GH Update Thursday 2/13/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/13/20


Written by Anthony

Jason promises to Sam that they will get through this. Sam knows that they will. Sam loves Jason so much. Jason loves her more. Jason kisses her. Jason tells her it is ok. He hugs her. He tells Sam that she can leave first and he will leave in a couple of minutes just to be safe. Sam agrees. She looks outside. She says she loves him. Sam walks outside and sighs. Her probation office shows up. She wants to know why she is here at the hospital. She has to be honest with her.

Anna asks Finn if he told Sam and Jason about Euro-tech. Finn did. Anna asks how he could do this. She made a conscious choice to be honest with him. She gave him that information because she trusts him and he betrayed her. Finn did it because he loves her.

Lulu walks over to Dustin and asks if she forgot that they had a date. Dustin explains that his date is with someone else.

Jax thinks about kissing Nina.

Nina needs Ava to promise that the kiss doesnít actually mean anything. Ava wonders why she cares about what she thinks. Valentin walks over and needs to tell her something that he discovered.

Willow tries to give Chase a romantic night and Chase needs to shower because he is toxic from a day at work. Willow is willing to risk it.

Maxie asks Brad if he remembers Ellie who was supposed to have the lab manager position at GH but it was ripped away from her because of Brad. She explains that she is moving back to GH along with Spinelli and her daughter. Allís well the ends well. Brad tells her to tell Ellie congratulations. Maxie will do that. Brad sees Nelle sitting in the corner and sits down. Nelle ordered them wine. She asks what the occasion is. Brad explains that as soon as Lucas is well enough they are moving away and taking Wiley with them. Nelle tells Brad that is not happening.

Chase and Willow toast to staying in. Willow thinks that the wine is so good. Willow knows he has been shooting non-stop since the shooting. Chase is not going to bring the job home today. He wants to talk about anything else. Willow has some happy news. Willow explains that Lucas asked her back as Wileyís nanny.

Brad thinks that the best thing for his family is to get away from Lucasí family. He just heard about a job opening in Portland, Oregon.

Lulu suggests that they have a real date when he is done talking with Jax. Dustin would love that. Maxie sees Lulu and wonders how Laura is doing. Lulu explains that she is making a full recovery. Maxie asks what just happened with Dustin. Lulu tells Peter that she cannot be impartial to Dustinís involvement on the pier because her and Dustin have taken a big step in their relationship.

Dustin shows up at Jaxís office. He assumes that he wants to talk about Joss. Jax gives Dustin a check.

Valentin tells Nina that he is not a Cassadine. Ava thinks that her husband will be very pleased. Nina needs a few minutes alone with Valentin. Ava guesses if that is what she really wants. She tells her to give her a shout. Nina knows that he wasnít expecting this. Valentin doesnít know who he is anymore.

Finn thinks that Peter is a murderer. Finn thinks that the shooter was on Peterís payroll. He kept Jason prisoner for years. Finn explains that Jason gave his word that the feds could handle this.

Sam asks how she found her. She went to see her at her house. Her sitter said she was here but didnít know why. Sam explains that is because she is watching her children and she is sick. She didnít want to alarm her. She is going to check on the doctor in the exam room.

Valentin tells Nina that when she left him he was a Cassadine and now he isnít. He has nothing left now. Nina reminds him that he has Charlotte. He is free from the Cassadineís. Valentin wonders if kindness is all they have left. Nina wonders what else he wants. Valentin says that Ava can come out now. Ava wonders if he heard them talking about Jax. Ava wonders why she didnít tell him about Jax.

Dustin cannot take this. Jax says it is for the PC education fund. Dustin guesses he should actually read this. Jax wonders how Joss is actually doing with no sugar coating.

Sam tells the officer that nowhere does it say that she is allowed to check up on her doctors appointments. She can check up on her anywhere she wants. Epiphany shows up and asks if she can help her.

Finn explains that Robert was given the information. Finn thinks that he now knows that she withheld evidence. Anna thinks that he will take that terrible link. Finn thinks that this is not circumstantial evidence. Finn tells Anna to get rid of the evidence. He thinks if that is the case then they will expose of it. He suggests getting rid of all of it by burning it. Finn wonders if he wants her to do it for her. Finn knows that she cannot do that because in the deepest part of her heart she knows that Peter is guilty.

Willow explains that Lucas wants her to help out. Chase doesnít want Brad to take things out on her. Willow can handle it. She thinks that Wiley takes second place with Brad especially with what is going on right now. Chase supports her one hundred percent. Willow doesnít think that Chase thinks this is a good idea. Chase thinks it is a good idea for Wiley. He isnít so sure about her.

Nelle thinks that Brad is not telling the truth. Brad explains that Lucas hired Willow back on as Wileyís nanny. Nelle thinks that is a bit extreme. Brad explains that Lucas might remember something. Brad admits that before the accident he told Lucas the truth about Wiley.

Maxie guesses that Lulu and Dustin are having a night in and watching movies. Lulu thinks whenever they go out something happens. Peter tells Maxie that Spinelli has moved back.

Epiphany appreciates a fellow professional trying to do their job but she doesnít appreciate anyone interfering with proper medical care. She was with Sam when she was with the doctor. There are very strict privacy procedures in place. She asks if there is anything else she can help her with. The parole office says no.

Finn thinks that if she thought that this was nothing then she would have given the papers back. Finn thinks that Anna thinks that Peter is guilty. Anna explains that Peter denied it. No one will give Peter the doubt. Not even Finn the man she loves.

Valentin toasts to himself the prince of nothing. He takes a drink.

Ava didnít like that look on Valentinís face. Too cold and calculating. Something gave her away. Nina explains that Valentin has been jealous of Jax for a while. Ava thinks that all Valentin needs is confirmation that she has moved on. Ava thinks his next move will be to kill Jax.

Valentin takes out a gun from his safe. He leaves his hotel room.

Dustin explains that Joss has been a bit more quiet than usual but not shocking given the circumstances. Jax knows about the journal. Dustin thought it would help her if she wrote in a journal. Jax thinks that Joss seems to respect her. Valentin walks into his office. Valentin takes out a gun and shoots at Jax. Joss screams no. Jax falls to the ground. Jax holds on to his wound and falls to the ground. Dustin calls 911. Nina runs in asking what Valentin did. Nina begs him to stay with her daughter. Nina tells him that they will hate him for the rest of their lives. Valentin wakes up from his daydream and tells Valentin that he is not a Cassadine after all. He congratulates him. Joss thinks that was weird. Jax doesnít think that was unexpected. Jax asks why Joss is here.

Nina doesnít think that Valentin would kill Jax. Ava thinks that Valentin wouldnít kill Jax because he would be charged with murder and Lulu would get full custody of Charlotte. Ava does think that is true. It does leave her free to pursue a relationship with Jax.

Finn needs Anna to realize that Peter could be responsible for all of this. Anna thinks that he wants to be a good man. Finn reminds her that Alex could be his mother. Anna has faith that he could bring good into this world. She just knows that. Finn doesnít think that any of this is her fault. Anna will never let Peterís fate be put into the hands of anyone else. She is being given a second chance. She asks if he can see that. Finn sees what she is doing. He walks upstairs.

Sam thanks Epiphany. She wants to finish this conversation in the exam room. Epiphany tells Jason if he broke the lock there will be hell to pay. She tells Jason that he is welcome.

Valentin calls Charlotte and asks if it is time to say goodnight already. He hears that she went riding. He his a little busy right now. He explains that he is dealing with nothing that he cannot fix. He loves her. He says goodnight to her.

Nina thinks that it was one little kiss. Jax didnít think that there was anything to pursue. Ava asks when she lets any man make a choice for her. Nina thinks that Valentin just lost everything. She doesnít need to provoke him.

Dustin will see them both later. Jax asks if she knew that he was meeting with Dustin tonight. Joss wanted to make sure that he didnít say anything embarrassing. Joss doesnít want any special attention. Joss needs him not to overdue anything. Joss hugs Jax. Jax promises that he is there anytime.

Maxie explains that Spinelli keeps trying to catch Peter in a lie. Maxie doesnít think that he deserves to have that in his life.

Anna asks Violet where they are going. Violet says they are going on an adventure. Finn explains that she will not leave about Bella. Finn understands that she needs to protect Peter but Violet cannot be here right now. Violet wishes that she could come with them. Anna is sure that they will have a wonderful adventure. Violet will miss her too. Finn tells Violet that it is time to go.

Chase thinks that he is afraid for Willow. The more time spent with Wiley the harder it will be to have those legal boundaries. Willow knows that signing adoption papers doesnít change anything. Which means that right now he needs her help. She will take care of him for as long as she is needed and then she will stop.

Nelle asks how big of an idiot Brad is. Brad couldnít keep things straight anymore. Nelle asks if he thinks that Lucas will see her and Michael around town and remember. Nelle thinks he could remember in Portland as well.

Joss finds Dustin. She is sorry to interrupt. She just wanted to thank her for being so great with Jax. She wanted to say sorry for the weirdness with Valentin.

Maxie promises that Spinelli will learn that there is nothing to worry about. Violet shows up and say hi to Finn. Violet explains that they are staying here tonight. Finn thinks they should get some ice cream. Maxie wonders if Anna and Finn broke up.

Anna looks at the papers. She sits and starts to cry.

Sam thanks Epiphany for the save. Epiphany promises that no one backs her people into a corner. Rules are rules though. She is a mother out on parole though and her first duty is to her children. Epiphany thinks that Jason needs to help her out. She might not be around next time to save them. Sam thanks her. Jason thinks she is right. Sam hates this. She cannot accept this as their life for the next two years. Sam has to win Delores over and convince her that he is not a threat. Anna might need to find a way to silence her.

Willow will find a way to re-establish boundaries because that s what is best for Wiley. Chase knows that there is nothing that she cannot do when she sets her mind to it. Willow thinks he is so incredible. Chase and Willow kiss passionately.

Brad suggests that leaving here is better than staying. Nelle assumes he wants her blessing. Brad doesnít care anymore. He has arrangements to make. Nelle gets out her phone.

Valentinís phone rings. Valentin drinks and takes out a box and looks at his tattoo.

Nelle tells Valentin on the phone she is ready to make a deal now. She has travel plans to make.

Nina tells Jax that this is all his fault.

Valentin takes out his Cassadine ring. He never had any use for this thing and never bothered to put it on. Now he finds it was never his to begin with. Valentin demands to know how Helena did it.

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