GH Update Monday 2/10/20

General Hospital Update Monday 2/10/20


Anna loves being able to hug Emma so early in the morning. She asks if Emma slept well. Emma says she slept great after Violet gave her a stuffed bunny to sleep with. Finn walks in and says good morning. Finn explains that Violet might have a little crush. Anna tells Finn she needs to know everything about the conversation that he had with Sam.

Maxie thinks that the photoshoot went better than she though. Peter loves watching Maxie be enthusiastic about something. Spinelli sits down asking if there is room or one more.

Alexis grabs her coat at Kelly’s and Neil walks in. She asks if they are allowed to say good morning to one another. Neil said that he would be at the hearing. Alexis is glad. She will not be the reason that he is not allowed to practice. They want her to testify under oath.

Joss tells Trina that their super fun SAT prep class starts. Trina reminds her not for another hour. Joss knows but wanted to stop at Kelly’s beforehand. Joss just needs another few minutes. She has a few things she needs to finish up for Ava. Joss wonders when this went from being something she did on Wednesday to something that is a full-time job. Trina thinks that Ava is so awesome. Joss knows until she isn’t.

Carly tells Brando that it is nice to see him on his feet. She wonders if he is ok. Carly wonders if he knew who she was when he saved her life.

Jason thinks he has a way to check Brando. Sonny tells Jason that their family were targets. They were totally exposed. They need to find out why this happened in the first place.

Alexis doesn’t think that there is not much to tell. They had a night of drag bingo and they kissed. That was about it. She cannot see why the board would do anything but give him a slap on the wrist.

Jason knows the drugs came from China and the Middle East. Jason explains that people who got in his way were taken care of. He found three Russian nationals decapitated but Cyrus could never help.

Carly wants to know if he knew that he was helping Sonny’s wife. Brando was having a PTSD situation going on. He went in to help her. He thinks that it could have been anyone. Carly gets it.

Trina knows that her family has a horrible relationship with Ava and she gets that. It blows her mind that she could be the next big art dealer. Joss thinks that Ava started out really nice and then she ruined his life. Joss thinks that Ava knows how to hurt her. Joss gets a text message from Cam. He apparently is having the time of his life.

Spinelli has the most incredible news that could change all of their lives. Maxie wonders if there is a point to this. Maxie realizes that he got the job. Maxie hugs Spinelli. Spinelli thinks that they will be seeing her all the time now.

Anna knows that the body was never recovered. She would want answers as well though. She doesn’t think that fixating on Peter is the way to go though. Emma goes to answer the door from upstairs. Robert is there and she hugs him.

Alexis thinks that two years is just two years. If they want to explore things after that then great. Neil just likes Alexis. Alexis knows they aren’t going to let this get in the way of his career. She doesn’t want to get in the way of his career. Sam walks over. Alexis was just leaving. Sam was going to get the kids some donuts. Alexis has to get going. Sam asks Neil what that was about.

Robert thinks that it is so good to see her. He says hi to Anna and Finn. Finn is going to get Violet ready for school and then take her. He wants them to enjoy their reunion. Robert wonders how things are going for all of them. Emma thinks this is what they do when they fight.

Maxie loves that she can take her daughter to school. She wants to be around her child. She cannot help but be happy that her children will be together. Spinelli looks forward to being around each other.

Joss sees Cam with the head soccer coach. It looks like a real college campus. Joss thinks it is so weird to talk about college. She would love to be on their own and pick out a major. Joss is glad that it is a year and a half away. Trina thinks that high school is going to go faster than they think.

Jason thinks tat Cyrus must have friends in the government. PC is better for drugs than Seattle. Sonny thinks the only problem is him.

Carly knows that he was released from prison and moved to Chicago. Bobby was a guy that he met in the marines. She knows everything there is to know about him. She knows everything about him that she needs to know. Brando asks why they didn’t know that Gladys was lying when she said he was dead. Carly wants to know how get from the Marines to having a PTSD incident that saved her live. Brando had a bad experience in the Marines. He started using an got weak. He got lucky and ended up on the street. He thinks that was his rock bottom. He crashed and burned with Gladys when he took her paycheck to buy drugs. He took a deal in jail. He kept his head down and did his time. She asks why he didn’t go home. Brando found buddies in Chicago to work on Motor Cycles. He asks if she reads. Carly has a friend who does.

Sonny assumes that the people thought that Michael was the heir apparent. Jason thinks that makes sense. The goal was Brooklyn with him, Michael, and the workers at the warehouse. Sonny told Cyrus no to the drugs.

Joss thinks a smaller school might be cool. Joss thinks that it depends on how far she will go with volleyball. She has no desire to do track as a career. Dev asks Joss if Trina has told her the news. Joss explains that Dev’s fake father that was supposedly dead is actually alive. He is in PC at the hospital. He wonders if he should see him. Joss thinks that Sonny will handle it. He wonders if they need to handle this story. Joss thinks his job is to not mess anything up.

Maxie thinks it will be good for Spinelli and Peter to get to know one another. Spinelli admits that while he is delighted to get to know them he is sort of slighted with Peter for holding Jason captive. Spinelli wonders when he had his big start-over. He asks if it was after he met Maxie or sometime before that. Maxie asks when he did turn his life around.

Anna admits that Robert and her are disagreeing with something right now. Robert thinks that Anna continues to make the same rookie mistake. He is here to clean up the mistakes as usual. Emma thinks that she has a lot of other people to visit. Anna thinks that was nicely played.

Sonny doesn’t want to give Cyrus a way to double cross him. Jason thinks that he is planning a test shipment. Spinelli found a trucking company that didn’t exist six months ago coming to PC.

Brando knew not to reach out to her. He followed Gladys on social media. That was how he knew that Gladys was claiming to have a grandson. Carly wonders if he knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was no way that he is his. Brando could go into details. He went to PC to tell Sonny that Dev wasn’t his son. He told her everything. He wants to know who Dev is.

Joss thinks that Dev is on the way to the hospital. Trina wonders if it sends the wrong message. Joss thinks that Dev could not be less into her. Trina thinks that it clears the way.

Sam heard about Neil getting reprimanded for dating her. Sam thinks it is ridicules. She thinks that they should be able to date. Neil wonders if he did cross the line first though.

Finn asks what is wrong with Alexis. She didn’t share today. Alexis couldn’t share something. Then there is what is going on with Jason right now and that will not end well.

Peter realized that his father was so horrible that he could no longer be part of his life. Maxie thinks that Peter saved Jason’s life. Spinelli thinks that he could have been healed and sent home sooner. Peter knew he owed Drew and Jason. Peter had no contact with Faison though. Peter did work in publishing. Spinelli explains that when he applied for the job at Aurora he did run a background check. Peter explains he was trying to change his life then Nathan died and he knew that everything had to change.

Robert thinks that Anna is trying to lie by admission. Robert thinks that she has everything but documented proof. Anna knows that he has had no use for Jason. Robert knows but Robin loves him and Jason has done a lot for Robin. He can only imagine what she will think when she finds out what is going on around here.

Sam thinks that if Alexis was some normal man he was dating. Eventually this would come out anyway. Neil explains it is a moot situation.

Alexis explains that Sam cannot see Jason because of her parole. Alexis wished for this forceable situation but it is never going to happen. They love each other and are family. She is worried she will violate her parole and get sent back to jail.

Robert is talking about what happened last month. Anna thinks that they have a good relationship right now. Anna thinks that there is a sense of family that will pull Peter to the good side. Robert thinks that he reminds her of a woman that he once knew that talked herself into believing she was a double agent. He thinks that she is deeper into this than he though. This collateral damage is the family this time.

Peter didn’t become a decent guy overnight but having Maxie believe in him has helped a lot. It is the greatest incentive that he knows. He tries so hard to be worthy of her. Spinelli cannot get over the timing of everything. Peter has to get going. Maxie looks at Spinelli and asks what that was about.

Trina knows she lost Oscar and that was devastating. Joss cannot think about that. Trina thinks that to some level that she is starting to get there. Joss thinks that she cannot love someone different. Joss is not brave enough to do that again. Trina thinks that she is looking at this from the wrong angle.

Jason thinks that she is looking at this from the wrong angle. Jason thinks that Cyrus thinks that he is under estimating them. Sonny needs him to go and talk with Brando. He needs to know what to do with him.

Carly explains that their plan was to convince him that Dev was his son. Dev is a kid that Sonny wanted to help and he had heard that he was dead. Brando guesses it was better for her to be dead than in prison. Carly explains that Gladys took out a life insurance policy and cashed it in. Brando thinks it sounds like his mom.

Maxie knows that Peter has done everything to change and is good for her and James. He has earned the benefit of the doubt. Maxie gets a call from Paris.

Anna thinks that Robert is the one looking into this for no reason. She asks why he cannot just look the other way. He needs to accept the official reason and put it in the drawer. She asks why he cannot just leave it alone. Robert cannot do that. Anna tells him that there is no reason that he needs to keep doing this. Robert will not stop and when Sam and Jason find the information then he will arrest him. Peter is at the door.

Alexis doesn’t think that the parole will be reversed. She thanks him for letting her talk it seems to have helped. Finn has a feeling that everything will work out for her daughter. Finn makes a call to Sam. He is sorry for shutting her down last night. He thinks he knows something that might help her and Jason.

Trina wonders what they teach in sports. If you think you can you are right. Trina thinks if you think you will lose then you will. Trina thinks that hiding is a form of cowardness. Joss guesses she has to go out to the next guy she sees. Joss asks if she means it. Trina does. Joss tells her they will be late for their prep class.

Brando guesses that they have leverage against his mom. Dev shows up. Carly introduces them. Jason shows up. He needs to speak with her for a minute. He asks what is going on in there.

Sonny wants to check on Mike. He wanted to go in yesterday but a situation came up. He will be there in a minute.

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