better position to wait things out then she is. Nelle thinks that the stocks will be her own. Michael thinks it could take between two and ten years. He has all the time in the world. Nelle thinks that he is just like Carly. He doesnít know anything. He is about to lose Wiley forever.

Chase felt bad for Nelle that he let her play her. He went to Florida and let her seduce him. He should have shoved her out of the room but he didnít. Chase thinks that she knows a thing or two about that.

Lucas explains that Brad has a great job offer in Portland, Oregon. Sam thinks that is awesome. Sam thinks if she could convince Jason to move anywhere then she would because Julian is a bottomless pit. Sam thinks that he didnít even think about it. Sam thinks that he should rethink Wileyís designated guardian. She couldnít get on a plain if anything happens to Wiley right now. She needs them to come home every once in a while though. She will miss them though. Sam thinks that this will be good for all three of them. Brad hopes so.

Alexis tells her assistant to go home. She sees Valentin run outside. Valentin quotes something and Alexis walks outside. She asks what he is doing.

Jax tells Nina that this is his bedroom. Nina sees and thinks it is gorgeous. He thinks that somethings need to be celebrated. They toast with champagne. Jax promises to Nina that he has her and kisses her. They start to undress one another as they kiss. Nina gets on the bed and Jax gets on top of her as they continue kissing and start to make love to one another.

Nelle thinks that Brad and Lucas are moving and Wiley will be on the other side of the country. Michael thinks that he is happy for them. Michael could visit Wiley every weekend if he wants to. It means that Wiley is far away from her. Nelle tells him to go to hell.

Willow admits that Nelle is exactly like Shiloh. She knows the difference between too good to be true and just good. Chase thinks that it was obvious that she was the real deal even if she made her work for it. The two continue to kiss one another. He asks what is wrong. Willow wonders if Brad an Lucas are really leaving with Wiley. Chase wonders how she would feel about that.

Valentin is enjoying the views. Alexis congratulates him that he is not related to their dysfunctional bunch. He got the smarts and not the Cassadine crazy. He needs to keep that in mind.

Sasha thinks that Nelle has no idea that he is moving away. Michael thinks that even Nelle is not dumb enough to lie about something like that. Sasha wonders if that means he really is not going to be in PC. Michael will really miss him.

Willow would love to spend as much time with Wiley as she could but she knows it might not be the best thing for her. She knows that life happens and she is allowed to spend time with him. Willow knows that it is hard to not see him as his mother which might be better. She knows it is not fair to Wiley, Lucas, or Brad. Chase thinks that a good parent makes choices based on what they need and Willow is an incredible parent. He kisses her. Willow gets a call from Lucas. She asks if everything is alright with Wiley. Lucas was wondering if she could come see him in the morning. He has something important to tell her.

Neil gives Alexis his jacket. Alexis wonders how Obrecht is. Neil thinks that she is gone.

Valentin goes back to his room and sees the glass on the floor. He looks through his box and holds the ring. Nelle shows up. She assumes that he got her message. Valentin is ready to negotiate with her.

Jax tells Nina that he has to say that he is glad she took the leap. Nina thinks this is the best leap she has taken in her entire life. She thinks that his side of the island is really fun. He is going to teach her how to swim. He would prefer that she wear as little as possible. They kiss again.


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