GH Update Tuesday 2/11/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/11/20


Jason walks down the hall at GH. He looks around and walks into a hospital room. Sam thought that he would never get here. The two kiss one another.

Trina walks into Ava’s gallery and is so glad that. She is back. She heard that she got married to Nikolas. She wonders why Ava would marry him after what happened.

Nikolas finds Elizabeth at GH. He promises to stay out of the way. Franco walks over. He explains as one back from the dead guy to another he thinks that there are a few things they need to straighten out.

Lulu asks if Charlotte has no appetite. She knows things have been confusing for Charlotte. She thinks that there is nothing she cannot talk about with her. Valentin walks in and hugs Charlotte.

Brook Lynn explains that. She is practically family to Mike. Sonny is her honorary Godfather of The Godfather variety. Sonny walks in and confirms it is true. There is no one more near and dear to his heart. Brook Lynn thinks that she is allowed to visit with Mike. Sonny explains that Mike is not up to it.

Sam is glad that Jason got her text. She wants this time with him. Finn walks in and is sorry to interrupt. He asks about the information that Finn has on Peter.

Anna begs Robert to drop this. There is no real reason why he has to keep digging other than his ego. Robert is not going to let her wreck her life for this murderer. He will take the actions needed. Peter is standing at Anna’s front door. Robert wonders how long he has been standing there.

Sonny explains that Mike was supposed to be evaluated. He wanted to take him to the old neighborhood and there was an incident. Mike is so terrified and Mike is worse than ever. Mike shows up. Brook Lynn hugs her and thinks it is good to see her.

Franco was there when Elizabeth reconnected with her sister. She was there and then she wasn’t. Nikolas is working on getting things back in order. Nikolas thinks that redemption is a fun thing. Franco tells Elizabeth that he has to go fill out a form to get back to work. Elizabeth has to get back to work. Nikolas didn’t mean to start anything with Franco. Nikolas is here to fix things. Nikolas doesn’t want to lose years of friendship over this. Alexis asks if Nikolas is here for his blood test or if he realized that this sham of a marriage is ridicules.

Ava explains that Nikolas and her are old flames and decided to rekindle the romance. Trina is just concerned about her. Ava knows exactly what she is doing.

Anna tells Peter to come in. Robert is always going to do what is best for Anna’s interest.

Finn needs to do what is the best for everyone. Finn needs them both to agree to something. If they don’t then they have no deal.

Brook Lynn asks how Mike is doing. Brook Lynn thinks that he remembers her aunt and her temper. Mike wonders how her aunt is doing. Mike thinks it is good to see Lois. He wonders if she will introduce him to her friend.

Nikolas thanks Alexis for being part of the test. Alexis knows that if she is not a match to Valentin then he is not a Cassadine. Alexis wonders what if he is. Nikolas is the heir and Valentin is nothing. This test will prove it. Elizabeth doubts that Valentin will hand over the keys to the kingdoms. Elizabeth is sure that Valentin will be here soon.

Valentin hopes that he is not intruding on their brunch. Charlotte begs him to sit. Charlotte thinks that her horse wants her to go back home. Charlotte goes to get a hot chocolate. Lulu tells Valentin that if he ever does something like this again she will take him to court. He is going to prison where he belongs. Valentin thinks in a matter of. Hours he will be back where be belongs.

Ava thinks that Trina did a great job. Franco walks in. Ava is so glad that he is back. Ava was projecting. She thought that it was a clean slate. Trina has to go check the catalogue. Franco thinks she is a good kid. Franco wonders what she is doing with Nikolas. Ava explains that it was marriage. She wants Franco to paint something. Ava wants him to do something dazzling for above the mantle place.

Peter wants to know Robert’s opinion on the shootings on the pier. Robert thinks that this should stay between the two of them. Robert says no comment.

Finn needs to know the truth about Peter. Finn needs their word. He will give the information they have but in exchange they let the feds decide what to do with it.

Franco doesn’t paint portraits. Ava knows he does. She wants something like that of her but with a little more sizzle. Franco is in love with Elizabeth. Ava thinks that he could paint the lady that he loves to hate. He wants him to take the money. Ava thinks that Franco can use her pose as inspiration. Franco hasn’t said yes. Ava thinks the Cassadine’s know how to get what they want. Ava and Franco kiss on the cheek.

Lulu cannot believe that he is claiming Charlotte. He tried to kidnap her. Valentin never kidnapped her. He tried to get her away from her crazy family.

Anna needs Peter to make himself at home. Robert suggests not to listen to keyholes. Anna gives Robert his coat. Anna says goodbye to Robert.

Ann tells Peter that he shouldn’t provoke Robert. She is not worried about Robert but him. Peter thinks that Robert will always doubt him. Anna wonders how you will change if you aren’t a changed man Anna thinks that they know he is a good man and they don’t doubt that. Anyone who does will have to answer to her.

Jason thinks that Anna will get hurt if she doesn’t start to listen to what happened. Jason thinks that if Peter can be linked to the attempted murder of Andre and Franco then he is an ongoing threat. Peter is using them as a front. Sam thinks the goal is for Peter to go down legally for his crimes. Jason just needs the information and they will let the authorities handle it. Finn agrees.

Sonny tells Brook Lynn that was the happiest he had seen Mike since the shooting. Brook Lynn thinks that Mike is a sweetheart. Sonny knows a lot of people are not comfortable with Mike but not her. Brook Lynn explains that her aunt had Alzheimers and died last year. Sonny wonders what he could do about the long term.

Alexis thinks that it was smart of Nikolas to have people monitor this. Alexis wonders if Nikolas has actually given this thought. She wonders how Spencer actually feels. Nikolas is counting on Spencer to come around when he has had time to think about this. Alexis wonders if he is done here. Nikolas needs to make sure that Valentin gets tested. Alexis will do it for him.

Charlotte tells Franco that she knows the woman that he is drawing. She lives at her house now.

Lulu is taking him to court and filing for full custody. Valentin planned to do the same to her but he thought that it would do too much harm. Valentin thinks if she wants to put Charlotte through something horrible then she can do her worse. Valentin kisses Charlotte goodbye. Valentin promises things will be back to the way they should be soon.

Peter appreciates Anna’s support. Peter has to respect Robert for his reputation. Peter thinks that someone has to give. He asks if Anna is really alright. Anna thinks she is all the better for seeing him. Peter is glad.

Finn explains that the man who tried to kill Andre worked for Eurotech which was a company owned by Faison that Peter worked at. Finn explains he has an unnamed source. Sam thinks that they have a unamed source. Finn tells Jason that this can never lead back to him.

Peter calls someone to get Sam put in prison.

Sonny explains that they need to see if Mike can be a good candidate. He needs to see if there is an chance. Brook Lynn wonders if there is a chance.

Valentin sees Alexis at the hospital. He thanks her for giving a DNA test. Alexis wonders if he thinks that this is fake. Valentin think this is a great Helena joke that she is laughing over in hell. Alexis is sure she is.

Nikolas shows up at Ava’s gallery. Ava introduces the two. She asks what brings him by. Nikolas wanted her to know that today is the day that they will be one step closer to what they want. Trina suggests that she post this picture to the internet. Nikolas looks at the picture of Franco and Ava kissing.

Elizabeth asks why Franco is sketching Ava. Franco explains that Ava wants a portrait for her new home. Elizabeth tells him to stay clear of Ava and Nikolas right now

Lulu thanks Diane on the phone. Charlotte wonders why Valentin left. Charlotte wants Valentin and her to go riding. Lulu thinks they can go ice skating. Charlotte thinks her and Valentin hate each other.

Anna hides papers. Finn walks in with flowers. Anna thinks they are beautiful. Anna asks if he is cheating on her. Finn is just bringing home flowers. Anna thinks they are beautiful. Finn thinks that things have been tense. Anna hates it as well that they don’t connect. She cannot stand it. Finn thinks they need to think about Violet. Anna knows that parenthood is not easy. She needs to tell him something about Peter.

Robert tells Sam and Jason that they are playing with fire. Sam explains that they can link Peter with the assassin that tried to kill Andre and Franco. Jason thinks they have proof that Peter paid this guy. They found enough of a connection. She asks what more they need. Robert asks how they came by the information. Robert is going to go and present this to the federal prosecutor.

Alexis thinks that he would be better off without the Cassadine name. The. Cassadine fortune is a curse. Her father and two brothers. They were stark crazy. She. Thought that Nikolas was different. Alexis thinks he would be better off to lose it. Valentin is going to go prove he is a Cassadine.

Nikolas thinks that this would get people talking about the gallery.

Elizabeth thinks that this marriage is a disaster waiting to happen. Franco thinks that Ava does pay. Elizabeth thinks that Ava must be holding something over her head. Elizabeth thinks it be nice if someone would tell the truth. Franco looks at the sketch and there is red crayon on it.

Lulu thinks that they want what is best for Charlotte. Charlotte thinks that everything should be the way it is supposed to be.

Anna had to ask Robert to leave after Peter showed up. She just needs Finn to keep an open mind and trust that they are on the same team. Finn hugs Anna.

Peter gets a call. He thinks he could count on him.

Sam thinks it will be nice to be able to walk hand in hand. Sam wants to admit that this situation got a little but better. Robert walks in and explains the deal is off.

Sonny asks if Brook Lynn thinks it is too late for this deal to work. Brook Lynn explains that. When then Alzheimers got bad it got hard for her family to see her aunt in that way. Brook Lynn thinks that Mike is slipping away. He can still talk and tell stories even if he doesn’t know who he is talking with. She thinks that if he opens himself up to a moment of grace then that is a good thing.

Written by Anthony

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